i tested food hacks used in TV COMMERCIALS 4 !!!

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who's ready to expose the food industry? using lipstick to make fruit stand out, adding marbles to soup or even using a steamer to melt cheese. let's spill the tea and the secrets! don't forget to subscribe for more, thanks i love uInstagram: Snapchat: raphablueberryEnquiries: [email protected]

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3 Lazy Pandas
Abigail Cofer
Did this pop up on everyones feed at once???
Abigail Davis
Whoever is reading this, i hope you have a great day! 😊
Adrees Shakeel
You are perfect man ❤️❤️❤️\nLove from Pakistan 🇵🇰 ❤️❤️❤️\nStay blessed man
Aissa Diallo
9:15 sooooo if i spray it on my phone will it be water proof lol
Akshay Patnaik
The thumbnail made me question what farmers do to my strawberries
Alicia Cristy
“I’m loosing my marbles.” Remind me of that vine.
Amy Door
who else has been watching since he was cooking cake in a mug ahaha love this chanel
Anisa Soppet
I am actually early on my birthday! Please can I have 12 likes as I am twelve
Anish Mahapatra
The comments are new because the algorithm has put up the video on our feeds now
Anna Ståler
14:44 to all haters you can see that he posted TWO WEEKS AGO and the other guy TWO HOURS AGO so now please close the donut hole thank you🙌🏻🙌🏻❤️❤️❤️🍩🍩🍩🍩🍩🍩🍩🍩🍩
Annie Playz
Who else thought he lighted the pasta at the beginning 0:01
Avielle Brown
Wolfie is a huge content stealer he sucks
Aya’s Vibe
Even a french youtuber copyied your video and had even the same thubmnail ! I was actually mad because i love you so much, you inspire me and he didn’t even give credit ! Idk that’s just lame
Belle Âme
Hi! Looking for these?\n\n2:52-Cheesy Fries\n5:31-Soup\n8:44-raspberries \n11:04-Pancakes\n13:19-Pasta\n\nLike if this was helpful! 😁 Have a great day!
How the hell can people hate you? \nI don't get it you're just a fluffy marshmallow
Breana Vigil
“I’m probably also going to need the Pope to come over and get rid of all these demons” 😂
You seem like you really work for your videoes and care about them. Keep it up.
Cat in a Backpack
I thought you were burning the pasta
Chloe Leong
Who will hate such an adorable guy omg
Claire Chen
just be who you are, and we all love U !!
Dina Sangster/O’Brien
When you said “I’m losing my marbles” I thought that you lost your mind 😂 and then I was like... wait. No, the marbles are rolling (lmao that doesn’t make sense)
Ella Chor
11:28 the pond of syrup thoooooo lmaoo
Emmanuel Ramirez
I love how everything he uses look like he just bought it from the store
Fanita JF
I'm sorry to hear what happened to you at the end of the video. I subscribed your channel because I like your contents. I am not good at english, still lacking. But because of you I can watch a vlog while practicing my listening. Keep working! I am waiting for other content from you!!
Foreva Nene
Don’t let people get to you,your amazing and I hope you get really far. Btw this was a really good video!🤪😚
Frozen8688 !!
Raphael:I'm not the funniest youtuber\nMe:Lies\nRaphael:I'm not the best looking\nMe: Bigger lie\nRaphael: I literally don't have any friends\nMe: Not true \nLike if you agree ♥\n\nWow 4 likes is the most I have gotten 😂 Thank You\nEdit: Wow 36 😂 Thank you for agreeing with me cause y'all know it's true😍
Griom Reacts
I don’t know why your getting hate you’re a very good YouTuber you deserve rest much more attention I love your videos don’t listen to the hate just be yourself I will will always be there for you you’re an amazing person ❤️ also please don’t stop doing YouTube I love you’re vids
Happy Girl Anika
The red color on the raspberries does look more bright and vibrant it’s a lighter shade of red and it’s more consistent, it did make a difference.
Heba A
Pleseeee no don't ever think of ending your channel
Heeteukie •
You’re a really wholesome person, keep it up dude
Hey It’s Sarah
That’s messed up. He copied you fair and square. I’m sorry idiotic people felt the need to attack you over that Rapha. Don’t listen to them because you’re amazing!!! I don’t even know who the other guy is!! 😂🤣
How to - Survival and Outdoors
Don’t press read more...\n\n\n\n\n\n\n\n\nYou will have good luck for the rest of your life! Like for more luck! Have a good year!
Immah Wow
I love you Raphael... 😭😭😭 Why mean people attacks you... I loveee all of your videos pls don't ever forget it, your fans loving you. You are original, cute, polite and kind, and the first video I saw from you is the commercial one. Yes you are original, and we love you. Pls don't be sad... You are the reason I'm watching YouTube. 🤗 Do what makes you happy, it's your channel. Do what you want. People who love you will stay and support you. 💕 *Sending virtual hugs hope u feel better* 😭😭😭
Okay at first when I saw you on my recommended page I didn’t even wanted to click on the video but you like actually nice??? Wow thanks (for being cool I guess?? wtf I’m such a mess but you seemed like a nice person and I just wanted to say it ??)
ItsJustMe Sarah
Why are all the comments recent?
I’m Bored
I wish I could afford that many raspberries
Jamie F.
Who else thought in the beginning that he was lighting the pasta on fire? 😂
Jamil Ahmed
Wolfie copys everyones videos because his channel is dying
Jana Sakr
Can you eat egyptian food please
Jenny Kim
i dont know why a lot of people hates him, i just think he's one of the realest YouTuber I've watched. I'm subbing the right people.
Jezzie So
Don’t worry Wolfe’s irrelevant now
Julia Biggs
I am appalled that anyone would treat him in such an immature manner. Copycatting can be flattering, but ripping off someone else's work should be internationally illegal. Raphael, you are awesome. Please don't forget that.
Kai Zundell
I literally can't believe people are coming at you. You're amazing! And I love love love your content, and you as a person! :D
Kaycee W
At the start, I thought he was setting the pasta on fire😂
dude u obviously have the better videos and did them first. They’re always super original please keep doing videos man
im actually right pissed off wolfie copied you i just watched his video its not even just the thumbnail litteraly all the things he tests are the same as yours. I am so sorry people attacked you Ive been watching you a long time your one of my favorite youtubers and youve built a chanel with over 1000000 subscribers all on unique food videos that are good quality and viewers can tell you put effort into and wolfie just litteraly seen the success you had and wanted it for himself like that guy is constantly doing whatever random poop he thinks will get him the most views. Please dont stop making videos because of people like that im so glad your back and i know im not the only one that wants you to stay making videos. Your so wholesome and amazing dont listen to the haters.
Keziah Greer
wolfie is trash sksksk he cheated on his gf with an underage girl so for anyone to support him is trash. He copied you and you're getting hate for it. We love you.
Kiarna Burke
“I’m not the best looking”\nMe: are you serious!! You are so sexy!!
Kristen Houy
Just because people don’t know u doesn’t give them the authority to hate and judge you
Krytonic Gaming
3:32 the accidental pun actually made me laugh.
Laragel Zenemij
Nice content😘😘😘\nI love your channel.\nKeep it up,
Lauren Nicole
You seem like one of the few that didn’t let your success on YouTube go to their head. Bravo, will continue to support this channel.
Leo Messi FAN!
U get more views than wolfie wdym
Lily Wightman
Please don’t quit YouTube I really enjoy watching your videos and so do loads of people please don’t stop your ideas are great and make me feel happy 😊
Mailyn Moreno
Wahhhh I have an Ideaaaaa! \n\nPlease try recreating food advertisements using the ingredients in the packaging.... Let's see if it will taste the sameee
Megh XD
u dont have any friends? I can be ur friend!!😁😊❤ we are here for u😁
Melissa. Ma
Why did we get recommended this all at the same time eh
Moon Scar
Youtube wanted me to see this for weeks.. well not disappointed 👍
Ms Azula
So sorry that happened to you, I enjoy your content its better than drama channels or asmr thank you for sticking around and still creating great content
MyLifeAs_ Ashley
14:43 haters will just hate because on each video you can literally see when each video was posted soooo\nI’d y’all want to hate maybe just take more time to think about what your going to say❤️💖
Nehama W
Watched the ending... Omg that's so dumb... U did it 1st. Stand up for urself is so important! Ur channel is amazing, very creative and u are good looking ♥
Raphael even tho ur kind please just please file a copyright strike on wolfie's video to stop him doing copyrights.
Niki B
I just found you. I don't know for sure who you are but you seem really sweet. I'm gonna give you a chance. 😊
Pashe Yvonne
He copied your title & thumbnail. Idk why people are attacking you.
Aw I hate that that was happening to you but I love watching your videos so much !!!!! ❤️❤️☹️
Real Shit
Ignore the hate 🙉💙 keep doing your thing you are amazing !!
Samantha Rogers
I don't know why, but I just think the real raspberries look for appetizing.
SexyDaddy ASHIAA
Was i the only one who thought he was burning the pasta in the beginning??
Shakaliah Elisha
Your voice is literally every thing and keep up the good work 😍😘
Skelly Productions
Oml this was made 2 days ago. Why are most of the comments like minutes ago???
Sofia Norris
Hello random person scrolling down the comments I hope you are having an awesome day since you might be bored I have a game for you\n\nSpot the difference!!\n🌍🌍🌍🌍🌍🌍🌍🌍🌍🌍🌍🌍🌍🌍🌍🌍🌍🌍🌎🌍🌍🌍🌍🌍🌍🌍🌍🌍🌍🌍🌍🌍🌍🌍🌍🌍🌍🌍🌍🌍🌍
Stephanie Drumm
I hope you never ever leave YouTube unless it's a decision you want and not that you're pushed to it because of others. I know everyone says this to people but I honestly don't watch YouTubers, I'm hardly on the app but I stumbled upon your videos one day a while ago and I've watched every video since. You're full of originality, fun and you're not like anyone else and I think that's what I like. You're your own person in this world full of clones and you don't deserve to be made to feel like leaving. Keep the videos up I love them.
Strange Person
He's such a cinnamon bun but really he got hate for something as simple as that? oof people need to get their facts checked first
Super_Glitter The Maltese Puppy
“It comes with a glove I don’t know why.” \n“Is this even hot?” \nOHH, that’s hot!”
Swati Sudhakar
We love you...☺
The raspberry color is more red with lipsticks
Takayla Matthews
You are a kind young man. You do have friends. You have integrity. I don’t even know this other person. Never heard of him. I have nothing good or bad to say about him. You never say bad things about other people. You are funny and honest. Just do you and be who you are. Your supporters know the truth. Please ignore the haters. As Taylor would say “Shake it off”. Love ya sweetie!
Team AJ Fan
I teared up when you started talking about the hate you were receiving, I wish hate never existed in this world, I started watching your videos like a month ago and seriously you became my favorite YouTuber! Your personality is so pure and wonderful, your videos are always fun to watch, you're the most creative YouTuber I've ever seen! Please don't let those negative comments affect you, remember that you have millions of fans supporting you and I'm one of them, I love you❤️
Ok kid Im just a random Gramma that somehow found my way to your channel a few years ago. I have increased my youtube kmowledge and subscriptions thanks to you.. I had no clue who. Beautiful Trisha P, or inspiring Jeffreestar, or fun and weird Shane, or Sister James Charles, Dolan twins, or many others.... You introduced me to them.... you help keep me young and make me smile.... I wish I could do what you are doing.... so buck up my little camper and realize how you inspire... dont take too much time off
Uniquely Beautiful
“I don’t need to speak French to know IVE BEEN SCAMMED”😂😂🤣 why is everyone commenting now??
Yana Stanovsky
STOP STOP STOP tou are saying you dont have any friends look at all your viewers and these viewers are all your friends I know how hard it might be to not look back at hate but thats why you have all these good people around you that will help you at anytime honestley I love your channel because it always inspires me. Not bieng bad or anything but you are seursly the only guy thats so calm and nice you allways make your videos kind and it means a lot to me that little kids are actually able to whatch your channel and not repeat these stupid ideas that many youtubers do thanks a lot to you! 💞✨💗
Yeet yote
Is youtube okay? Why are the comments so recent
haya ahmed
you are the original! wolfie copied and many know that
you are actually one of the most original youtubers and actually the only one worth watching keep doing it and stay strong i love you 💘💖💞💘
kookiexxtae _
We love you raphael! you always work hard too keep us entertained. don't bring yourself down !! we love you and we will always have your back 💘
it's so annoying how people are so blind to see that your video was put up first and you thought of the content yourself 😡\nthe number of subscriber don't mean anything it's about the creariving and origional of the channel❤️\ndon't let some fake hoes ruin your time and originality because all of us TRUE AND NON TOXIC fans are here for you and we all know what's right and we know that our Raphael has such good ideas comigg up for us to watch 😍
m e r e d i t h
“I don’t need to speak French, to know that I’ve been scammed!” 😂😂😂
misscoolgirl Leneika
You’re pretty hot though... at least better than wolfie so don’t say that you’re not good looking
shorty savage
14:49 !!!! You posted it 2 weeks before him! So he stole the thumb nail and the video!
shreeya omarao
*I'm losing my marbles* said raphael LOL
sushi ninja
I don't even know who that other Youtuber guy is...MoreWolfie?...you should be flattered that he has obviously copied your idea
willow clemson
Oh, honey. You're so sweet. Don't you worry what them rude peoples say. Also, this is super late, but I noticed the difference in the rasberries and I'm not colourblind, BUT I've also always been very sensitive to colour differences other peoples don't typically notice.
Okay to start, Raphael, you are one of my top favourite you tubers, i look forward to every video you publish, i love watching you be funny and make weird faces at food, because food is literally life, you are a great person, you inspire me to do the things i love, you are very creative, honestly i don't know what i would do if you stopped your channel, i love your videos, i have been subscribed to you since about 5 months after you started i believe, you are amazing, keep doing you, don't listen to the poopy dudu faced trash potatoes that hate on you, they are just jealous, FYI you are not ugly or not good looking, literally i crush hard core on you ha ha, BTW, i try not to swear because of my job,(i work with kids)
Thank you for not giving up on doing what you love. You're an amazing youtuber!
Rapha, I'm so sorry about all the hate you've been getting recently. All I know is you don't deserve a second of it. As a true fan, all we want is for you to be happy. You are creative, you are original, and you are beautiful in your own unique way, just like everyone else on this Earth. Take breaks when you need them, but please don't let the haters get you down. They mean nothing. What matters is the people who stick with you through thick and thin and offer you their support. They matter. You matter. Love from America~ ❤ Keep up the great work. We appreciate you to no end.