Joaquin ‘El Chapo’ Guzman – Before They Were Famous

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Before Fame Before They Were Famous Before he was famous El Chapo Joaquin Guzman Joaquin ‘El Chapo’ Guzman Michael McCrudden Sinalo... ‘El Chapo’ Guzman

A _kid
100 likes and el chapo will escape 😐
Saludos Desde Cd. Juarez , Chihuahua
Do xxxtencaion
Alan Cantu
El Chapo is my hero!! Que viva Mexico cabrones!!!
Alejandro Moya
el cabron del chapo
Alex Escalate
Alex Sanchez
Micheal basically disrespected El Jefe
Alfredo Flores
Estan dificil pronunciar SINALOA? \u003e:V
Anahi Ramirez
what other Mexican cringed when Michael said Spanish words wrong
Angel Aguilar
Haha its not pronounced Sinalo, its Sinaloa Pendejo
Angel Ya digg
Pronounced See Nah Low Uh
Ann Rivera
You have the worst pronunciation
You did it again Mcrudden! You ruined another video by mis-pronouncing another word. \u003cSEEN-AHH-LO-AHH\u003e Now say it fast...Got it? Good.
Autistic backpack
He's not going to break out bc he is being held in new York isolated in a cell just going crazy bc he doesn't know the time he never gets out of his cell so he will reamain in prison for the rest of his life no hate against him tho
Bofa Boy
My trapper
Brilliant Garuda
6:25 Oh no its CNN!
I obviously didn't know him personally, I looked up as much as I could as far as his life and whatever..what set him apart from the pablo escobar types was the way he handled buisness. he always made sure hits on his enemies weren't carried over to inoccent bystanders or family,it strictly stayed between cartels..obviously secarios took that and did what they had to sometimes not listening or making mistake and killing bystanders or family on accident or purpose. but for the most part it was dog eat dog and for that I respect him.
I had to do a report on people that committed crimes and I did, El chap and scored a 100% in English.😂
Cristián gta5
Diñho 10
You seriously should investigate a little more before trying to inform the public, horrible journalism
Drank in my cup
My idol
Dynamite //
Viva el chapo🇲🇽🇲🇽🇲🇽
Erik De Leon
The way he pronounces sinaloa makes me wanna punch him
FaZe Keemstar
song at 1:31
GOAT Studio
SINALOA is a State not a district, or city. El Chapo has been famous for more than a decade before his escape. Most wanted man by the DEA, CIA, FBI. and please OSAMA BIN LADEN and el chapo have Zero in common, no really like zero I'm not even gonna try to find the connection between the two. SMH
Ghkv Bbkn
I want to be a drug dealer now....
Gustavo Ulises Nava Nava
Lol i did not know you did this anyway can you do BTS
Wow I didnt know there was a new cartel called sina-lo
Itzz Edwin
Viva chapo
Jackson Powers
Who else cringed every time he mispronunced El Chapo?
JeSus Hueramo
4:48 Mee- guhh- hel 😂
Jesus Lucero
He actually worked for Rafael quintero too \n\n\n\nNvm they were partners
Jose Altamirano
Long live El Chapo
Joshua Sanchez
Someone should of had Spanish classes
Jovann Lazo
U should do Amado Carrillo Fuentes Aka El Señor de los Cielos
Juan Diaz
The Most powerful man on earth!!! Best believe if he wants you dead you will be dead that same day!!!!
Juan Garcia
Juan Pueblo
hahaahah this guy skipped spanish class
El Chapo helps people and is a hero to poor people.
It should be before they were infamous
Lil Ched
This is insane
Lisa Curtis
Palbo escabor vs el chapo
Lucas Rayman kuchendorf
relly? spain and Australia among the most notorious gang abroad?
Manuel Ramos
#FreeChapo \n#FuckTrump
Marco Ortega
Donde estan mis Mexicanos!!!! 🇲🇽🇲🇽
Martin Gomez
He names it SiNaLoww lmaoooooo
Official Agabo
he would give people money in his town
PumpkinPatch does minecraft
Damn I don't wanna mess with the mexicans
Wow no effort in pronouncing Hispanic names…really \
Rabb Dogg
The story was short or should I say chapo,much love 🖤from FR!$CO 415 RabbDogg baby RabbDogg 🐇🐕aka Rabbit 🐰🇲🇽🇺🇸
Robert Riley
Shout out to that suave dude El Chapo you came along way from drug dealing I know woking up rich is a great feeling
He doesn't NEED to know how to pronounce Spanish correctly.. he's not Latino.. and not all Latinos know how to speak perfect English.. We are in America!! And this is coming from a Mexican!! People are so ignorant.. lol
Sabrina Sánchez
at least ask someone on how to pronounce these spanish names and words
Sauce Drip
before nobiggietv was famous aka yerv
I always thought his research was on point when doing videos, but then he said 'SINALOW' and I wanted to cry lol
Sergio Preciado
he has never killed any innocent people he has only killed people who try to kill him
Sharif Gauri
Symbolic Bass
Tiffany Rosem
Free el chapo 😫🔫💵💰
Toast 2
Este gringo no se cómo se dice Sinaloa
Tony Rosagel
El chapo started working as a hitman for Rafael Caro Quintero & Miguel Angel Felix Gallardo
Truth Seeker ツ
Sin-Ah-Lo-Ah\n\nComeon michael! say it right! =)
He doesn't look like one of the most powerful drug lords....He looks like an average daily wage worker.
Uriel Ortega
sinalo lol
Vannessa M.
They call him hero cause he gives money to the poor people like rly poor and yes the killing is bad but he kinda controls like the other gangs once he was in prison they weren't control and were free to kill anyone and there was a lot of more killing happening (there rumors but i think there real)
Vickys Town Loco's X13
what's the songs name at 1:29
Guadalarja lmfao 😂😂😂
Sinaloa isn't a town, it's a state
Xavier Diaz
Butchered every name for every Mexican city.
Xero 7F
White boy can’t say Latino words your making us look bad🤦\u200d♂️
Yancy Acosta
Do a video on neymar jr
Yari Romo
Yeah Buddy movies
Pablo Escobar / king of Cocaine\n \nAnd El chapo / the queen of drugs 😉 lol
Young active
Free El Chapo 💯💯💯💯💯💯💯💯
bape_ man
Puro culican sinaloa ferro compa a donde esta me gente de todo mexico
fonzo swayze
sinalow noooooo mijo 😂.
do los tigres del norte , before they were famous.
iihoss _
apex is shorter
jesus Marquez
Los alegres del barranco at 4:40😎
jesus hernandez
Come on man, no effort in trying to pronounce the names
john moritz
julian the boss
this mans voice is annoying
lakan go
lamouri ilyes
but where is hector salamanca ?!!
oscar zamora-bautista
chaparro = shorty not chapo. chapo basically means something like badass or boss.
Lived the video but Sinalo is not a town. Sinaloa is a state
I can tell the dude explaining everything is a very heavy drinker.
savage123 Puente
4:38 song? Plz help
Ma boi
t0t0s .c
El chapo is my dad
that guy tortoise
everybody likes him in Mexico because he helps a lot people and paid for most of the streets
say it with me SEA-NA-LOW-AAHH
wilson santos
100 likes el chapo will escape
x Forces
xDalion- Plushies
I don’t know how im supposed to fell when my last name is Guzman too. 🤔\nAnd my parents are from Mexico....
yibbasbuttyole 1
You should've played El Chapo jr for the song example