Hula Halau O Kamuela 2017 Keiki Hula Kahiko

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2017 Queen Liliuokalani Keiki Hula Competition. 1st place Kahiko. Hula Halau 'O Kamuela

прибила бы всех этих визжащих и орущих. нихрена же не слышно.
Barbara Czerwonka
I used to have hair like that!
Is this Wahine?!?!
Carol BV
Breathtaking beautiful. Much respect to the people’s on Hawaii.
Aloha. Oh how this makes my heart swell. Mahalo
Danae Marlow
This is absolutely stunning! So beautiful \u003c3
Dark Blue Creep
i don't know mucha bout this culture and don;t understand language. but it it is so beautiful i cried!
Didi Bolter
Wonderful talented and devoted.
Dorian Gobin
Just amazing.. I'm stunned
The dance is incredible aspecialy for their age
Elke Vekeman
A wonderful and beautiful aspect of Hawaïan culture that should never be lost.
Felicity Jones
Hawaiians are so hardcore.
Fritula 6
Very traditional and beautiful. Thank you for showing us your people.\nKeep the culture going strong. \nDon't forget who you are. \nSomething about Hawaiian music.. brings sadness and joy at the same moment to me. \nWith love and respect... from Croatia.
Graciela Rodríguez Ceballos
que belleza , que coordinación de estas pequeñas, demuestran la disciplina y el trabajo que hacen en sus academias
Hugo Adrian Wilkins
Pretty little coconut trees singing and dancing around. ..
JaeSki118 Wienckowski'Barbero
So cute, my grand daughters 11/2....good teaching video!!!ty🤙🤟👋👍👍👍👍👍👍👏👏👏👏👏👏👏👏👏👏👏👏🌺Mahalo
Jennifer Blake
Be proud young people of who you are
Jovin 'Āina-Chaves
This is the future of hula and it is already shinning bright. Our Keiki are dancing as if they were merrie monarch dancers and it's such a beautiful sight to see. Mahalo no ke kumu o kēia lā!
Kaelim Abbot
Kathryn T
I can't stop watching this video! They are Sooooo Good!!
Kiana Tuigamala
Kurtis Purlija
What is the drum/instruments called
Lauren Copenhaver
Hits you right in the heart
Liza Sán
Maddy T.
It’s beautiful to see young people participating and honoring their culture like this!
Maria Delgado
Muy ritmicas
They are the generation to keep the culture a live and pass it on
Mary Brantley
Fantastic, these young people are fabulous !!
Mary Voll
A language that is not written but only spoken/ sung!
Mau Mau
So cute! I feel like one of these kids is Moana. hehe..
Nacha HC
Could u imagine this r ur kids 😂
Nancy Tomlinson
Wow!!! What precision!!! Love it, keeping their old ways alive.
Paris Bear
PoohTvHaha Channels
Beautiful dance
Rea Clea
I don't understand anything but I love this so much.
Reyna Olachea
I'm crying! This is beautiful! I love Hawai'i
Sheila English
spell binding
Songs Mirth
I just love watching these videos. Mahalo JM. Beautiful young ladies. Showing such respect for their culture and wonderful traditions. And I want to thank the long sited parents who encourage their children. :) Mahalo nui loa. Songs
SpongeBob SquarePants
Everytime i heard a cheehoo i couldnt stop lauging
Taamz Heart
yes. beautiful generation
Titus Cato
That was one of the best Iv seen, the whole routine was terrific. But that last 10-15 seconds was magic.\nI don't know what was said, but really feel they told that dude off. Love it ❤️🇦🇺
Truth Fighter
Hei Kuala Moouuaa Ai Ei Oula Naoai'poluisa Ohieaa
VaLee XC
Me encanta
_ OneLove
Polynesian hair!! So beautiful
Damn they should be competing in the Merrie Monarch. They are as good as many adult groups.
chicha roni
emily schwellenbach
firegoddespele9 Hawaii
I love it!
I love this!!!
maxi Magda
HOW CAN SOMEONE DISLIKE THIS?! AMAZING! This spirit, emotion, culture, synchronisation, they are so beautiful, their voices and movements are stunning!
Idk why but i cried
robyn labrador
Wow! Yes, what a beautiful sight and a shining future..mahalo
sous france souffrance
Wonderful performance
upsettispaghetti eddi
These girls did miss a beat nor sang off key and are synchronized. I know they are making their ancestors proud.💓
Вадим Богданцев
Супер!!! зрители немного шумные