Weezer - Mexican Fender

"Mexican Fender" off the new album 'Pacific Daydream' out now! Download/stream the album

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I like this song a lot more than the last track. \
White Album 2... end of story xD... I'm still waiting for the black album, dont make it like SFTBH never coming out.
So fucking good \nI mean it's no Pinkerton or maltridot but it's pretty good looking forward to the new album
Adam Turnier
Weezer is back better than ever! SUMMER LOVE!!
Alex James
The intro reminds me of the ending of Condemned to Rock N Roll by the Manic Street Preachers.
Alex Retro
I just want the summer to end
Alexander Tso
It's 2017, why is the audio in mono?
Bagas Pratama
Weezer - American Standard Fender Reissue 1969
Banana Ranch
Brilliant track. Can't wait for the album. Fed up of fans moaning about this album or that. White and EWBAITE are as good as anything Weezer have done. And this sounds like it's going to be equally fantastic! Well done, Weezer.
Beck Bartholomew
I LOVE IT. feels like summer had me worried but this is great
Blue Thompson
The girl has the haircut and shoulders of a man and its really messing with me
Brad Snyder
much better than feels like summer
Brian Padilla
This won't be as good as the white album but it isn't going to be raditude 2. Music video is meh, though.
Bruce Lee
I reacted like that bird
Christopher Wrigley
weezer has now officially taken over where Hannah Montana left off. nice job dudes.
Codey Cross
Intro made me think of no sleep til brooklyn
Conor Spencer
love this summer oriented album coming out in october
not sure how to feel about this track yet, probably gonna be the kind that grows on you after like a month or something
Daniel Flores
that seagull is way out of her league
Danny Wreck
Much better than Feels Like Summer and I Love The USA.
Diego Cherry Ruíz
That ending is pretty freakin' dark. The song is amazing, though. I really liked The White Album so I'm hoping Pacific Daydreams will be as good or even better; with this song I think they're going into the right direction.
I'm surprised their album isn't called \
Evan Shea
October 27th is gonna be a good day.
Fajar Ponco
RIP Gillie\nhe died because staring at a woman's AA size\nmay he die in peace
7/10 Needed more beastiality. Maybe a Sonic Next Gen Rule 34 would have worked.
Frodo Baggins
also don't know why everyone is complaining. Its a new weezer song, what could you be upset about. Im very happy with this and cant wait for the album.
Gabriella Ginsberg
Keep watching after the credits xD
Gavin Peterson
Okay soooooo this threw me off at first but i ended up digging the tune by the end. Sweet. BUT HOLY COW that production....so much depth, so much space. You can hear that natural reverb, the mics being set up around the room, etc. You can tell they're departing BIG TIME from all their previous recordings on this. Me likeyyyy
George EX
Seagull has good taste. lol
Ghost Galaxies
My 2 Favorite Things weezer and girls with short hair
Gibberish Gibberish
So... A bird is trying to smash a human woman. Weezer what are you implying here?
Greenock Catman
Now this is the Weezer I signed up for.
Henry VE
Pretty into this one, but it does sound like a white b-side. I just want another EWBAITE.
Isaac the PSI Tactician
Honestly I think this album has potential. Sure it's not the Blue Album or Pinkerton but this song is actually really decent. Hopefully it turns out to be like the White Album
Isabel Carter
Did she seriously eat the seagull at the end of the video? 😐
Jaden Warner
Wow... This album could be pretty good, actually.
Jake Fuhrer
This track is a huge relief after feels like summer
Jamers Rfta
That woman was so beautiful
James Games
I think this new album will be pretty good. Who knows.
Jason Kuech
Sounding great as always! Looking forward to the new Album.
Jeremy Schep
Not the type of music I listen for when I put on some Weezer, but this is actually some pretty brilliant pop-rock. While Feels Like Summer definitely gave me some reservations about the new album, have to say this gives me some hope.
Jon Baugh
Fun Fact: The seagull is actually Pinkerton Era Rivers.
Juan J. Dueñas
nothing says Weezer like bestiality
Jugg Boi
This sounds just like the white album I'm not mad just a tad bit disappointed and fatigued
Not bad! SO MUCH BETTER than feels like summer
Kevin Gamble
Khallid Carter
This feels more like \
I'm playing Mexican Fender on my mexican fender
played this at a panic! concert before panic! came on stage. i couldn’t stop laughing
Matt Good
I like this. Interested to see how the album turns out!
Matthew Luethje
Did i just spend 3 minutes watching a seagull woo a pretty lady in a bikini? ....
Matthew Parks
where's melon?
Nicholas Viespoli
Don't care what anyone says. This song rocks. Vocals are amazing.
\u003enobody in the comments mentioning the super attractive girl
Nicolas Diaz
Argentina 2018 🇦🇷
Oscar Vargas
That ending! 😢
Owen Richter
I like to imagine the seagull is Rivers in a bird costume.
So far this is the best song of the 3 releases. I'm going to Weezer at Red Rocks today and I hope they play this song if they're going to play anything from the new album, I really hope they don't play Weekend Woman.
I'm so pumped for your new album!!
the song is fine, the video is really nice... the seagull's got my sympathy (espacially at the end)..... but I can't understand the stupid comments on the look of the actress... expected more respect and wisdom from weezer-fans... girls and boys exist in many different looks and they are all fine.... this bullshit clichees how a woman or man or hers/his body has to look should be outdated nowadays...
Prince Link600
Somebody's eventually going to make a video called \
This gives me hope for this album
Raymond Jayliss
Better than Feels Like Summer
Dear Weezer, \n\nPlease never stop making music.
Rudolf IX
interspecies love, woo!
Salem Deluxe
Please be better than Feels Like Summer\n\nEdit: SHE ATE HIM
Sebastien Legoute
Would a Korean fender work with this song or nah?
Sick Randy
I'd rather have California music from Weezer than whatever they were trying to pull off from 2008 to 2010. I think this is a really good direction for them, so I'm more than okay with it.
Smexii Wade
Beverly Hills is My City!
Sonny Etchell
Well this is about a million times better than Feels Like Summer..
Anyone want to see a bass cover of this song? Like it up for me to post a cover !!! :)
SpOnGeBOb SquARepAnts
Am I the only one who gets a mid to late 2000's vibe from the song?
Straight Strat
seagull is literally me
Giving a mixture of EWBAITE and the good stuff off of Red vibe, I love it
I bet Rivers only wanted to take her out to the ocean because of the 'implication'.
The Driver
Damn she thick
Tony Walker Acoustic Hour
I have never heard a bad Weezer song
Catchy. The bridge gets me pumped up
Even if the song is just ok, River's vocals are still perfect.
Looking forward to the new album! Hopefully we do eventually get the Black Album and that it doesn't go down the \
I like it! The riff kind of sounds like \
What happened to the black album?
Wow, Weezer's resurgence continues. What a great song with a Weezer vibe mixed with some new sounds!
Was hoping they'd bang
what happend to weezer
i Nvm
Anybody else tired of the California vibes?
First time I watched it I missed the end scene. That made this video 10x better. Hahahahaah
this is like a better IYWIIWYTIWYT
BACAAW, means \
Reminds me of green/maladroit era weezer
orange tortilla
What's with these homies dissing Weezer
reagr ragrueighr
This is better then feels like summer.
Actually really diggin this track, and the video is pretty great. I was hoping Weezer were going down more of a space rock route after seeing the awesome album art, but well see!
I have several questions.\n1. Why is the song called \
Who was here before 1 million views?
I absolutely love this song, and I absolutely love this video, and I absolutely love Gilli The Seagull. R.I.P. Gilli
sugar ray
obviously, people are allowed to have different opinions, but it saddens me to know that weezer's more recent songs are getting so much hate. it's okay for bands to change. besides, it's not their original sound, but it's badass.
how is that seagull so thirsty next to all that water