Flipp Dinero "Leave Me Alone" (WSHH Exclusive - Official Music Video)

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21 Records
Phone ringing : Unknown Number\n\n\n\nLeave me Alonneeeeeeee
When your Grinding on Fortnite and your mom calls you for dinner😏😂.
When you get suspended then you come back...
Ana Watkins
When you get third partied in FORTNITE
Andres Colon
Who's here like me because of Jordan Bell??
Angelina Vargas
When my teacher tells me to stop putting my head on the desk 😂
When your beating your meat and your friend calls you to play ps4
Anthony Nero
When you beating your meat and someone interrupt
Anvit Sanyal
Showed this to my dog, the rest is history...
Teacher: You have homework over Winter break\nMe: Leave me aloneeeeee
When theres to many *when* comments
Who is those latinas girls
His voice doesn’t and does match his face at the same time.
When your Ex still Texting
CSGO Skills
Teachers saying you need to do the homework. Me: LEAVE ME ALONE!
When people ask for my stuff\n\n\n\nLeave me alonnneeee
Chris Playzz
anyone november? shit still bangs \u003c3
Christopher Jimenez
When your teacher deletes your fire nickname on Kahoot
Clay Hancock
When you in the bathroom alone and your mom knocks on the door ~ LeAvE mE AlONE
Cole Savoy
I can’t even get a text back \nAnd look at this man \nCall me crazy but ................\n\n\n\n\n\n\nI think the girls are acting
Coolkid7 Kid
When your ex keeps blowing up your phone
Cyclo DF
Just found this...it slaps 🔥 chief confirmed 😎
Cyncere Fortnite and more!
Dang it
to all my teachers :))
Dj Trementix
When you open a bag of cheetos and guys keep continously begging
Eclipse Knight
When your teacher calls on you in the class
Eduardo Gonzalez
When you open a pack of gum in school
Elijah Tupua
Those girls are thick
*when he gets diagnosed with throat cancer but still does the song*
Entdexter ___
November 2018
Exclusive Vibes
Who else feel the pain in the song😵
When you baby sitting and there like do you play Fortnite 💀💀
Go Crazy Gang
When TRUMP Sent A Text To Everybody's Phone
Goofy Nicole
Am I the only one who looked up leave me alone 😂😭and didn’t know the song was called that
When you got sent to the office and your friends are asking why
Hareem Butt
When your Marj calls you down and you’re in bed getting comfortable 😂
Hashish Queen
Still listen to this October 2018🔥🐐😩
Itaty Perez
Who else got this song off Instagram?
Itsyagirldee Gayle
When you go to the shop and yo mama don’t get you what you want😂😂
Jacob Mejia
Can't enjoy this song because of tik tok
Jay Stackiin
when ur mom tells u get off of fortnite in the middle of a game with 15 kills.
Jayd Orr That was not her she that was fake
When snakes 🐍 tryna talk to you when you got food 🥘🙄🤣leave tf alone
Jordy Albavera
when depression almost took over your whole life damn I got hella likes
Jorge Guerrero
when u get payed fridays and bills and payments come after \nleave me aloneeee !!!!!
Karina Jefferson
How long this been out. I just heard this a week ago and its been on repeat every since
King gavin1
When my lil brother come in the room. Leave me aloneeeee
Lady_2 Fancy
When your mom ask you to do your chores\n\n\n\n\n\n\n\n\n*LEAVE ME ALONEEEEEEEE*
This songs been out on Spotify
Life With Leah
Me : Listening to \
Mack Carter
When you sleep in class and they wake u up
Marsela Bogović
Me: *opens package of gum*\nEveryone in class: hey is that gu..\nMe:
Masked Knight
When its No Nut November, but thot season at the same time\n*Leave Me Aloneeeeee*
Michaelthe King
When your girl says she wants something and you ran out of money
Miguels Gaming
When your teacher calls you to answer a question but u haven’t raised ur hans
Mike Adams
This is my favorite song LoL Love is
Miss Barbi White
🔥 🔥Leave me alone....ayyye🍷💯✌
Morgan Pearson
When people call u and u sleep
Mystery Whyyouwanttoknow
When you open up a bag of Takis and everyone askin for them\nI dont got no time for that Leave me aloneeeeeee :)
Nygel Hairston
When your mom try to wake you up in the morning for school
when your mom trys to wake you up for school
Only Melanie
teacher: \
Patrice Dennis
To all my haters😭😭😭😭😭Leave Me aloneeeee
Prossy Nanteza
When your ex friend asks you to be friends again. \n\n\nLeaveeeeee me aloneeeee 🙄
When you bust 3 nuts and she wanna keep going
When you have too much homework!
RSN Rich
When them tik tok ads keep playing
Who is here cuz \
when yo momma keep coming and yo room 💀
Samiyah Wilson
when your mom called you while you was playing fortnite
Sara Toma
Whoever edited this video is beast🔥🔥🔥🔥
Sasuke Uchiha
To all my debt collectors 😐
Is it just me or he doesn't look like I expected him to
When someone say pass the weed and didn't put in.
Something Random
That type of garbage music that is always in your recommended \
When Goku asked Yamcha to spar
Taelor Kay
when u get out a pack of gum and everyone asks for a piece
The Church of Lucio
i JUST found this shit, how?? 😭😭😭
Thts Rods
When kids have there hand up to read and the teacher still picks you
U can call me Dex
When u chilling and ur mom won't stop calling u to do ur chores LEAVE ME ALONE 🙄😭😭
Vibert viper
When you cleaning your room and your parents walk in on you 🤦🏾\u200d♂️🙄🙄🤣
Anyone still watching in October lol
why do good girls like bad guys i had this question for a very long time?
haitians are wavyyy 🇭🇹
jake lol
When youre beating meat and they say what are you doing oh no
jay balogun
When you don’t wanna go to school 😩
jid flex
When u thought dat was a trap callin but it's ya bm 👊
jose chavez
When your building in fortnite and there shooting the bottom of your stair way. Leavee mee aloneee
katherine owens
When telemarketers are constantly calling your phone!!!
lil tr6sh
when ppl tryna arrest u fo rapin dogs
that-boi malone
This song is just now getting out there he is on our radios now he is really on the rise
Police:Where do u live?\r\nMe:With my parents\r\nPolice:Where your parents live?\r\nMe:With me\r\nPolice:Where u all live?\r\nMe:Together\r\nPolice:Where is your house?\r\nMe:Next to my neighbor\r\nPolice:Where is your neighbor house?\r\nMe:If i tell you, you wont believe me \r\nPolice:Tell me\r\nMe:Next to my house
warready 400
Where TF I been at? 🤔🔥
Who Still Listening In November?🤔🔥