Kap G - Marvelous Day ft. Lil Uzi Vert Gunna [Music Video]


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This song was great, But please remake the music video with Uzi.
Uzi is the camera man.
Why wasn’t uzi in the music vid
Uzi isn't in the video because he was talking to them kids on a school bus.
Anthony Ponce
Latino gang
Asoto 479
Who came for kap g cause i did
Ass_Cheeks -
Best callab aver🔥🔥
Champagne Alex
Damn quavo let himself go 🤦\u200d♂️
Chexy Wexy
Was it only me that came for swaggy (the husky)
Cryptix X
I can just imagine Uzi doing his shoulder roll throughout the whole hook if he was in the video.
Danamite VLM
Girl in CAMO 😍 BAD ! & that girl at the END with the brown tight suit. 🙏🔥🌡
David Taylor
Underrated song. This shit is fire 🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥
Desmond Thompson
Who can be mad while listening to this song☝🔥
Diego Arias
All the girls flat in the video
Dolfo 390
Needs subtitles
Drummer Boi
This song makes me think of my ex 🤦🏾\u200d♂️😥😥
Dulcemaria Marquez
We're Lil Uzi vert ????
Elegant Elliott
I was looking for lil uzi vert the whole time. Wonder why he wasn’t in the video.
Exotic Lords
Ny mans quit after all these years I've supported him😢😔
Explosive Shotgun
Chronic Pocket?
Uzi was in the vid just that he was so short the camera cut him off\n\n(edit: no hate lol nothin but love for Uzi)
Geovanni Zavala
How lil pump get more credit than kap
Whos been here since 10 mil? 🔥🔥
Hazardous Event
same house as givenchy?
Hm one
If Mexico wins in the World Cup or even now to motivate every Mexico fan make a World Cup banger about Mexico 🇲🇽. To get Mexico out there. Let's get some nice World Cup vibes. Like Kap G and people so he can see this❗️
Ibraheem Barry
Didn’t ddg record his givenchy music vid here
Infinity1 Shshshzu
Where’s uzi
Isaac Melendez
Wish uzi was in the music video
Israel Gutierrez
Lil uzi in this video would have been dope asf💯👌
J Fisherman
I needed a break from the Eminem and MGK beef lol
J_O_E_Y_333_ YT
12k people are not having a marvelous day
Jay E
He should make a song with Bad Bunny that shit would be fire mixing both cultures
Jaydon Thompson
Jayyy B
So is Uzi not in this video ?
Jennifer Igwe
this song is hella underrated
Kash Marco
Lil uzi made the song Piped asf🔥🔥🔥
Kickative truth
🇲🇽💓 Mexican killing it
King Luchando
Bro who is that girl at 3:14 i need her information
i love how prestige lil uzi is to not be in the music video, my boi mysterious that’s what i luv.
Laercio. Mussosso Felix Chiguma Chiguma
i like so much this song..especially the uzi part
They paid Uzi just enough to have a part in the Song but not enough to be in the video
Limitless Dope
December 2018 anybody else with me🖕🔥🎵
omg i want to wear my bikini too
0:33 Gunna looked so happy saying that 😂💀
M. MTFree
Song gonna turn up this summer bro
M7mad akeely
Lil Uzi Vert The Best
How to say the n word \nStep 1: hide your straight hair by braiding it or make it long and rainbow \n\nStep 2: speak street \n\nStep 3: have black friends
Male Carles
God as I love this song, I love it, I can not stop listening to it 😍
Matteo W.
That chick to the right 0:06 lookin nasty 😷
Maureen wizzy
Wow omg!!! I just love this song because of Lil Uzi👅👅👅💞💞./
Mud Boy
Why am I only hearing this now?
Fun fact nobody cares about: Lil Uzi Vert and Kap G were both born July 31, 1994.
I hear this song every morning to have a marvelous day😏
2019 ?
Such a good song we need more like this
Pro Habits
Kap G never gets the credit he deserves smh 🤦🏾\u200d♂️
RJ Garcia
Yo this Mex kid is fire.. going on a ft wit Uzi and been the best in the song!!! That's gotta mean some... My brown homies out here grinding like a MF.. reaching God Level soon!!
Rajon may weather rondo
This song make me happy😂🔥🔥
Random tea
I didn’t have Marvelous day just find out Cincinnati public schools go back August 13 th but last year school year we started school September 25
Ray Hyman
Uzi wasn’t in the video because he couldn’t find the location the video was being shot at but don’t blame him “it was only his 3rd day out there” 😂😂
Came for uzi, listened to gunna, stayed for kap
Reverse Flash
Who here in 2019?
SB Zaldex
I waited 2 months to see uzi on it and he wasn’t there😠😅
SG Jayden
Uzi Not In the video becuase he going throw them drug withdrawals #preyforUZI 😜😜😜
For the people saying they can’t really understand what uzi is saying well that’s because you’ve not Listen to uzi enough
gunna and uzi 🔥🔥🔥
Skoob Oddshots
thats the same house ddg did givenchy
Sniper Gang3346
Whoever disliked this video is not having a marvelous day
SyCo Ants
I need that girl with the camo swimsuit Instagram or name for research purposes
T Sully Vlogs
Who here is having a marvelous day?
The Iron Lord
Here in 2019. First heard this in 2017 wow
Chronic Pocket?
Uzi ain’t even in the video, smh...
Victor Iketalu
You all gonna have a marvellous year 2019
Vomin Fresho
Who’s the girl in blue? 👀
World Record Egg
Ummmmm ya wer is ahhhhh Lil Uzi Vert🤔
LeBron highlights from the gram brought me here 😂🔥
KapG is the best . In my OPINION!
Yvng Reezy
Uzi aint even made the effrt to support a struggling rapper like KapG
Zachary Meo
Came for Uzi, stayed for kap
Zyaire Davis
This song old but gunna and kap g is bae 🤷🏾\u200d♀️🤞🏾♥️
_Toast _
I high key forget kap g was on xxl
a nostalgic babe , here I go again
Started 2019 with \
I need that white jean jacket Gunna got on 💯
barrett flores
Uzi ran this hoe but bro \
This gonna be a summer pop Mark my words.
hugo martinez
Gunna so slept on it’s ridiculous
Kap G let's get it
joshua Wellington
this porn has good music xD
juusto makkara
anyone in december?
who came here from Chronic Pocket
sicario martinez
1/14/19 i had a marvelous day!!
tariq khan
Why Uzi isn't not in this video
That girl in the blue tank bathing suit that was all on gunna I ship and kap you sleep.
Why does kap g sound like nba young boy like when he first started singing I was shocked
Best song of 2018 💯