Sigue Sigue Sputnik Love Missile F1-11(live)

Sigue Sigue Sputnik - Love Missile F1-11 (live)

F1-11 Love Missile Sigue Sputnik live

Adriana Cassia
Andreas Lustig
Durchgeknallt, völlig abgefahren, aber die Besten Ihrer Zeit! Diese Musik ist einfach \
Atomic Punker
80 's ever!! 🙌
Camelia D
How to give yourself a headache
Chrissy T
Tony James generation X on the left Martin deville vocals yana ya ya the blonde dancing the other guitar player was neal x
César Henares Rodrigues
Punk crazy crazy challenguer
Daniela Beraldo
Save Ferris Bueller! 😂😂😂
David Harrison
what a bunch of total freaks. freaks then and freaks now .
Digger 55
Kraftwerk on Ice
Dragan Davidovac
Like Kraftwerk, Sputnik is old school techno
Edmund Reichelt
gta vice city
Edson Simão Jr
Ferris Bueller!!!
Eleanor H
Loved their sound and look
Elisangela Dure Nunes
Curti Muito essa música. \nDanceiiiii muito ,um baita exercício kkkkk.\nAdoroooo,escuto essas músicas até hj.
Elly Hafwen
Modern? Punk?? It's basic Cochran-like rockabilly
EpiKepiTepi Psychedelic
Awesome =)
FR T-Rexx
'It's a test designed to provoke an emotional response'. 'Let me tell you about my mom!'. 'I've seen things you people wouldn't believe'. Thanks for the samples, Blade Runner (1982).
Fabio Junior
Felipe Meira
Futurista !
Francisco Rodrigues
Quando rock demonstrava sinais de cansaço em meados dos anos70's...surgio sex pistola e o rock ganhou mais folego para manter sua hegemonia...the new wave também estava ficando monótona e \
GianLuca Gaz Galliani
Monster... massacree!!!
Gilles serpe
JELEKIFDEPUITLEDEBUT-77-87'&àc'estlancer des 10antdupunk.13.As sputNik.?
Gilson bastione rocha
Curtindo a vida adoidado em 2018?
What in the bloody hell... was this supposed to be? This is by far the most... wtf kinda songs I have heard.\nWatched it a second time, and I gotta say... the people being interviewed in this vid, gotta be high on something. Cause this is still complete and utter shit.
Homero Szalontay
Não acho que tenham sido punk... Mas eu curti na épica. \nHoje, só rindo mesmo!
JL Jones
Don't forget the Billy Idol connection here :p
Jacqueline Demko
viva 80,
Jessé Maia
Ahhhh os bailinhos do Alto de Pinheiros em São Paulo!!!
John Moore
Need to listen to xray specs
John Shores
i remember buying this in the mid 80's . still has a decent beat to it
Johnny Massacre
João Miguel Lopes
great song and band
Juan diego roldan lorente
and in 2016 the future is Adele and enrique iglesias. ajjj.
Electro Punk. :)
Larry Angrimson
Love these guys & I'm getting a definite DEVO vibe off of this.
Leonardo Lima
Q velocidade! Q criatividade! E é so um teste! Saudade dos anos 80!
Les films d'Albert
It's look like the riff of \
Lisa Sayers
Lloyde Braun
... whoever gave this a thumbs down meet me at the santa monica pier this thursday at 6:00 pm ... time to throw down bruh ... !
Marcelo Clemente
Horrible but at the same time funny
Marcelo Pereira
Quando vemos a Lady Gaga, Kate Perry, Nick Minaj e muitos outros vestindo aquelas roupas estranhas, não dá pra dizer que eles são esquisitos e coloridos.
Marcio torrente do mato grosso
Mark X
This is trash - but I kinda like it!
Matheus Henrique
tucano na roda punk
Maurino Júnior
Bueller!!! Ferris Bueller!!!
Michael Daburn
Life moves pretty fast. If you don't stop and look around for a while, you could miss it...Ferris Bueller
Michael Dahrendorff
The Very Best...........
Michael Vronksy
Come on now, who HASN'T dressed like that to take the dog out for a walk??!!!
Morag MacGregor
Nobody thinks they might have been just a _little bit_ influenced by Ziggy Stardust?
Mr Pixels
Two men enter, one man leave!! The synth age....Paul hardcastle's nnnnnaaa...19
wtf did i stumble upon
Neil Andrews
I recall these being slagged off left, right and centre at the time. I didn't care. It was different and had an edge that was missing back then. Punk had been and gone. Sadly. This gave me hope. In the charts at the same time? Aled Jones. Nuff said. Great tune. Love the attitude. Just a shame the future didn't retain the edge. It's a test designed to provoke an emotional response. It worked.... You get the car.
original and better than some of the shit thats out there today !
Offaly O1
dis is da shiiiiiiit!!!!!!
Osmar Ribeiro
nossa da minha época\namoooo
Patrick -
Situationist sloganeering brought me here over some yankee film shite
Pete Fiedler
Lots of people thought this was a good idea!
Phil H
How could I possibly be expected to handle school on a day like this?
Philippe Vangilwe
mad max sous jaeger master
Quartals Zahlen
One of the funniest scenes in the series hands down.
Renata Appel
US bombs cruisin' overhead\nThere goes my love rocket red\n\nShoot it up\nShoot it up\n\nBlaster bomb, bomb, bomb, ahead\nMulti millions still unfed\nAmondo teeno givin' head\n\nShoot it up\nShoot it up\n\nHold me shake me, I'm all shook up\nPsycho maniac interblend, shoot it up\nNow shoot it up\n\nShoot it up\nShoot it up\nShoot it up\n\nTeenage crime now fashion's dead\nShoot it up\nThere goes my love rocket red\n\nShoot it up\nShoot it up\nShoot it up\nShoot it up\nShoot it up
Renato Santos
Rick Carvell
Ahead of time
Sigue Sigue Sputnik adoro bom demais essa banda, I Love Rock in Roll✌😍❤
Sinn - IT mit Emotion
Hammer....meine Jugend
Spooky Shadows
its great its bad ist great its bad this is what the 80es sended...rollercoaster or hate it...
No wonder I did too much glue in the 80s
Travis Utkin
That guitar is FUKIN EXCELLENT!!!!reminds me of Billy idol\
UrZ Fight4URight
Sigue Sigue Shit...\nThey think this is The New Hype...\nBut it was only a New Fart
This sounds exactly the same as the recorded version. :P
allBS 2050
In a strange way they seem more relevant now because ultimately in 1986 people were still looking for hidden meanings and tangible depth in music artists and once the surface outrage of this lot impacted there wasn't perceived to much else of lasting worth. This band were a pretty faceless media hype vehicle at a time when you needed substance to last more than a few months whereas now they take an act that thirty years ago would have been a one hit wonder and through technology, hype, media and social media can prolong its relevance ad infinitum and give the illusion people like Rihanna, Lady Gaga and Cyrus are colossal talents.
austin gorman
all meaningless crap but the beat and the image ????????????
this song has blade runner samples!? wow, I never knew. I remember hearing this song as a kid and only found about about blade runner in my adulthood. never knew this song referenced it until now. Very cool!
Cyberpunk at it's best. This is when it all started, raw and aggressive!! \u003e: ) \u003e\u003e: )
the official video got banned because it showed how to lock and load an uzi with a silencer
jerry abbott
That's me on the right at 3:50\nWas about 15 there\nWig from Kensington market (when it was still there),bit of netting on the face,Pink pvc jacket from their shop Pure Sex (also in kensington market) and probably nicked the furry thing from my grandma!:-)\nFun times\nStill can't believe I walked across Waterloo Station like that
kev s
he looks like a walking toy shop
marcio torrente
caçadores sobrenaturais Brasil
mark price
Yes, I owned this album when it came out. One of the best pretend bands to ever pretend to play and sing! I still like listening to it today ; )
muito bom,dancei muito com esse som
They were stating in interviews that real appreciation of their music will come in 21st century. Back in 80s, it was impossible to believe, however...
miso soup
Plus the gonk look is great
esses cara parecem um carro alegorico deviam sair na sapucaí!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
It is a test, designed to provoke an emotional response.
rachel brown
Iv still got the 12\
Ferris Bueller: How can I possibly be expected to handle school on a day like this? This is my ninth sick day this semester. It's pretty tough coming up with new illnesses. If I go for ten, I'm probably going to have to barf up a lung, so I better make this one count.
vert pomme
Pour Roland; qui a toujours aimé ce morceau...
Себастьян Перейро
вася х
gta vice city