Paul Simon - You Can Call Me Al (Official Video)

Check out the official music video for "You Can Call Me Al" by Paul Simon Paul Simon's official audio for 'You Can Call Me Al'. Click to listen to Paul Simon on Spotify:

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Alexander Chippel
It's funny because the quiet guy that moves the instruments around is actually the guy who sings the songs.
Alyssa Mueller
Been looking for this song for so long glad my mom knew since she lived in the 80s 😊😍👌🏼👌🏼 Chevy from Christmas Vacation yesss 🎄🎄
America's Choice
Back when life was fun...
Ana Justice
Just in case you were wondering...\nChevy Chase is 6'4'' Paul Simon is 5'2''
Andreas Hoppe
That glas simply disappeared lol
Arif Benfaid
Those are the days when music was performed by true musicians
Ashton Vartanian
This song popped into my head out of no where about 4 days ago. Didn't hear it on the radio, hadn't heard it in a few years. It just popped in there like the Stay Puft Marshmallow Man in Ghostbusters did in Ray's head. Showing no signs of leaving me alone.\n\nNot that it's a bad song, by any means.
Big Wagon
Best part of the song is the intrumental. Who else here from Family guy? 🙋🏼\u200d♂️😂😂
Brandon Williford
I'm 20 and I love this song! Always loved listening to 80's music.
Brendan Carberry
The bass part in this song is outstanding!
Brian Strachan
In my top hundred, don't ask which number please.
Bruno Pondelick
two legends.
Carl Wallin
Chevy Chase is a golden God
Carlos goldstein
Love Paul Simon and chevy chase
One of the best music videos of all time. An absolute masterpiece.
DaksLife 1
If pop was more like this now-a-days, I would listen to it more.
Dellani Oakes
I love this video. I like seeing Paul Simon wandering around looking sullen. It was really a clever concept on someone's part.
Derek Reed
...My dad and sister have the album this is on (\
One of the funniest, cutest music videos EVER made!!! \u003c3
Duncan Sherwin
probably one of the best videos ever made :)
Etang Bose
Hey al you can call me dad
You can call meow
Fernando Edits
Anyone 2019
Fire Dice
Chevy Chase is the Will Ferrell of the 80's 😂🙏🏻💯❤️❤️❤️🔥🔥🔥👌🏻
Paul Simon hated the original video he shot for this song so he got rid of the tape. Then he and Chevy Chase filmed this one. I love it! 😂
Francois José Balbuena guzman
welp time to go back down that 80s music rabbit hole at 4am. who's with me?
Oh look mom! A music video without porn in it!\n\nThank you 80s❤
Thank you for showing this song to me, Mum. \nRest in peace.
Gamer Addy 99
This music video just proved how awesome the 80s were! I'm going back in time!
Anyone else listening to bunch of old songs
lmao how he stops moving his fingers on the penny whistle
I like the part where Chevy Chase drops his glass through the drum holder like it was supposed to be a table. Just a little gag, but it cracks me up.
They both never got on for a while but the both sing this and great on the instruments one of there best
Jada Pearl
I love this song! The horns are great!
Johanna Kidd
Good one, Chevy does a great Paul Simon
I love Paul Simon
Khumbulani Oscar Mabunda
My beer belly made me soft in the middle whilst around me life was hard. 2018 gave me a photo-opportunity, a shot at redemption. And here I am in 2019 knowing that I will not end up a cartoon in a cartoon graveyard. Whoop whoop. Happy new year. 01-01-2019 and still listening to this great song.
Kimberly Dawn Groves
🤘🦁🤘\n💯🍷💯\n💯❤️💯\n☀️🥳☀️\n☀️☀️☀️🎉🥂🍾SUPER DOOPER POOPER SCOOPER MAD LOVE YOU! Beautiful beautiful stunning beautiful! Thank you!
Left Is Best
The 80's brought me here.. 😎🤘🤓
Leobot Electronics
1:58 for a magic disappearing closely ;)
Luna T
I *LOVED* this song when I was growing up & I still do!!
Mark Curran
If this song/video doesn't make you happy, then you're doing life wrong.
Meganesia Shan
So unlikely, I like it, vibey
Mike Luedey
The song and the video are pure joy.
Mike Stadtschmitzer
Lol did he just smash the glass of water on the floor? 1:56
Mily Martell
3:25 and on... best EVER. 👍🤣😎
Mr K F
100% Superb song and video. Genius stuff.
Mr Prox
Don't know why but this song is so satisfying for me!
MrHardGuitar - Guitar and Ukulele Lessons
One of the funniest music videos ever
Mutant Tugboat
Why have I never heard this song?!?
Nikki B
Love this song, when did the fun go out of music!
OHHHHHHHHHH I USED TO LOVEEEEEEEEE THIS VIDEO!!!! (I just remember Chevy Chase in it and I used to think it was funny) this was around the Three Amigos times! Ahhhh the 80s and being a kid!
I've heard this song many times but never seen this video. It's really odd that Chevy Chase plays Paul Simon and Paul Simon plays backup man. It is impressive how little budget they could get away with and still have an unforgettable video.
Rachael Myers
I love this song,and it brings back many many happy memories. I have never understood however why anyone likes Chevy Chase or ever thought he was funny. Ah well. Strange happy memories.
Radio Haven
Who doesn’t miss this?\n\n\n\
Ronnett Norfleet
I love this song. The 80s was so fun .
Rup Monsta
this album gets me happy everytime
Scott Lunsford
I remember (30+ years ago) buying \
oh if we can elect a tv star why not a funny movie star can you imagine the difference from sour trump to a chevy hilarious the world would be a better place
Shane A
Paul Simon and Chevy Chase? The recipe for the best music video ever!
Shy, Just Shy
30 years and and still this video makes me laugh (1:58)
Siddhartha Moravekar
Watched this on mtv in the late 80s? Anyone or m i just old?
That doesn’t look like me and Julio down by the schoolyard.
Castiel (Paul Simon) and Dean Winchester (Chevy Chase)! A Supernatural Friendship Song! :)
Tammy Ferguson
Ive always loved this song.\nMy uncle use to play it wide open in his lil 280z\nAlways puts a smile on my face when I hear it\nR.I.P. uncle chubby
Just a fun fact....Paul Simon is 5'2 and Chevy Chase is 6'4
The Truth
Chevy Chase was the man..spies like us...every minute you do not answer my question I cut off a finger...Chevy Chase...mine or yours. Fletch what great basketball player height is 6 foot 2 6foot 6 with afro. Bwahahahaha
I wonder how many of the instruments displayed here Paul could actually play. He could play a mean guitar and Harmonica, I know that much.
Toby Pollett
The last time Chevy Chase wasn't a prick.
Tommy pillay
We look back and remember talent, today's generation will one day look back and remember shit
Trent Buckingham
Don't ignore how sick that bass line is
Trenton Iocca
August 1986 to July 1987.
This might be the happiest music video I've ever seen.
Woods Nickelsan
Just dancing to this song with my window open and all of a sudden I spot a lot of neighbors enjoying me and myself dancing like a happy weirdo. Now I feel a little awkward ⚠️😂👌
Anyone 2018 ?💞✌🏽
As a kid, I thought this was a Chevy Chase song and he brought in Teller to help him with the video.
adam da Silva
Chevy Chase could play sax
30 years later and this video still cracks me up
brennan eaton
I am sitting here at 3 am listening to my fathers favorite musician. My father passed when i was 3 yrs old. Now i am 29 missing my dad, A man who i never really got to know, but when i listen to the old records he left me, i somehow learn a little more about him every time. The moral of this story is never forget and always forgive, Everything happens for a reason even if it shitty.
I was 5 years old when this came out. I thought Chevy was really singing and I wondered who that other little guy was.
emm Castillo
When I was a kid I loved this song so much “ merry Xmas the shitter was full”.!
gypsy rose
2019? I know you're there...
Simple yet funny as hell...
jimmyu rodriguez
Just a great song. Peace
Who's giving thumbs down for this???? Why you even here? 😂 \n\nClassic song. Classic video as well.
Still a tune in 2019
kk kat piter
See, Chevy Chase IS cool kids!!
lindy pop
This film clip is pure genius
matsamnic fam
Love many memories..❤
welp time to go back down that 80s music rabbit hole at 4am. who's with me?
Cant believe Chevy Chase was such a good singer........
Is that Chevy Chase?\n\nI thought I was joking but it turns out that is, in fact, Chevy Chase.
Every time I feel my anxiety coming on. I watch this video and it really takes me back to a better place growing up and this being on the radio all the time. life was so much easier in those days..
tanya ms80sfreak
Chevy chase and Paul Simon u can't get better than this I had a crush on both back in the day lol miss the good old days
trevor burgess
Paul Simon has written some of the best music, fact
I'm not sure if I love the music or the video more? My mum fancied Chevy Chase...I think it was an 80's thing.