The Original Catfish (The Jerry Springer Show)

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10k subs without vids ?
Why does the fat lady keep going like 😬
Lol wtf imma cry😂😂😂they love to go to the gym.she aint even know what a gym is😂😂😂
5qi - Factions & PvP
My phone was shaking when she/he started doing jumping jacks
Abtsam Abdulla
Is this real.
Adam Sobh
I guarantee Peyton/Payton knew about the scam
Alexis Coley
I felt bad for the dude at first but now....never mind.
Altena Shrikuni
They be saying Jerry’s name but like what he gonna do🤔🤣
Ami Wilson
Him: he does 20 pushups \nMe: can’t even do 2 \n\n😀😂
Anna Egleson
Girl she be breathing hard after like 15 jumping jacks
Ata‘s Welt
Austin Kulseth
Nasty b***h
Bright Oduti
ngl everyone has hella deep voices \n\n\n\n\n\n\nEven the girls
Brock Hendrickson
Nobody felt bad for the guy. I did
FAAAKE\n\nAlso all 3 women were dudes
Brylezz 26
Is it just me or did anyone notice\nThat he like 5 feet tall and she’s like 6 ft 4
Cecillia Mika
He probably gained more weight doing jump jacks hahahaha
Why is all of this so fake
Coco Crew
This is so awkward😂 wtf
Daddy Long Neck
hmph, imagine being in his shoes, as soon as she came out. 😬
Denco 2007
Trina is so cute oml ❤️😩
Donovan Berry
The audience is so shady🤣🤣🤣
I hate when it gets to the best part it’s over leave a like if u feel the same
Earlon Smith
Boy what's that \
Emma Peters
this is so fake it hurts
Envy Blxss
Earthquake started when she started jumping
Fam Ham
That redhead hot asf🔥
G0lden Lici
Somebody call nev and max 😂😂😂😂🤦🏽\u200d♀️
Gaby Gonzalez
That lady that came out tho😂😂😂
Gacha_ Kat_
His girlfriend is super pretty and she seems so sweet and he doesn’t deserve her
Gamer Ant
Gator Baiter
Geovanna Arriola
0:44 - 0:46 me when I see my crush but trying not to get noticed 😂
Heart broke Heart taker
The red head is the most attractive one
Im Shook
The audience on everyone side 😭😭
J. Barbosa
Offensive lineman headass
Jahide Demilova
These are the kinda friends I would like those girls
Unbelievably hard to watch this. Good lord
Jillian Angel
Moral of the story: Dont be an ingrate.
Jordan Kixmiller
When she was doing jumping jacks she started a earthquake
Kaci Henderson
“I can do jumping jacks for you” Lmao 😂 😂
Kermit The frog
I like when she came out the security took the chair away he was like “oh hell naw this chair ain’t getting broken today”
Khylan Melendez
He took this like a champ...
Koruko -San
I’m so ded
LiL BoeM
My IQ just dropped to -50
Louann Capasso
Girl : I can do jumping jacks for you \nGuy: No no noooo
When he said very athletic people, I died out laughing because the thumbnail came to mind.😂and the big boy has more rolls than the bakery carries.
Madison Cromwell
I don't know why that men looks like a girl
Margret Wangari
A cheater gets that😀😀
Mariam Kanu
Even I can’t do that much pushups
Matt Toll
This show is faker than Kim k
Mayson Jackson
Fat can work at Mc
He looks like xxxtentacion
Mochi The Cat
Morgan Heeke
1:30 that one guy said “she’s gonna look nothing like it” 😂
Mr. Clean
Whoaaaa😂😂Trina walked out and her voice was deeper than his
Nindy Rafitricia
omg lol what tf is this
Not yet a youtuber
The audience be cheering for everyone 🤦\u200d♂️😂
PeronaxZ -
I’m soo dead 😂
Ricardo Sifuentes
What is worse than getting catfished? Getting catfished by another man 😂
Rose Young
thatgirl who cat fished him keeps making that face like that emoji that has a straight teenth freaked out look
Seok-Jin Oppa
He/she is um.........................
Sid The science kid
7:31 look the guy in the middle then look to the right of him You'll see the top of her head doesn't have and hair.
Sir Thunder nuggets
The original beluga wale
Skull fire9272
And that's how she started doomsday woth jumping Jacks
SlowMotionGuy xX
See, This is why you face time. ;DDDD
Sweet Jay
Congratulations, you played yourself XD
That’s Not Healthy
The entire stage be quaking when them jumping jacks started
Tony Hemetona
This the one channel that allows comments for this stuff
Trendy Looper
*I mean, I could do jumping jacks for you.*\n\n\n\n\n\n\n*ooOoOhHHHHhhOoOhHoH**
Trendy T
Am I the only one that thought his girlfriend he was cheating on was really pretty?!
Wise Weirdo
That guy lost everything in the matter of seconds. He looked like he was about to cry😂. Smh when cheating goes wrong.
Xavier Rigby
Yo am I the only one who thought his actual girlfriend’s voice was🤤🤤🤤🤤
Yusuf Mohamed
7:32 That guy in the turquoise looks like he wants to punch someone.
2:32 that guy is like YES! Thats what im talking about! My friends said it would be a waste of time coming on the jerry springer show but this is what im talking about!
Did you guys see how at 4:15 his girlfriend was ready to take her shoes off then when she saw who she was going against she stopped😂😂
blast master
Look at the description lol
fortniteplayer 101
That's one bigggg male!!!
hi sisters
buh like his girlfriend is super pretty🤷🏼\u200d♀️
the height difference has me crying omg 😂
lolo heat
That man looks so sad
milad nasiri
“Black man dont cheat”😂
His girlfriend fine as hell, what’s really wrong with him
san_ assholes
Gold digger
shontae hunte
He didnt get catfished; looks like he caught \
His push ups had poor form
the_ dominator
He learned his lesson
varia shalise
One day somebody gon fight Jerry 😂😂
• SixUchihaPaths •
Did no one else notice the dude looks like xxxtentacion