What Its Like To Drive An F1 Car! *Emotional*

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1994 AA
What's the Doug score?
This isn't an F1 car but okay.
High odds means low chance
Alex Wareing
also i drive racing karts so if you come to the kartdrome imma say hi
Alloflightx2 x9
Sell everything and buy a Formula 1 racing team.
Andrew Brown
12:54 lol I listened that guy sick, awesome video Parker!!
Andrew Steel
Now try a top fuel.....
Austin Bond
who let a giraffe drive an almost 20 year old F1 chasis
Bobby Kingma
The Arrows had a V10 Asiatech A22 engine. So it looks like they use the F1 chassis but changed the engines by V8 engines.
Car Trek
5:44 \
Carter Harding
A moded f1 car?
Catalin Barbu
Stop shouting in the camera seriously dude!!!!!!!
That thumbnail is dodgey af😂
Crazed Rock
What car is that at 0:22 on the left screen side
Da Do83
Thats not an “F1 car”. Stop click baiting, have some honor.
Danny Yates
Helmet says it all
Dark L. Müller
There's a better way, if you have a Raceway you can do some laps in a Lotus. Like in top gear
David Mc Daid
He’s sitting a foot to high wtf 😂😂 btw that’s a gp3 (or formula 3 next season) not an F1 car
Derek Trulious
Well, that's still miles away from anything approaching an actual F1 car experience, but theres no doubt it's still pretty epic. The fact of the matter is you can't easily put mere mortals into an actual full tilt F1 car without it ending in a total disaster. Congrats Parker that looked like a truly spectacular time.
Derrick Kirwa
Take a shot every time he says “Formula 1 car”
Keep in mind that both of those cars are old and detuned in order for you to manage it.\nImagine what it's like driving a newer one spitting out almost a 1000hp, that can go zero to 100Mph and back to zero in 5 seconds!.\nThere is not a single car on this planet engineered like a Formula one, they are not the fastest, but nothing come close to the sheer explosiveness of a F1....nothing!
Donna Peroche
So let's see, the car is 1500 lbs ............and you are 390 lbs
Enrique Castillo
Take a drink every time he says formula 1 car
Essam Allawi
Sorry but back in 2001 F1 cars had V10 engines that rev to 20000 RPM. Not V8..So you guys did not experience even half what a Formula 1 car can do.. and you are comparing it to a Koenigsegg?! Really?!.But still pretty insane experience don't get me wrong
Fabian Oswald
Thats not a F1 Car dude , stop Clickbaiting !!!!!!
Farrukh Zain
Drove like a baby. You were so nervous. No wonder this channel is dying. I don't even think you can beat a ten years old in a go kart.
Freddie HD2
If that’s an F1 car then I must be god
Graham Lynn
not really a true F1 experience though.. F1 cars have nearly 900hp if not more. So this is like a F0.5 experience
Hasan Iqbal
This guy has absolutely smashed it. He's come a long way over the past few years. I salute you Parker!
Hassan Bazzi
That is crazy good
Isaac Leonard
This man should NOT be driving an f1 car!!!!!!!
Jess izthebess
Your thumbnails need to *STOP*
John Cunningham
Says he's driving an Arrows, but drives a Jaguar!?!? \
Jon Doe
NOT F1 CAR! Just a go cart 😂
Jonathan .Lindqvist
Parker has become the Jake paul of the car world, Im out.
Joshua Silberman
F1 from 2001 ran v10s and 20,000 rpm. My guess is a f1 frame and chassis with maybe a GP2 engine. but still very cool to drive.
Just Chilling
Let's get real, yes awesome car. But if the 'F1' Engine has been taken out. Then it is no longer an F1. \nThat's like saying I've just driven a Porsche 918. BUT it's got a Golf R engine inside. Then you haven't driven a 918. \nI'm sure it was fun. But stop shouting and saying I've driven an F1 car.
Justin McKain
2001 F1 cars revved to 20000rpm, and didn't have a V8 so that's not a F1 car
Yo you don't have to scream that hard at the start of the vid
Jéhan de Lange
Please stop yelling.
Karim Chouifi
GP2 engine 🤗
Kaylin Claude Pillay
That's not a Formula 1 car
Kenny Rogers
Bro I like the vids but stop screaming at the camera
We cannot believe you did this man! 😧What an incredible experience that must have been. Amazing video, as always Parker👊🏽
Lewis Harrad
I live in Dubai but and only 15 and too young. It is so funny because in the few days you have been here, you have done more than I have ever done!
Logan Taylor
Not a f1 car....
Main Danger
More like a Formula 2 car🤷🏼\u200d♂️
Marcus Wilkins
Cool, But if you could yell a little bit louder that would be great...🤣🤣🤣
Marius Andersson
Dude, this is awesome and all that, but you need to stop screaming!
Marius Waag Østro
Looking forward to \n\
Markel Díaz
Where is becca?
So anything open wheeled is a Formula 1 car. Wow. It's like calling every Bugatti a Veyron.
Michael Kastner
Every heterosexual male is extremely jealous of you all!! Bravo 👏🏻 Imagine owning an F1 car just for fun!!
Michael Smith
For those in doubt those cars are former F1 Chassis and yes they've been modified for reliability and maintenance issues. Still makes them F1 cars just not the power levels even the one that JWW drove was detuned to save on wear and tear. Still tons of fun and great video Parker this is what living a dream is all about enjoy it young man because life is short and might as well have fun while you can really enjoy it and then look back at all the memories later on in life.
Mikko Tikkanen
I hate to do this but I feel like I have to call this out since it's false advertising. Even though it has real F1 body (or at least good replica of it), the engine is not Formula 1 - cylinder count is wrong, RPM is wrong, even the exhausts in the Arrows are wrong. So it literally just has a wimp version of a road car or something in place of the real deal. So, if you are watching this, be aware, that is NOT a real F1 car and whatever these guys are advertising, you don't get to drive one there. False advertising. I almost feel like Youtube should remove this video. :/
Milan Marten
'What's it like to drive a Formula 1 car'. I don't know and neither do you. What if i buy an F1 chassis and make it a pedal car, would you call it an F1 car?
Mohamed Yassine
A F1 car that is supposed to have a V10 at the back, and instead there's a crappy GP2 engine ! Not that cool to see really !
Mr Andersson
It has the wrong engine!
Nicholas Schorno
disliked as soon as I saw emotional
Trades Carrera GT for Formula 1 car.
Oktay Sezgin
STOP using the phrase \
P U 25
These Formula 1 Cars are from how many years ago? At least 15 it looks like... they don’t have even 1/3 of the current’s cars technology and advancements... but quite fun nonetheless!!
Pim Prijs
Now i want to be a f1 driver
Psych0 Matt93
next video \nstraight piping f1 car at 24 * *Emotional*
Robbert Burger
V8 600hp, the original engine from 2001 where 3.0Liter V10's with over 800HP. \nthe Main reason (besides Safety) they changed the engine is that normal humans (read non racing drivers) can't keep the engine running,\nthe engines were designed to keep them above 12000 rpm under that the engine would just stall because there was barely a flywheel on it.\nAlso 10k Rpm or 20k rpm engine maintenance big difference.\n\n\nIf you dont believe it or w/e, google/youtube it, Richard Hammond (from Top gear) explained it really well in old top gear and also short discovery series.\n\n\nJust bringing info / facts ples dont hate.
S15_ JDM_ Fan
I’ve been baited it’s not a f1 car
Next video: *Buying a Formular one car at the age of 24!!!*
Sean Warrington
Straight away an anorak would say \
Shawn Lawless
FormulA b or c
Srsly Brah
GP2 Engine! GP2 Engine! ARGH!!!!
Steve F
Parker says *\
Steven Jalopnik
This isn’t a f1 car. 2001 f1 cars had v10s with close to 900hp.
Swen Snoek
Hate to bring it you, but that wasn’t a F1 car😅😅
Play Real Racing 3 before going out then you will be expert
Tarry Talbot
I knew you would read this comment
The Amazing One
u dont drive the f1 car u only rolling on the track like a litte baby .....
How was this compared to the Senna?
Damm! That’s some crazy shit. Way to go Parker!
Tyler B
I hope my dream comes TRUE one day witch is to Own a Lamborghini aventador SV roadster 👌
VBG Gaming
How many times did he say f1 car
Wilmar Alburquerque
It’s crazy to see how Parker has come along. Wishing nothing but the best and hoping for nothing less.
Yusuf Adam
Absolutely love your vids! But if I could suggest one thing it would be to please equalize the sound. I kind of have to change my volume like 20 times per vid due to loud and soft fluctuations. Other than that great content 👊🏽
Wait a moment, an Arrows with a V8? I remember that Arrows used a V10
anan ayyad
13:29 I don't think a helmet should slip on that easily... especially on a head that big.....
aniket k
I love formula E more this days 🤩
Paul Wallace “It needs a new exhaust”😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂
You would be a good F1 pilot nowadays. Shortshifting and saving fuel ;)
*The Radical 2R8 IS Radical*
ibbo vercammen
More like F3 or F2 maybe
Not an f1 car from that era.... Massively detuned... No more than 8000rpm
jesse younog
what's louder the f1 car or parker talking to the camera? 😂😂
Dude, the “poses” for the vid pic are getting tiresome, very tiresome....
poop pee
You have no place driving an f1 car.
Thanks Parker for sharing your experience with most of us who can only dream of having. 👍👍
william Strachan
A 2001 f1 car with a v8? That’s not correct
yoits 90slizzle
F1 cars hate first gear