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It's party time and there is no better dish to serve to your party guests than a delicious food roll. Here are 11 ultimate party food roll recipes to wow your guests and leave their tastebuds happy! ____________________________________________________________________Timestamps: Any questions or suggestions? Leave them in the comments below!Also check out our other channels:Craft Factory: www.youtube.com/CraftFactoryVT: www.youtube.com/JungleVT

... BBQ Chicken Roll Cheesecake Roll Cinnamon Roll Croque Monsieur Roll Meatball Marinara Garlic Bread Roll Twisted Twisted Food party food roll recipes

On the bacon chicken pesto roll, maybe replace the bacon with prosciutto? 😋
Ali Espinoza
Amanda Suda
Wish i could just grab it out of the screen and eat it...lol but it sure helps alot on how to make them watching this and learning how to make them is better now i can make theses for snacks and lunch for the kids and family.😊😍👍❤
Breee C
If you guys want more followers you need to use colors other than orange and a name that is related to food 🖒🍕🎂🍟🍔🌮🌭
C.C Animations
I just want to jump through the screen and eat everything they made
The cream fillings were way too moist.
These rolls are awesome but the sweet zebra roll at the end wins the game!
Cgafur1903 Cgafur1903
Nice 😈
Christopher Okonkwo
Me too
Clessienny Enny
Crysztal Diaz
looks delicious 😲
David Brown
I was interestwd and excited until you started trying use american names for italian food. Marinara sauce..... seafood sauce? What.......
Dilek Efraimova
Débora França
Amo ver seus vedios 💓. Uma delicia de comida 😜😍💓
Eric Castro
Esther Peter
Ezequiel Hernandez
Fatema Fallaha
Its delicious shape I want to translate the arabic in gredients if you allow
Frances Brooks
Gallard Jerome
Est-ce que tu peux faire une version végétarienne ?
Gladiola Metaj
Gnome lopzy
you make me hugry...start attacking foods🍴🍮
Ismahan Messaoudi
Like si viste el caballito
Jae R
lmao why are you copying tasty’s videos
Jamil Kamar
Waw 😙😋😋🤗🤗🍕🍕🧀🧀🥓🥓
Jazz Diaz
Like si les gusto el video
Jonathan Higino
OMG thats makes me soooooo hungry
Kai Dyer
Send me those😋
Kristi Mcelroy
Lol do not eat Swiss cheese, unless you already know how it is made 😂😂😂
LIl Kaste
yummy 😋
nope! I see that you are already waisting food already!
Latricia Miller
Anyone hears \
Lenora Brown
Some of the items aren't cooked through. You can tell. There is different prep you have to do if covering meat with dough. People will see this thinking they can make it and end up with a mess to fill their garbage.
Lisa Barnes
Ingredients would be nice
Lucky Nani
I'm very hungry
Lyubov Ignatenko
Apple pie cinnamon roll looks good!!!!!!
God help me.....I just can't help it
Madeline Cornette
Uh party ? Food ? .. I could eat that just for myself
Malick Ndiaye
So yummy 😤😋
Maria Fernanda Huanca Gareca
Hola felicidades x la creatividad una consultita xfavor será q pueden poner en español los ingredientes xfavor
Maria Shak
Shawerma recipeسووا شاورما
Maurina dias
Merna Merna
I want to eat these things right now😢😢😢😢😢😢😢😢😢😢😢😢😢😢😢😢😢😢
Miss Mahogany
That was awesome!!
Mohammed Almabrazi
Tsui beans are estimated
MrDaudo Uchiha
nomnomnom :v
Cookies and cream zebra cake? I saw that on a tasty video.
Nancy Avila
Wow 😯 is amazing i love
Natalia Romero
U are obsessed with garlic xd
Noob Vs cube
Pasquale and Antonietta Rotondo
ROsE Backup
They look so yummy but when u eat it
Rana Syr3344
What can we put instead of ham?
RitaMarie Matte
I'm totally loving this!
S Sravanthi
I loved it
Very super
SD production
Nice video
Sadia Tahir
Mmm yummmmm
Saeyoung Choi
4:02 Stop beating your meat
Shadowpelt The Boss
5:00 and 10:23 who else thought of Food Wars ?
Shahid Rehamat
Nice 😘😘😘😘😘😘😘
viendo videos de twisted sin intentar hacerlo porque no hay dinero para botar en una especie como yo
Sherry Brumit
How do I get the actual recipes? I need ingredients and amounts!
Shohredin Cavadov
super likee
Silver Something960
I was like 3 mins into the video and my lil brother came in my room and when he was out of my room I threw a shoe right at his head
Something Special
Speed Of Light
lol the music for this was way over the top
Surayya Ibrahim
Lots of cheese 😷 looks yummy but.... My weight!
Thanks very much
Who was hungry after watching this..
Tresa Gary
2:21is that a poodle🤔
Trish King
That was awesome
Twilight Rose
I wish I could just reach my hand through the screen, and eat it all.❤😜
View & Enjoy
Wow! really nice recipe video, may be it was so testy, i will try it 👍👍👍
Vivian M
Y'all, can we pick a new song? It's getting old.
Weathered Memories
Great party foods! Nice work!\nCheck out my ugly Christmas Sweater cake.
William Brooks
5:20 Banana Bread Cheesecake roll. I am going to try that for Valentine’s Day.
abigail vicente
Your family is lucky they can eat all of the food that you cooked . Haha.. Yummy !!!
anita alexiea
good job perfect food
cat sniffer
Throw those bread crust in a freezer bag, and save them up to make bread pudding.
cecy Juarez Rodriguez
claire villegas
dopii weeblii
They copy some of tasty ingridients
dre4mz 38
diabetes in a video
fabiola ivette figueroa solano
Q delicias
italian food
Mille grazie, tutti i vostri ricette sono ottimi. Piaciuti molto. Bravo!
july milana
I cat the meat with the bread knife llollllll
maria villasana
They be beating the chickens
sara soso
sunshine hopes
How much time do u make a video?
wilma peter
Deutsch wäre es besser!
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