Verstappens win puts pressure on Honda for 2019

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With Red Bull showing just how strong its car is over a Mexican Grand Prix weekend where its engine deficit to Ferrari and Mercedes was reduced, Glenn Freeman is joined by Stuart Codling and Ben Anderson to look ahead to the team's new partnership with Honda in 2019, and discuss why the Japanese manufacturer will have no grace period when the relationship kicks off next year.

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Verstappen Sr was working with Honda around the turn of the century but Honda broke their promises. In an honor based culture this matters more than Europeans know. Honda will perform with Verstappen Jr. 2019 may be, 2020 100%.
Alan Turnbull
Come on max you schooled the grid I'm with you man just need you in a Ferrari and history will be made
Alex Hanson
Couldn't care less! Red Bull made this situation with Renault and will probably do the same with Honda.
Alex Parent
Toro Rosso-Renault (2017): 53pts\nToro Rosso-Honda (2018): 33pts
Analyse Dean
the best part of the RB14 is Max Verstappen.
Andy Wan
Scotty Kilmer says Honda makes the best engines, predictive auto engineering?
Antonius vd Klis
Does guy's here underestimate Honda. RB had this year to get used to them and it seems that's working well. Nobody knows how much money Honda is putting in, but it must be an astronomical amount. Honda knows RB has with Verstappen one of the best drivers on the grid and the guy knows how to win races. That's for Honda a big opportunity to come on the top with their complete new engine. Also RB has probably the best chassis on the grid and Adrian Newey, one of the best in the business. Its now or never for Honda and I think they will come far in 2019.
Aravindan S
Can't wait to see the reaction of Max when the RedBull keeps retiring in 2019.
BaBeLoo BaDoo
LOL. So funny to see a bunch of Englishmen talk about F1. When their Lewis is winning the championship, it is all due to his racing ability and amazingly talent. No one is talking about the true dominance of the Mercedes car. When Max is driving away from Hamilton with one hand at his steering wheel, these Englishmen are all talking about how superior the RB car is. Why oh why can't we see Max and Lewis competing in the same car. This would certainly bring back some realism to those Lewis fans pretending they are experts.
Beast Lo
0:50 I think he means KERs
A great car? Red Bull retired 13 times last year and 12 times so far this year. They have the most unreliable car in F1. Doesn't matter what engine they have, they won't win anything as long as Newey keeps saran wrapping the car around the engine.
We've heard this before. For me, I'll just wait until Honda turns up with a competitive engine. Be it next year or the year after.. Who knows? We've been promised a competitive Honda engine since 2014 actually....and guess what? Sure size 0 and all that.. But the proof is in the pudding... And we even quite got to the milk yet.
Bokkepruiker Records
Honda is going to deliver in 2019.
Brian Borgman
All the compliments for Adrian Newey!!
In all these talks, did anyone even look at time the spent on the straights between different cars? Seemed Reb Bull and other Renault powered teams were well down on top speed as per usual?
Colin Kennedy
I would feel so bad for Riccardo if Red Bull win the next two championships
Cricho B
RBH will need at least 1 year to take off, if they take off. Question is will they keep P3 in constructors champ or will RENAULT, HAAS and McLRN jump them.....??
Danny Lawther
Honda over estimating their own competence ?? How's that ?? They paid McLaren £20.000.000 a year to run their engines that doesn't strike me as being very confident ?? It clearly shows \
Davey Daves
2019 will be Redbull trying to save their little-spoiled brat from an embarrassing move to Honda engines trying to fend off an always improving Renault of Danny Ric and Hulkenberg. The title fight will once again be all merc and Ferrari.
26% power drop according to Chain Bear xD not 22
Derek Nickels
Not a well researched discussion on the Torro Rosso/McLaren/RedBull/Honda debate.\n1:Red Bull/Torro Rosso have a completely different operating methodology to what McLaren had. McLaren expected/demanded the PU to extremely compact,aka size \
Eric Weijers
Amazing how you guys can completely talk past the guys who are operating the throttle and break pedals and steering wheel....\nSo basically you are saying Lewis Hamilton needs to be gracious to be powered by a Mercedes engine, same goes for Seb and Max..\nNot a factor, LOL
Ethan Cooke
Gasly went from last to tenth, and ye say they struggled at Mexico?
Fergus Abbott
loving stuart and ben in the videos!
Gabriel Berrington
Why is Daniel always retiring and verstappen staying in the race
Graham White
I think Max is going to be watching a lot of the race's.
Gus Fring
such a stupid video, obviously biased british journalists feeling butthurt about how mclaren has been performing they still have to throw shade on Honda, they cannot fathom the thought of a solid Honda motor being in a Red Bull. Its quite evident Honda have turned things around and will be ready in 2019. Just watch the video of Bottas having to overtake Hartley around the outside of Raidillon at Spa. Honda was on their 2nd spec motor, Mercedes was already on their 3rd. I'd say the Honda put up a pretty good fight there. 3rd spec Honda made Q3 in Japan. But lets focus on how Toro Rosso, a team with a much less of a budget than all the other F1.5 teams hasn't been putting up points and thats Honda's fault because they haven't been reliable. Idiots.
Hans 68
Horner said that with the data gathered from toro rosso, Red Bull would have been 0,6 sec faster in qualifying with the current honda engine.
Hayes Lewis
Turbo chargers are not effected by altitude. They compress air, making up for the lower ambient pressure. That’s why they were invented for airplanes.
Henri Moll
The guy is right on the difference between French and Japanese culture.\nKnocking off though is not going to happen with Honda, they work 24 hours all around the globe. The french though are famous for knocking off because their cheese and wine is all the time whispering in their ears....\nThe Japanese culture is also more famous for delivering quality. Tell a Japanese to burnish a screw perfectly for the next 10 hours; he `ll do it without complaining.
IkHeet Collin
I think the only reason why toro rosso get points is by the engine
Hopefully they don't focus so much on the next 2 years that they mess up the 2021 reg changes .
Currently Honda engine is best
Jaymen Lowe
I don’t think it does because Ricciardo had yet another engine problem
First good vid
Kevin Anton
I missed something .... why is Honda suddenly the savior of 2019 in everyone's eyes after the dismal record they've put up for past seasons with McLaren?
Kevin Cole
Scruffy presenters look like they just got out of bed.
Kiei Luahi
Gonna be quite funny IF Renault builds a great engine in the upcoming years, Ricciardo becomes champ and Max is struggling with a failing Honda engine. \n\n\nImagine Max cursing Honda out like he's doing with Renault. Honda execs won't take that lightly seeing how more respectful Japanese business culture is.
The other problem when comparing 2017 results to 2018 is the elephant in the room I call the “McLaren Project”. It’s pretty easy to call out Honda based on lack of power but there are 2 huge variables (actually, 3. But I’ll take the driver variable out of it since we know Nando is great), the chassis and power unit. RBR is winning with the Renault engine. McLaren is actually doing as bad or worse now than 2017. Simple scientific methods would tell us that McLaren, with the same engine as RBR and also being beat by TR in a Honda, it can be concluded that the chassis absolutely SUCKS!!!! Yes, the engine may have been bad as well, but this puts absolute fault that we know the chassis is/was bad, probably more at fault than the motor. So when we say Honda is slow to change and in denial, there is a mirror directly placed at McLaren as well.
Please bring Peter windsor back! These mods are frankly quite boring and i wont continue watching these
This is shaky for Honda and redbull. I hope it works out and they can compete with the Honda engine.
Manny M.
Sadly Japanese auto manufacturers stopped innovating in the mid 90's. Honda and \
Marsorry Ickua
I’m super afraid of that Red Bull next year, coz Honda has had plenty time to learn and improve over the past few years and I think they’ll crack it next season.
Max G
I find it remarkable how simple the two on the right are. An armchair viewer could have said everything they've both said here. It's along the same lines of the previous episode - 'can Lewis match Schumacher'. Erm, yes. \nThe one on the left with the short hair is pretty disrespectful of Adrian Newey designing road cars 'pratting around'.
Merlin Botha
I doubt Honda will have performance issues, reliability however is still a big question. All Honda has to do is give RBR 6 race wins and more importantly help them out perform Renault. No one ahould expect them to win amy championship in their second year of partnership
Mike Rothwell
Nothing but gossip and i just pressed play.
Mikkel Schwaner
But honestly I think it is really good that Gasly is moving to Red Bull in 2019, cause I think that he will be able to help with the relationship with honda and how to work with honda and how things happen...
Miky Koon
Redbull have been finishing the year strong for a while now the problem it takes them a whole year to do that by then the championship is done , nothing new , hopefully Honda can give them that xtra boost they lack right now
I think RB Honda will be a pleasant surprise, I don't see it being worse than the current Renault they use. I think that it atleast will be equal
Nic Collette
My only concern is for Red Bull to not pressure Honda. There is no other option available to them AH (After Honda).
Nkosi McRae
Having no grace period is kinda harsh, Honda have shown with STR that they can work, but they need breathing room and support to do it. If RB are too harsh/demanding it could end up being like McLaren...
Oscar Westrup
I think this is going to work better with Red Bull then it would have for MClaren. Simply by the fact that Adrian Newey is focused on problem solving in his car designs. He sees restrictions as a challenge to find a loophole. I dont worry to much for them to be honest.
Peter Heijnen
Let's hope it will work out. Would be great to have a real battle between 3 teams.
The engine wasn’t the primary source of their advantage, They weren’t struggling for downforce like everyone else.
max made a big mistake not signing with merc, the redbull honda is a huge gamble
RBR is consistently unable to produce two race ready and reliable cars on the same level on a regular basis.\n\nThey repeatedly demonstrate a consistent bias in performance or reliability on one of their vehicles on any given weekend...\n\nThis is a problem. Hondas teething problems will compound this inherent red bull performance trait in 2019 and beyond.
Roland Lee
Honda looks at Merc and Ferrari.. \
Sam Carpenter
Red Bull Honda will be just as unreliable, but faster than they were in 2018. Probably mixing it in with the Ferraris and Mercs every race.
Scott L.
Honda better stick to something more to their level (and budget) like Indycars...
Seahawk STRIKE
I think Red Bull Honda will be better than Renault Red Bull because Honda has proved better reliability and similar if not more power this year on horsepower dependent tracks. Can’t wait for next season
Shaheer Ahmed
Been Anderson resembles Brendon Hartley for some reason.Cant figure out why
Sixers Blood
The guy who can't stop smiling is always speculating, don't like him
Stas Pavlov
Stop making videos in the waiting room at dentist. You have some great quality content on this channel from professionals like Chainbear and Scarbs. These videos however are simply bad. Poor lighting, bad audio, boring editing, hosts that blend in with concrete and the list goes on. Does anyone at Autosport care about quality? Sit up straight, iron your shirt and make it appear you give a damn. Maybe turn this into a podcast?
Steve Glen
Horner blames the PU until his driver quits Horner.
Toro Rosso is doing better than McLaren did last year, with 1/3 the resources and without a multiple WDC in one of the cars.
Street Shots
Renault are coming. Next 3 years the will be fighting. Cant see RedBull being better than Ferrari or Mercedes anytime soon.
Ricciardo's Renault engine's \
Ted Schoenling
22% is for normally aspirated engines, the Turbo mitigates that....... Didn't you watch Chain Bear on Autosport explain this??
The Anomaly
Someone please change that intro. It's aggravating. Who thought it was a good idea to put a whining noise with some echo and a loud thud as an intro???
Ricciardo’s smile will just get bigger next season.
Honda will surprise doubters and will start winning races next season, with also more experienced F1 drivers.
Titan FX
Can't wait to hear Max ranting about Honda engine. 😂
can u get some new shirts for these guys lol?
Vice Ćuška
I hope Honda can give Red Bull a competitive power unit, as I'd love to see Verstappen fight for the championship with Hamilton. I can't see it happening though, not in 2019 at least
God brush your hair before you turn the camera on.
I hope honda does well next year
William Bastad
Three nerds talking F1.\nA masochists delight.
Long story short : If Honda engine will break atleast half as much as in was in McLaren and still be underperforming - Honda will dream to hear Alonso on the radio,cause remember what Red Bull said when Renault was underperforming,after 4 years winning both titles.
Saying that Honda didn't immediatly change things because Gary Anderson said so, but waited for him to show proof is nothing more than Honda needing physical evidence that something doesn't work. that is called 'changing actions based on evidence', instead of 'changing actions because someone says so (or because of a belief)'. That has nothing to do with Honda overestimating themselves. It can well be that they do overestimate themselves, but your example has nothing to do with that. There is nothing wrong with critical thinking and acting on sufficient evidence, in fact, quite the contrary.
They should have watched Chainbear's video before recording this.
Yarred Pel
It really doesn't. Also Red Bull thanks renault... for another DNF? I mean it's Red Bull that build a amazing car. If the Renault engine would be that good... Why aren't the Renaults in 2nd and 3rd?
Yushan Yasindu
That means RedBull team enters to age od no return. Why the hell they put honda engine back of their car. This could be the worst decision they ever made. The only way is to put Ferrari or Mercedes engine if thay hope to comeback.
Zack Seven
Honda has made progress on the performance side of the engine but reliability is still an unknown as none of their engines have been used for seven races, Max may still be singing the blues next year.
Zhu Yufan
as long as Honda has some room to decide how the engine is designed I'd say they will be fine. For sure RBR with Honda will not probably be able to challenge the title next year, but the partnership should bring good result. I don;t thinks RBR will repeat the mistake Mclaren made (RBR has its junior team to learn how to work with Honda!)
adib z
I came here to hear some Honda news, not Mexico grand prix wrap up
aditya ramesh
These guys are mclaren fan will do well in 2019...
I heard that if red bull had the honda engine right now, they’d be 0.600 faster faster than they are now with the renault engine
d -
never underestimate about Honda
Honda's \
Is the guy in the middle Valtteri Bottas dad???
full pull
The big unit must have gone on a diet
joe r gonzales
Honda has surpassed Renault in 2 or 3 GP's ago.
I believe that the Red Bull with Honda will win championships next year if they manage two young \
mr. Bru
Its all guessing and speculation... RB and TR got the data. They dont seem worried, so why should I at this point?
1:35 \nHow much IS a haircut in GB?\nor\nTen years ago called. It wants its haircut back.\nYou decide.
silverado punked
I think redbull's car is better at turning, it puts less stress on the tyres and that's why Vertsappen is good at looking after his tyres.
Don't forget ... Honda aren't just improving an engine they've been building since their return to modern formula one ... its a completely new engine .. McLaren hampered Honda by forcing them to build a smaller power unit to fit around the McLaren chassis.. McLaren insisted their chassis was the best on the grid an was only let down by the \
Honda better not hold back redbull and verstappen next year.\nWe need a 3 way battle next year - Vettel, Lewis and Max.\nIf honda screws up, then Max will be out of the race and that is not bloody acceptable!!!
佐藤 - Satō
Considering that Gasly and Hartley have both started from the back (strategically) and ended with good results - I think in a real competitive season, they’ll do well!