Kap G Announces a Pharrell Collab, Talks "A Day Without A Mexican" Song Importance of Voting

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Kap G taps in with The Cruz Show to talk about the importance of getting more latinas and minoSubscribe Now -

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Antonio Esquivias
This better not be the full interview 🤦\u200d♂️
Brandon Cif
Look so stupid
Daybreak hasme
Salute Kap G, homie seems very humble. #Atl
Instagram Models
Y'all should get king lil g on here
Jairo Avila
I love his hair
Jenrry Garcia
Kap G & King Lil G
Kevin Chen
So basically the interview is saying Vote for Trump!!!! 2020
Kevin Martinez
Mc magic and king lil g should be in the remix
Luciano Cruz
idc if he is mexican kap g u make Raza look bad!
Martin Gonzalez
Kap G keep on doin your thang cant stop wont spot 🇲🇽
Miguel Dinero
Next interview ask what happen to his hair🤨 we need some answers
underrated af mannnnn...
Paul Agu
Lol ass soon as they ask him about 69 he change his hair color lol
Love Kap G but ain't feeling the hair. Maybe if it were still long and dyed it be dope but ehh idk
Ra S
theres more than just mexicans in america, we wanna see other faces too
Roland Ramirez
Rudy Tu Papi
Why is the interview so mad short?
Sanchez Oscar
Kap g and 69 are a Mexican song for the Mexican or Latino right
Scrubis Scrubmirez
Out here looking like Rolf smh
The Rap Vault
6ix9ine & Kap G collab make it HAPPEN!
ThisIsNotATest ThisIsTheEnd
Wtf did u do to ur hair brother
Victoria Saldaña
Love Kap G... he represents the raza for real!
🇲🇽 Lcalixto
Not true immortal technique speaks the truth bro and he is from Peru 🇵🇪 and I’m not from Peru but, 🇲🇽 real recognize real the crazy thing is that Cortes was the cousin of pizzaro