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acoustic hd i fought the law instrumental music rock the casbah cover rock the casbah live rock the casbah lyrics str... tommy gun train in vain vevo

Alex Turner
I don't always listen to the clash, but when I do, SO DO THE NEIGHBOURS....
I am in the eighth grade. In my class, there is a kid who has some sort of learning disability, but it has never been specified what exactly is wrong with him. Anyway, on my last day of seventh grade, he invited me to his house for a \
The Sheik and the Jewish Rabbi are both riding in the American labelled Lone Star Autos.....did everyone catch that??
Baron Kimball
I wonder if Burger King realizes that their brand is being used by a 30 year old video to express fascism.
Block Monkey
Now the king told the boogie men\nYou have to let that raga drop\nThe oil down the desert way\nHas been shakin' to the top\nThe Sheik he drove his Cadillac\nHe went a-cruisin' down the ville\nThe muezzin was a-standing\nOn the radiator grille\n\nShareef don't like it\nRock the Casbah, rock the Casbah\nShareef don't like it\nRock the Casbah, Rock the Casbah\n\nBy order of the prophet\nWe ban that boogie sound\nDegenerate the faithful\nWith that craazy Casbah sound\nBut the Bedouin they brought out the electric camel drum\nThe local guitar picker got his guitar-picking thumb\nAs soon as the Shareef had cleared the square\nThey began to wail\n\nShareef don't like it\nRock the Casbah, rock the Casbah\nShareef don't like it\nRock the Casbah, Rock the Casbah\n\nNow, over at the temple\nOh, they really pack 'em in\nThe in-crowd say it's cool\nTo dig this chanting thing\nBut as the wind changed direction\nThen the temple band took five\nThe crowd caught a wiff\nOf that crazy Casbah jive\n\nShareef don't like it\nRock the Casbah, rock the Casbah\nShareef don't like it\nRock the Casbah, Rock the Casbah\n\nThe king called up his jet fighters\nHe said you better earn your pay\nDrop your bombs between the minarets\nDown the Casbah way\n\nAs soon as the Shareef was chauffeured outta there\nThe jet pilots tuned to the cockpit radio blare\nAs soon as the Shareef was outta their hair\nThe jet pilots wailed\n\nShareef don't like it\nRock the Casbah, rock the Casbah\nShareef don't like it\nRock the Casbah, Rock the Casbah\n\nShareef don't like it, he thinks it's not kosher\nRock the Casbah, rock the Casbah\nShareef don't like it, fundementally can't take it\nRock the Casbah, Rock the Casbah\n\nShareef don't like it, you know he really hates it\nRock the Casbah, rock the Casbah\nShareef don't like it, really, really hates it
Take a Saudi, throw him in with a Jew, take them on a car ride to burger, booze them up, take em to a rock concert\nAchieve peace and stability in the middle east
Booga04 Minecraft
Brandon’s Pokémon
My favorite part was the armadillo
BrockSampson3000 N/A
Man, everything about this song bangs!!
Bully Billy
the clash rule.
Bérengère Boffard
Best group ever
Casey Pilarczyk
I'm bigger fans of the clash collection of music group
CheNavias Conley
I never knew the lyrics til today. Backstory is pretty damn cool I must say. Also will smith sampled this on Will2K
Shareefs don't like it,\nLock the Taskbar
Chris F
an all-time classic
Connor Richardson
De Diaz
Te gusta esa música 😊
Derek Chapman
I want a pet armadillo his name would be casbah
Derickcampos Campos
Sheriff don't like....
Dhebora Mozena
Love this Song!
Diego Cruz
...still can't understand why ISIS haven´t menaced them.
Dolls Way!!!
This was/ is MY JAMM!!! LISTENING IN 2018
Dominic Allin
Derby don’t like him assombalonga assombalonga what a chant
Doug Joseph
The Clash burned too hot, rocked too hard, and lived too short
Dr . Pepper
1983:The Parents just don’t understand \n2018:The kids just don’t understand
Dylan Davy
I don't know what these guys are singing about but god dam it's good 😂😂🤣🇬🇧👍🏻
Farhan Sadeed
Though The Clash has a different vocal style.Never thought they could sing something like this . I've always been a Clash fan since I was a kid.Thanks to my dad.
Frank Zappa
RIP Joe Strummer. We love and miss you.
Gary Rockliff
brilliant before their time.
Glen Miller
Yeah..... Member they played this a ton on MTV back when they actually played ''Music Videos'' ..
Greg Ines
''Degenerate the faithful,\nWith that crazy Casbah sound!'' For the Mullahs in Iran!
Guilherme Santos
Punks not dead!
Haroun Ben
Rachid Taha, the man who influenced The Clash to make this song passed away yesterday :(
Henry FoxGT
Gosto muito desta musica
The imagery is so grandiose. Ignore Alien Order, Armadillo, Lone Star Limo with Orthodox Jewish driver, Saudi Prince with a red ghetto blaster hitchin' a ride, guitarist in IRGC uniform and anyone see that the prince is sippin' a Lone Star beer. IMHO...this is too funny. The F-4's flyin' overhead is priceless. Joe Strummer was a genius.
Fun fact there's a stand in JoJo part 5 named after this band
The armadillo has the rhythm. lol
Get the Israeli and Arab leaders.\nPut them in a limo\nGet them drunk\nTake them to burger king\nThen finish with a rock concert.\n\nMiddle East problem fixed.
John Davis
After all these years I don't know what the hell is a cashbah.
Jose Layana
Temazo! Quien dice lo mismo?
Josie Herrera
I always thought this song said ROBB THE CASH BOX JAHEIM DON'T LIKE IT!!!...HAHA
JumpmanTheBanGod tK
Lock the taskbar
Kassandra Heywood
He thinks its not Kosher!!
Kelly May
Who's rockin' the Casbah in 2018?!?! 😀💚
Kh m
I love the clash so fucking much
Legally Resisting Tyranny
Hey Millennials, this is what good music sounds like.
Lord Cannabis
Why doesn't Shariah like it ?
Mark Francis
Damn. British rock rocks!!!
My Dude
My Thoughts
My teacher is a huge clash fan so when we were late to class we'd always say we were listening to some clash song, and one day I just so happened to be late and said I was listening to rock the casbah in the hallways, and he said \
There's a shark...\n\n\n\ my soup
Now the king told the boogie men\r\nYou have to let that raga drop\r\nThe oil down the desert way\r\nHas been shakin' to the top\r\nThe Sheik he drove his Cadillac\r\nHe went a' cruisin' down the ville\r\nThe muezzin was a' standing\r\nOn the radiator grille\r\nThe Shareef don't like it\r\nRockin' the Casbah\r\nRock the Casbah\r\nThe Shareef don't like it\r\nRockin' the Casbah\r\nRock the Casbah\r\nBy order of the prophet\r\nWe ban that boogie sound\r\nDegenerate the faithful\r\nWith that crazy Casbah sound\r\nBut the Bedouin they brought out\r\nThe electric camel drum\r\nThe local guitar picker\r\nGot his guitar picking thumb\r\nAs soon as the Shareef\r\nHad cleared the square\r\nThey began to wail\r\nThe Shareef don't like it\r\nRockin' the Casbah\r\nRock the Casbah\r\nThe Shareef don't like it\r\nRockin' the Casbah\r\nRock the Casbah\r\nNow over at the temple\r\nOh! They really pack 'em in\r\nThe in crowd say it's cool\r\nTo dig this chanting thing\r\nBut as the wind changed direction\r\nThe temple band took five\r\nThe crowd caught a wiff\r\nOf that crazy Casbah jive\r\nThe Shareef don't like it\r\nRockin' the Casbah\r\nRock the Casbah\r\nThe Shareef don't like it\r\nRockin' the Casbah\r\nRock the Casbah\r\nThe king called up his jet fighters\r\nHe said you better earn your pay\r\nDrop your bombs between the minarets\r\nDown the Casbah way\r\nAs soon as the Shareef was\r\nChauffeured outta there\r\nThe jet pilots tuned to\r\nThe cockpit radio blare\r\nAs soon as the Shareef was\r\nOut of their hair\r\nThe jet pilots wailed\r\nThe Shareef don't like it\r\nRockin' the Casbah\r\nRock the Casbah\r\nThe Shareef don't like it\r\nRockin' the Casbah\r\nRock the Casbah\r\nHe thinks it’s not kosher\r\nFundamentally he can’t take it\r\nYou know he really hates it
No problem No problem
Anybody notice at 0:05 There’s a Sticker that says (Ignore Alien 👽 Order ) on his Guitar 🎸 ? ?
Noah The Texan
Fun fact this was filmed in Austin Texas
Oli Bees
Papillon Dz
Rip Rachid taha
Peter Hughes
God I miss the 1980s!!!
Phil H
I had the worst day:\n\n1) I played this song loud enough for my neighborhood to hear.\n2) My neighbor filed a noise complaint and said he hates this song.\n3) My neighbor got run over by a bus.\n4) My bus license was revoked.
Pop Muzik
one of the greatest songs ever created
Rachie Bay Blag
This song is funky. Always loved it.
Rafael Domingus
Award Galaxy Note 9 Ad.
Ray McGrath
Hulk Hogan verses Andre the Giant
Reinaldo Leopoldino
Clássico, não tenho o que falar, só curtir essa obra prima mesmo. Sensacional.
Very popular tune during my high school years.
Ricardo Cid Ayala
England knows how to do bands.
SPacy sam aku holT
Frickin Austin Texas don't look like that no more. And that Cadillac wouldn't go that far today without hitting traffic.
Sassy The Sasquatch
No matter how jewish it gets I will always love this song
Sir Shotty
Fun fact, armadillo in German is panzerschwein which means armored pig
Sofia Martell
Love this song
Soheyb Gacemi
Rachid taha
bellissima e stupenda canzone suonata e cantata benissimo complimenti
Joe Strummer – lead vocals, guitar\nMick Jones – guitar, backing vocals, sound effects, digital wristwatch\nPaul Simonon – backing vocals\nTopper Headon – drums*, piano, bass guitar\n\n*Topper plays drums & bass on the actual recording, but original Clash drummer Terry Chimes appears in the video due to Headon being forced out of the band as a result of his drug addiction, leading to Chimes then rejoining the line-up. Paul is miming to Topper's bass part.
Ugly piece of shit no one likes
Why am I obsessed 😂😂😂😂
Vanessa H
6.1k think its not kosher!
Just waiting for united fans to do a chant for Marcus Rashford on this chorus
Will R
Don't want to get too corny... But fuck it. I first heard The Clash when I was 15, raiding through my Dad's record collection. They are the only band who I love just as much in my 20s as I did when I was in my teens. I know that Straight to Hell and Lost in the Supermarket probably have more depth, but for me this song typifies why this group were perfect. Rambunctious, wild, fun... And there was no other front man like Joe Strummer. I feel privileged to have been able to experience their music.
Yaboi Tyllou
Shariif don't right click! Lock the taskbar! Lock the tasbar!
babybrunette 37
This song is GOLD❤
bill thompson
You know what I just thought of... there was a time when music didn't COMPLETELY SUCK, too bad it was so long ago. This is a great video.
brian foley
brinbrin62 62200
Try to broadcast this song today in London... Riots ahead !
ernestine maloy
Natural born kissers * the simpsons * brought me here....
I know this is going to come out the wrong way, but I was eventually amazed to find out that as good as this song is, the Clash has several other songs that are better. That's how good they were.
Ahhh the 80's, with an Arab and a Jew...
Joe Strummer's face was delicious
When I was 15 and saw this on MTV, I spent more effort trying to tell from their mouth movements that they were actually singing \
lisa starves
The clash... oh yea.. now this is good times man..
The Casbah needs a rockin'
when i first heard this i thought they were saying run casper 😂
Shireen will not like it!... Lock the Taskbar! Lock the Taskbar!
tommy snerfsnerf
7k dislikes from shareef..
I like see arab And jewish united for the Clash :)
that armadillo tho 😍😍😍