Key Peele - Turbulence - Uncensored

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A passenger argues with a flight attendant about her request to stay seated while the airplane's fasten-seatbelt sign is on for turbulence.

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How do they manage to turn an insignificant situation into something so epic?
Anyone come back from the Boarding group 1 episode😂
Adrian Powell
I worked the airlines for 20 years. Bottom line is there is a lot of ignorant passengers out there to aviation. People have turned aircraft into greyhound buses and have no respect for the aircraft they are flying on. No respect that they are flying through the air at 40,000ft, 550mph, in a pressurized metal tube. The rules of air travel are there for your individual safety, and the safety of the aircraft period.
Alec Uys
Alexander Reinfield
4 hours later
Amazing video!
Andy Leal
4:24 I died
Anthony Anderson
That stare down though...
Articulate Design ASMR
Hahaha man this is one of their funniest ever scenes
Arunkumar sivasubramanian
Oh my god!!! Lololololol!! You guys are crazy!!
Audacion I
The plane is in the middle of a WW2 air fight over Stalingrad bro.
Because friken said
Mom: your room isn't clean \nMe: but is it against the law?
Bindair Dundat
I thought he was also gonna open the luggage racks atop and have some bags flying in the cabin.
Bobo Nwaka
Imagine witnessing this shit on a plane 😂😂😂 lmfao
Brittney E
Peele’s face during the turbulence killed me 😹 also “that’s not a word, that’s a tongue trick”
Cee Dee
Did anyone see that lady looking up at them arguing...🤣🤣😂🤣😂
Charles Grover
They some funny guys😂
I'm seeing a bit of Meegan in Jordan's character here! Especially talking abot those stares.
Christopher Lien
There are forces beyond human perception at play here.
Cole Privitere
Not to be an idiot but is it actually not against the law
Dav1d M
American Airlines' sibling
Donkey Quality
Ahh yes Mark Withakay
Look at the women sitting between them just watching them 😂😂😂
Dulom Dampu
Skinny version of Dwayne Johnson
How could anyone ever dislike this video? Ive watched it so many times and it's so damn funny!
Elena Andro
Meegan's brother 🤨😏😒 0:39
Elizabeth Terlinden
It's important to hold onto the handle when using the restroom in an airplane. Otherwise you may Pee and Keel 😎
Everything Anything
Eyema Duhmass
This has got to be their most funniest skit ever. I was laughing the whole time. 😂😂
F.A.R Productions
At one point everyone was just convulsing WTF Lol !!
Frizz Productions
The description says her lol
My favorite thing is how his eyes NEVER move
Gail Remudaro
The lady in the middle tho 🤣
God King All-Powerful
Lmao, dude is wearing Andre's hair GHATDAMMIT MEEGAN!!!!!!! 😂😂💦
Hair on screen
2:17 i feel bad for the woman in between that had to suffer throught this conversation
If that kind of turbulence happened while he was in there he’d be covered in dookie and piss
I wish I could forget every single one of these so I can watch them again.
I might need security
It is so annoying when someone does this! like bruh, stay in your seat
Boarding group 1
Isabel Romero
Peel's death stare had me weak the whole time...😂😂😂
Ismail Oluwo
I later found out that this plane actually crashed in another episode. true story
J. T.
... The music makes this epic!
Jay Rule
He was going to solve the Infinity Gauntlet and Thanos puzzle but then his hand went to dust so he was powerless...
Boarding Group 1
My favorite Key & Peele skit! 😂😂
Joey K
How do they keep themselves from laughing? I am really curious.
Just No
When the battle begin and end in the troll way...
Kayla Djeje
Why is it mark with a k like what else would you spell mark with a c doesn't sound right
that passive aggressive face so good
Madalynn0 Santiago2
It’s kinda weird to just think about all the people in the plane faked shaking around and stuff
Mariam Fitz
but is it against the law tho?💀
Ok lower your intensity
Michael Mello
Imagine how uncomfortable the blonde chick must feel
Moonblossom Doll
The guy at 3:56 and the lady 4:43
Morse Code
Just found out that laughing till you cry is a real thing.
Mr Amer Zamzam
0:45 Dwayne Douglas Johnson
MsSaltyGiggles 2.0
“I understand what you want to do, unfortunately I’m going to need you to observe the fasten seatbelt sign”
A *little* turbulence
Naz Timothy
Isn't this a continuation for the Boarding Order skit?
NewYorkRangers 1994
How did the turbulence not occur during there argument?
Nightley the Rogue
*Mark* *with* *the* *\
Official Commentator
Roller coaster rides.
Oscar 24
That lady in the middle of it. Haha
Paige Wi
That dead look tho through the entire video killed me
Lmfao the woman watching up all the time scared af
Key and Peele, so, so good!
RIP Kass
key & peele helped through depression
They need to put this crazy ass teacher in a movie with DWAYNE THE ROCK JOHNSON.
Richard S.
Hope the military baby is OK.
Ricky Ryan Ray
Holy cow he plays the snarky gay guy so well.
1:32 when she says shes 18
United airlines
Sergio Pulgarín
He could have been closer to the bathroom if he wasn't in boarding Group 1.
Shantanu Khanwalkar
I had to pause this in the middle, laugh, and then resume watching.
Sky Salva
Am I the only one that sees Peele as the black Jet Li lmao
You know this is fake because he’s sitting in the middle seat when there’s an empty spot in his row.
Sophiedogface Bedford harvey
Omg I couldn’t stop laughing 🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣
Tasha Nicholson
1. How do they keep themselves from smiling \n2. I feel like laughing when I see Jordan’s blank stare and how his head keeps moving up and down
What it's like fighting bosses in Dark Souls 3
Thobekile Moyo
Did he just create all that turbulence with using his mind? Just so that he can get at Keegan 😂
“Is it against the law?”
Vikin Go
This movie was better than air force one
Vishwadeep Sonawane
A-A-Ron loved this video.
Wakiki Demore
Its so nice for the turbulence to wait 2mins and 40s so they can finish their conversation
I have a flight coming up and I travel a lot \nShould I try this
Wow, and after all that time he had to wait to board the plane in the first place.
I love that man's emotionless face xD\nHe looks like he's planning to destroy the world, like if his heart was filled with hate for those moments xD
Man, those gay flight attendants CAN get pissy! Very \
chloe seay
That death stare is me when someone has the last slice of cake
hike lasvegas
jbdx 94
Where is BA LA KE at?!
kano morojele
lol   Whose side are you on?...  *The Law ...or Seatbelt Sign?*
I like how his head moves along with the turbulence, but his facial expression doesn't change.
Just came from Boarding Order.
_When Meegan becomes Andre_
Lmfaoooooooooo wtf😂😂😂
zenki gizmo
You are screaming at me 😭😭😂