11 Creative Ways To Eat More Avocados | Twisted

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Happy National Avocado Day! You avocadon't even know how good these recipes are until you try them! So get on it!____________________________________________________________________Timestamps:Any questions or suggestions? Leave them in the comments below!Also check out our other channels:Craft Factory: www.youtube.com/CraftFactoryVT: www.youtube.com/JungleVT

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3amoor 3amoori
That's awesome reciepe
Jasmina M
I love avocados! 😋🥑
Lizzy Rutaganya
Too much bacon.
Moon Kitty
I don't really like avocado, but these recipes make me wanna eat them more!! They look delicious and I'm sure if I gave them a try I'd love them!! Thanks for this awesome video guys 😁
November Sky
The chicken was raw😨
Samantha DlPaolo
Yummy, avocado pesto pasta
ashley bailie
Oh my goodness that tortilla wrap bake my kids would die for that !!!! My husband thinks avacado tastes like soap but I’m going to get a bit more creative and see what he thinks!! x
zty mo
You torture us, and crush us 😂😂
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