Saints vs. Vikings Week 8 Highlights | NFL 2018

The New Orleans Saints take on the Minnesota Vikings during Week 8 of the 2018 NFL season.Subscribe to NFL:

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Black and Gold Super Bowl ☝🏽🏆🏆🏆🏆🏆🏆🏆🖤🖤🖤🖤🖤🖤 Vikings fans quite now lol
A Guy
Third times a charm.
Andrew K
I already know this whole comment section is about to be saints fans taking shi
Angel Morales
SKOOOOL DEEZ NUTS! and hold this L Viqueens WHO DAT!!! ⚜️⚜️⚜️
B Fresh
Wow The NFC\nNorth is crazy. You wanna know just how crazy? The bears went from first, to last , and back to first again in a matter of 3 weeks. This division will be a dogfight and Week 17 will truly be the finale with a 4 teams playing each other ‼️😱
Big C
Skol!!!! Skol!!!! Skol!!! What happened?? 🤣🤣🤣🤣
Bilal Hirsi
Vikings could’ve had this game as they were rolling but the turnovers were too costly and they couldn’t overcome them. Saints are a helleva team. Vikings still in good shape I think.
Bilal Int'l
Rams vs #WhoDat best 2 teams in the NFC West, I'm taking the Saints 34-27
Black Raptor17
Saints are winning the Super Bowl
BlackMamba99 TV
Minnesota can Skol these 🥜🥜
Bob Marley
Breezy Brees
Brian Bidwell
Nice game gooooo saints like if you agree or saints fan
Brian G
7:13 When your center gets absolutely demolished.
C. Who Dat
Chris Harris Jr.
103 yards... damn Adam Thielen. Best WR in the NFL.
Cody Products
Taysom hill is going to be a beast after Brees is done with, he’s either already, or nearing his prime, 28 years old and can do almost anything.
Columba Loniello
I'm saddened that the Packers lost to the Rams tonight (although I do like the Rams). However, it is always a pleasure to see the Saints win and the Vikings lose. Brees and his team deserve another ring and I'd be fine with that.
Crazy Cajun
Another awesome win by the New Orleans Saints! Read a few comments, and you'll see lots of excuses, and Saints haters here tonight. But also many very cool Vikings fans saying congrats, and wishing the Saints well. To them I say, right back at you! Most Minnesota fans are classy and a cut above the average NFL fan. It's always fun to play the Vikings. And our work is not done yet. On to the Rams, and to try and end their undeafeated streak. Working for top seeded status now!
Thank you Saints. The Bears are now back in first place!
Daddy Mike
This has to be saints year
DarkLife 3074
Lot of salty saints fans from last year still
Know why it’s called a miracle ?? Cause it’ll never happen again #whodat
Rough night for the MN receivers, Thielen's first fumble in like, ever... Treadwell adds on to that misery by doing unnecessary Treadwell things. Then Diggs stops mid route and causes Cousins to deliver an interception right into the hands of PJ Williams. Hate to say it Vikes, our receivers literally were the entire reason this game was lost, couldn't even capitalize on that Harrison Smith interception. 14 pts scored on defense, Saints offense really wasn't even that explosive tonight. Either way gg Saints, you guys took advantage of our stupidity big time.
Dylan Kelly
6:50 My favorite part! Who dat!
Efizz loves Madden
I swear Drew Brees doesn't play like he's 39 years old
Felix Guerra
Ready for the saints to beat the overrated rams 👍👍
Gianni Fraioli Models And Advertising Management
Saints are simply the best team of both the leagues.Nobody can be compared them not technically but psychologically.Trusting in themselves and their own abilities.Is not important if hometown or visitor match they come out and play believing to be the best.I have observed many times already the saints,i have admired them winning vs Falcons despite a questionable refereeing and vs Raven there has been too fortune (an always welcome ingredient)maybe this year God wears saints s't-shirt!.Vikings began with a good energy but that fumble of Adam Thielen has upset whole team.
Gregory Rufus
Minnesota massacre
Vikings ran out of Minneapolis Miracles.
Jose Salazar
Skip Bayless tomorrow \
Joshua Daigle
As a Saint's fan I try not to be overly critical of our players because I know that they're trying their best to play well, but PJ Williams is killing us.
Joshua Leonard
Minneapolis mediocrity. For all the Vikings fans who are going to go on about holding Brees under 150 yards and whatever other statistical anomalies happened, just don’t. They didn’t hold Brees to under 150 yards. Brees threw for under 150 yards because that’s what the game called for in order to win. \n\nThat’s the difference between a good team and a great team. A good team can win when the game plays out the way they want it to. A great team can win regardless of how the game plays out. For the Vikings to win, the offense has to score 30 using the passing game and not turn it over. The Saints have been winning by looking at the opposing team’s weaknesses and attacking them. Vikings o-line is banged up, put Cousins under pressure all night and wait for him to screw up. Get that W. Go home.
Josue Tejada
Saints please show the Rams a lesson next week and give them their first L
ironic that the 2 best players costed them the game
Jynell Lucas
Super saints are back! Rams undefeated streak ends next week!
Kmt _Legacy
And Vikings fans thought they could beat us , lmao . .
LBJFan 23
I wonder did the do better ratings than the world series
Lakenzie Mayweather
Great JOB Saints(from a Falcons' fan) KIRK COUSIN did all that with Thielen and couldn't win! NOW It's going to be the Packers or VIKINGS or the BEARS to win the North! Meanwhile the PANTHERS and SAINTS are battling for the South, while the FALCONS need a MIRACLE to get a playoff spot, TO BE CONTINUED......😑😐🤔😏
Lorenzo Asturias
PJ Williams literally went from most hated CB on the team to most loved. Us Saints fans crucified him in the first half lmao, guess he heard the comments WHO DAT
1. Salty people need to back off of Brees. He could've easily lit up the defense. He just played the way he had to in order to eat up the clock and win. 2. Let's get those Rams down to size. #WHODAT
MaxiMilianmus 2nd Commander
No more miracles\nJust Minnesota Massacres
Michael Ott
Mitchell Trubisky
As a Bears fan thank you Saints!
Mr. McCann
Looks Like The Minnesota Miracle Was Really A Miracle,#WHODAT😂😂😂
Muse A.
Gg Saints. They had the better team and executed way better than us. Good luck to you guys for the rest of the season.
Omizzy Lizardi
The Saints' uniform is beautiful.
One CRAZY Who Dat!
Vikings' fans be like... \
PJ Clemons
Who Dat beat the Ravens and the Vikings on the Road the last 2 Weeks? The Saints that's who
Pete F
Apparently one of the commentators interviewed Drew Brees after the game and asked him if he had a difficult time getting the \
Rams, you're next.
RayWitDa Sauce
Vikings win was a flop 😆 #WHODAT . Our kicker really came in clutch , Drew Brees didn't do so well today tho 🤧
RichHomie Kel
Hopefully people will stop doubting us now. But I know that won't happen. WHO DAT
Robert Lind
GO NEW ORLEANS SAINTS all the way from the beautiful city Zurich, Switzerland. I will be back in USA to see my Saints versus the Cincinnati Bengals 11/11. GO SAINTS. Super Bowl this year in Atlanta baby.
Good game saints. Turnovers killed us, we didn't make the plays we needed to tonight.. For what it's worth, I hope today makes up as much as it can for the divisional round last year. See you in January. #Skol
Ryungun Rie
The Saints: we don't need miracles to win.
SamS 101
Damn vikings beat themselves... Turnovers where killers and we did shut down drew brees , Lol congrats on your first win against us in a while Saints fans
Marshone Lattimore, Marcus Williams, Marcus Davenport, are really good players
SaucyX4 •
The Meaningless Miracle. 38-7
Savage Noah
Ain’t no Minneapolis miracle tonight 😭😭😭😭😭
Silver Is The Name
Skip wasn't wrong for once
Saints gonna end the Rams streak
Spike Spiegel
1. Gurley\n2. Kamara\n3. Hunt
Steezy Beats
Saints Super Bowl 2019 😬😏
U know the saints are good when Drew Brees only has 120 passing yards & u put up 30 points & get the W
Minneapolis meltdown
Trell Hatch
Everybodykeep saying the saints cheating 🤔How? Bounty Gate for telling your players to knock the Hell out the other team players??? And I’ll reward u well they need to bounty gate college football also and at that ban the rest of the NFL to everybody do it Ain’t this Football or Flag ??? Honestly saints didn’t do anything wrong same thing teams been doing 4 years but when you Whop they Boy toy Brett Farve like that u mess up they Dream matchup Manning vs Farve 😂😂😂
Trev Loco
Saints best team in football
Tristan Talbot
I don’t dislike the Vikings but now y’all can hold this L bc the real team prevailed #whatmiracle #whodatnation
Tyron Wells
Thank u saints
Vegito Z
As an Eagles fan thank you Saints
Amazing what happens when a team doesn't rely on miracles to win games
The Vikings were missing key players. But so were we last year in the playoffs
saints-rams nfc championship game?
duane jessup
The Saints color rush White n Gold should become the regular visiting Colors cus they r Sweeeeeet.
So, anyone want to tell me about how good the games are going to be next week? \n\n\nFirst we got: \nChargers-Seahawks \n\n\nA battle between the top two teams in the NFC: \nRams-Saints \n\n\nAnd, a battle between the two best QB's in the league: \nPackers-Patriots \n\n\nThrow in a Ravens-Steelers game, and you got yourself a loaded week for all NFL fans.
Rams will go 0-2 against the saints this season. Rams will lose to the saints next week (Blow out) and then they will lose the Saints in the PlayOffs...
jerry robinson
Brees only threw for 120 Yard yet Saints beat the Vikings by 10.,,(Defense came through against a tough team)
john mike
Brees only threw for 120 yards and saints still won by 10 😂
keiren Kinney
Saints look dangerous one of the best Nfc teams
Good game saints! Man Apple looked pretty bad in his debut. Haha \n\nMy RBs are conner, kamara and Mack. I went off today.
pass the football
Thats right saints who dat 💪
Oddly enough, the comment \
stop just stop stop it
How ironic, the main reason we lost last year was because of a misplay from our defense. \n\nBut for one of the most anticipated rematches this season, our defense absolutely carried us with those two amazing plays. \n\nIncredible game by both sides and I gotta give props to Adam Thielen. Absolute monster.
Love my team. WHO DAT
tyra riley bout them saints!