Kap G Takes A Lie Detector Test

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Since the release of his mixtape El Southside in 2016, Kap G has been on the rise, releasing collaborations with artists like Lil Uzi Vert, Chris Brown, and the legendary Pharrell Williams. As part of Hip-Hop at 45, the rapper attempts to truthfully answer questions about the best chicken in Atlanta and the current state of hip-hop.DISCLAIMER: This polygraph demonstration is for entertainment purposes only.Hip-Hop at 45 is for lovers of hip-hop culture, featuring 45 days of exciting, original hip-hop content across multiple platforms.Subscribe to the Fuse TV Channel: -----FUSE has all the bounce, music, and laughter you need to get your binge on. See authentic stories with the attitude and lifestyle to match. Check out full episodes of our hit series featuring stars like Gabriel Iglesias and Big Freedia, plus content covering today’s most popular musicians and the latest in news and culture.

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1500jay Iou
He sound like yfn lucci
Al Alexander
respect to kap g
Alfredo Jimenez
Santa Ana stand up!!! 714
Anahi Diaz
I love this lol 😂😂
Angelica a
6ix9ine next
Annie Harvey
Am I the only one that likes how he talk 😍
Ben Wilson
I don’t think it’s a real test and here me out before y’all blast me... usually lie detector tests are only answered by Yes or No you can’t give a full sentence answer if I’m wrong correct me I’m just basing what I’m saying on something I saw a few years back and the person working the machine told that to the criminal
Bianca Hammonds
He's soooo cute!
Big Thanos
get sixnine on this!!
Chivo Casique
this stupid because it's a yes or no answer you ain't got to explain your self.. simply yes or no
That goku chain 🔥
Danial Azam
David David
That chain go hard
Dicey Killa
His name solves this whole video \
Domingo Felipe
1:13 Spanish Trap 😱🔥🔥🔥🤘🏽
Double R’z
1:04 😂
Droptop Minivan
It be like dat
Eat Food Music
Kap is that dude!
With this footage I just seen...I can truly say that Kap G is the truth lol, literally.
El /\\/iño
No lies damn 😅
Erick Martinez
Kap G is an Icon 💥
Female Doggy
He looks like his young self now with the hair style change
Ferrini Fourty-One
I would pay to watch Nahmir take one of these
Guillermo Barragan
He looks like a teenaged girl from oaxaca mexico in the thumbnail.
Xxl really ain’t blow him up...damn
Wings Stop has the best chicken in Atlanta
Hey Dani
0:23 I thought he said \
Ilken Baki
with dis dead ass hairline ofc he gon be the side dude lmao
Jacquezdagamer Bowen
He high ash
Jayyy Babyy
he sound like woah Vicky
He laugh likes tentacion\n\nRip tentacion 😧
Jose Chavez
these questions are trash
Josethabest 11
Mexicans never lie
They should have 6ix9ine!
June the Goon
I want my M’s 🔥🔥🔥
KING Savage
Kap g been TRILL
Kevin Juice
Kap G Tells No Lies
L0b0 to Will0
I was just scopin on his chain that hoe look like blood diamonds or rubies or some cuz that thing radiant 🤘🤘🤘🤘
Lil Vampire
Lebron should've came to Atlanta or at least came back to Miami
Lil x
u need to touch up on ur fade
Lone Star Posse
Lonely Poems
UGH!!! HE'S SO FINE!!!!! 💖💖💖
Lonso Mendez
Is that a goku chain!!!!!!!!!!!!
Lyv Rue
i dont understand why he is single. like...why
My dawg 😥🙏🔥🔥🔥
MakeupHunny Aracelii
Man wtf he dont needa a gf when he gotta whole girl right here😏😌
Anyone who thinks this Lie Detector test is real is a dummy... They just measure ur heart rate and they don't prove anything... The police use them to intemidate people in hope to get them to confess their actions... \n\nIts pure BS
Marqus Martinez Vlogs
All the questions were not interesting
Mc Muffin
Why is he acting so black
Miami dolphins Snag
5:06 when you pass a test and you didn’t study
Nelson Umanzor
Damn I already he was good with girls. I'm straight but I know he ain't ugly. He does look cleaner with this cut though tbh no homo.
Kap g should do another lie detector but more questions about his career and his future
Proud of kap G arriba la Raza
The silence is awkward 😂
Paper Chasin
I ain’t ever noticed Kap G sound like Trill Sammy
Peso SF
This how every rapper should do interviews 🤷🏼\u200d♂️
PhLino B
I’m glad that he said lebron to Houston
Pretty Baby girl!!wym
If you a fan of American deli like
Lol this dude cool #mexicanpride homie one love my g
Rihanna Fenty Beauty
Rodrigo Jr Torres
Santa Ana representing!
Roland Ramirez
Samuel Attias
We show new time
Sicario Martinez
how many fights how many drive bys how many have u killed are the real questions lol nt who has the best chicken lol wtf
Slacker God
4:28 that's right Kap G we on that same boat respect
bro who even cares about Kap g anymore he a failed media plant
1:48 everybody hating on lebron 😂
Smile much 😃
TheReal NickyyGee
Aww my baby 😍
Tom Holderness
these questions are so dead
Tyren Robinson
If I took this test I probably would have answered the exact same way kap did on each question. 😂
Who tf
Wavy Stars
*Side Dude*
Young Grizzly
kap G !!!
Yung3 seez
2:15 kap g right 😂💀
aaron berhane
Lady: You passed the test\n\nKap G: I passed the test I ain't even good a test's either I be failing\
I know he grew up in Atlanta and with a bunch of black friends and he’s not responsible to pick up from his environment but I feel like he be tryna put on a fake “tough” personality, like he made his eyes lazy by trying to keep them low all the time like we know you’re not a junkie so why your eyes low all the time, he tries so hard to be Americanized but he’s only first generation of Mexican American descents he claims he speaks no Spanish but his parents barely speak English ,
fuq u
Of course he doesnt think our president is doing hes mexican
human being
he needs a hairline detector test
kap g VEVO
king tut
Kaps smile makes me laugh for some reason 😂
i wanna see 6ix9ine on this
lord V I C I O U Z
I went to High School with bruh was wondering when id see more of his shit
meghan miles
i’m dead the side dude
papijuanii 666
Bruh kap g need some grillz if he gonna keep on smiling
ri su
Kap G reppin Santa Ana 🔥🔥🔥Much love from Santa Ana Kap!
ribby rigg
I saw him in Rialto in wws I took a picture with himm
saivion shaver
Its good to see he still doing stuff haven't heard him since after XXL
still savage
Is the outfit necessary tho 🤣🤣
susie Stuff
I love his teeth sorry im a teeth girl2..#real lol.
t Flores
South side
true magoo
Kap G talk right bro u mexican
yung oso IE - AK-47 MOB
Kap G cheesin 😃😀
ざゐゥ 移カフs p l o r e z . ざゐゥ 移カフ
Forgot bout this dude