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We know you love watching these recipe videos especially since time fries when you're having fun...These amazing fries recipes will leave you drooling!! ____________________________________________________________________Timestamps:Any questions or suggestions? Leave them in the comments below!Also check out our other channels:Craft Factory: www.youtube.com/CraftFactoryVT: www.youtube.com/JungleVT

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I came looking for copper and I found gold
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The corn flour I've seen is yellow while that one looks pretty pale.\n\nDo they mean corn starch?
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Lately my mom is cooking only vegetable soups... This video is making me hungry... So much...😢
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A french fry fan is right here ✋If anyone gives me to eat only french fry for a day or week i can😍😍
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Watching video at 1 am 😂n i m craving em all😂
I'll diet tomorrow
Makes a huge fry and says will eat only one fry from these
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I call them chips I guess that's cause I'm English
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I'm hungry after watching this video
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It so yummy
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1 like=1 calor in those recipes
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والله حرااام😖
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Can you do helthy food ?
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Amazing, but no thanks, I wanna live 😅
Awesome!! my tongue is waiting for u to eat the food
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why i always have to watch these when im on a diet lol
And then there's me, a chubby teenager trying to follow a diet before back to school.... Damn, it's hard 😂\n\nEdit: I didn't expect so many likes and replies\nThank you all \u003c3
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Great work you made me hungry👌
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If you think you'r a potato look how beautiful u can be...😋
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That\nPizza\nMade\nOf\nFries\nIs\nDELICIOUS\n\n\n\n\n\n\n\n\nwhen i saw it i ate my monitor :P\n\nIncluding That Third One
One stars tup
يخربيتك لح تجيبيلي الجلطه القلبيه
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5:39 this is disrespectful to fries
Who eats the food when done 🤔
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نريد ترجمهه
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Fries are my bae \nFries are my life \nLove ❤️ you 🍟
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Tried. Mozrella one but they all get separeted in oil like small tiny pices
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i swear i smell fries but there is not \ni think i became crazy
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I relily.like potao fries :
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Am i the only one here who love watching these videos but doesn't actually make any of these??😂😂😁
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الاكلات تسبب سكته قلبيه ع طول وانسداد في الشرايين
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Here come the calories
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يعجز اللسان عن التعبير
Calling all my fries lovers, which recipe will you be making today? 🤔😍🍟
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Just luv it . Yummy 😋
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من فضلك ممكن تنزل المقادير بالعربى وبجد اكلك شكله يجنن
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Cholesterol its amazing..
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I want to be one of the people that eat all these after they finish making it. That's the dream.
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Simply Srumptious ❤
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Frieds are my favorite food In the hol world
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شۣۗـۙمۣۗـۙوۣسۣۗـۙ بۣۗـۙيۣۗہوۣتۣۗـۙيۣۗہ
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والله حرام عليكم جاي تلعبون باعصابنة هههههههه
I really love The Pizza Fries.....I somehow want to eat it and accidentally eating my own phone lol....