2018 Mexican Grand Prix: Race Highlights

Watch the best bits from Mexico - with the drivers' title on the line and Red Bull chasing a victory after locking out the front row.For more F1® videos, visit

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Daniel Ricciardnf.
Max! Verstappen!! You are the man!! Congratulations!!! Hope Honda will give you the chance to become a world champion next season. And get the respect you deserve. Because this year you showed the world what you are capable of. Winning races and learn from mistakes. Hope Brazil will bring you some rain so you can show your wet track magic tricks again. \nAnd all respect and congrats for Lewis Hamilton! Well deserved champion!!
Amirul Asyraf
Vandoorne up to P8? Damn pretty good drive
Andynator HD
Bottas has been lapped by Verstappen and Hamilton was 1 Minute behind him too 😂
I just feel so bad for Danny Ric. 2018 is a year to forget for him 😞
Antonio Seminara
Auguri a Hamilton,FORZA Ferrari sempre.
Arjun Ghirra
Lewis Hamilton doing a Mika Häkkinen start there!
Asm Hsn
Its funny and nice to see how Kimi Raikonnen quietly gets a podium :D
Thanks to Will Smith for teaching Lewis how to drive, where would he be without him 😀 #HIFIVE
If i was Ricciardo i wouldve started the race thinking, im probably just going to DNF, so just keep performing like in qualy & enjoy it until that happens. Otherwise its not very calming if you think what happened was unbelievable
Damnnn Verstappen with the late breaking in turn one
Bram van Vliet
Congratulations Max, what a great start and super strong race 🏆😀
Bull SM
Wow, who knew it was Will Smith that taught Lewis Hamilton how to drive.. amazing stuff
Christiant Jesús Córdova Rivera
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Crunchtime LFB
Red bull, you have let Riccardo down, Australians down and have let me down. GIVE DANIEL A GOOD RESULT INSTEAD OF GIVING HIM CRAP PARTS WHERE HE DNFS
Dat Boi
The pre-recorded message from will smith to hamilton was so cringe
David D
Am i the only one that thinks that will smiths voice message was cringe
Elon Musk
I’m going to put a Tesla on the grid soon
When one red bull is constantly scoring points and the other is suffering failures, don’t you dare tell anyone that’s it’s just back luck. Red bull have clearly shafted Danny ric. This is bordering on employment abuse
Fat Panda Koala
The only reason RBR is in F1 is to promote Red Bull. Everytime a RBR car fails, Red Bull loses thousands and thousends of dollars. Why would they then \
Finkel - Funk
Props to Danny Ric for keeping his cool, I wouldn't stop swearing about the car on the team radio lol
Class act by Vettel at the end! No bs or made up stories mutually between the two like the media tries to make. On to the last 2 races and an exciting 2019!
Gabriel Depallens
I’m wondering when Ricciardo’s car is going to end just one race and give the guy what he deserves. So sorry for him. 8 DNF’s is a number no one wants to bear across the season. In fact, I’m pissed off with Red Bull
Gaby van Dinteren, PMP
Absolutely gutting to see what happens to Ricciardo. He's such a fun character. Good luck mate with the remaining races.
Where is al the Max haters???\nLast quali vid u where everywhere now it seems i cant find 1max hater. Oww wait i guess max shutted all ya mouths hahahaha.\nPut him in the merc or rarri and yall know whats gonna hapen. Stop hating and just reconize he the best.\nMuch love from a max fan\n\nHam gratz on your championship\nVet u drove the shit out of that ferarri today damn what a pace and top speed
Greg Mieg
I will never buy a red bull again
Han Solo
Dear Liberty Media. Please do not ever again make us listen to the voice\n of Will Smith (????) or any other American Hollywood actor during the \nend of an F1 race. How disrespectfull to the great international sportsevent that is F1.\n I mean ... why????
Hanad Kamal
*Ricciardo Comments After The Race* \
Hemang Patel
Phew,at lease mclaren now guaranteed a 6th place in constructor's championship,force india had the most awful race in this season worst than singapore.only a miracle will saw force india can achieve 6th place now..😳😳😳
Hilbert Purba
The comment section\n95% talking about Ricciardo\n5% congratulating Lewis
Hpesoj Ogladih
Congrats to Lewis, bad luck struck again against both Ric and Alo, Seb please next year be a 5th time WDC drive better on wets and be consistent not to crack on pressure and avoid 180* spins.
Huey Freeman
Why Red Bull and Australians drivers don’t get along too well?
Israel Medina
I was at the crowd last sunday supporting for Ferrari (my first f1 race), the team did a great job, it was very exciting to see Seb and Kimi fight for the positions against Mercedes and Red Bull....great perfomance from Max and it was very emotive to see Lewis as a five time champion of the world, everything at Mexico City, i'll never forget this.
Jared Richardson
Congrats Lewis 👏👏👏👏👏
Jason Wan
Alonso is so good that he doesn't lose front wing but gains it
Jay Hulm
Ricciardo doesn't deserve this shit. He's such a great driver, dedicated to the core, and it's just been disappointment after disappointment for him because of mechanical failures. Yet, Verstappen has had perfect luck and apparently gets an \
Jonathan Simon
I feel so sorry for Ricciardo.. he doesn't deserve this.
Juan G
Like many people, I feel awful for Danny Ric, but saying that RBR is sabotaging him is downright stupid. There's absolutely no reason for them to spend a lot of money breaking and fixing his car while losing loads of points. I know it's frustrating, not only for him but also to his fans, but even considering that RBR could have deliberately thrown away a 1-2 in order to make Danny suffer (or whatever petty reason people are saying for RBR's supposed sabotaging of his car) shows an astounding lack of brain cells
Kev Mehl
Now as an American, I have to apologize for trump AND Will Smith......I'm tripping major nut sack.
Knight King
No one talking about how Verstappen broke his curse of winning a gp only when Kvyat demotes or Mercs Dnf
Get in there Lewis.\nReally disappointed the part when Coultard asks Vettel where he felt the wheels came of his title challange wasn't in here.\n\
Is Max the King Of Mexico?
Hope ricciardo can challenge for victory in Abu Dhabi without his engine blowing up. Only slight hope imo.
Verstappen overtakes Raikkonen \n*Ferrari fans clapping*
Michael Jackson
You missed Vettel congratulating the whole Mercedes team... That totally was a Highlight of the weekend
Mihzvol Wuriar
Ricciardo's engine of the day: Ricciardo's engine
How much unluckier can Fernando Alonso get? Out of all the 20 cars, it's always his car that has to retire for no fault of his own. This is just getting ridiculous and frustrating
Muhammad Alvin
It's a shame because it would have been a Red Bull 1-2 finish might be their last chance(maybe i'm wrong) to have Red Bull double podium before the season ends. What a rotten luck Ricciardo have this season. So many realibility issues this season. Hopefully they will do it at Brazil.
If only Max was in a mercedes...
Ricciardo and Alonso are really the unluckiest guys in F1 right now.
Nekrews 51
Ricciardo \
Nirius Bosc
Victory nr.5 for the future world champion Max Verstappen.
Noah Killingsworth
Did Ricciardo's motor mysteriously fail again whilst Verstappen's continues to run great?\n\noh ok
Verstappen showing his outstanding quality once more today. Killed it!
Norrie Livingstone
Something SMELLS at RBR'ing. To have this result 8 times for Dan Riccardo. If I was Dan I'd walk away from this pathetic Team.You cannot convince me or the F1 followers that something really SMELLS PUTRID.
Patrick Schulz
DNF = Daniel Not Finishing
I think Mexican GP the greatest GP right now with Super Nice Track !
R8 Clubby
Nine laps to go and Daniels car just happens to break down, yeah, that happens.
Ravi Sharma
Ricciardo should start engineless in the next race like the Flintstones.
Renan Augusto Silva
Good race, but unfortunately my top 3 was Ricciardo Hamilton and Verstappen, but I don't care, it's hard to know who will finish in the podium, and I am very happy for Hamilton and his 5 title, very happy for Vettel and his race and I can't wait to see the next race, Brazil, my country! 😃
ricciardo’s engine tripped major nutsack this race
Richard Burt
Ricciardo doesn't deserve this..
Richard WILSON
*Will Smith to Lewis Hamilton message on winning the championship, line from the movie BAD BOYS*
Robert Preisz
I just feel bad for Ricciardo. He’s such a great driver but he always gets problems with the car, honestly Red Bull should be ashamed that they’ve had as many dnf’s as they had this year...
Samuele Marcolongo
As a Ferrari fan, seeing Riccardo's car getting smoke from behind and stopping completely broke my heart, I'm so sorry for him, he deserved the podium so much, also congrats Ham for the winning even if it wasn't his best race of the season
Verstappen makes the rest look like amateurs
Shivam Vaid
I am just happy for kimi. He has found his passion again. Hope to see what magic he does with Sauber.
Lewis Hamilton wants to bang on about how he’s a late breaker but just watch how very late Max Verstappen brakes into the corners. Lewis had Max to turn one but Max braked really late to retain first and done the same to Kimi later in the race. Verstappen didn’t win this race coz he had a quick car, he just drove the wheels off that red bull with his late braking tactics.
Soichiro K.
I am seriously concerned about Ricciardo's mental state..
Stefan Joeres
Renault supplies Red Bull with an engine. Ricciardo moves to Renault after 8 DNFs this season. He might have played himself with that move.
The Gaming Dino 13
Why Alonso always retired from races because it is impossible to race with all of them.
I honestly can't remember the last time Ricciardo finished a race. I really hope he has better luck next season with Renault.
Ladies and Gentleman, Daniel Riccardo is now the new Alonso, great driver but overwhelming bad luck
Thrustin Von Helmut
Why did Mercedes let some moron who obviously knows nothing about F1 and the history of this moment on the radio? The idiot tried to make it about himself too. This is the stuff that is WRONG with F1 these days. The Americans are going to ruin the sport. Get ready for a break in the race for a musical performance by Justin Beiber or some other pop star puppet.
Tommi Kivimäki
Alright! Now that the WDC has been decided, it is time to release the Finns!\nGo Kimi! Go Valtteri! \nYou guys are allowed to win again! :P
Good job Verstappen
YC Lee
I'm convicted Red Bull has somehow sabotaged Daniel's car after it was official that he will be moving to Renault next year poor guy has to deal with so many engine problems every race
Yushan Yasindu
Congrats Luwis. Vettel please ready for the 2019 to win the champianship. Common Ferrari.
A Red Bull DNF'd? In other news, the sky is blue
Lewis Hamilton: 2018 World Champion 🏆🎉\nDaniel Ricciardo: 2018 DNF Champion 😪
azrul nizam
I just don't understand why RedBull? Same car same engine same chassis but Ric always the victim of reliability?
nobody talking about that cringy embarrasing will smith moment?
The way Max kept the lead is amazing, specially considering who was attacking him, a 5 time world champion
d h
Remember when last season max's engine failed a lot. And a lot of people said it was because he was driving too agressive. Now ricciardo has problems with his engine and they say its just bad luck.
All credits to Lewis’ drive apparently go to Will Smith
Verstappen was really unbeatable on this race.
Is nobody acknowledging Vandoorne's 8th place finish? I feel like Mercedes are an example of what a driver can do with an extremely reliable car. He should've had the the opportunity to show what he can do, gotta hope the same fate doesn't fall to Norris and Russell.
Cringy Will Smith acting like he got out of the hood 2 days ago.
m r
Verstappen rules
Redbull’s engineers are trash! 8 DNF for Riccardo is unacceptable. They should all be fired!
palmboom on the beach
Redbull fans right now(including me)\n😋😝😛😃😄😁🙂😌😔😞😖😫😢😭
sagi alex
God knows what happened with the tyre degredation at mercedes. Poor performance of the tyres. Gg to verstappen again tho.
sanoop tv
Vettel back on track...How well he drove yesterday just amazing... Hope he would be the 2019 world champion.
Bottas tried to be hero and take down vettel, so hamilton can win easly
silverado punked
6:01 Vettel needs to teach Hamilton how to spin.
Wow Danny Ric finally gonna fin... never mind.
Christ, just give Ricciardo a GP2 engine already so it runs properly at least.
zz tedd
Seriously wtf is red bull doing ? Max can finish 1st but Daniel cant even finish the race. 8 times . what a fking joke. hope Daniel can get a good car to drive next year.
Џарог Шаџе
Nobody’s talking about verstappen... wow he was by far the best