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A Nazi colonel (Ty Burrell) searching for negros meets Heinrich Leroyheimer and Baron Helmut Schnitzelnazi.

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Grammar nazis all over again
The uniform is not correct the.
Adalwolf Lothbrok
Fact is that the National Socialists never hunted Black people. Blacks in Germany enjoyed more rights and respect than Blacks living in America.
Aditya Gurjar
Tu Burrell nailed this roll.\nHe's an extremely talented actor... Can someone recommend me a movie of him? (I'm a fan of modern family too)
Haha, as a german I laugh my ass of this!!
Aggelos M
I completely lost it at 'Schnitzelnazi' XD
Aidan Foley
How about this cat toy... \
Angry Astartes
That Nazi is a really good actor
Antilles Gaming
I don't understand the cat toy one
Ashish Badoni
I died laughing XDDDDD
Aspern Park
Banele Hlela
This feel ww2 more than some high budget movies
And I, am Baron. Helmut.\n\n\n\n\n*pauses*\n\n\n\n\n\nSchnitzelnazi.
Bevan Thomas
Where did the beets come from?
Bloodless Carnage
“Very scientific. \nLike when we throw beans up against the homosexuals to see if the beans explode”
Brynley Jones
This would have been better if they cast Christopher waltz as the nazi
C4rolus Rex
I feel bad for the guy having to play the nazi! lol
1:08 almost choked on my water hearing this lmaoo
Charles Packard
Is that the dad from Modern Family playing the Nazi?
Christopher Brooks
On a serious note, Germany is such a strong country. To put all this behind them and work to help the world better itself despite the hate they have seen is quite a humble feat. Oh, and this shit's funny as hell too. X)
Cody Green
So... Blackface is racist... But whiteface is fine???
Dies war in der Tat unerwartet
Daniel Hajj
They’re geniuses.... end of discussion
Dare Run
Dave Peterson
The nazi reminds me of the main Nazi from that movie with brad Pitt inglorious bastards 😂
Declan Peters
Can I interest you two... IN SOME DELICIOUS *_BEETS_*
Derpee Gaming
Anyone watching in 2018?
Imagine posting this in 2018. All the hate you would get. Man i miss the good old days when people did not get offended by everything everyone says
I got it now\nHe handed him beets\nBy tray\nOn his hand\nBeets by tray on hand\nBeets by tray\nBeats by tray\nBeats by Dre\nBEATS BY DRE
Drewy Teves
I need comments of people offended by Whiteface.
Duarte Campos
Phil really changed over the years
should have measured the nostrils instead
Edge Of Light
Everett Logan
Where were Key & Peele in this skit? Did they just write it or what? I just thought they were in all of the Key & Peele skits.
Everything Anything
Anyone watching in 2020? 😂🤣
FreeMoviesGalore Entertainment
So all these comments and no one asks where he got a plate of beets?
Git Gud
NEGROS HERE??? EWWW\nAHAHAHHAAHHA that totally made my day XD
Goku Kakarot
Guy playing as Nazi is a a good actor
I Am For The Buried
Shit this was stressful to watch
Jack Jenkins
Black guys do white face = ok\n\nWhite guys do black face = racist\n\nI’m very confused by this..
Jake Hatz
What if they were actually black the whole time?
Jalen Gauthier
*J I G G L Y J I G I L L D Y*
Jax Hollywood
“Like when we throw the beans at the homosexuals to see if the beans explode” 😂
Is this... whiteface???????? im so TRIGGERED!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
John Smith
He should have gave them some wadamelon and fried chicken and grape soda they would have got caught then lol...
Schnitzelnazi.. i died
Ka Dz
WHITEFACE! I'm offended
Kelly April
I love that they use Phil from Modern Family to be the nazi. He is such a sweetheart.
This dude is the most likable Nazi ever.
Loki, My name is on there now kneel.
After about a year i watched it again and i just got the beat joke 😂😂😂
Lord Flink
Marck T
this is the only time a guest has stolen the show on key and peele
Mothusi Majuta
Did they just do white face 😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂
Mxyzptlk -25%
Koonye Westenwaffendorf
I was expecting him to say are u hungry for chicken
Heinreich Leroy Heimer😆🤣🤣🤣😂😂😂perfect ass \
Jiggledy diggledy
Njoki K
I was legit scared for them lol
He looked like Phil from modern family tbh.
Okky Handayani
Patrick Handford
Thought he would pull out some Chicken
Paul Fredrickson
This is not as good as Chappell show where they would go above and beyond to push boundaries and have everyone say the n-word
People Are Ridiculous
If they would have tried fried chicken instead of beats, they woulda got me
I just realized how they came up with these tests. \n\n\n\nThe nazis tested these on monkeys..
Raymundo Lanoy
I don't know about you guys but Schnitzelnazi looks suspicious..
Ronald Heidelberger
I got a a asmr vibe from this
Scarlet Squig
Schnitzel nazi\n\nOmfg no 😂
Scott Gecias
Funny shit wish everyone had a sense of humor we need to make fun of everything nothing safe hahaha
Shantell Brown
Skintel N.Keychain
*_J I G G L Y J I G G L Y_*
Somali Pirate
Funny thing the Waffen SS had Black soldiers
Sparkly Arpy
Das is singular, it’s actually supposed to be Die, because you are referring to more than one negro. Sorry for being a grammar Nazi.
You know if it was Fried chicken or Grape Juice (Soda) . They would’ve failed.
Talal Nayer
Generally, and according to the German political correctness, the alternative word of (der Negro) is (der Schwarze); or (black).
Talyn has time
Who plays the Nazi? He's a very good actor.
Taylor Bennion
The weird thing about the third Reich was they had so few black people in the country at the time they never had any official stance on what to do with them. I saw an interesting video about a black man who grew up in nazi Germany
The Kawaii Kitty
IN SOME DELICIOUS BEEEEEEEETS? \nI was laughing so hard
The Observer
The guy's so focused on whether these guys are black or not but doesn't take note of the fact that they are two men living alone together, no women, I'm surprised he didn't throw a bean at them
The Real Deal Listen up
The Negros can't resist the \
Beets? Why not some cornbread, fried chicken, and Kool aid?
Tiger King
Leroy Jenkins
I'm surprised there are no comments pointing out the \
Trey 7,504,002 views
🤯 Mind blowing
Hell No😂😂😂😂
Worth pointing out: no laugh track.
Wahid Kamruddin
Yk Sin
I thought it was going to be a plate of fried chicken
jabamango JR.
Lost it at schnitzelnatzi
king David
My guy bill from modern family?..
What are your names\n\nLEROY\nheimer. \nLeroyheimer, that’s my last name.\nMy first name is very German that is because it is Heinrich.
''Baron Helmut Schnitzelnazi''
zero 0000
schnitzelnazi you guys are to dam much,thats sounds about as german as you can get.
Γιάννης Γαρεφαλάκης
Baron... Helmut... Schnietzelnazi.