Mexican president signs deal to stop migrants

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The new Mexican president is hoping a new deal with three Central American leaders will stop or slow the flow of migrants seeking asylum in the United States.

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We can't take care of the whole world!
Trump wins again. He keeps on winning.
3rd bomb
Watch now you're gonna have people coming from Africa Asia Brazil and the middle east so they can get the fund too
Please tell Laura to stop saying \
Alan Merlin Bergeron
Heeellll noooo ! I’m Mexican but I’m not agree with sending funds to Central America ! Mexico first 🇲🇽 !!!!!
Alex Zabala
Honduras will steal the money and laugh at mexico..kabuki theater
Antulio Rodriguez
Whole lot of nothing. These people have enough food back home, they just want to have it better, that's all.\nCentral American countries are rich with corrupt governments, from Mexico to South America. That same corruption is growing is USA government by the Democrats in power.
Astral Warrior
Don't expect the United States to start funding those countries,we do enough of that already.And how much of it will actually help the people instead of just being pocketed by the Corrupt governments in those three countries.You let them in Mexico, You help them!
Baja Malibu Surf Report
Mexico needs a southern wall. It's simple.
Big Bwana Jim Welcome the Jungle
Teach them to make adobe bricks and build that wall!
Blake Chico
Make Mexico great again! Also make California great again as well! The Demorats destroy everything they control while they live the fat cat life style.
Boii Villa
WHAAAAT? Trump was right.... again? Noooo way maaan lol
Bri Goose
British homeless look homeless starved, have no food, poor wraggid clothes....some don't even have shoes. It's the same in America. These people are not refugees,are not homeless, they just want benefits
The Mexican President can help these people by giving them jobs to build a wALL between Mexicao and Central America.
Charles Eye
If these are all good people in bad circumstances, I see no reason why Mexico shouldn't drive them back to their Countries, arm them and send them in to take back their Countries from the criminals who are running things now. There's a lot to be said for revolution. Tyranny should be met with force, not cowardice.\n\nOf course, if they don't actually think the majority of these people are good, honest folks who just want to live free from tyranny...then they shouldn't be given arms OR asylum.
Cheyenne 17
It's only a good thing if every single one of them are repatriated to their own respective nation's. The USA is not \
Coast to Coast videos
I am not rich but pretty well-off I will trade places with one of them migrants
Connie Charley
Those GOONS know how to climb a tall wall how you going to stop that with lots sharp wire but they have cutters put some angry guard dogs on the other side SURPRISE. NEVER seen people like these are. No respect\nThey act like someone coach them they must destroy AMERICA I HOPE NOT\nWE HAVE A TOUGH PRESIDENT ON OUR SIDE. HE PROBABLY HAS ONE MORE GREY HAIR WORKING SO HARD TO PROTECT US. FAITH IN OUR PRESIDENT HE HAS SHOWN US HE HAS IT WHAT IT TAKES TO BE A TOUGH AND KNOWLEDGEABLE PRESIDENT WHEN THE TIUGH GETS TOUGHER.
They barely have work or even good paying jobs. On top, they will have to tax the hell of their people. Or it's another big BS talk like obama. I can see where this is going.
Denise Uhlry
So since it takes TIME the invaders will continue their invasion.What in the hell did those countries do with all the funds from AMERICA??NOPE didn't forget
Dimas Carmona
Don't send money. send army's to eradicate gangs. because. the money the government will keep it like the money from the US
Dumitru Benes
good. keep the CRIMINAL INVASION out of america!
“Opposition to the wall has grown stronger.” Really, she should’ve said, “Affirmation for the wall has grown louder.” Biased news? Nah. Completely objective.
Emily Van Allen
People need to go where their own people and cultural are at. Those people don’t belong in America
Mexico's corruption problems AND poverty ARE REAL and needs to take care of it's OWN poor and disable preople FIRST!!! helping central America is going to be an slap to its own people.
Freddy Lopez
We don't car what there going to do they are not coming here
Gabriel Infante Carrillo
The Mexican President López Obrador has also invited that the U.S and Canada to participate in this program. Days after winning the election he send a letter to President Trump proposing the U.S participate in this program and his inauguration speech this past Saturday he reiterated to president Trump and invited Canada as well.
I don't give a rat's ass about Russia and\r\nI don't give a rat's ass about Khashoggi.\r\nBUILD THE WALL !!!\r\nDon't Cave, Mr President...HOLD THE LINE !!!\r\nStep 1: Tear Gas\r\nStep 2: Rubber Bullets\r\nStep 3: Live Rounds\r\nWhatever it takes...HOLD THE LINE !!!
Sure, let these people into the U.S. The sad truth is that they’ll assimilate very easily into our third-world looking ghettos and barrios, but not into the America we all would prefer.
Jack Of None
Can you say, \
James Kratos777
Mexico could just build their own wall
Jason Webster
Mexico probably upset that this caravan showing our weak border that their citizens breach constantly. If they would have stopped the caravans then Mexicans could still be sneaking in to the US.
Jermaine Burgess
Lol we already have that in place we give them millions every year and they still come
Jerry Mc Daniel
Fairy land stuff!! Throwing money into bad governments will never work!
John Gwozdz
America better not give them anything until our wall is built. These people will keep coming until no free bees are granted. No welfare for illegals.
Johnny Dogg
Prof. MEAD should sell one of his Lamborghinis to help those aliens he cares for
Jose Conseco
I don't get it, why can't people see that these are our future gang members if not already and future welfare recipients
Justice Warrior
Hahahahahahahaha 😂 😂 🤣\nTrump was right after all
Kathy Oliva
Don't let that crap in here!
Kathy Sanders
MOST of THESE PEOPLE want welfare period
Kelli In Texas
Kyle Johnson
Build the wall. Build it now!! Americans come first in America. We have to take care of our own homeless and the American people struggling to find jobs here, to keep up with the cost of living. President Trump has done much and still has allot of work to do.
The Central American government is corrupt, giving them more money won't solve the problem, if all they'll do is keep it for themselves.
Linzie Escalante-Koburi
The government of those three countries are so corrupt how are they going to prevent the money from being stolen by the politicians in charge? I don't put much stock in the deal.
Lloyd Joslin
Stop breeding
Lobo K.
Yeah the wall might help but the real wave of immigrats come through the big door with visas by (planes, land, water)!!!
Now the leftists can see the impact these \
Lorelei Hebdon
They look better then our own homeless!! Especially Maxine Waters district!!! 🚂🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸
Lynn Sager
Send these ditch crickets back to where they came from, 63% of all welfare here are illegals!!
Mara Ranian
Mexico needs to secure its Northern border and help Trump build the Southern border.
Martin Santamaria
In MEXICO 🇲🇽 WE DON’T WANT THEM!!!!\nScumbags!!!!\nWe should build the wall in south of Mexico 🇲🇽!!!!
Mike Tryon
throw money at them...that will work....morons.
MiketheYung God
Thank you Pres. Trump!
Lock the borders. That is all it takes! Or let the rest of Latin America take them in!
Norman Byler
Mexico's Hopey & Change! Good Luck it was a Disaster here in the USA I'm sure it will be same down there!
Build that wall and build a real wall like Israel built to protect the settlements!
P. Hamilton
They want jobs ?...Let them build the Wall.
Pablo Descartes
never would've happened if POTUS Trump hadn't stood his ground.
Pamela Gater
America build the wall Real high
Pat D.
@ Lorelei Hebdon: Maxine Water's district is a microcosm of the dire situation. Blacks are being systematically displaced. Education focus & funding is going to bilingual education. They use to have more job however: People in power hire Latinos for cheap labor. Latinos hire Latinos to help their kind. The Democratic Party knows all this but they don't care because they take the Black vote for granted because Blacks are too ingrained in being Democrats.
Prime Lopez
Trump needs to stop funding anyone outside the USA untill we get the wall. Stop any excess infrastructure Like the California Bullet train...👀
PrincessMegan Elsa
🇺🇸 GO Home leeches Free loaders Invaders US don't want You NOT Welcome here!! 🇺🇸
These migrants are just a bunch of hoodlums looking for a handout.
Roxanne Holt-Abernathy
Send all Democrats to Hondrus!
Silvia James
President Manuel Obrador will sign an agreement to built the wall. It's just a matter of time Mexico will announces the border wall construction
T Love
Yes it could be a good thing..3,000,000 Venezuela coming..if you don't have a government who cares for it's people they will keep coming.. Chapias Mexico is very something bout that place .. killing off people.making more Caravan's
Tammy Wines
Funny I am 55 years old as is my husband we have worked our entire lives, paid our taxes , helped many and we both still work 70 hours a week most of the time. We lost our home in 2010 to a bad fire but no red cross help they told us right in front if our sons we made to much money!! Now we were fortunate enough to have many places to stay, we stayed with our oldest son Steve for 3 nights we had a rental property in only a day, many ppl helped us our jobs, our close family and many, many good ppl raised money to also help us. But the red cross did nothing and after all the money we have given to help out these charities. I refuse to donate to them as I told them, no more money ever again !! Sad that illegals can receive more help ( I think all deserve help) but when you refuse to help someone who has always helped, then your no longer decent imo.
The Angry General
The Mexican president is allowing his kindness to be taken for weakness!!!
The Real ICE!!
The end is near
This is just going to get worse and worse. These countries don't understand civilization.
Tony Antonio
Why they investigate all the organizer where they get their funding.\nAmericans have all the power to find that out.
Trill Pharaohたえ
Finally Mexico seems to be making some changes
They are just violent people from birth and cannot be mixed with other civilized nations.Just like those barbaric Refugees from The Uk =who invaded,who refuse to asimilate meaning they do not want to be forced to obey our laws seens its not covinient for them.They want to be lawless, vile people with free money thrown at them. Scum of the earth!
Vernice Womack
Isn't it funny.....🇺🇸need to build a wall, but North Korea and South Korea just drew a line in the sand and basically said \
Victor Espino
Awesome! Mexico leading from the front
VietFund VN
they need condom. If you cant afford your mistakes dont pop them out.
Wayne Duvall
Sperry's men they certainly do and they don't look like they're depraved of starved everything else what they looked to me like as a bunch of greedy vultures Mr. president do not let him in
William Tecumseh Sherman
😂 There’s gonna be so many Triggered libtards!!! 😜
celia pacheco
They also should sign something to stop central america women having lots of children.
christie reyes
Is this before they attack the police.
These are economic migrants, AND NOTHING ELSE. They will say anything, they will lie in your face, they will tell you exactly what they think will get them across the border. And the only two things are POLITICAL PROSECUTION AND VIOLENCE. So of course they will cite these exact two things. It has been proven beyond any doubt that the caravan is organized and funded. These economic migrants HAVE BEEN COACHED what to say.
When these people complain about beans and say they want pizza,they are not tell the truth.
joey o
This OLD ASS MAN AMLO better watch what he does because Mexicans will lynch his ass if he's worried more about central americans then Mexicans...Just do what Trump does and Tear gas their ass when trying to cross over to Mexico...SIMPLE.
So, Mexico is going to send $$$ to corrupt Central American nations? Hey. That worked out great in Haiti, Puerto Rico and Iran didn't it?
luis soto
Finally Mexico tries to address the issue instead of throwing it on to somebody else. Europeans can learn a lot from this deal
mary misdom
None of the money will get to the right places.
Great for now... but that is like what we did for illegals in the '80's... more just came and now the problem is far worse. It's just like the welfare programs... just like the asylum claims... just like the reductions on penalties for crimes committed... it helps for a short while; only to make the problem grow to a much larger issue! NOT COOL.
nancy rodriguez
Immigrant caravan are uneducated and worst people of Honduras and salvador all they want is free benefits from Mexico and USA deport all of them
Freeloading peasants
sharon eldridge
Wish to go back naw go back home rebuild and defend your own country
sherry p
so who's going to foot the bill the American citizens . of course 😕. when we have our own in trouble. and living on the street.
straight exteriors
Good, Birth rates are a constant problem with these bums also
Why don't the so called \
They are going to send money and their gov is still not going to help it's people like always!
v ttd
No more foreign AID ! $better spent on WALL & NATIONAL SECURITY . These corrupted countries govt won't do anything good w/ aids $ for its people. The borders still WEAK! 😡 no surprise the illegals climbing over w/ Lil effort.
yen nguyen
The taxpayers will pay for the fund. Taxes will be raised and people will start rioting like the people in Paris right now.
yolanda bautista