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Alternative Devo Whip It

EVERYTHING about this video is fucking genius. These guys were light years ahead of their time, and still are.
Darren Criss dancing in American Crime Story, Versace brought me here!!
Aaron Parten
Just learned this song on bass just because i had nothing better to do😂
Andrethe knight
true story)me and my friends planned to go to the arcade on our bikes so we had this blasting on a speaker and then someone said you remind me of the kids of stranger things
Angry Young man Vanqisher of tyranny
it's sexist to keep whipping a woman's bosom
Antuanet ortis
2018 ?
Art of Free Speech
Stranger Things 2 anyone?
B's and the Boys
Stranger things arcade
Your pop-ups ruin the end of the clip. Just sayin...
Bombastic Brody
Johnny Test, anyone?
Bradley Appleby
My dad is from Akron Ohio, and went to high school with 3 members of Devo. He said they were super weird band geeks and got bullied and beat up all the time. Well they sure showed those assholes.
Brandon B
CASINO!!!! I live in Brooklyn. Raised by the streets. The mob is nothing like what the movie portrayed although was similar in what they did to them desert people out there. The Italian mob had things correct from 1930s to about 1975. Modernized. There still around but they aren’t hanging out at social clubs. They changed with the times have hands more on computers. No one makes any real money like the 5 family’s in the mid to late century.
Call me senpai
How can this have only 1 million views
Camilo Master
One thousand years looking for this song!
Craig Beasley
At 180 Beats per minute, it was on par with The Ramones. Northern Ohio saw some of the best \
David Marquez
*I'm from this era and never notice how good the video is. Its very Lynch and with tons of influence from russian master Sergei Eisenstein.*
Dilly Mackey
The official anthem of BDSM.
Dr. Jé
Versace Versace Versace
El’s Nightcore
*when you mow old man humphreys lawn* (stranger things)
I remember my dad showed me this video when I was 6 and I couldn't stop asking why everyone had flower pots on their heads
GAEM Stuff
1.2K people didn't whip it.
It's scary how much of a banger this is
This is one of the weirdest songs ever made.\nAs an interesting aside, one of the band's members, Mark Mothersbaugh, was the composer of the \
Hannah Patterson
before the cream sits out too long\n *you must whip it*\nwhen something's goin wrong\n *you must whip it*\nwhen a shadow demon comes along\n *you must whip it*
Holli Burns
JJLC Marketing
I still love this song and made an energy dome DIY video on my youtube page. It was my halloween costume for the past two years!
Jazzmin Ober
That's my mom being whipped in the videoooo!
Jeb NJimbo
The Belmont Family theme song
John Smith
No one will ever think this is normal; we will watch it forever.
It looks like Pretty woman this melody\nIn Mtv japan flashback international top 20, this song is 24th position out of 31
anyone else just weirdly wiggling in their chair?
Keith Fraser
This is what Fifty Shades of Grey would look like if it was made in the 80s.
Kills slayer Skule
Family guy anyone...? Only me
Kurtis Stryker
Stranger Things? Family Guy? I came here from Casino
Let It Be Known
R.I.P. Alan and Bob, thanks for all the years of entertainment
Lily Carter
Who's here for ACS Versace, Cunanan's dance in that red coverall? 🤣
Lukey the Nerd
FUN FACT! Mark Mothersbaugh, the dude holding the whip, would later do the music for rugrats
Manzanita Paz
Who ISNT here because of stranger things, but because your old friggn grandpa/Dad/Mom/aunt/uncle/grandma
Mariano Sanchez
Who more for song’s Briguette? If overwatch hero had theme song?
Mario Barderas Fernandez
Me encanta este tema. Sale en el primer capitulo de la segunda temporada de Stranger things.
Matthew Tucker
Stranger Things 2 brought me here
Melvin Leonel Mejía
I love the 80s
What the hell is a crosseyed asian woman doing with a revolver....
Mo Dollas
I’m black and I’m rocking this in 2018...oct 6
Stranger Things 2..Mad Max , someone ??
When I find myself in times of trouble, Mother Mary comes to me.  Speaking words of  wisdom, \
This is just put in my head sometimes and I can never figure out why
Neon Squid
Before the cream sets out to long you must whip it
Novel Gamer
The 80's was a...interesting time.
Olu Bukonla
30 years later, and I STILL want one of those flower pot hats! #whipitgood
Orlando Sanchez
I remember watching the video on mtv with my sister. Our parents couldn't tare us apart from the set.
Pedro Bakale
*Your Party Enters The Arcade*
RJ Nuzzi
Luv, luv, luv this great plastic-pop opus!!! was there upon its release... yes, I'm that old....
RedYellow Blue
hard to believe everyone wore these hats in the 80s
Revertino Tse
What up with those Red Hats on the Group's heads?? Weird???
Santiago Giuntoli
You can love em or hate em but definitely they are mothertruckin beasts the way they play. That's simply inarguably a true fact. Their live performances are flawless
Santiagø Møriarty
Am I the only one NOT here from Stranger Things 2?
Sean Madden
What a ridiculous band!\n\n\n\n\n\n\n\n\nI love it!!!
Only 3.1 million I must have heard this song A Thousand Times as a kid
Señor Beethoven
The Confederates would've loved this song....
Smokeyy Bacon
I’m still here because of Rob Dyrdek
Stas Pilipenko
Andrew Cunanan bought me here)
Stephanie Odonnell
They drinking budweiser lol
Steve Baer
I have never seen a beautiful cross eyed Asian girl before? Never give her a handgun she might shoot an innocent person by mistake? I think that she just played cross eyed for this video. I love when those people got out of her way, I would too. Or she might blow my manhood from me. I was born a boy and I want to die as a man.
Probably one of the first videos I saw on MTV as a kid.....when MTV only played music videos. We didn't get cable TV until about 81-82 at our house, and when we did, my sister and I spent a solid week videos on MTV, haha.
Stormy Weather
it drives me crazy when people refer to this song and call Devo a one-hit-wonder
Teja Tej
Family guy, anyone?
The Duchess
Who’s here after watching ‘the assassination of Gianni Versace ‘ on FX ?
The Key and the Gate
Playing Castlevania be like
For those who only know this song,i highly recommend to dig alot deeper into their discography! You will be amazed🤗 Whip It doesnt represent Devo as their true core imo.
Wayne Mickel
Still one of the best songs
Family guy?
I’m doing my best
ami nekoto
Lyrics\nCrack that whip\nGive the past the slip\nStep on a crack\nBreak your momma's back\nWhen a problem comes along\nYou must whip it\nBefore the cream sits out too long\nYou must whip it\nWhen something's going wrong\nYou must whip it\n\nNow whip it\nInto shape\nShape it up\nGet straight\nGo forward\nMove ahead\nTry to detect it\nIt's not too late\nTo whip it\nWhip it good\n\nWhen a good time turns around\nYou must whip it\nYou will never live it down\nUnless you whip it\nNo one gets away\nUntil they whip it\n\nI say whip it\nWhip it good\nI say whip it\nWhip it good\n\nCrack that whip\nGive the past the slip\nStep on a crack\nBreak your momma's back\nWhen a problem comes along\nYou must whip it\nBefore the…
angus dean
Still cracking that whip in 2018
becky martin
love this song,, grew up to this,,,,but to this day i hear,,,\
Rolling up to the arcade with your party like... 🚴 🎮
chubbybunny monkey
I'm here because of ceraadi
darragh browne
🎵Break your moma's back🎵 best lyric for a song ever
diego prieto
Andrew Cunanan liked this.
fart gander
Well I know I'm whipping the like button
Andrew Cunanan bring me here!
Looked up \
Devo at Metro Chicago, 30 years ago to the day. First date with Kat. Still together today. Still love DEVO.
jester manarang
andrew cunanan (ACS season2) brought me here
johnny Gutierrez
Ah the 80s miss them days..
lost found
I dab in 2018 after they say whip it
Devo are the true pre-internet meme-masters.
It's 2018 and this song STILL sounds like it comes from 10 years in the future.
susan-jillian smith
They got the idea for this song... because they found a brochure on the bus - about a motivational speaker who had a catch phrase \
tlc 1955
You will never live it down unless you whip it...….
trevor random
Classic DEVO
Darren Criss as Andrew Cunanan dancing this.