The Go-Gos - Our Lips Are Sealed

Official video of The Go-Go's performing Our Lips Are Sealed from the album Beauty And The Beat.Buy It Here:

Are Go-Go's Lips Our Sealed The

Aquarium Samurai
80's was the best decade. All about running around with friends, listening to all upbeat happy music and having a blast. Kids now just look at the world through a computer or phone. And the music now...yeah. lol
Azazel Acheron
Back when MTV played music, and pop stars played instruments...
Barak Obamish
Belinda was a babe back then.
Bex is the word
Watching at 3am in England because I want too
Bill Wampler
I'm an old rocker, was just of age when these girls were having their hay day. Looking back, it's still great entertainment.
Bob Silver
Back then you could get tan in the sun, now with all the chemtrail, its hard to get tan
Brian Vick
Who is still loves this song in 2019
Daniel Johnson
Not a tattoo in sight.
David Rice
+1 if you wanted to have Belinda as your girlfriend in the '80s
Den Boe
Very nice music. The chorus sounds like \
Dice man
the 80s were the best. Gorgeos women. Look at Belinda thats the definition of gorgeous
Donald Cole
Belinda was gorgeous
The 80's were cool.
Eric Beaulieu
Forever the Go Go's.
Eric Hendrickson
Real music for real.people
Erica Espinosa
Ahh the wonderful days when you and your friends can hang out on a convertible sitting on the trunk without seatbelts. That can never happen now.
Estaban B
so they played in the water fountain before friends did
Faith Seed
2018 and beyond ❤❤❤\n\nthe 80s were amazing
There is absolutely no good reason that The Go Go's are not in the Rock & Roll Hall of Fame!!!!!!!!!!!!
Frank Fedorovich
Jane the heart throbe of the 80's, best lady band of all time
Franki Santos
This song always puts me in a good mood. The scenery makes me want to go back in time and drive through Hollywood, Los Angeles, and the San Fernando Valley to see and feel what the world was like when I was too young to understand, observer, and appreciate life. I was only 7 years old when this song came out. It would be cool to go back and meet my parents as they were then.
Gabriel Camarena
Back in the day when California was great.
Germán Marin
1981  life was more fun , no cell phones no facebook a lot of drive-in, beers and girls ...... nice
Get Zapt
One thing about Belinda's vocals, they certainly made you feel good.
Guy Fawkes
Damn. No auto tune. Doesn't have 27 writers and producers tweaking it. No algorithms to make it a hit. Just a group of talented ladies turning out what may be the perfect pop song. GOD I miss the '80s!
James Talley
Back in the day, Head Banging Metal guys like myself loved those ValleyGirls !!!! We just had to keep it secret or we would have to fight or buddies who Loved them to !!! LOLOLOLO......
And not a single smartphone to be seen.
Jefferson Marshall
Jane Wiedlin is such a cutie. I love her voice, and I loved her cameo in Clue.
Jeffrey KRUPA
Ah yes...real women...starting to remember now...
John Blaine
I'm 16 again
Joseph Hawxhurst
I’m a guy, and I love this song. Just amazing, music is dead, compared to the music of the 80s and 90s. There’s nothing special about anything these days, no uniqueness.
Josh Almanza
Who else had a crush on Jane Weidlin back in the day?
Ken Bob
Something hot about chicks playing guitars.
Ken Perk
Ah, the early days of MTV when it stood for Music Television. Now it's mtv which stands for muddy turd vision.
Kendra Miller
Love this song
Lasse 1964
I thank god i lived at the time when this womens band was at the top of the world....Amazing year 1982!!!!
Legally Resisting Tyranny
Hey millennials, this is what good music sounds like.
I love looking at old locations on videos & movies. \nThe Trashy Lingerie shop is still there. 402 N. La Cienega Blvd. and across the street is Coronet Theater.
Lily Ruff
They sound like the powerpuff girls
Lisa W
Back when music was pure
Mark Astoforoff
hate to admit this but I loved this song when it came out and still love it 35 years or so later
Mark Tito
LA in the 80's was so Awesome. Today it's a shithole.
Marloo Stanfield
Yeah Belinda is sexy!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Mike M
Does anyone remember when this song came out? People in Australia thought they were saying. Alex the seal!!! Lol!! Google it!!
Back when girl groups kept their clothes on in pop music video girl group were classy then !
Nicholas Watt
It's 2018 who elas is listen to this ? 🔦🎻🎹🎶🎵🎼🎤
Old Aussie Ads
Love that youthful chubby faced Belinda Carlisle.
Pam richardson
anyone else reenact this in your w/friends?
Pat Luciano
Our Lips Are Sealed is my all time most favorite song from Jane Wiedlin and I love love love Jane Wiedlin she’s my beautiful Lady Robotika
Posh Lady Surrey
Amazing song
i was i college when this was released..the Big 80s were the best time to be young...actually 60,70,80s were all is shit..sorry kids
RamVan Bobby
beautiful woman bitchin song I miss the 80s man good times
Randy H.
I love this band and this song so much. Jane Wiedlin is so cute. 😍
Randy Miller
Ohhh...the 80s...what A GREAT DECADE/ERA TO GROW UP IN!!!!\nI graduated in 1988 from Satsuma High School in Satsuma Alabama. \nThis song was so great. I remember thinking that this was the greatest song in 1983/84.\nIt was constantly being played on 97.5 WABB HERE IN MOBILE ALABAMA. \nSo many great songs and bands came from the 80s...\nSo many great 1 HIT WONDERS also came from the 80s. \nThe 80s was just a great laid-back fun era of music and times. \nI say it all the REALLY APPRECIATE THE had to LIVE & EXPERIENCE the 80s. \nMTV...When they played videos\nSwatches \nOcean Pacific Clothes \nPanama Jack Shirts \nParachute Pants \nRubiks Cube \nCabbage Patch Dolls\nAtari\nVideo Arcades\nThe Mall on the wk.ends\nPontiac Fierros\nDatsun 280ZX\nMullets\nStone WASHED JEANS \nWe Are The World\nUSA for Africa\nLive-Aid\nBand-Aid\nHands Across America \nFarm-Aid\nGREAT GREAT MEMORIES and REMINISCING TEARS.
Randy Ventresca
Belinda has great legs. What a cutie pie!
Richard Mattrella
Man am I the only cat out here that thinks all the Go-Go's are hot let me know
Richard McCoy
Still listen to Beauty and the Beat back to back on vinyl today......
Ricky Palmer
Sounds so stupid now but had 3 posters on my bedroom wall in high school 2 AC-DCs n 1 GO GO's bahaha.
Rocky Road
These ladies future rock and roll fame now I'm going to the Go Go
Ruben Delgadillo
Who else was watching and listening to this on MTV in 1981!
Scott Nevison
proof that modern music sucks
Young women back then each had their own hairstyles! Nowadays all you see is long straight hair parted down the middle...everywhere!!! Is that supposed to be evolution? Lol
Stefanie Anderson
Look out lord, pres, tribal chiefs, leaders with balls and the like!
Stephanie Yeminez
I want my 80's back.
Steve Crain
still rockin'
Steve Espinola
The 80's ruled big time.
Steve McCoy
How hot and sexy was Belinda Carlisle on this video EXTREMELY HOT and SEXY
Sue Raymo
Looks like much of this video was filmed along Ventura blvd\nGreat intro to the 80's a great time to be young and alive the 80's
Ted Brogan
Belinda was a beauty! (Still is from what I see)
There was a time when blasting this tune out of your car was considered cool just as there was a time when you actually heard this song blasting out of a car. The 80s were a magical time for music.
5 girls in a car having fun and not one of them staring at her phone. Amazing!!!!!  Makes you miss the 80's, no?
time when people were humans, instead of some AI crapass
This Is Not Happening
This song came out the summer my sister got her drivers license. Best summer of my life...all down hill from there.
Tim Bix
I saw the girls in 79/80 as support for Madness..... Fell in love with Belinda then ..... Still got a huge crush on her almost 40 years later !
Tyler Montana
A perfect song.
VesuviusRecordsInternational sisters would be upset me if i is said this is my top album...
Vilaiwan Galarza
Btw the 80s are coming back
Wilber Alfredo
Pure Californian
Yayoi Washington
Wow 1981 this was made.
These girls and their songs got me through the 80s, a very great time.
bobby thomas
colin ratford
Jane and the girlies having fun xx
No tattoos, can you believe it?
gil wood
They were one of the early L.A. PUNK bands....These girls really paid their dues !!! I remember a hardcore punk show ...they were opening. People were spitting on them and they never flinched !!! More balls than any of the DISNEY based bands of today !
imanii moore
80s were nice music not much bs giong dammm goodtimes i was 8 yrs old in 1980
I was 16 when this came out and i had a major crush on Belinda Carlisle...Something about her look, especially in this video...yum
*Siiiighhh*...the 80s - back when girls were girls...and a tranny was something that had to be replaced in the beater car you drove around!
I miss that L.A. Less people, traffic, and it was cheap to live here. Everything was laid back and the vibe was mellow, not agro like today.
mark schlichting
All girl band what more can you ask 4
I would leave a comment, but my lips are sealed.
phantom collector
rob S
Am I the only one thinking Belinda was hotter with a little extra weight. YUM
Back when girls were girls...
tamraPANDAnelson nelson
her smile turns to a grimace. a rictus of bitter hate? so lonely. so only. the competitions always rife. cry when u cant pledge. high when u cant dredge. any feeling toward ur others cuz ur too damn disappointed. disaffected. the dissolution of youth and truth. lies happening all the time. gets to u. if ur not careful. who wants to be careful when the sun is shining. the surf beckons. crashing waves. solitary enjoyment. a few moments to pause take snaps and look unperturbed. but inside are u failing? freaking out...
the game
My mom say they were the bunny's of rock they just being themselves
wayback playback
Belinda Carlisle is one of America's classic beauties, right up there with Elizabeth and Marilyn. Sigh.