"Under Pressure" Foo Fighters Luke Spiller of The [email protected] Garden New York 7/17/18

Under Pressure, Foo Fighters & Luke Spiller Lead Singer of The Struts (Dave Grohl on Drums), Foo Fighters, Madison Square Garden, New York; July 17th, 2018; Concrete and Gold Tour

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Adam W
I have to say I have a thirteen year old cousin and she is getting into this glam/classic rock 70s music which I'm totally thrilled about. Its really to see a resurgence with bands like The Struts and Greta Van Fleet bringing this sound to a new generation. But it must have been soooo incredible to experience Bowie and Freddie Mercury for real back in the day. I never really experienced the loss of Mercury because In was young when he died but in my middle age accepting that David Bowie passed is just, I still can't.
Asaf Iram
6:40 omg!
Bernie Anderson
Luke Spiller is a Showman with great stage presence very much a Peacock like Freddie was ! Luke's persona just fits the classic definition of a \
Beto Zeppelin
Cagaram na música
Oh dear, a tragic, vile attempt at mimicking two peerless legends. Rest easy David and Freddy.
Bob Outdoorz
They butchered the song
Bojan Hrusevar
what a waste of time with those two, they can't compare with Queen , no chance...
Brent Dowland
Aaaaawwwkward. I can’t do better. But if you can’t hit the notes please 🙏 I love Queen to much to listen more, sorry
Cole Prouse
Was I the only one you caught Fool in the Rain at 2:33? I vote next Foo fighters concert cover song!
Daafit Helikopterman
hahaha ..... awkwarrrrrd......
David Horton
Great video. What camera did you use?
Dem ián
2:50 I come from a land down under
Doge MD
It's me or Luke looks a lot like Freddie? ._.
Dominique Belisle
Taylor wearing pants !!!!!!!!
Drew Cutrer
Foos= corniest band ever.
E - Ticket Entertainment
Brilliant cover
Edforce One
Another awesome performance !
Em K. B.
The beginning gave me serious summer camp vibes
Fvkin Amazed
Now I understand why Curt Cobain put a shot gun in his mouth n pulled the trigger.
Giovanni Adrian
Is there some contest that I can enter to watch Bohemian Rhapsody with Taylor Hawkins?!!!!!!!!
I thought Dave was wearing spandex from the thumbnail, really glad he wasn't.
Hei Go
This is Karaoke with Champagne & friends
Hiro Te
This is not right
Ima Pig
NOBODY could do what David and Freddy did. Two legends that will never be forgotten.
James C
Jd Dye
This was great. I was so glad to be there. The Foos were amazing and The Struts were excellent as well. Dave is truly the very best. I will never forget seeing what he had to say at Lemmy’s funeral.
That might have been good if Luke did all of the singing. Otherwise, that was bad.
Jim Powers
Men at Work's Down Under beginning by Dave Grohl at 2:50
John Sobizzr
best video ever :). but no mortal can sing like freddy the way mercury did, thanks.
Joni Tambun
Thats foo fighters just free...
Jordan A
This cover was so awesome to watch that night! Possibly the best concert I've been to yet!
Katrina Louise
What kind of camera is this filmed on? It's amazing quality :O
Kevin Nock
That was terrible lmao
Killa Gorilla
Dude the drummer reminds me of Micah Bell and for that, I hate him...
Klaas J
wow what became of the human kind compared to the 80's. just terrible
0:59 lol, gotta let taylor know how longthe leash is!
Kurnia Sandy
Taylor hawkins = \nneil peart on drums\nFreddie on vocals
Damn hawky sweet vocs
LakeRouge 9
Foo Fighters must have the enjoying concerts
Lanir DeRose
Dave Grohl: \
Leen Khaldi
Foo fighters with the struts singing queen !? A combination I never knew I needed until now
Leonardo Bautista
Marc martels version beats this by 1000%
Lhester Alejandro
Everybody loves Queen
06:42 my favorite part
Martin Hopkins
Appreciate the cover. However, it only makes me miss Bowie's voice and interpretation of a given song. Again, I appreciate the effort.
Michael Marshall
I will take The Struts over Foo Fighters and Luke Spiller is the new Rock Star for the next wave.
Mike DeCicco
Oh Taylor. That's Luke Spiller, not Luke Striker. You know that.
Nelea Mihaila
I like them tiger leggings *.* *.*
Nero Tixe
Mcr and the used did this song more justice. These guys are acting too much like clowns xD
Nicco Briga
Miss you freddie..
Nick Lambert
you guys should come to New Zealand and do a tour of pubs and clubs - just playing covers.... that would be awesome
Nicola Riva
Wonderful when great bands pay tributes to music stars and more than that have a lot fun doing it!! Foo Fighter n1!
Hi, This is probably the worst rendition of this wonderful song ever, i don`t have much of a problem with dave grohl, but the vocalists!!! really? their performance was sub standard by any imagination.
Paul Greenwell
Could have been wonderful. Turns out it's just erful. Sorry awful.
Pedro Hernandez
Lucky ass ppl saw this person
Pedro Olvera
Too bad Taylor didn't do Freddie Mercury's part since his voice matches Freddie closer than Bowie. Still a lovely tribute :)
Queen m.
Nothing do it better than freddie mercury .no one can do it better than freddie mercury..something that doesn't sound irritating..
Reap the Mars
This was a fun night. Thanks foos. One of the better concerts I have been to.
René Peraza
What a mess! It's like their competing for lead parts in many places, and then overdoing it / doubling up sections - ugh!
Rob Myatt
Love Foos. Love Queen. But that sucked!
Ryan Greig
I was there lol
Sarah 25
I get it's a cover but they didn't really capture the essence of the song... Don't get me wrong, I like The Struts and these two artists are great performers but I think it could've been done better. I don't mean to offend anyone
When these men are considered “rock stars” in 2018, my heart breaks for the state of rock and roll. When did mediocrity become acceptable?
Shaun Kirby
What a great bunch a guys give it up for foo fighters 👏👏👏
Sheri Peters
I just love when they do this and Taylor sings and then when the Struts open for them, Luke always comes out ....and Pat Smear never without his champagne 🍾. ROCK ON FOO FIGHTERS YEAH🎤🎶🎵🎸🥁🎸🎸✌️
Lol....this is pretty terrible all around, but it's fun and I guess that's all that matters.
T Lam
Dave starts playing \
2:16 Luke Stryker??... Talk about awkward.
Thomas G O'Neill Jr
Taylor Hawkins!!!! OUTSTANDING!!!
Tjalling de Jong
Boring ! same thing every show , lotsa false screaming about but no real tribute to the the song to be honest , Hi ! We're the Foo Fighters and we're so much fun live.....yeah right!
Toni Orchid
Like the Foo Fighters, but...no! Please don´t do.
Twinkl Rock
Bulsara is Immortal)
My like was number 666
Will Grover
You wanna see great watch the live version from the Queen Live at Wembley DVD.
born ectomorph live mesomorph
What's not to like about this? A tribute to Freddy Mercury & David Bowie. Two of the greatest rockers of all time.
calmshore films
Boys got pipes
So many good things in just one concert, thanks for a piece of Queen. The best concert in my Life!
cold monkey
Did dave start playing down under before under pressure.
Foo Fighters = hilarious version of Nirvana.\nKurt and Dave = Dave and Taylor.
gustavo silva
Very good performance!!
hawabonga zothew
looks like a jam inside a meth lab garage after shouting and starting the devil pact...
Joe dirt as bowie ill pass the guy doing freddy could of sang the hole thing by himself!!
me and my wife flew into NYC on the 17th the day of this concert...i had no idea they were playing this night, it was about 6:30 that night and i googled \
More enthusiasm than accurate pitch,lmao...oh well.
One of the best versions I 've ever seen so far.
I wish Taylor Hawkins would just play the drums and stop singing.
pablo felix medellin
sucks like shitt
phantom lord
Taylor would make a good frontman
ren cat
russell murray
if i wore those trousers in public, i'd get arrested for lewd conduct...the size, they run, screaming. but seriously this isn't good. in fact, it made me cringe and long for grunge. the crunge? just don't.
Cameltoe at 2:13 made me so uncomfortable
smoke 14
No one can match Feddie's vocals....nice tribute though.
That was was terrible vocals. Excellent by work by the band though!
Taylor’s sang this better before. Also how corny are the foo fighters getting?
you tube
La Cagada The Struts y Foo Fighters like si hablas español
zitch z.z
hahaha what a mess / horrible voices lol