Key Peele - Killing an African Warlord

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Rather than surrender, an African warlord wishes to die on his own terms.

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100k subscribers? But no videos?
I didn’t find any bullets, but I found samthing betta, boiling hot watar
Abdirahman maanka
you are an idiot.....\nDon't say that I tried my best 😂😂😂😂
Adolfo Zunguene
He ended up torturing him lmao
Andrew Mertes
I couldn’t find the bullets. WHAT!? But something better, hot boiling water. What would you want to do with hot boiling wa- AHHHHHHHHHHHHH!!!!!!!!
Apple Morales
Im fucking crying omg lmfao
2018 ?
Bennett Matthew
I'm at work and somebody sent me this link. I was dying laughing and trying to control the sounds so my coworkers wouldn't be like, What the hell is going on with him.
Black Disciples
Should of gotten Michael Blackson in this
Blackstone Avenue
That last joke got me.
Boozled Doozled
“My most trusted soldier over the age of eight...”
Brian Self
Key and peele taught me how to do inpressions of foreign country languages. Lol
Brooklyn Chatman
This guy threw a pot at him and poured hot water on him 😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂💀💀💀💀💀💀
Cash Money
Do you know de whey
Cathy Maliye
Hahaha 2018 and my African ass is laughing at this ..the accent's lord on point
Clifton Williams
The secret spy is doing the best job
Dan O
Where have these skits been all my life🤣🤣🤣🤣
Dante Crailman
They both have amazing language impressions.
Delovely Mar
I am in agaaaanyyy Died so hard 😂😂😂😂😂
Derp Wayne
That dude was remarkably resilient though. Not many can be stabbed, hit on the head with a revolver and a cooking pan, be shot in the knee and walk away just like that. Not to even mention getting his privates boiled.
Earth Is A Donut
No matter how many time I watch this its always hilarious
Edwin Harris
most ironic line, \
Emily Silas
This whole joke is taken from the movie kung fu hustle. You can see how similar it is.
ImIn_Your Lobby
He has a TNMNT shirt XD
Jacob McCaslin
The reason why I love Key & Peele so much is that every single sketch of theirs has a great, satisfying punchline. A lot of shows’ wackiness and character driven comedy is comparable to K&P (for instance, WKUK or Human Giant) but those shows don't consistently have clear, concise punchlines that make the long set up (the sketch) worth it. These guys are comic geniuses and yes, I'm super high right now.
Jonathan Chan Jon Chu
Jonathan Gomez
Kashiki Yajima
*I thought you might want an open casket*\nFFFFFFFFFFFF
Khalifa Trolling
wow he missed every fatal organ
King D.Z.S
0:48 \n\nJengo: And well i stabbed him 37 times in the chest\nCommander Beauholais: WHAT THE HELL ARE YOU DOING
Kyle Essick
I no de wae
Best thing was they saluted with there plams facing the other meaning they lose most of there wars
Liibski90 A
I laughed so hard, I temporarily lost control of some sensory functions on my fingers.
Mahady Hasan
OMG im dead !!!
Mai P Nees
Upside down Marine insignias worn on the service Alphas. I’m pretty sure those Berets were inside out too
Masi The crack
Hahhhhhhh omg this was funny
Matthew Laird
He obviously does not know da wae
I surrenda I am the general Dominick Bujune
Michelle poole
Mouh Cine
0:52 my brother when tingled.
NSF Flight
He did not know da wae
Naberious Lazarus
Ojas Agarwal
I love his shirt. lmao
Omarzkie Tero
It's 2018, I'm watching this for more than 20 times. Kinda memorize their lines. Lol.
What da hell ar you doiing, haaaaaaaaaaaaaaa!!!
Ozgar Thunderhammer
Paco El92
God dammit Jango you had one job.
Paul Guillaume
Lol his shirt
Peter Taylor
He asked him to kill him and he just pulls out his knife and stab stab stab...what the hell are you doing!!!
Printz Eugen
How are they so good on making various accents
I’m crying 😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂
RaGe Skin
Far cry 3
Rachel Arnold
He knows da wae
Raheem Hussain
but the African war lord is ajit pai
They must know da wei
Remember Redox
He do not know da wey to keel.
Do they kno de wey?
Nice shirt lol
Sage of Snake
I used to be an African warlord, but then I took a bullet to the knee.
Saitama Sins
I lost it when he throw the big pot. Ahahahaha
Sarkis Mouradian
he doesnt know da waey.
Seth Kiser
Shanley Wheeler
dey knew de wey
Shawn shane
The gun is empty. would you like I stab you again? Hahahaha
Simoun Romero
my brain: i have to review my lessons for tomorrow \nmy fingers: just one more key and peele video\n\n(6 hours later)\n\nmy brain: i have to review my lessons for tomorrow \nmy fingers: just one more key and peele video
Sk3ptic Surg3
0:13 Is that a USMC Sergeant Insignia on his arm
St. John Tsuno-Wayne
Strictorc185638 Orc
Sulav Acharya
The Jyd33
Jango does not know da wae
Trevor Negron
I killed an Asian Warlord. \nIt was easy cause he couldn't see me
Tyson Martin
Chango please hurry im am in agony!
Victor Ogunbusola
How much more torture can the poor commander endure 😂
War Ninja
Shows exactly how hard it is to kill an African Warlord. Not even their own men can kill them properly.
Yalo Bradburry
he already totured his commander
Yukon Yuki 666
Zeke Foxfire
Plot twist: Jango was under cover
Zian Bandayrel
He sounds like black panther
aX Rapture
havin' friend like this, who's need the enemy?
cash golden
He just starts stabbing him lol
Oh my god, I swear this is their funniest skit ever. I nearly died from laughing, and I'm not even kidding!
I just noticed he was wearing a ninja turtles shirt LMAO
Dis commanda does not no da wae
“Goodbye Commanda you sorry ass peace of shhhhhhhh, did you just assault me as you were about to fia, well you had insulted me earlier so I thought you would be dead, so sorry”
jake llamas
sort that beret out, medals go on your medal ribbons, and he has a navy rank and a fake army rank on his uniform
Did the warlord think that it was a good idea to entrust his demise to a soldier wearing a ninja turtle shirt and the IQ of a 5 year old.
Turns out he was a jango was a traitor....
miraaj elmi
ryan murphy
They even got the clothes right; 3rd generation hand downs from the 80s-90s
steven smith
0:13 No, gather everyone we have left in the center of the village and set up barricades with whatever is available. We will make a last stand and make our enemy pay the butchers bill for their victory./looks over at my homemade mustard gas bombs and c4. Go get things set up, I'm going to rig up a little surprise for our guests.
my most trusted solder \n\n \n\n\n\n\n\n\n\n \n\n\n\n\n\n\n\n over the age of 8
has anyone noticed his pizza ninja turtle shirt?