Blackboard Sky by Wall of Voodoo

Song: Blackboard SkyArtist: Wall of VoodooAlbum: Seven Days in SammystownLyrics:Their frying fish in Chinatown And the wind smells of rain My head is ticking like a bomb On a subway train Now I cut to the on high And I get opened up like venetian blinds When I draw your face on blackboard sky Yeah I draw your face on blackboard sky The worst is over humm a hymn To her burning my faith For such a villian I am criminally underpaid Now my rope is tied The gas is on The chair is begging to be climbed When I draw your face on blackboard sky Yeah I draw your face on blackboard sky And if I look in your eye And see you yes And if I see you say yes We'll be happy once again Fresh out of hell on a morning so cold and alone Nobody there to say welcome home So I roll like the leaves I blow like the sand And I tumble like a paper cup Thats caught in the wind Now I see all sides Sense is not issue I've got the eyes of the blind When I draw your face on blackboard sky Yeah I draw your face on blackboard sky

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Some dingleberry...
Ferrox Glideh
Triumphant Aussie Rawk, tanscending so many 1980 artistes, yet here we are listening to this and the Church and still I feel like a paper slip caught in the wind....
James Mason
This song has and all ways will kick ass.\n
Keith Bate
awesome track from probably the band's best album (Call of the west runs it close) . Saw them live loads of times in the 1980's and was lucky enough to meet most of the band members. rip chas, marc. Greatest band I have ever seen 
Verry underrated song.
Cant stop the dance
I'll admit it took me some time to warm up to this version of Wall of Voodoo but I like it ok now. While I think the lyrics are still clever and well written, they definitely take a turn from that wry sardonic wit of Stan's into a more angsty and hard to relate to feel. Kinda feels like a teenagers \
Narcissus Pianissimus
This came with a cool video. Thought I saw that somewhere on YT a few yrs ago...
Where did you find this track? Despite having the disc, I know where to find a better sounding copy than this.
One of those songs that grows on you, particularly the middle (\
William Quiterio
Best song of the Prieboy era.
I somehow missed this song in the 80's. It is awesome!
I bought this album after hearing this song over the PA at Tower Records back in '85. Great memories!
Why does this remind me of \
Awesome song! Thanks for posting. I have the LP but I can't find the CD.
mark radhe
Great album, cool cut, \r\nthanks Mrdamadgeinc!!
I absolutely ADORED this song a zillion years ago and I still do - the vocals & the lyrics the whole ethereal beauty of it - it could've been a cut on Magical Mystery Tour - tho the synths are a bit much - so what - it was the 8o's!! This is still a great song weird techno auto drum aside - love it - love it!!! Great IMAGERY HERE!
neil froggy crompton
for such a villian im criminally underpaid :)