After The Fire - Der Kommissar

Music video by After The Fire performing Der Kommissar. (c) 1982 Sony BMG Music Entertainment (UK) Limited

After The Fire Der Kommissar Pop Sony BMG Music UK

Aiko Chikako
Falco had the better vocals, but ATP had the better instruments.
Alex Nosiay
A great song from 1983 about a couple in trouble with the law and are on the run. Every time they are out in public, the \
Falco's version is kinda better...
This song as well as others that came out in and around this time in the early 80s we was going thru a dark time in our life's but we made it thru at least some of us did and to live to tell the others are like stuck in that time frame reliving this over and over and over again.......mabe it's me...
Bob Smith
This is a great song. I like this version better (after the fire) But if falco had not made this song, We would not be here listening to this song at all. So, Thank You Falco.
Bomb Tombadil
Damn she is gorgeous
This song was in my heavy rotation of funk and dance music from 1980s! Still in rotation for 2018! Lol.
Chandley Rose
I did NOT know this was a cover...but damn, I still find it so much better than Falco's. I just freaking love it.
Cosmic Gaming
sorry for the misfortune souls who dont know this song
Atomic Blonde!
Damon Baldi
As a kid i thought this was The Clash..
Daniel Cinquegrani
Falco's was better, although this version is even more stereotypical 1980's, which I wouldn't have thought possible
Alles klar, Herr Kommissar?
David C. Morrow
Since 1983 I kept hearing the song in my mind, or rather the phrase \
Eric Elsinger
Underrated gem
Forrest George
Zwei, drei, vier\nOne, two, three\nIts easy to see\nBut its not that I don't care so\n'Cause I hear it all the time\nBut they never let you know\nOn the TV and the radio\nShe was young her heart was pure\nBut every night is bright she got\nShe said sugar is sweet\nShe come rappin' to the beat\nThen I knew that she was hot\nShe was singin'\nDon't turn around, uh-oh\nDer Kommissar's in town, uh-oh\nYou're in his eye\nAnd you'll know why\nThe more you live\nThe faster you will die\nAlles klar, Herr Kommissar\n[Instrumental Interlude]\nShe said, babe, you know\nI miss Jill and Joe\nAnd all my funky friends\nBut my street understanding\nWas just enough to know what she really meant\nAnd I got to thinking while she was talking\nThat I know she told the story\nOf those special places that she goes\nWhen she rides with the others in the subway singin'\nDon't turn around, uh-oh\nDer Kommissar's in town, uh-oh\nAnd if he talks to you\nAnd you don't know why\nYou say your life\nIs gonna make you die\nAlles klar, Herr Kommissar\nWell, we meet Jill and Joe\nAnd brother Herr\nAnd the whole cool gang and, oh\nThey're rappin' here they're rappin' there\nBut she's climbin' on the wall\nIt's a clear case, Herr Kommissar\n'Cause all the children know\nThey're all slidin' down into the valley\nThey're all slipping on the same snow\nHear the children\nDon't turn around, uh-oh\nDer Kommissar's in town, uh-oh\nHe's got the power\nAnd you're so weak\nAnd you're frustration\nWill not let you speak\nLa, la, la, la, la, la\nDon't turn around, uh-oh\nDer Kommissar's in town, uh-oh\nAnd if he talks to you\nThen you'll know why\nThe more you live\nThe faster you will die\nDon't turn around, uh-oh\nDer Kommissar's in town, uh-oh\nDon't turn around, uh-oh\nDer Kommissar's in town, uh-oh\nDon't turn around, uh oh\nDer Kommissar's in town, uh oh
Francisco Fuentes
I didn't know this version of Falco's song. It's not bad as an English cover but the original is better.
Frida Munoz
This song makes me want to throw a dance party every time!
Oka! BACK TO THE 80's.... very good songs 🎧🎵
George Praskovich
Harold Clark
Somehow this song reminds me of GTA Vice City.
Falco version the best👍👍👍👍
Helium Road
This is one of the most 80s things there ever was. This and like, maybe Pac Man and the Atari 2600.
Hendrick Yee
Der Kommissar was most likely the only appealing single out of their entire original album of ATF.when debut.
Hoder Harris
The golden age of music videos
I prefer the creator's version but their both good & both were hits back in the day that never left a dance floor empty
ITX Official
Guys, just calm down already. Don't think of it as an insult, rather consider it as a tribute to Falco's song. The beat is nearly identical and the lyrical translation is almost 100% accurate. America loved the song and wanted to make a version everybody could understand. That's how much of an influence in pop music Falco had back then!!
Jan Bloem
Alles klaar her Kommissaar..
This song sounds better in German!
Kayla Blair Colgan
This needs and this deserves more views.
Kendo 2
Millennial girls have no idea that in their day, their moms were hotter than they will ever be...shaved bushes and all.
Lilly Jyn
Atomic blonde brought me here, anyone else ? 🙋🏾🤔
Logan MacGyver
Mgjctv Ipina
I rather take Falcos version than this version...
Michael Sinister
I feel like Der Kommisar is some kind of super-freak that I can't touch...
Mint Tea Sea
I will singlehandedly make this surpass the falco version in views
Missing and Tattooed
This is the version I grew up hearing so I love it!!!
Mr. Joekzalott
Aahh the early days of Mtv, the best times of my life as a kid, never to return again. Mtv, He-man, Gi joe, Transformers, Atari2600, Rubik's cube, Saturday morning cartoons, Alex Lee (my best friend as a kid). How I long for the happier care-free times of yesteryear.
Paul Dickinson
129 people turned around
Peter Cofrancesco
I tell everybody 1980s was the best decade of all time for me ! Don't turn around !
Raul Ramos
Both versions are classic
Richard Henry
What a Jam. Great decade for music.
Rick Castillo
Falco's version is better
Rick JamesRocked
The best version!  Falco's was awful!
Robert Taylor
To all those who believe Falco's version is better they are right it is but I dont speak German
Anyone else think Franz Ferdinand would've done an amazing version of this? (Are they still together??)
This song used to play a lot at Plato's Retreat in NYC in the 80's.
I prefer this one because I can understand what they are saying
Samantha Martin
My favorite 80's song❤️
Sierra Milano
The Movie Wedding Singer brought me here.
Star _gazer
sorry... dude slayyyed the German version!
This is the best verion. Falco destroyed this!
she's a very kinky girl. can't touch this
I like it too but for some reason this version doesn't have the groove of Falco's... 
The Hound
iZombie brought me here.\nThank you iZombie
The Shaolin
Man that chick looks like Vesper Lynd, the Bond chick from Casino Royale.
Thomas Carter
Late winter - early spring 1983 this song had me on the dance floor whenever it was played.
Thomas R. Skidmore
I'll take this version over Falco's version any day.
Tom Bartlett
Any idea who is the model?
That tarantula is very creepy
Tyler Carta
Falco's version was the original and this is the cover. Just sayin'
Vanilla Beam
So not only did MC Hammer steal those cords, but Rick James too? What I'm referring to is the cords when they sing \
Victor montano
Sorry Falco but this version is way better!.
Wes Bervig
Under capitalism man exploits man, under communism it is the other way around. Old joke from the Soviet Union
I wanna teleport back! And as an Adult and not just as a teenager.
William Paul
Is it just me or does anyone else notice at the end of the After The Fire version video the bartender cleaning the glass looks alot like Falco the original singer of Der Kommisor
Zach Henry
My dad always played this and I could never figure out the name and when I described the song he always said idk and out of nowhere I just remembered the lyrics and looked this up
Sdam And the Ants, After the Fire, all of those 80's masterpieces they've recorded deserve better quality videos, VEVO. I do understand you don't have a better copy of the videos, but why don't you at least try to overlay the videos with the original tracks. If would cost you next to nothing.
billy barber
I was co-written by falco, but the ATF version sold over 5 million copies worldwide.\nhis version came out in 1981 most played in Europe, ATF's version came out a year later in the U.S.
I like the sound of this one more, it's somewhat richer, but I prefer Falco's vocals. These guys sound like yet another (and not so good) clone of The Cure.
Whenever I hear this song, and, it's rarely these brings me right back to 1983 when I was seventeen and had my very first car. What great memories of freedom, as opposed to this song's lyrics - Der Kommissar (Commie Cop Commissioner); East Germany; Communism; or, Robert Ponger; Reinhold Bilgeri; Falco; British \
cristobal garza
Falco is far superior to After the Fire.
daniel fetchak
This era of music was a great time to grow up in!
Oh, please ..... let's turn around and go back to the 80's
dominic sandoval
MTV memories from the 80's brought me here.
this is the original video they played on MTV in the early 80s.
80's chicks were hotter.
man someone should make a bernie sanders joke out of this: \
jose izquierdo
80's music was very experimental, which made it unique...
joseph lamping
An awesome song one of my all time favorites!
I love both versions of this song, but Falco's version comes with some slightly unpleasant personal connotations (long story) that push this version ahead in my mind, though I feel kinda guilty about that because it wasn't Falco's fault or anything.  It's funny how this group was a Christian rock group that became popular because of this cover because you would never expect that from them but so it goes.
marco antonio gutierez rosales
iZombie season 1 finale brought me here, anyone else? Best song to kill zombies with I'd say
Love this fun, iconic tune from the soundtrack of my life...
'Don't turn around, Putin's in town'
It's a great version but I prefer the original of falco, even though I don't speak German.
patricio tello
racer44 6
Don't turn around, whoah, the Donald is in town, whoah
sampa humeoli
because of atomic blonde i'm here :)
I'm in love with the model
sleepytime bedtime
Falco version best version. After the Fire version still good.
The good old days! I love that hissing sound at the end of the video must be off the original VHS tape from MTV.
villa teng
Great hit
Anybody knows the name of the actress?