Key Peele - Turbulence - Uncensored

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A passenger argues with a flight attendant about her request to stay seated while the airplane's fasten-seatbelt sign is on for turbulence.

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How do they manage to turn an insignificant situation into something so epic?
Adnan Abbas Agha
1:53 ASMR 😂😂😂
Adrian Powell
I worked the airlines for 20 years. Bottom line is there is a lot of ignorant passengers out there to aviation. People have turned aircraft into greyhound buses and have no respect for the aircraft they are flying on. No respect that they are flying through the air at 40,000ft, 550mph, in a pressurized metal tube. The rules of air travel are there for your individual safety, and the safety of the aircraft period.
Amanda Pans
I thought peele was playing a feminine man but in the description it says “her” 😂😂
Andy Leal
4:24 I died
Another shitty Channel.
Top 10 anime battles....
Articulate Design ASMR
Hahaha man this is one of their funniest ever scenes
Arunkumar sivasubramanian
Oh my god!!! Lololololol!! You guys are crazy!!
Whispers “ you’RE yelling in my face” 🤣🤣🤣🤣😳😳😳😳🤣🤣🤣🤣
Audacion I
The plane is in the middle of a WW2 air fight over Stalingrad bro.
Azhar Prawira Sani
you're hurting my ear drums
Because friken said
Mom: your room isn't clean \nMe: but is it against the law?
Bindair Dundat
I thought he was also gonna open the luggage racks atop and have some bags flying in the cabin.
Bobo Nwaka
Imagine witnessing this shit on a plane 😂😂😂 lmfao
Look at Peele's facial expression the entire time. LMAO! I had to look away because I couldn't stop laughing! He clearly used the force to cause that turbulence to teach Key a lesson for his stubbornness.
Carlex 545
I laughed so much on kay puttig the seatbelt on lmfao
Cee Dee
Did anyone see that lady looking up at them arguing...🤣🤣😂🤣😂
I'm seeing a bit of Meegan in Jordan's character here! Especially talking abot those stares.
Christopher Lien
There are forces beyond human perception at play here.
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Jordan Keys facial expressions are perfect
the planes probably flying at low attitude piercing through a horde of birds while being shot at by 4 seperate anti air guns 2 hmgs and a artillery gun
Der Japaner
Yeah but is it against the law though? 😂😂😂
Look at the women sitting between them just watching them 😂😂😂
Dulom Dampu
Skinny version of Dwayne Johnson
Elena Andro
Meegan's brother 🤨😏😒 0:39
Elizabeth Terlinden
It's important to hold onto the handle when using the restroom in an airplane. Otherwise you may Pee and Keel 😎
Eric John
I just realize. That's not sweat. lol
Everything Anything
Eyema Duhmass
Damn Marks with a ‘k’.
F.A.R Productions
At one point everyone was just convulsing WTF Lol !!
Fast And Furious
there is no way in hell this was turbulence \nthey wanted to kill him hhhhhhhhhh
Feroze Khan
Hope Jason Swartchman is ok
Flugruger Airlines
i like how they´re both right and they both win.
FoodieGal 99
Is this a continuation from the boarding pass skit?
God King All-Powerful
Lmao, dude is wearing Andre's hair GHATDAMMIT MEEGAN!!!!!!! 😂😂💦
Hair on screen
2:17 i feel bad for the woman in between that had to suffer throught this conversation
Hbk Jay
Helga Dobrik
My favorite Key & Peele skit! 😂😂
If that kind of turbulence happened while he was in there he’d be covered in dookie and piss
I wish I could forget every single one of these so I can watch them again.
I might need security
It is so annoying when someone does this! like bruh, stay in your seat
Ihsan Ali
The Eye Contact😂😂😂😂
The woman in between them is me, and Key & Peele are my anxiety and depression arguing over which one gets to ruin my day.
John Kastanos
There is a reason you must stay in your seat. If you get hurt during the flight, the company has to pay.
K man
Her request?
Kaitlyn Ballz
“But is it against the law?” is my favorite part
I just love how it goes from 0 to 100 really fast.
LeoMessi LeoMessi
3:54 Rip x
that passive aggressive face so good
Lucas S
I wonder how weird that shit felt
Lunden McClain
You are hurting my EaRdRuMs 😂\n*guy is literally whispering*\nMe: you.are.yelling
Ok lower your intensity
Moonblossom Doll
The guy at 3:56 and the lady 4:43
Mr Amer Zamzam
0:45 Dwayne Douglas Johnson
I always come back to see that gay acting
A *little* turbulence
Olivia Marsh
Yoo this needs a Grammy
Oscar 24
That lady in the middle of it. Haha
Out Chillin Media
Love this
Paige Wi
That dead look tho through the entire video killed me
Lmfao the woman watching up all the time scared af
Key and Peele, so, so good!
RIP Kass
key & peele helped through depression
They need to put this crazy ass teacher in a movie with DWAYNE THE ROCK JOHNSON.
Rayshawn bulger
I’m dead ☠️🤣
Ricky Ryan Ray
Holy cow he plays the snarky gay guy so well.
Rondalyn Reynolds
I love these guys!
Ryan M.
His gaze is intense
United airlines
Sanch Jim
Close your eyes and key is arguing with megean 😂
Santiago Costa
Where were they flying to? World War 2?
I have a flight coming up and I travel a lot \nShould I try this
Slime Queen
That death stare is me when someone has the last slice of cake
You know this is fake because he’s sitting in the middle seat when there’s an empty spot in his row.
Snowy Cabin
Its funnier when you realize its a sequel
Soni J
I was on a flight the day before yesterday with A LOT of turbulence, and I was scared as fuck. The lady next to me, who also happened to be an Army soldier, told me about this skit after I admitted to her that I was nervous about all the shaking the plane was doing. I hadn’t seen it, but the way she described it to me, I knew it was funny. I’m watching it for the first time, and it’s even funnier than I thought it would be. Shout out to that lady soldier for 1. Helping to ease my nervousness during that shaky ass flight and for 2. Telling me about this hilarious skit! 😂😂\n\nOh, and she also shared some of her red wine with me (it wasn’t complimentary on that flight, and she got it for free apparently due to her military status). She was so awesome. I wish I knew her name. Lol
Splendid Arithmetic
Is this a sequel to \
1:55 Omg I died😂😂😂
The ThreeBraveMen
I can't believe I found out that Jordan Peele actually played Melvin in captain underpants
Thobekile Moyo
Did he just create all that turbulence with using his mind? Just so that he can get at Keegan 😂
their chemistry is perfect lol
I'm watching this at the airport, waiting for my flight 😂
Vikin Go
This movie was better than air force one
Vishwadeep Sonawane
A-A-Ron loved this video.
Wakiki Demore
Its so nice for the turbulence to wait 2mins and 40s so they can finish their conversation
Zach Burke
Lmao did they pass through a war zone or something 😂
donny g
Thank God there weren't any terrorist on board lol
He probably would of made it back, if mark with a \
google user
How did they not even just die laughing in each others face
i waited for the seatbelt sign to turn off to use the restroom. it remained on the entire flight.
itsme yeaaa
wish they would play this instead of the safety videos!! hahahahaha
4:01 when you see your girlfriend hangout with another guy
I like how his head moves along with the turbulence, but his facial expression doesn't change.
roblox jail breaks
It's legal.
sack of ChEeZ
_When Meegan becomes Andre_
thedough kid
American Airlines' sibling
Lmfaoooooooooo wtf😂😂😂