Shooting Perfect Top Corner Shots! Grand Champion 2v2 with Mijo

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I created a discord for you guys to talk with me!

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Aaron Tuscherer
Been watching Sizz, Rizzo, Squishy, and co. for a while. The way you've been playing, honesty in your mistake making and focus of playstyle makes you my new favorite player.
Alex Gibbs
Lethamyr, 🍁\n\nyou could upload anything, and that would be fine.\n\nYou, with your control and precision, have the ability to play a truly beautiful game, and that is what draws me in.\n\nDon't stress about trying to keep us fed, there will never be enough anyway. \n\nI'll watch until I want to try it myself, and when I give up in frustration, I'll come back to watch.\n\nI look forward to seeing the game evolve, as you and your peers, who are already so close to mastery, mature.\n\n✌\n\nWords words words.\n\n- an appreciative countryman
Axel V
Yo Leth, consider uploading every other day to give yourself some room to breathe while keeping it consistent. Maybe even shorten some videos if you aren't feeling it. You can at least try it out to see the positives and negatives. People might also be more excited about uploads because you make yourself \
What Squishy does is he will record 1 or 2 videos in a day and then take the next day off. That way its 1 day of work and 1 day off. And we are happy because we get daily content as well haha Something to think about!
Bolle The master
Bradley Kovach
Hey Leth, we love the content but if you still want to daily content, maybe just record 2-3 games of gameplay for a single video, or record 9 in one sitting and put 3 out each day. You’re one of the most fun to watch because you focus so much on good team play. Keep it up man but don’t burn yourself out!
Brody McCann
Youve got yourself a reasonable & mature community going here Leth, happy to have found you guys
Can We Get 1k Subs Without Any Vids?
Leth you're a god, your basics are crazy good and keep up the good work!
Cap Frank
Can I be in your next video El Papi
Catalin Ittu
1:55 ‘changing my car back to like... a regular looking car’.\nhas TW Dracos, Tw Octane, white secondary color to match and Alpha boost... -_-.\nI guess alpha boost is used a lot by people who have it, TW Octane is cool to use every other game, but TW Dracos i almost never see them get used, atleast by pros, maybe TW zomba, but not Dracos, but they’re your favourite wheels, you used them since release... so... I guess it’s a regular preset for you :), also love the videos, but they get very time consuming if you upload 20-30 minutes of videos a day, maybe uploading one every other day or 12-20 minutes of video length would be better, that’s what I think
I want to be in your next video \u003c3 :D
Christian Bocanegra
good vids man, just a question, why didnt you speak with mijo when playing? i think it would add more value if two pros comment about what is happening in the game, is just a question that poped on my mind, anyways, great vids i really enjoy your gameplays
Dean Rette
Loving the daily content! Keep up the awesome job, you're an absolute legend
Edwin Rees Sandi
Pick up Mijo. for Ghost with Memory. I think Mijo. and Dappur deserve more than just a sub haha. And again, love your vids.
Frits du Sois
Clearly Jessie is the best sub in the game
Geo bro
love the content man, always learning from you
Golden Gaming
You should post less but edit more :)
I love the way you seem humble and wholesome while simultaneously destroying the other teams. Reminds me of an old Vince Lombardi quote (although I suppose there is debate over who said it first). “When you get into the endzone, act like you’ve been there before.”
Harry Oscar
Leth, Mijo and Memory?
Hudson Hower
Quit doing daily uploads then muh dude
Hunter _
Kind of unrelated, but your vid thumbnail screens or whatever they're called have gotten a lot cooler as well. Might be fun to see some edited content breaking down plays since ppl are here for your insane game sense/team play that makes you great to watch. Or not, just a random idea, either way great to watch!
Damn man you are really good, i wonder around how many hours do pros have on the game
Ilan Oresky
2:30 can't tell if you made a very clever gaming related pun or you just don't know the actual expression is 'picture perfect'\n\n\nlol
Imran Rashid
Keep it up!
Izzy X
A very rare sighting of leth with full boost more than 1-2 times in a vid. Pog
Two gods holy shit, really enjoy watching every day leth
Jack Migliano
Leth how come I don't sign with a different team, I don't think ghost is the greatest team and would get relegated to rlrs without u so for your personal growth u should try to make a new team or try to sign to a better one.
Jieming Liu
Leth, how do u do bounce shots consistently?
John Johnson
Honestly dude most of us wouldn't be upset if you wanted to start uploading every other day. I'm sure recording so much gets stale so just keep yourself in consideration as well as your fans. Plus your videos are usually pretty long vs the 2 or 3 games most people do for vids
Hey Leth, we appreciate the daily content, but don't burn yourself out bud!
One part I like about your commentary is that when you make a mistake, you don’t try to make up some reason why you hit the ball the way you did. If you don’t get the touch you wanted, you just say as much, or that you don’t know why you’re doing X, Y or Z. Other people will try to claim they’re “passing” when they very clearly were just getting a poor touch on the ball.
Leth, if the daily grind and videos becomes to hard on ye, you might wanna consider looking after yourself and taking a small step back. Getting some good night's rest and being fresh are more important then generating daily content for us. Love the content mate, but not if it's at the expense of you. \u003c3
Lexus Mapa
Better than squishy
Lian Christopher
memory, leth and mejo season 7?
If you're doing a daily grind just for us, please know that we wouldn't think any less of you if you took a day or 2 off a week. Don't burn yourself out dude.
Logan Miller
how to make your opponent uninstall rocket league: featuring special guest Mijo
Ludde L
Yo leth, id say that you take a break instead of running yourself dry on content. Cus you're contet right now is legit, its good and i love it. ❤️
Max Damian
You deserve way more subs dude! \u003c3
Michael Bell
5:10 Rizzo!
Michael Hall
Always watchin your vids in study hall instead of doing homework :)
Mike Nolzie
Leth, I hate how you aren't mechanical and don't do fancy shots it's boring..
Does anyone else think the crate openings are rigged? No matter how many crates I open I just get crap
Pepijn Osborne
Mijo is actually so good!
RL Choper
He man it’s your golden days now enjoy it ♥️🔥
Rafael Georgiou
We will still watchig your channel if you upload 2 games a day \nor 3 max its better i think not so little time but not more time \nThis is what i think 12-15 minutes is the best video for me \nStill love you \u003c3
Rekt Lol
Anyone else trying to find intro song in description but can’t find it xD
I love the tactical play by play, it's awesome, like you're letting us see inside the mind of such a high level player. Also, welcome to blackshore brother!
Something Silly (͠≖ ͜ʖ͠≖)
Bi-daily youtube grind, also you don't need to edit as much as you do, atleast i don't think you should
Leth, I love the style of play. You focus on positioning and utilising your team rather than unnecessary mechanics and fancy plays. Keep up the grind \u003c3
Love the way you play leth great video as always
Sander bosman
Man i love you , also your Nuts❤️
Sebastian Doe
Here early. Great content as always Leth!
Seth Smurthwaite
How do you determine when it's safe to challenge?
Slender Slayer 96
I was already subscribed, so I unsubscribed then resubscribed because these daily uploads be fire... liked as always ❤❤\n\nFireburner 9:49????
Spartan_ RL
The Infinite Gamer
Absolutely live the vids man keep it up you beast \n\n9:14 \
3:50, Mijo breaking rule #1
You are starting to burn out, maybe you could do some replay analysis videos? maybe some F3 since you are helping them out. We mortals would be interested in that. And you would not need to grind RL. Take a day or 2 off with some replays. Thats just a suggestions. Keep up the chill vibes.
If you want too upload less it's still good you need to think about yourself first! Love your content, really helps me in my own play
Thomas Kan
These redirects are so op and precise man. Keep up the great work!
Tori Ko
Take a break if you need
i was watching dap and pluto play the whole time... but will mijo replace zanejackey????
Quality video, I liked it more than the last (personal preference). Good music, good games; I like that you comment on strategies because it's definitely helping me realize my mistakes.
Weisellin Santtu
i love it when you narrate it and give tips
Mijo to Ghost confirmed
Ya Man
To be fair, we like daily uploads, but you don't have to make 30 minutes of content a day. 10 is fine, leave the other 20 for 2 more videos, so it's less taxing on yourself.
Yakir R
Can i be in the next video
Loving the videos, Leth! Your car control is inhuman, but you do it so naturally! I'm in awe. And very respectful player. One of my favs.
Love the daily content... keep it coming \u003c3
I was thinking it the other day, but didnt comment. Since you brought it up, i will tell you here. \nYour editing is great, superb stuff, man. Vids are very well done, very polished. \nKeep up the good work!
Absolutely love these passing plays from you two, amazing to watch, keep it up! \u003c3
gengar 740
800 view
ibrahim ahmed
Smh the intro shot wasn't a top corner shot \n\n\n😉 \u003c3
Hope he joins up once Zane is dropped from Ghost. No offense intended for Zane.
damn dude already almost at 30k subs!! glad you're feelin better leth. daily videos seems like it could be rough and I think viewers would like it more when you're feelin your best as opposed to strictly daily content but whatever works man. 👍🏻\n\nalso would def like to see mijo as a starter on a team next season👌🏻
ilyy leth
I keep forgetting did Ghost make it to LAN???
One time I was playing ranked (Champ 3) and I randomly got Mijo as a team mate. Craziest shit that ever happened. I saved the replay.
ghost mijo?? Hmmm
ádám srankó
Legends say if you comment fast enough Lethamyr will notice you.