Red Rider - Lunatic Fringe

Another perfect song by Tom Cochrane and the Red Rider boys, from the album "As Far As Siam" from 1981. This is also probally, one the greatest songs of all time along with "White Hot".

As Cochrane Far Fringe Lunatic Red Rider Siam Tom and

AJ TheCat
Hip Hop killed the radio star. We will never be blessed with artist like this again. We are witness the the dumbing down of America. don the con is a perfect example.
Aaron Hadley
Been one of my favorite songs since my freshman year of high school. Some songs come and go but some stay on your play list forever and this is it.
Andrew Friedl
Timeless. You can play this tune any day any time and people will relate.
Andy Smith
This election has brought out the Lunatic fringe from both sides.
Austin Hanks
god i wish music was still like this today
Bill Bartlett
I was the Capitol Rep in the USA that got the ball started on this...Seriously.
Billy Vidal
Robert Mueller's theme song🤟
Boat Axe
To bad the rest of the album sucked, a true one hit wonder, was very disappointed when I bought the album. Nothing else on it sounds anything like this masterpiece.
Cameron Stell
Who ever is a part of the 1K that didn't like this is just not right in the head.
Carl Moore
1967 Pontiac Firebird and this song = running from the cops
Carlos Chavez
Still better than the sh#t they play today especially for the new generation snowflakes
Casey L.
How this song never made the Top 40 is beyond me... Especially with the crap that makes it nowadays!
Chris Hull
I que up this song before I go on a ride put in the ear buds and crank it up and and head down the highway
faster then you,,,,,,,,,,,,,!great drag racing tune,,,lol
Dan Cove
dean ambrose!
Dave Schwartz
A great song in the 80's we used to drink to. Nothing like an old fashioned Friday night cruising the streets and jamming to the best music around
David Galloway
It perfectly describes the time in which we live in in which extremist groups are given the credibility that they do not deserve.
David Reid
Did Dan Henderson bring you here??
David Salt
The year of 1981 is very over looked in rock history. They played this all the time on the radio then. Now it seems forgotten. There were a lot of bands like this too.
Donna Franklin
Damn .. Miami Vice anybody?
I thought this was a new PinkFloyd song back in 81 when this song came out
Edwin Bitsoe
..........A TIMELESS CLASSIC.........!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Fake cspro
Lunatic fringe\nI know you're out there\nYou're in hiding\nAnd you hold your meetings\nI can hear you coming\nI know what you're after\nWe're wise to you this time (wise to you this time)\nWe won't let you kill the laughter\n\nLunatic fringe\nIn the twilight's last gleaming\nBut this is open season\nBut you won't get too far\n'Cause you've got to blame someone\nFor your own confusion\nWe're on guard this time (on guard this time)\nAgainst your final solution\n\nWe can hear you coming (we can hear you coming)\nNo, you're not going to win this time (not gonna win)\nWe can hear the footsteps (we can hear the footsteps)\nHey, out along the walkway (out along the walkway)\n\nLunatic fringe\nWe all know you're out there\nCan you feel the resistance\nCan you feel the thunder
Flat Out Rich
Louden Swain vs Shute
Flying colors
This song gets it in my blood
Fred TheHead
Those days are gone. RIP good old days,
Gabe Sandoval
This is a great one-of-a-kind rock song but it always given me a little bit of a panic attack.
Gen mal
The beginning is like a UFO landing :) and if you pump up the volume loud enuf, you can barely make out a voice saying \
GeoffreyGodffrey StarfieldTaurus
Take this recording ....rec on a sony with cue a duel cassett ..drop down it sounds betterThis is bad..rec
George Gilkenson
Applies to today... Lunatic Left...
Greg Wiltinger
Awesome. I get a rush every time.
HAL 9000
This was a perfect night driving song.
Herb DeCordova
I just listened to this in a whole new way: The guitar is VERY David Gilmour. Awesome.
James Cox
great classic rock
Jamie Anthony
I grew up listening to this
Jason Cameron
Perfect song to go down a road in the summer of a hot town.. Road trip
Jessica Eaton
I remember this from the album when it came out but it got a second wind when used in the movie Vision Quest....kinda of a Rocky-Type film about wrestling in the mid 80s. Cool jam.
Johnny Carreira
When the strong tries to make you weak you stand up and fight even harder
Judy Lineberry
I love red ridet
I seriously love this song to death.
Lima Lima
Best song ever, but \
This has like a Pink Floyd vibe to it.
Mark Kinkel
Hey! This songs about our President elect.
Mark L
This is the one song that I consider my all time favorite. When I was going through my recent bout with cancer, this was my rally song, Now that I am clean of cancer, will enjoy this song. Especially since it was an inspiration during the most recent difficult time, Remember, I hear \
Mark Raker
The kind of song that you turn up after doing seven days of meth, that's why they call it tweaking. Seven days.....
Mason Albert
Any of the one hit wonder breakout masterpieces like this by Red Rider would STILL top the charts if new today. So long has this world been under spell of Trump'sEnvy of John Lennon. He has made it his goal to seek destruction of ANYONE more beloved, respected, or admired than himself. Newsflash: ALL EDUCATED HUMANS free of bigotry will ALWAYS be superior to Private BoneSpurts.\nALWAYS.
Matty Geez
This Song is one of those songs you put on before you kick someone's ass, literally..
Michael Young
vision quest best movie about wrestling and growing up I miss movies like that
Michele Bishop
A song I would drink and smoke to. 17 and wild! Loved it!
Michelle Ditzler
cheers to all the lunatics 😨
Mother Earth
Lunatic Fringe\nSong by Red Rider\n\nLunatic fringe\nI know you're out there\nYou're in hiding\nAnd you hold your meetings\nI can hear you coming\nI know what you're after\nWe're wise to you this time (wise to you this time)\nWe won't let you kill the laughter\nOh oh oh\nOh oh oh\nOh oh oh\nLunatic fringe\nIn the twilight's last gleaming\nBut this is open season\nBut you won't get too far\n'Cause you've got to blame someone\nFor your own confusion\nWe're on guard this time (on guard this time)\nAgainst your final solution\nOh no\nOh oh oh\nOh oh oh\nOh oh oh\nWe can hear you coming (we can hear you coming)\nNo, you're…
This song was actually sampled in Kurt Angle's TNA theme song created by John Cena's cousin Tha Trademark, and, of course, is the nickname of Dean Ambrose. I'm diggin' this beat.
Nuclear Blues
I don't understand how you people can think this sounds like Pink Floyd. The singer sounds nothing like David Gilmour or Roger Waters. The whole song has a different feel from anything Floyd, too. He's playing a Strat, or at least a guitar that sounds like a Strat, but that's the only connection I can make.
Lunatic fringe\r\nIn the twilight's last gleaming\r\nBut this is open season\r\nBut you won't get too far\r\n'Cause you've got to blame someone\r\nFor your own confusion\r\nWe're on guard this time (on guard this time)\r\nAgainst your final solution
Raymond Dowd
heard this song going to my wedding I should have turned around it was a warning.
Revertino Tse
This should be any School's Graduation Theme. I can picture Every Student's playing Air Guitar & Drums
Roger Towle
this was a great song for a great 80's 🎥 movie (Vision quest) along with journey's song (only the young) great stuff!!!❄!!!❄!☺
Sabrina Stovall
The kind of song you turn on when driving at high speed
Sandra Bell
This is the song you send to every, sneaking, lying, demorat and and crazy assed, living with mommy, libral!
Scott Patrick Rodney
Aahh, loved red rider. This song reminds me of hangin with your buddies with a lot of beer, drugs & don't forget the gals!! Everyone got along and just had a safe and fun night rocking out!! 😄
Shane Heyel
A great mellow song with attitude; without being vulgar. Simply a classic.
Showplace ASMR
Dean Ambrose \u003c3
Smitty Smithsonite
This song has made the state of Massachusetts a SHITLOAD of money on my account ... \n\nSpeeding, of course. 😐
played during the opening of the greatest episode of Miami Vice... \
We all know you're out there!
Steven Roby
reminds me of vision quest the 80s film which is awesome watch it now or die...
🌳🚶💥🚘😴🎁🙏Life is sweet, but sacrifice is eternal.🌞The robbed who smile steal something from the thief.😇
Terry Manus
or maybe that song by the greg kihn band \
The Reaper
Great song better then the music nowadays
Tim Stephenson
Love it! Fuckin song calms me down!
Troy Starks
I was surprised to find out the \
Tyler Glynn
528 people are lunatics
We the Seekers
We won't let you kill the laughter.
William Milligan
This song is a battle cry if I ever heard one!
World of Retro Gameplay
Boston radio station WAAF played this song during the 1990s and the DJ NEVER said who the band was. I spent two and a half decades looking for this song until the other day, when it miraculously started playing on the radio. I asked ‘Siri’ who sang this song, and my two and a half decade search was finally over. Thank you 21st Century technology! You were more reliable than some fat, balding Boston radio personality!
Z Arostegui
great song, definitely a masterpiece
alan larson
i always thought this was pink floyd.crazy
Even after 35 years this leadbreak still reminds me of Pink Floyd, which is never a bad thing. Cool jams. Thanks for posting.
It's 5:42 in the morning and I am so drunk I am spinning and listening to some good shit.
bill judd
Still holds up against todays crap!
Where did all the time go ?
dan graesser
Sounds better than ever!! Fuck today's music!!
Great song. My former husband, however, insisted on singing to it, \
This needs to be Dean Ambrose's intro music on WWE!
kit carson
I love listening to this song in my sniper outfit looking through my scope at my target on my 338 lapua mag semi auto before I pull the trigger
laura ann armitage
i miss the 80s so much...i used to make out with my boyfriend in the back seat of his mustang to this song...
This song is as relevant today as it's ever been.
linnea michelle hermone
This song has aged well
mike stang
Relevant today \
What a magical time musically the 80's were.  What in the hell happened?
nikki Poljak
Closing in on midnight dark sky bright stars watching the white line of th road roaring past ... in between the past & the future.
oney monster
I played this on the loud speaker on my 1151 any time we left the wire in Iraq just has that kill bad guys vibe to it ya know
this band and other bands of this time period were so ahead of their time... this song is still great today and blows away the shit on the radio today.
raven fon
Great to crank on a Friday night cruising through the city in a Crown Vic. This is so much better than the music being released today except Greta Van Fleet. This is coming from a 17 year old
I hear this and for some reason I think Smugglers Blues and Miami Vice. \nGreat song.
Damn, being a young man during this time, there was so much good music coming out we didn't know which way to turn. The shit they throw up these days is an insult.
I named my Evony warrior after this song- LunaticFrg