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Looking to spice up your dinners? Well this video sure will help you! With these 12 cheesy, spicy, sweet, and amazing recipes, you can successfully prepare a delicious Mexican Dinner!____________________________________________________________________Timestamps: Any questions or suggestions? Leave them in the comments below!Also check out our other channels:Craft Factory: www.youtube.com/CraftFactoryVT: www.youtube.com/JungleVT

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A r l y
Estas recetas no son mexicanas. No hacemos ese tipo de comidas. No a todo le agregamos chile, no a todo le agregamos guacamole, no le ponemos queso a todo (o a la mayoría como en el vídeo. \nAlgunos mexicanos lo tomarían ofensivo este vídeo, pero creo que están tratando de hacer su propia versión, tal vez no tienen mucho conocimiento sobre las recetas de comidas tradicionales e intentan hacer recetas con lo más \
AD Food Network
So tasty 😋
Afiq Mirzeyev
Amrendra Sinha
team twisted, please tell you all are from which country
Ana Mariscal
Esto no es \
Angeline Espinosa
As I Mexican I have never had or made any of these meals
Annie Vazquez
That's not even Mexican food. 😠
Anon ymous
i always wanted to make taco bell at home.. lol
Asia Aaron
This video fits the name of this channel sooo well😬😪😂. Bc this ain’t no where near Latin food. Just bc u call something a taco doesn’t mean its Latin. Instead of making some fahijetts idk if I’m spelling it right (if I’m not I’m sorry). But they could have made some chimichangas, Sopapillas, epanadas (I love all three of those btw. But Idk if a chimichanga is a actual Latin dish please correct me if I’m bc I want to know if that’s right or not. Bc it’s all about the respect behind it that’s all. ) and that’s just the tip of a wonderful iceberg.
Brandi B.
I don't know why people are so offended. No one took a fresh cat turd, rolled it in a tortilla, and shouted Down With Mexico. This is INSPIRED food. Immitatation is the sincerest form of flattery. Food should bring people together in joy. God forbid some of you should imagine an off-ratio of cilantro or onion in some poor cooks salsa. It might start a fucking war.
Chelsea Cheyenne
Damn that music was annoying had to mute and watch lmaooo
Chris evens
Nice tune
Chuchupanicornio Castillo
In what kind of universe our beautiful dishes are like this? I don't wanna eat things like that
DMS Inc.
*Insert angry comment here*
Diceny Faria
Que importa si es mejicano o no lo que importa es que es comida lo mas sabroso del mundo
Eduardo Hernandez
i was living my whole life in the wrong country
Edward Akira
Churros are spanish
Eve M
Great n delicious meals n snacks great ideas TFS....
Fatima Pathan
Wow 😋
Fer Rmz
I came expecting to be disappointed but i was just offended hsdkjsfkhsd que son estas mamadas compa
FinnestKids Jai&Niyah
Any one cringe on how they where cutting it
Flizah J.
It makes me salivate.... i want some!
Georgia Colman
Amazing !!!! Love ya guys
Gina M
We dont cook like that. Thats gringo taco bell food
No hacemos de cenar esas marranadas
Issa Chan
4:14 \n\nI see *D O R I T O S*
Jazmine Gomez
That is not mexican food😂 this is the white people version😂
Jeremy Yassa
Bruh literally this is not Mexican food that is the twisted version of Mexican food #the twisted “ Mexican “ Bell
Jesenia Chapys
Wtf.... This is not mexican at all.... 😣 ewwwww and we dont put cheese at everything...
Jo Sur
even the music isnt mexican lol
Jorge Del Gespo
ALv es cena y se hacen eso ?
Jorge Enrique Valenzuela Gómez
my ancestors will send an spiritual chancla nightmare to your sleep.
Juan Carlos L.
This is not mexican food 😂😂😂
Kaley Casey
Whoever uses “taco seasoning packs” for anything should be ashamed. -_-
Lele Hassan
Lily. A
4:14 WHAT THE ACTUAL HECK. If you think that is even classified as Mexican food, you obviously have no idea what’s your doing.
Maricruz Perez
Esto no es comida mexicana, esto son la combinación que hacen allá, se le llama tex-mex. En México no usamos el cheddar
Michelle Perez
This is all mexican food gringo style
Mike Malone
Man, looks sooo good and pretty easy, I'm gonna try some of them!
Mint Yoongi
Moon Sabeen
Simply yummyyy...!!!
Mtro. Carlos Alberto Neira Saenz
Soy de México y me encantaron las resetas aunque tortilla queso y carne preparada no es taco es quesadilla
Nick Dickens
No es mexicano es loco USA comida GRINGOS
Pablo Aguilar
Looks like a tex mex food :(
Paola Park
Tex-Mex*** not Mexican at all 😩😩
Paulina Diaz Flores
Jajajaja nmmn quien les dijo que eso era comida mexicana 😂😂😂😂😂😂
Pr1sm4 D14m0nd
La margarita nos va a dar chorro xd
Real Deal
Love the music but seriously you people use way too much cheese in your meals 🤦🏽🤦🏽
Roxbel Violin
Los mexicanos y su amor por el \
*like si eres de México :v*
Salior Moon
This station...these videos make me soooo hungry, lol
Sam Serapio
Cómo nos ven los de estados unidos XD :v
Samantha Zuniga
lol what is this 😅😅 as soon as she busted out the Doritos I was done 😅 looks good but not what I came for 😂
Samuel Martin3z
And what is with all this fajita sh!t, there’s more food to choose from
Samyra Villarreal Da Silva
Secundo soy mexicana
They love their crunch wraps don’t they
Shorty Mendoza
Wtf is do I really need to call gordan Ramsey
Sonia Rocha
Everything is fajitas...do we only eat fajitas in Mexico or what! ?? Also this isn't Mexican food is like texmex or something else but far from authentic Mexican food
TORO Cazares
that is nothing to do with real mexican food.
Ternera con Eneldo
Are churros mexican?
The Honey Pot Kitchen
I refuse to believe Mexican food is taco everything .. cmon do better
Tiffany Yang
that just looks sooo good
Vanessa Reyna
That’s Tex-mex food not Mexican lol if I can’t order that in Mexico then it isn’t Mexican. Maybe the title should be Hispanic inspired not Mexican 🤤🤤 still yummy nonetheless I’ll be trying the fajita cones for sureeeee
That’s so unrealistic, we eat food like pozole, menudo with some toasted bread, and the “churros” don’t have that much cinnamon and it’s just a stick of churro not a cup cuz that’s so extra
Viviana PMG
What’s in Ebony’s Room
No hate though it looks like a spin off of Mexican food to but it in a non offensive way
White Shuuu
Just awesome
Wonder Women844
( That,s juice can't put the chilli's anyway )\n @ THANK U+\n % CHEERS )
Ximena Reyes
Estas madres ni mexicanas son pinshis gringos nmms q asco tacos con queso chedar q nmmn
Yoali Castro
Comida mexicana la mejor 😁😁😁
Zainab Zoza
منو عربي يجق لايك 😘😊👍
angelina fields
so good and tasty
annie tower
Just correct the names and you'll avoid all the hate\n\nTry making some enchiladas for a mexican dinner by the way
bianka olan
I'm mexican and I don't eat that type of stuff. Why would we use taco seasoning!?
Just because you put it on a tortilla doesn't make it Mexican food just saying
chiro chan
eleomi engelbrecht
Oh good GOD did u put rice in bread thats like putting mayonaise on a strawberry
fariha mithyla
fatouche_ sw
I am french and i love this channel
irene herrera
Además se te olvidaron muchas reseñas mexicanas por ejemplo tamales , gallina tinta , posole , etc😡
jessica direito
linda Rodríguez
Really we don't cook and eat this
lolo gbrani
I love taco's leave a like to be in the taco sqout
Where can we get a book on all of these recipes, we can always adjust theses dishes according to our restrictions, but would love to try a lot of these meals. Don't be offended people you are not required to change you native dishes. Different strokes for different folks, change the page and go make a taco the way you like it.
sail hatan
As a mexican person, this offends me
samu el guapo
Not is mexican food
taco y katie
Soy de México pero aquí no comemos esas cosas
takoya cafjte
im black and this offends me YOO WHAT...…….
yolo staar
We don't cook that \
قناة يوتيوبر2018
I'm hangry 😋😋ilovet that's food ymmm