Flipp Dinero "Leave Me Alone" (WSHH Exclusive - Official Music Video)

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*Rattlesnakes be like...*
When your Grinding on Fortnite and your mom calls you for dinner😏😂.
When you get suspended then you come back...
Adam Bank
When someone wants to ruin your plans
AliefeD Gaming
Azzerz’s Donald Trump version is better tbh.
Andres Colon
Who's here like me because of Jordan Bell??
When your beating your meat and your friend calls you to play ps4
Anna Gonzalez
when your mom screams at you
Ashton Robinson
Who's better lil pump or xxxtentacion like for x comment for lil pump
AyAy ZumieZy
When the person doesn’t match the voice....
Big Chungus
When you open a new pack of gum at school
His voice doesn’t and does match his face at the same time.
Bsd_v Killer
When ur in top 10 in fortnite
Chill Chill
I JUST found this... I feel stupid
when someone knocks on the bathroom door but you taking a dump
Crazy Pigeon
when ur in school and get asked a question by the teacher
Cyclo DF
Just found this...it slaps 🔥 chief confirmed 😎
Dang it
to all my teachers :))
David W.
You are now GAY. Like this comment to reverse the effect
Devin the Man
From what I've noticed, Flipp has a bit of S.W.S (Sheck Wes Syndrome). He made a song 8 months ago and it's blowing up now
Dick Tingeler x Helmut schmaker x Willi Wakker
When your little cousin asks *\
Dj Grafity
*_69M views... ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)_*
Dog Meat
When you make a comment criticizing the song and video.
Exclusive Vibes
Who else feel the pain in the song😵
Fortnite - XxAtomicBR
0:07 Mans really needs to clear his throat! 🤣😂
Fricphil Beats
If anyone reads that, it will honestly make my day and make me happy. I'm a Paris beatmaker and I know most people write this kind of comment all the time, but I think I'll be the one you'll be glad to have listened to. If a person could put a blue thumb, you could help me go one step further to make my dream come true! You will not be disappointed. Give me a chance and 3 minutes of your time. Thank you so much !!!.....
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When you see a bug in your bedroom.
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Still listen to this October 2018🔥🐐😩
Herro Dj not nice
When your texting with the FBI and you realized she is 17 and a half
HomieSquadx3 *
*what Ben Simmons says to the 3 pointer shot in basketball.*
Infinite Desire4truth
I luv his raspy voice. Hot track.
Itaty Perez
Who else got this song off Instagram?
When your cousins come to your homie\n\n\nLEAVE ME ALONE YE I MISS YOU BUT GOT NO TIME
When a bunch of people meme your song in the comment section
Jaiden Lemos
When your with your girlfriend and your mom busts open the door
Jasmine Dreamingg
That one kid at school who's always worried about what you're doing.
Jermelia Lumas
when the teacher finna call you to answer a question !
Jerriah Robinson
I like the part where he said Leave me alone!
JoJoLopez999 XXX
When ur friends have nothing to do but call or text u over and over again
Jonathan Boyd
When that one weird girl likes you
Juan Hernandez
peep the white XBOX controller on the top of the couch at the start of the vid.
King Bob55
**Leave me AloOone**
King Samoan
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Koga Xasha
When u see a comment that has word when
Lachie X
When your teacher picks you for a question because you weren't listening
I played this to hello kitty and she never said hello again.
Liable One
When my brother is playing fifa
Ligma Ligma
When You Go Back To School.
Lil PENEapple
This was shot like a 6ix 9ine video
LilTrüêß 1
who ever read this I hope u become rich
Malikai Santos
Finds a $1 bill in the ground
When you’re teacher reads your name off a popsicle stick
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When your bros in the shower and he forgot the towel
Nathan Valencia
When your mom hits you:
NiCk Of TiME Lyrics
When u don’t get like on your comment...
ObeyFelix 12
When you see a cockroach
Odnap Gaming
Why am I able to like this video every time I watch it?
When your mom wakes you up at 5:00 am 😂😂😂
Raisix _YT
When your mom ask‘s you to eat but your playing fortnite
When 2 of ur friends are beefing and they say \
When you want to be left alone:
Rob Draeko
When someone doesn't like or comment on your pic but messages you...
Romina Suarez
when you’re mad at your mans....😔
Ryan Ruiz
When a tik tok ad comes on
Sebi Seraphin
dont worry, Soulja will say he found Flipp...
Shinya The Ninja
When your ex calls you
Sir Z Gaming
*When you make it and fake ppl try to come back in your life...*
anyone january 2k19 shits fire still
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The Church of Lucio
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Times Tennis
When you accidentally open a bag of hot chips in front of the pack of girls
Unknown 666
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Wanga World
When you see a mosquito
Yardrat Ftw
When a family member asks “how are you?”
Z Smith
When its January 2019 and this song still🔥🔥🔥
alaa khaled
When i see my crush and my friend told me we must go now..
charlie parkes
when your mum walks in when your master baiting 0:41
chespin the great Pokemon
Who else thought someone else made this song
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When you see a cop driving behind you
i love school
When that weird kid is ur partner
when u get spammed with invites
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When your building in fortnite and there shooting the bottom of your stair way. Leavee mee aloneee
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When a bot message you in ps4
he sounds like juice wlrd and madeintyo had a baby
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When your ex friend wanna bless the beef 😎
When my sister asks me to help her with her homework😂
When the music video doesnt go with the song
Àĺèjáńďŕò Ç
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