Won Apple iPhone X From Arcade Game! | JOYSTICK

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Here I am winning an Apple iPhone X 256gb from Road Trip prize arcade game! SUBSCRIBE!

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My girlfriend love to play with my joystick.
Aaryan Sharma
What is this place please tell the name
You see
Aman Rajana
love you brother
Anastasia Cremeans
Can I have am iphone X pls
Anastasia Lawson
Oh my goddd I love you so much you have the best time ever
Arnav Khanna
how much money did you spend on the game
Ash Lewis
My name is Joy
Ashlee Jackson
Please can I get the iPhone I stick with a flip phone please
Ashley Sapielak
STOP SAYING HECK TO THE YES!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Bella Bridges
“Heck to the yes”
Not to be rude but it would have been better if the phone cracked when it fell
Candle wax
I hate that he didn't open it up to show us it 😂
Carlos Patrick Martins
Cara vc é muito bom nessas máquinas. Eu sou do Brasil
David Newhouse
Heck to the yes is life
Dramatic Unicorn
“Very reliable unlike my regular car” “air is the best prize $4.25😬” I’m dying!!😂
Ebony Bexon
How do the phones not break
Erhan Kesen
Why didn’t you open the box AM TRIGGERED
Fortnite_ GOD
Pleas never say HECK TO THE YES again.
Prize winning spin starts at 11:50\n\n\n\nThanks for the likes :D I didn’t expect this much
Fortune 9127
What if the iPhone broke when it fell\n\n\nThat would be a shame
Gael Lopez
Wasted 14:47 min of my life watching a man getting pissed
Gg Stabber
Can I have the IPhone X
Hardcore4life Hardcore4life
How much money you spend for winning the iPhone ??
Harv'z Dota
What was the title of the intro song. Thank you
Hollie Nelson
ITs a TWo!!11iTS GoNNA bE a TwO!!11! (Oh really? This definitely isn't the 1435th time you've said!)
Hritik Thapa
i wish i could be lucky like this
It's Beast
*opens box\nFinds Nokia 3310*
ItsJustKayla T
Gimme some churos!!!🤣
I wish i was this lucky.
Jake Chen
bruh he didnt even open the box in front of us so how do we know that it was the iphone x?
James Steeves
Who the hell would want a fit bit instead of a iPhone x
Jeanine Harris
he didn't open the box because there is no iphone in it. when a prize is that expensive the owners can't leave it in the game because then someone can come and steal it by breaking the glass. So the person that wins the prize has to go check it in to get the actual iphone.
Jessie Sue
Sooo, how much did y’all spent in total? That’s the only thing I wanna know lol
Jo jo On that Beatz
Is this the kid that was in that.\n Movie thunderstruck
Jordan Schulman
Roses are red violets are blue the time u have waited for was 12:32
Jorie'L Hicks
“It’s 2018 nobody takes road trips anymore”\n\nYea nobody plays arcade games anymore either but here you are...
Roses are red,\nViolets are blue,\nHe wins the iPhone,\nAt 12:52.
Joshua Azarian
Karys Harrison
*Opens up box*\n*Sees a fliphone*
Kawaii Panda
Omg ur sooooo luckyyy
Ken Mendoza
The jokes on this one is just unbearable.
Khadija Matthews
U look like hayden summeral
KingSlayer 2321
I liked,subscribed,and turned on notifications
Laurie Kanyamuneza
its hopeless i will never get an iphonex
Lindsey Cowley
Can I have the iPhone please please please please I’m begging you please🥺🥺🥺🥺🥺🥺
Lolix Xx
12:40 Thanks me later
Maha Shammari
Marjorie Macalalad
what theeee. hahha New subscriber here. Omg you made it haha.
Marvin Guillen
Love when you do it you are so lunck not like me that win any. Wish i could have of the iphone
Mr. Travel Aviation
My stress level was at 647%
N. Bunliang
U r look like not so happy to win an iphone X dude 😅
NJ game hacker
Paul Davis
12:43 when the action startz
Paul Williams
This video fake.\n1. He is owner of arcade (ZAP) - Proof in description\n2. The iPhone X doesn't even have plastic around it meaning its not new and used\n3. Because I have a doctorates in finding bullshit lol
Periklhs Tolios
Pigsy 52
I was sub 1 million
Pop Marly
Please I want google play card 50 pleas
Principle Of the thing
How much did it cost
Pug_face 1
You: heck to the yes\n\nMe: oml please stop
They’re his own arcade machines! Just check the description 😂
Rachelle Cowans
Why u just didn’t buy yo own🤣🤣
Rebecca Shaw
I'm pretty sure that was his arcade
Reymysterio 756
I want a iphone because i have a old phone galaxy 3😭i subscribed and turned on notifications
Ritu Asthana
Can I hav a free I phone x
these guys get bullied at school for sure
Robin Dhiman
Wow awesome bro you win iphon x wow wow bro 👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍
Ronald hzz
How much did he spend?!?!
Rosemary leonetti/finelli
I am 72 Grandma watching so i can take the Grandkids
Ruhshona khasanova
I wish I could be lucky like this.😃😄
bro the owner of the machine is too rich and he confused what to put in his arcade machine.......and he just put an iphone x ....
S000bway oof
On the dropping game where u drop a ball drop the ball ln the 4th slot to get the highest amount of points
Are you kidding me wow you CRAZYY
SaMi ThE sNiPeR 2
Dear Arcade God,arent these rigged?
Shelby Giles
I ate a pepper whenever he said heck and yes , I’m dying
Simon Says Apple
Would be cool to know how much money you spent on that mashine to win the iphone?
*opens it* \nSamsung galaxy j1 \n*cries*\n\n\n\nEdit:Thanks for the likes
The Daily Meme
8:37 \n\nNo.\n\n10:48 NO!!
Tom Staunton
I won the box builder game before, I got a nice camera and a nice watch. the first prize got stuck after it released and then the second prize fell and knocked both down.
Tristan N
It's (ten) not (ex)
Tyler LeFevre
Tỉnh Nguyễn
Sướng vậy
Vaild Bug
Give me the phone 📞 please
Zombie King 101
Wish it broke -_-
abc xzy
Stupid your playing the same game
amelka unicorn
this is a poopphone :)
heck to the~ STAWP IT 😂
This is a tiny little arcade, no owner of that would ever put an iPhone X in there, hardly any of the huge arcade chains would put in prices that expensive up for grabs on a game like this, not to mention the rest of the prices are quite normal prizes and in a typical price range of a prize in a machine like this. My guess is that they know or asked the owner of the machines if they could put in an iPhone X box in there for their video and pretend that they actually won it, all to get more views which apparently worked. Had I won an iPhone X in an arcade game like this, I would have been far more excited and hyped then them. Entertaining but I do not believe that this is real... it’s set up!
issa chicken
Why he cute? Tf
I’M GIVING AWAY A FREE iPHONE X!!! \n\n\nI will be giving it in a random live stream, this post will be taken down once giveaway is over. \n\nI will be giving hints on my social media pages when the giveaway will happen! \n\nHit the bell notification to be notified when this giveaway is live! Good luck to the Joyfam!🕹
kartik singh
From where you are playing this game plz tell me also
kay ferguell
That machine could've thought two ways. 1. This is a VERY busy machine, and many people seem to love it! 2. Some idiots won't stop putting their hard earned cash into me, thinking they gonna win. Some people \u003e:( (Mad machine)
mithilesh kesare
Plz give the iPhone to me because i dont have one
ronnie revilla
amazing bro. you deserve it 👍👍
*selects fitbit*
Борис Орехов
*After setting up my iphone which was relatively easy and quickly\u003e\u003e\u003e**ur2.pl/1248** (used backup from my old iphone 5), I was then and I am still very happy and satisfied with the phone, it's improved features, larger size and great capability.*
ѕραи G̶a̶m̶i̶n̶g̶
13:03 Imagine if he pick prize 2
Wth is 1000% impossible to get lik 5 iphones.. unless he is scamming... every store has setting that unless it will go above the set price the item will never come out.. for example.. if iphone is 1000 dollars.. unless the amount played is more than 1200 dollars it will never ever come out!!