Wall Of Voodoo - Mexican Radio

Music video by Wall Of Voodoo performing Mexican Radio.

Mexican Of Radio Voodoo Wall

Today they would call this video racist.\nLook how they have brainwashed young people.
50 rnd
Bring back the 80's!!!!
This song is almost 40 yrs. old. I hope you are too.
A Keeper Of Odd Knowledge
Video killed the radio star and internet killed MTV.
Aeryn Tzun
My hispanic girlfriend rolls her eyes at me whenever i play this. this is a boss tune.
Angel Lopez
-They do this in Mexico on the radio... They put you in a low (no) conscience -type of mood. \n-Mental illness. Peace to Oaxaca, Michoacan, Guerero, PUEBLA, T.J. & Mex. City.
Anthony Barbuto's vids
I like this
We Gen-X'ers were sometimes called \
Baikonur 920
One of my favorites of the New Wave era. Absolutely original. I didn't knew this version.
It's a weird song, in a good way, but the dude in the thumbnail for the video has a kind of dumb look on his face.
Bobby Davis
I like this. It's made me want to look into the band and the singer Stan Ridgway's solo work
Brandon Thom
My memories of listening to KROQ from the mid to late 80's brought me here..
Brett Koeshall
I happen to love this song.
Bruce Gordon
This must be that wall of Voodoo that Trump is going to have the Mexican's build and pay for.
Carp Studio's
As I was a diehard head-banger (class of 85), I never thought I'd be sitting around scoping out and listening to old songs like this one.
Charley Deppner
I support building a Wall of Voodoo along our border with the Mexican Radio.
Charlie Chan
The Chinese government just bought a Mexican radio... station
Chris Kalka
Celtic frost covered this song very brilliant in 1987
Chuck B
What other opportunity do you have to rhyme tijauna with iguana?
Chuck Muckamuck
i feel like having barbecued iguana right now
Daman Yocum
The construction workers building Trump's Wall are listening to this right now lol😉
Dave Goldspink
Absolutely love it! Great song it's been a very long time since I've heard it.
David Saldaña
this track sounds like an rpg game's battle entry and during the chorus the tune change for a victorious battle
Deanna Turnbaugh
I drove across the usa with this tape
Why we miss the '80s so much:\nThere was a strange sense of newness...with music, culture, and the world in general--it was a completely new era, with everything evolving into it.\nAll of us \
Dexter Riley
This song /video was so weird even back in the 80s that it's almost become timeless.
Drew Hunkins
Great stuff. Remember it well from my teen years, it was on MTV quite a bit circa 1984.
Kramer used to sing this on Seinfeld
Funkentelechy Razzamatazz
Pretty sure he’s talking about Mighty 690 in Los Angeles in the 80s. It would always turn into a Spanish station in the evening.
Gary Nelson
Holy Shit. THIS IS the eighties in one song.
Greg Thornton
I wish I was in Tijuana\nEating a barbecued iguana\n\nyou can't write that shit!...well, I guess you can...
The 1980's ruled.
Ian Thompson
Stan Ridgway is underrated. Have I got some people that agrees with me?
Idgarad Lyracant
And most kids today have no idea this song is about the old pirate radio stations (think of them as the Napster\\Bittorrent of it's day) and a nod to Wolfman Jack..
I remember watching this video on MTV when I was about 10. anybody remember when they played music?
Jack Cunningham
Wolfman Jack is smiling from the Great Beyond!
John Dsupin
I feel like I should be beating a level of a hard video game to this song
John Reynolds
be careful of the Mexican drug cartels
First time I heard this song on the radio I just cracked up, so funny to me
Julio Cesar Pereira
I only came to know this band in the 2000s. What've been missing!!
Kathleen Wells
Wish I was in Tijuana eating barbecued iguana - my favorite line!!!!
Ken Karnes
One of My Favorite songs.
Lady snake84
Beavis: It's a message dude! Butthead: A sign from our master!
Legally Resisting Tyranny
Hey Millennials, this is what good music sounds like.
Lisa D.
The 80's were so off the wall. lol
Madness by Design
Disturbingly hilarious. Every now and then, I must return here to watch this. While I am compelled to do so, I have no regrets about it....
Mike James
I wish I was in Tijuana eating barbecued iguana is the ultimate rhyme scheme
Nicholas Ramsey
This man (Stan Ridgway) is a true, artistically-gifted individual who was born and raised in the southwest desert of America! How his music truly reflects this fact!
Nick Tinson
Donald Trump disliked this video 1,000 Times
Nugget Prich
Peete N/A
I always thought this song was funny as hell but the lyrics are sheer genius. Miss shit like this today.
Peter Gunn
BOOM!!! Right here, this stuff, this is what I am missing in my life and what music of today has none of. Expression with laughter based on a good riff. No wonder the kids of today have such a shitty out look on life. They ain’t got no sense of humor, they got no rhythm that’s right and no balance of either. Wake me up when the music is great again!!!
Philo Jones
Wish I was in Tijuana, eating barbecued iguana.....genius!
Quentin 33
I brought myself here.
First music video ever as my memory still serves me well \n.
Richard Ames
GOD I wish this was todays style of music.
Richard Hughes
I'm 60 now, but I loved this jam back then and I love it just as much now.
Robert Battle
I love this song
Robert Dunkes SR
When I was 15 years old I woke up one morning and then I realized everything changed. There was this, MTV and The Young Ones. it was a great time to be a teenager. This was ours, our music and our time.
Hilarious and fun tune
Roger A. Mueller
I remember seeing this in the summer of '83 after high school graduation and thinking, \
Ruben Ramirez
Excelente canción. Excelente banda. Interesantes.
I was born in 93 and I think the 70s and 80s were the best years for music.Heard this song today and as soon as I got home I searched for it.
Sean L
Makes me wanna sneak over the border in to Mexico
all right folks - all who vote to keep music weird raise your hand! !
Another one of those songs (mostly 80's stuff) that my 14yr old hears me listening to and says \
WTF happened to this kind of beautifully effed-up creativity?
T. Thomas
First time you hear this song you're like wtf ? then after hear it a couple times you can appreciate it
2019 anyone??????
Tecumseh Grainger
Good times. I miss being a kid, especially when bills are due. LOL!
The Singer done also Camouflage, am i right??
Thomas Piscioneri
“Your on an Australian radio” 📻\n\nHerd you today at work the song is so cool and catchy
Tim Burr
Tim Wilson
They probably have a song in Mexico called \
Todd D
Satanic puppets 1 eyed symbols and horned animals to program you.gotta laugh.losers
I am triggered.
bob smith
seinfeld lol
chris frye
free California from the democrats, if interested look up new california and get involved.
christopher unfus
This is one of the most bizarre songs I have heard but I like it.
I forgot how much I like this song.
cshim yota
Cool 80s tune. Must be a space issue for the band in video.
yeah the 80's had so much to offer music fans - so many genius songs during the 80's and 90's
This is a great song! Not this shit today!
Celtic Frost
fe ba
This song  is about \
RF/Mri filters are neaded. your speakers are picking up unwanted rely signals. I pick up Neil Boorz probably he's a honkey radio.
gary jonson
hey kids, never do LSD...
gil wood
This was so much better than a novelty song
even the video is good great, that's rare for a song from the 80s
mtv was cool in the 80s.....but then came the 90s, Clinton and the butthurt crowd....
I miss the 80's!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
In 1983 I had fallen asleep on the couch with MTV left on (there were only like 15 channels back then) and at around 2:30 a.m. I woke up and lifted my head to see what was on.  This video was on and I see this dudes face popping out of a pot of beans.  I had one of those WTF moments.  I shook my head and went back to sleep.
Alex Jones theme song after the recent FCC shut down on him.
o X
Hey trump....i build u wall of voodoo for low low price!👾
robo kid channel 2
I feel a hot wind on my shoulder in say man take some Mentos
When MTV was worth watching 🎥🎥🎥😀🎥🎥
I wonder how many snowflakes would meltdown if this came out today. lol
Trump's entrance theme
zuzanna leisavnieks-gibb
Pure 80s gold that was an amazing era born out of punk i loved my teens and 20s n childhood musically born 1963