Weezer - QB Blitz

"QB Blitz" off the new album 'Pacific Daydream' out now. Stream + download the album

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2D Ronin
This sounds like an actual Weezer song. Well, that's pretty odd...
Adam Christopher
take drugs and learn to love
Alex Ewart
This is what the rest of the album should sounded like. Best Weezer song in years.
Awesome! Lucky to have my favorite band keep rolling out great music after all these years.
Andrew Y
goddamn its so good
Anthony Thomas
Sounds kinda like an acoustic “Falling For You” at the beginning. I’ll dig it. Hopefully Black Album is more loyal to their roots (Pinkerton 2.0 potentially?)
I was listening on 1.25x speed and I didn’t realize it
Asher Park
Azot _
Easily the best song on the album
Bernardo Jiménez
This, Mexican Fenders, and Any Friend of Diane's are worth listening to. The rest is a pile. Hopefully the Black Album will be good. Counting on it
Love the chimes and beachy bass thump
I found myself saying \
CIV Kelly
Nice to listen to the new album!
This album isn't as terrible as I figured it'd be, there's a few solid tracks. White is still the best of their recent albums.
Christian Rosa
Intro has a Pinkerton feel to it, for me at least
Christy Jia
This album is Weezer...sans gonads.
Best song on the album
Best song on the album 😆
Daft Doggo
They left out the best songs for last
Damián Quiles Navarro
Can anyone explain me what is a QB Blitz? I'm from Spain and I HAVE NO IDEA ABOUT IT jajajaja\n\nAWESOME SONG BTW, WEEZER ALWAYS KNOW HOW TO DO MUSIC
Daniel Mont
I like this sound
Darkness Airi
i miss pinkerton like oxegen but this is a good album nevertheless
Dimas Aditya Kurniawan
Sounds like \
the best song on the album
Dylan J
Intro riff sounds a lot like crash test dummies ‘mmm mmmm mmmm’
This one is probably the best out of the album. I think at the moment the album sounds alright, the easy or soft listening type isn't really my thing all the time, but I think the album did it well. I like the softness but noticeable passion put in this one. solid
Eli W
One of my faves, thank you guys! Another great Weezer album!
Imagine how good this song would be with Pinkerton instrumentation
Erline Andrews
This song alone makes the album deserving of that Grammy.
Can't wait for Melonhead to review this album
Why wasn't this a single instead of Beach Boys?
Hana Fujino
Thank you. Today was a good day for a new album. Mood improved
Hopper Grieves
For songs that didn't make the cut for The Black Album, they're realllllyyyyy goooood.
Hundred Percent Steve
Classic Weezer song with a modern sound. They've been around since 94 are they supposed to sound the same on every record. This is a good Weezer record.
Hunter Hannemann
Ilham Fadhilendi
All of my conversations die a painful death you see\nI can't get anyone to do algebra with me\nIt's hard to make real friends\nMy friends have lots of friends\nI don't hang out enough\nTake drugs and learn to love\n\nThis intercom is broken into pieces\nI gotta call my QB Blitz, B Blitz\nOut on the ice fields of hope\nI'll be\nI'll be missing you like oxygen, xygen\nI'll be missing you like oxygen\n\nI wanna have the feeling someone's in love with me\nYou gotta choose between the internet and me\nPeople don't bring me joy\nI think you get the point\nI'm on an epic quest\nPursuit of happiness\n\nThis intercom is broken into pieces\nI gotta call my QB Blitz, B Blitz\nOut on the ice fields of hope\nI'll be\nI'll be missing you like oxygen, xygen\nI'll be missing you like oxygen\n\nSing for the moment\nLittle place on the ocean\nIn the middle of a snowdrift\nWe're alone in the universe\nSing for the moment\nWith a paper lantern over the light\nSing for the moment\n\n\nThis intercom is broken into pieces\nI gotta call my QB Blitz, B Blitz\nOut on the ice fields of hope\nI'll be\nI'll be missing you like oxygen, xygen\nI'll be missing you like oxygen
Is Jus Speedy
I came into this album with very low expectations, and it’s not amazing, but there there’s some solid tracks in it, no doubt
Isaac Robertson
Ox*er*geon surgeon surgeon
Jacob Bastian
Probably the best bridge in a weezer song since i cant even remember, maybe pinkerton
Jaden Warner
I think this album takes time to enjoy. There's clearly a lot of emotion in the lyrics, and it's definitely something experimental and different. I think it's possible that this album could become much more respected over time.
Jason Maksymilian
This is beautiful. Well done Rivers, Brian, Patrick and Scott. You guys have been an inspiration since the Mykel and Carli days when we all were learning how to play guitar as kids :) You make the world a better place. Keep it up. Much respect - Jason M and American Darlings
Jose Ortega
Y are u reading this you should be doing algebra
Joselo Hualca
I love when Rivers makes Falsetto...
Kim Jin Hwan
듣고 또 듣고... 앨범이 정말 맘에 듭니다. I listen again again again allday... I love this album...
I love the chimey bells and such all over these songs. I feel like there is some solid tunes hidden under how overly produced each track is. There's nothing particularly bad or good about this album, save for maybe the eye rolling lyrics. Just a safe-ish pop album with a dream-like quality to it at times. At least it feels like Weezer is making music they want to make and doesn't sound like the phoned in cuts from the 2000s
Koopa Eleven
Flvto here I come!
Malcolm Morin
This song's great, but the final chorus feels like it's missing something; it's definitely the guitar from the bridge. It disappearing and not being there for the chorus is really odd.
Marie Lyne Fournel
Beauté suprême ce morceau : il me brise le coeur
Matt Drummond
Reminds me of the Red Album. Best song on PD. Reminds me of Unspoken for some reason. LOVE the bassline. Sounds like the bassline to an Al Green song or something.
Michael Townley
Best track in the album.
MigalFred Guitar
I really love the bridge on this song. Weezer did a great job with their bridges on this album. I’d give this record a solid 4/5, underrated
Nathan Smith
Why does everyone hate this album, I just don't understand
Wow, Weezer has delivered once again. Even when going for a poppier sound, they are still great. This just might be my favorite from Pacific Daydream. The whole album is great though.
Noah Rich
LOVE THIS SONG! This album is GOLD! Fantastic job Weezer!
Gorgeous song
Better than weekend woman or happy hour. Still a little too much of a soft pop sound for me.
Perkwallflower '
Alright alright
Presse Teknikk
This and Weekend Woman are my favourites. Great album!
Overall this album is meh,generic, and forgettable. But i will give them this i do genuinely enjoy this song.
the best of the album in my opinion. its just so calming and catchy.
RedYellow Blue
Weezer's last few albums have had song titles that terrified me. I was surprised how good a song called L.A. Girlz or Endless Bummer turned out. Well over half the titles on this one made me think \
Ricardo Marin
Weezer stop! I can't handle these many good tracks at the same time.
Richie Mann
Flanger on the chorus
Not the biggest fan off Pacific Daydream, but I'm ok with that too. I'm happy to see Weezer experimenting and trying different things and just doing what they do. They're artists, not some pop culture music manufacturing plant that gets used up and spit out. Not everything will be as popular or better than what came before. IMO The White Album is the greatest album since the Blue. No matter what they did their followup album wasn't going to be as good, so I see this as a good direction for them to go. I still like a surprisingly large amount of the songs on this album, and unlike with previous experimental albums I'm no longer worried that they can't churn out another blue/pinkerton level album. White proved they still have it in them, and Pacific Daydream is still better than Hurley & Raditude. \n\nThat said, I can not wait to hear the Black Album. From what I understand it will be a big departure from what they've put out in the past, and going in a dark direction. I just wonder what these guys can do in that realm. Maybe after that they will be in a place to put out another Blue/Pinkerton/White level album. Maybe Black will surprise us too!
Rivers Cuomo
At \
Why must you make me feel this feel, Rivers?
Sam Black
it's hard to make real friends\nmy friends have lots of friends
Sam Hens
This song gives Andrew Luck PTSD
I relate to this song on a spiritual level.
Probably my favorite on PD
The Albino
This is my favorite song on the whole album
Tom Gilmour
I just wish this had chugging guitars come in at the 0:40 mark still a good song
Good to see Rivers Cuomo is full-on Howard Hughes drug addiction mode at this point lol j/k try homelessness for a while, it will sober you up.
Nerdy Version of Young dumb and broke
First song i've liked off this album.
Yuki K
Super-strike for me. What a beautiful song!
Rivers Reallymakingmesaduomo
it was a perfect song at about 2 minutes.....after that, not so much.
One of my favorites so far and once again that bridge is so damn good
drew covington
Weezer is the only 90s alternative band still consistently putting out good albums. This is album number 13...? I think. I've jammed out to everyone of them and still do regularly. I can't say that about any other band/singer/rapper. Pretty awesome when I think about it. Thanks for all joy you guys have given me. Keep it coming please! Can't wait to zone out to this album! Sounds chill...I can dig that.
Good to be alive
go zit
My favorite band since 90s. Where are their fan now? They should have more more views. Their glory time has passed.
This has a real Motorhead feel to it! Anyone else hearing it?
This is the most meh weezer album- there’s nothing offensively bad about it, but it just sounds really bland and lifeless. The only weezer album I don’t really like is Raditude but I at least have some feeling towards it (and that feeling is negative)- but this album just leaves me feeling like it’s missing something- especially after Ewbaite and White- which were both way more dynamic and interesting.
To me this has a Butterfly feel to it. Especially at the beginning. Love it.
jst 1060
Can we get a music video for this song?
sounds like a lot of beach boys influence, i like it!
Definitely my favorite in this album. Can't wait to see them tonight!
Another instant classic! Keep up the good work!
Who else misses Matt sharp
nama jeff xd
favorite song off the album
the girl on the swing's animation is a fever dream if you focus on it
That Bridge is amazing
Yes! A new song!
Çağlar Keser
This bridge is the best thing in the album.
Евгений Мельников
Very Good!
라 라