Why did Daniels clutch fail? F1 Update Craig Scarborough by Peter Windsor

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Follow on Twitter: Craig Scarborough analyses Daniel Ricciardo's disappointing Mexican GP. After starting from the pole for Red Bull, Daniel recovered from a slow start before coasting his RB14-Renault to a halt with what at the time appeared to be a complete hydraulic failure. Subsequent investigation, detailed in this video by Craig Scarborough, reveals that a clutch thrust bearing broke, initiating the hydraulic shut-down. Images: Craig Scarborough; Red BullBy Peter Windsor

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The elephant in the room is that you don't double cross RedBull or in this case you don't pass them as 2nd choice. Ask Webber
Anastasios Constantinidis
RB retaliates on Ricciardo. They have been hurt by his decision hahaha
Andrés Padilla
Really? Why it failed for him the other 7 times? Cmon let’s be real, this is RB managing its batches of parts basically preferring the newest ones to car 33, the older ones in 3.
Why isn’t Peter appearing on Autosport anymore?
Arjan Arendsen
Great insights. I love this technical stuff.
But we all know Daniel's clutch failed cause Helmut Marko shat on it before the race
BenDaKill -
The bigger question is: \
Bill Welter
THAT's the clutch ??  That little thing ?   Wow, high tech and tough. Great videos, thanks!
Bobby Woolwine
Love the content. Feels like Willy Wonka, when he's at the end of the short hallway. It looks like a short room
Bolaji Oluwasona
Stop cutting him off!!!
Brian Shea
Stop interrupting him!?!?!?!
Bruce W.
Cant wait for the Honda v Renault battle next year. Hope the advantage goes French
Bruno Cabral
ricciardo is a nº2 now. he gets all the worse parts and you know that happens
CAMS Graphics
sorry proven the issue wan't down to clutch or manufacture? did i miss something? proven by whom?
Charles Damery
Clutches are always the weak link in any drive system. With the unit spinning at engine speed and the F1 clutches being so small and under a tremendous amount of stress it's wonder more don't fail, and it being a basically on/off unit now without a clutch pedal, just a steering wheel button, really depends on how the mechanics set it up.
Chris Thomson
I would srill look sideways at his chief engineer ....8 retirements ...very suspicious
Ciggy Brick1999
Typical red bull sabotage they give Riccardo the faulty clutch
Cody Piscitelli
I soooooo wish the broadcasts would include stuff like this and less of the stupid interviews like “how much do you want to win?” This isn’t hard to understand. Instead they’re dumbing down the public’s view, like the tire name change next year.
Here's a thought . . . shit breaks sometimes . . .
Daniel Hornby
4 consecutive double championships. All with Renault. How the recent past is easily forgotten...
David Wall
So - the answer is - you don't know - why not just say that instead of wanking on for 7 minutes.
Dhameer Govind
Red Bull issues were more than Engine issues so Max and Christine need a few smacks.
Dhruv Varshney
I think Mexico GP Qualifying was the last time Daniel will smile in F1! hope the situation improves in 2021 and Daniel doesnot become like Alonso fighting for lower positions. :(
Doug BM
Yawn. Oh sorry! 😉
Geoffrey Veale
A clutch thrust bearing should NEVER fail in a race car. It does spin fast, but in prior years they had to spin a lot faster. Scarb's implied comment that the engine power goes through the thrust bearing is just wrong. The power is transferred though the discs in the clutch pack. There is so much misinformation around F1 and RBR will probably never tell what actually failed, but you can bet it was not a simple thrust bearing as the main cause of failure.
Redbull doing ric dirty but acting like they distraught lol
Greg Menego
His clutch failed because it broke. End of story.
Guillermo Hoffmann
great video Peter!... A clear team issue but Horner kept saying that he was puzzled by the way Renault is not giving good material to Dan .....
Hammerhaus Kennel
Fantastic to see the (amazingly tiny) actual clutch parts in hand like this -- thank you!!
Harold Andeweg
Nobody mentioning Ricc could have burnt his clutch at the start when trying to control his wheelspin. \nWhen Max got a lot of DNF's (like last year) i heard Ricc fans saying it was because Max was \
Hee Sing Sia
Hope Ricardo gets on podium in at Least one of the last 2 races. He really deserves to leave on a high.
I see nothing wrong with Stalin
Daniel doesn’t know how to drive stick, that’s the problem. Remember, clutch, shift, then release.
Jason Brooks
The clutch isn’t a wet clutch? Thrust bearings are only engaged during gear changes so it’s possible red bull is going for an aggressive shift rpm timing. I’m guessing there isn’t a throw out rpm sensor to make sure it isn’t spinning to fast between gear engagement.
Jeron Lloyd
ZF Make 9 speed clutches for Honda already... 2019 is definitely going to be interesting
Sorry my comment was already discussed I had failed to read the comments
Johan Smit
I would just like to find out, isn't the launch control supposed to prohibit excessive wheelspin electronically in order to protect the clutch assembly from self-destruction.\nThen I would also like to find out if Traction Control has been legalised in F1 when a return to electronic aids were introduced, and if not, I would like to suggest, that allowing it back into the cars would make F1 racing much more interesting without failures of the kind that stopped Ricciardo in Mexico.
Because Red Bull are C*nts. Shafted Webber shafted Ricciardo.
John Bicycle
Thank you Craig Scarborough. Keep bringing in engine parts.
In hindsight, I'm glad he had a bad start because retiring from P1 would've been even more crushing for him.
Karl Chammas
Red Bull just focus on Max and not on Ricciardo!
Because it wasnt working
Lord Porcupine
The duplicity and inauthenticity of Red Bull is being seen by all, funny how it's Red Bull that is being impacted by Mechanical Issues so much more than other Renault engines runners.
Marty Plsek
So, Christian Horner was quick to blame Renault for this failure, but it turns out it really was a RBR part....
Martyn James
Bloke on the viewers left. I'm guessing you are the interviewer?\nThe best interviewers only interrupt when the person they're interviewing goes off on a tangent. By this measurement you're a poor interviewer. I came here to hear the opinion of the person being interviewed... Not you. Sorry but that's how interviews work, or should work.
Michael Hosdo
His clutch failed because he is moving to Renault. Red bull is a joke. No wonder he is leaving. 8 mechanical failures and two wrecks from Verstappen, time to move Daniel.
Michael Vadney
Very informative, thanks. How can such a small clutch take that kind of horsepower? Most clutches in road cars are 4 times bigger and with much less horsepower!
Mr Tower
Because he is getting all the junk
Nathan Markovski
If the clutch is only used at the start of the race and in pit stops, then why would it fail during the race? If the gear changes are made via the shift mechanism Scarbs talks about at 1:13, then why would the clutch thrust bearing fail, all of a sudden?
Nathaniel Offer
Why did Danny have to retire though? Why couldn't he continue like Schumacher did when he was stuck in 5th gear and took second place?
Nicholo Poriol
Too much echo. I had difficulty understanding the video. Hahahaha
Nico Montinola
RBR mechanics are not working hard for Daniel and management is not pushing them. Obviously they are butt-hurt about his leaving.
So the bearing shown (not necessarily used by redbull) is a shielded variant of the SKF 306 deep groove ball bearing. It's interesting to note the manufacturer specified maximum speed is 11,000 RPM
Orella Minx
5:45 VTEC's kicked back in, baby. And yes, I'm fully aware F1 cars do not have such because they've no need for it.
Paul Bergin
They'll be more spot light on Honda can they deal with that?
Paul T
I hope you both get microphones for Christmas!
Pc Grova
Excellent info .. I've maintained that Daniel is getting 'ripped off' by Red Bull Management ever since they decided Max was going to be their #1. They did the same with Mark Webber. Its disgraceful and only a fool would believe both cases coincidental, especially Daniel's 2nd half of the season v his first half v Max's first half with his number of self caused DNFs. My only question is how old was the clutch on Daniel's car and is Max getting newer or better parts?
Petro Gray
Lets not sugar coating ... clutch setting pre-set by the team control. RBR complicit to Danny Ric mechanical failures this year. They’re an embarrassment to Formula 1. I pray for their demise! Honda, do your bit too!
Let him finish a sentence Peter. No need to cut him off mere seconds before he finishes his statement.
Anyone else feel like they are in a tiny house?
Reece M
It would be interesting to tally up how many of Red Bull's reliability issues this year have been Renault issues, and how many have been Red Bull or other supplier issues that they're happy to let the media describe as \
Can you stop cutting him off towards the end of the sentence? I know he quickly talks too much but you should talk about that behind the scenes. This was just rude.
Rook Star
So happy Ricardo is leaving Red Bull. They don't deserve him. Keep that arrogant Verstappen . I would have loved to see him at Mercedes as Lewis partner. Nvm
Samrat Saha
Love these kind of technical discussions, please keep them coming even after the season is over
Santos Jerez
Dani Ric's Clutch failed because Honer removed it....simple
Second Chance
People continue to let Redbull off the hook by blaming the engine, saying that if they had the Mercedes/Ferrari block in the back, Redbull would be winning championships. (or close too)\nLets not forget that a similar thing was being said of McLaren when the Honda engine was letting go. McLean had the best chassis people would say, and as soon as it became clear it was more than engine trouble McLaren were having, the press put it all on McLean, saying it was only McLaren that had thought it was a engine only problem. \nRedbull have had lots of issues not related to the engine. The problems they have had with engines could also be because of the areo they choose to use. Lots of McLaren/Honda engine issues seem to be, in part because of McLarens failure to give sufficient cooling etc.\nOn top of all that, assuming Redbull did have a winning engine/package, who's to say their strategy it up to the task. I'm not convinced by what I saw with their world titles. Would their four titles have been enough to have competed with Mercedes this season? Taking high risk strategy when you have nothing to loose, can often be seen as a flash of genius. Do Redbull have a champion in Verstapen? He's fast but does he have the ability to take a bad race on the chin with consistent point scoring? Redbull have much further to go in my opinion than many others seem to think, and it could be a hard lesson for Redbull to learn should they get the engine they want, only to realise they still need more. That could then be the start of a downward trip for Redbull as they go the way of McLaren.
Sideshow Bob
Every time Weber got too close to Vettel on the grid he made a bad start. With Ricci in front of Verstappen in Mexico you could have safely backed Ricci big money at short odds to make a bad start. It's a Red Bull thing.
Simply RedBull don't want Ric to shine anymore. (Before the race start I was certain that something wrong gonna happen to Ric's car and it does)
Synth Punch
Wow can we ever get back to race and quali motors...
Terry Winter
There is something very sinister going on, 8 DNFs that is nearly half the season
The Missing Link's Younger Brother
Adrian Newy will sort out Honda?
TheHue's SciTech
Titan FX
Simple answer : someone at his garage sabotaged it.
Toro Loco
wow, again it turns out to be a redbull issue after they berated renault.
Trance 9
Great video...love the tech stuff.
This is great, thanks! And Mr. Windsor, that really was an excellent pun!
Victor Yakubu
Honda Red Bull vs Renault will be interesting next season.
Can we do this video's without Peter. he keeps interrupting and cutting Craig off.
Zack Seven
Since announcing his departure from Red Bull to Renaults he has had twice as many failures then Max has had, hmm I suspect that Red Bull are trying to demoralize Daniel before his move to Renault.
Wow. What a tiny clutch.
i also would like to know how may issues have infact been renault related. - it seem that some sort of agreement was reached at the end of last year whereby redbull should stop continually and publically putting renault down in order to have a supply this year.. but they do seem to be happy to allow the opinion or belief that failures are 'once again renault'. i really like independent teams in F1, but it is aspects like this that stop me warming to redbull as they do not appear to accept any fault ever.
azrul nizam
RedBull king of Aerodynamic
barry keane
Red bull clearly have a favourite and Daniel knew it. Horner is making sure max finishes above Daniel at any cost and blames Renault for it. I hope Daniel finishes above Red bull next season to rub salt in the wounds
I didn't watch the race because im kinda sick of f1. But, I knew Riccardo didn't stand a chance of winning... You honestly believe red bull would let him beat their little wonder kid when he's leaving end of the year??? Guys, the clutch is what ruined his start, no surprise Verstappens was fine.
RBR bitching about Renault all season .. good enough to win this race .. I highly doubt the Honda engine will be any better for them.
Peter Windsor is so annoying, keeps interrupting
james goodwin
Where are they,in their mums loft,you forgot your anoracks boys😂 😂 😂
john hunter
Not sure how AP are hidden company in F1 there a huge performance clutch company. Great technical segment though, more please :).
no name
Verstapen shags his clutch friday, swap out for Dans oh dear Dan has a problem, red BULL by name BULL S by nature, go Dan 2019 is your year
4:08 - that awkward moment when men start talking about lubricants...
s Shawross
To think that Marko is not involved in Daniel's bad luck is lunacy. Marko is an evil bastard.
shawon biswas
Imagine if Merc got Williams as it's 2nd team and Ferrari got Hass as it's 2nd like red bull got tororoso how much they will be improved... As 2nd teams will be carrying out their on track testing like tororoso doing..
Love the videos Peter but at least let him finish talking before you cut him off. It's regarded by many as rude.
Not hard to work out. DR is leaving and im sure red bull have known all year. They are giving him all the shit parts they have lying around and giving max all the best parts which is what they should be doing. New engine for next season is a huge drain on resources so money saved on DR is better spent on 2019 car. Not the first time an outgoing driver has had this and will not be the last
sunil eapen
At least Daniel is moving at a ripe age with a good pay package unlike Webber who stayed and lacked motivation. He only performed when he was pushed. Both Webber and Vettel had the same car which was a championship winning car at that time.
Why is Greg Chappel talking about F1?
tom connors
The number of conspiracy nut jobs in these comments is causing my thrust bearing to fail.
wert freund
I don't eat that!\n\nIt was clearly left side smoke only.\n\nClutch-bearing =\u003e hydraulics even when all hydraulics pipes on one side =\u003e left side would have been way in front of gearbox and (!)below manafold =\u003eTurbo so that the hydraulic oil and the smoke would've been not that intense cause away and below from exhaust and also n o t only on one side of car .\n\n(!!)8 to 2 DNF's on Daniels side is also no plausible \
Excellent tech insight, as ever. Coincidence that Peter's wearing Hilfiger? ;-)