Oingo Boingo - Full Concert - 04/25/87 - Ritz (OFFICIAL)

Oingo Boingo - Full ConcertRecorded Live: 4/25/1987 - Ritz (New York, NY)More Oingo Boingo at Music Vault: - Goodbye-Goodbye

04/25/87 Boi-ngo Tour Goodbye-Goodbye New York Oingo Boingo Ritz concert full concert live live music music vault musicvault official performance

I was at this show. So incredible to see it all these years later.
Abigail Donilon
how are they such an underrated band
Andrew Spong (Lordzhuge)
I believe this was 1985 not 87:\nThe setlist is mostly \
Aran Rofé Pereira
Awesome!! A Live Masterpiece of Art Rock!!  Elfman, Avila & cia., this show deserves to be watch on a big screen!!!  Dolby audio, sure!
Bob Hope
Technically speaking, I imagine Weird Science has to be one of the most difficult songs to play live...from the focus needed from the horns to hit their spots to all the well spaced interjections of different instruments.  Much more difficult than a song where you have \
Danny is one of the most underrated frontman/singers in ANY genre (the whole rockin' band is underrated, in fact). What a voice.
Bryan Coburn
The composition of this song is unreal. It can't be an easy song to play but the band plays everything so damn well it is breath-taking. I love these guys. Wow. They were great. Talk about unity.
Bryan Sowder
There really isn't a better band that has ever existed...there are many that are just as good, but none better!!!!
Elfman you sexy beast. \n\nGreat quality of this awesome concert. I really wish I could've seen them live, but they split in the year I was born :(
China Burks
man. this is great. I just discovered Oingo Boingo in the past few weeks and I'm head over heels.  I wasn't even born when this concert was happening so  I'm glad it's on here so I can experience this.  Love me some Oingo Boingo \u003c3
Chris Smith
The best and most memorable show of my life! Dead center at Elfman's feet. Thanks so much for posting
That vocal talent though
God Oingo Boingo you are so good it must be fattening
Funny. Charismatic. Sexy. A heavenly voice. Brilliant. \nDanny is pure genius.
Forrest George
I was fortunate to have seen them Live 4 times and there is NO BETTER LIVE BAND! They were such a tight band and sounded the exact same live as their studio recordings!!! MISS OINGO BOINGO SO MUCH!!!
Danny has such a one of a kind voice, and that range is unreal and unheard of in today's music. we're lucky we have videos and albums of Oingo Boingo to cherish.
Awesome! From a technical stand point for anyone who is seeking how Oingo Boingo did what they did this is one of the best clues. I was there, miss those days.
Nobody sports the wife-beater like Danny Elfman!
Harc 70
My first band I saw live- GREAT SHOW!!
Excellent quality...also, I agree with the 1985 date (since it says the date at the end, btw).  Thanks for posting this!  (The man has charisma and sex appeal.  Crazy!  I can't take my eyes off him.)   Love the whole band. What a great ensemble.
Hikaru Kagetora
How did I not know until last week that this band existed... and why did I need out of all things a Japanese comic book artist to tell me about them? \u003c3 (*o*)
That was amazing!  That's a whole lotta talent on that stage.
Jeremy Ellis
Holy wow! This performance and recording are so amazing! Sounds like a studio recording. Elfman is such a master of production. Really impressive.
John Barnes
Gawd!  What a genius Danny Elfman is,  and what a charismatic performer.  An amazing musical group.  Saw them in their first incarnation as The Mystic Knights of the Oingo Boingo at the Mubuhay Gardens in San Francisco.
John Coppersmith
I got to see Oingo Boingo in concert 4 times during the 80's. I was a member of the Secret Society. I would give anything to see them perform again!
Jorgee Luizz
Oingo boigo simplesmente fantástico
Julie Albright
sexy genius with the devil in his eyes!!! fantastic band is an understatement!!!!
Kohowch Kohowch
This band's energy is insane. When I was in about the 4th grade, my dad gave me Good For Your Soul on CD, and instantly Oingo Boingo became the first band I seriously listened to. Wish I could go back to one of their shows, it's amazing to see they're better live than in a studio!
KoolCat !
How many movie soundtrack composers are former lead singers for a rock group? Danny Elfman is one talented dude.
Krysia Tsukiyama
I bet Danny Elfman doesn't do cigarettes.......
Lane Change
Steve Bartek is one of the most underrated guitarists ever.
Latte Cat
Facing the audience, the tall geeky looking guy in the top right on the keyboards. His awkward dancing gives me life.
Leo Lion
What a awesome show!Many thanks for uploading this. I'm a big Oingo Boingo and Danny Elfman fan and throughly enjoyed watching this particular footage.So many awesome moments....'Grey Matter' a highlight!
Lisa Parker
8:11--- Danny: \
Lon Tanner
Shit I grew up knowing this song and I grew up knowing Danny Elfman the famed movie composer but I never put the two together until I was in my twenties. I must admit I have never seen a video of this song performed live. Elfman has a fantastic live voice wholly shit! Talk about an underrated new wave frontman. Oh and I've got to say I didn't know Eugene Levy played bass for the band.
Luis Renato
Great quality! Awesome!
Luiz Motta
Uma das grandes bandas de rock dos anos 1980, sem dúvida nenhuma!!
Mark Tanya N
I was at this concert. Memories !
Mary Burdette
Danny Elfman's voice could wake me from a coma 💤💤
Mike Wensel
This band was so great. I really miss them producing new music. Would love to see a reunion. Elfman's voice is superb and everyone who ever played for them is a master of the art. Danny wouldn't have had it any other way. He's a perfectionist you know.
Mr F
I was just trying to count all the movies the music from this short concert footage made it in to goodbye goodbye (fast times at R. High), Weird Science,Who do you want to be (bachelor party)Who do you want to be, etc etc
my 4 year old behind me goes... \
Nick Chase
This particular show is amazing!😎👌👍
Nostalgic Storm Wave Storm Wave.
That \
Not to be a basic 15-something \
Paul Leach
2:04 - Homeboy in the back, breakin' it down!!
Phelix Morey
it sounds so great long live OINGO BOINGO !!!
Real Noid
Elfman amazing vocals in tanktop and suspenders, no bow tie, horns in shirt and tie, John Avila doing everything at once, drummer in shorts driving the car, keyboards mad dancing, amazing guitar putting every other group TO SHAME.
Ron R
Boingo was one of the best concerts in the 80s. High-energy party atmosphere. I'm old enough to have seen them live several times. Wish I could go back in time.
Ron Roberts
Runnen Hyde
the genius that was Oingo Boingo. the most underrated band ever next to Split Enz
Proud fan for more than 30 years here!
Seth Draven
I love their bassist so much. He always looks so gleeful and is so full of energy, whether he's on bass, keys or balafon. He really shines in the video of their farewell show; he and Danny play off each other so well there... at one point he's moshing around the stage and ends up on his back, kicking the air like a bug or something, and Danny starts dragging him around stage by the leg. The whole band is so insanely talented and fun to watch.Hope I can find the whole recording of this concert someday!
Shane's World
He also made the best batman theme of all time
Ugh. Break my heart, Danny. From sixteen on, just keep killing me.
Steven Fallon
One of the greatest bands in history, period.
Sullivan R.
This is awesome, Oingo Boingo is my favorite band ever so this is amazing for me. I freaking love it. OINGO BOINGO FOREVER, am I right???????
The 1980's was the start of the music generation where visuals were almost as important as the music. It was the MTV era and every musician placed a huge importance on their look. Glam rockers wore leather and had big spiked hair. Rappers wore baggy pants. Punk rockers wore their outfits.People were very shallow when it came to music and were influenced a lot by style over substance.The problem for Oingo Boingo was they didn't fit into any of those categories and many of their members looked just down right boring.Their appearance just didn't interest people.How incredibly sad because Oingo Boingo was certainly one of the most insanely talented bands of the 80's.
The Magus
what a sound, what a voice, what a performance! ❤
I realized the key to the whole band. It is the BASS player...Elfman always refers to him....lol
Thorne Pleiades
For a long time I didn't know the name of the front man for Oingo Boingo, but holy shit, come to find out it's Danny Elfman. Great voice and such talent
Tod Westlake
I was at this show. This isn't the whole concert. It's a nice selection for sure. But I remember them playing for like two hours. That means there is more of this performance, likely in MTV's vault. I remember noting the cameras -- and how well the sound was mixed down. I also recall hearing an audio version of this show a few weeks later on WLIR. There's more out there somewhere, and it would be worth tracking down. This was a great show all the way round.
Tony R
Great footage... and I can't believe they actually sped up the tempo for \
Troy Heesch
I love this concert, I wish it were longer than a half hour
Veronica Muha
I'm so sad that I wasn't alive to be able to go to that concert. I'm only 18 years old, but this is the kind of music I was raised up on. I love Rush, the Cars and the Fixx, too. My generation sucks, but at least some of us have good musical taste...
What-If Machine
Everyone can stop looking -- this is officially the best video on YouTube.
Zoe Willard
This is hands down the best live performance I've ever seen. The stamina they had...shit that's some serious hard work.
Once there was a time, when the rock stars could actually sing, play and compose music, it seems...
good vibes
I just now learned about Danny Elfman having this band. This is very cool.
gordeaux d
One of the best damn guitar riffs in the HISTORY OF ROCK AND ROLL at 0:26 and 4:10 during Dead Man's Party.  I can't imagine why Danny Elfman didn't figure out a way to repeat it 2 or 3 more times in the course of the song, it's that catchy.  Love it!
goddam he was talented
29:34.. ladies..
By 1985 I'd seen Oingo Boingo 5 times.
To the best of MY knowledge, this is from 1985, not 1987
Man, I was at this gig...unbelievable. I didn't even know this was available. Man,they were great. Cool as a breeze.
karey lester
there is just something abut a man in a wife beater.
I'd love to see Danny Elfman and Devin Townsend work together.
The band is amazingly tight! I can't name many bands that sounded this good live!
This was the mainstream music in the 80´s, just compare to the mainstream music in the 2000´s years. I remember Oingo Boingo playing in the radio in the 80´s almost every day, awesome.
megadethmofo megadethmofo
Danny looks like he's really enjoying this show. \
milko davis
awesome singer...Awesome composer
Interesting, that drummer kicks major ass as he uses a bass kick against a pad trigger mounted to the floor. And the snare and toms are all triggered to put across that fat gated electronic sound. At first I thought it was bogus but no. They're really playing this stuff, aside from a couple of sequenced arpeggiators to click in the tempo, etc. Monster band. Vocals in tip top shape, even the back ups are spotless.
muzquiz sebastian
I feel so fortunate to have seen them play live along with The Police and Xtc in a 3-Band alternate concert. It happened in San Diego at the civic center in 1981. Unforgettable and as fun and entertaining as what you are watching now.
Danny Elfman is a real genius! And an amazing singer too!!! Thanks for this incredible show!
a 30 minute Boingo concert?....sure
steve wheeler
Frontman, hell, composer, producer, singer, look up Danny Elfmans credentials/ credits, he has written more scores than most people have hairs on their heads.True genious. And an incredible stage presence.
Super band, super voice. Dead Man's Party, \
Wow. Danny Elfman's singing is impeccable here.