Primus - Wynonas Big Brown Beaver

Music video by Primus performing Wynona's Big Brown Beaver. (C) 1995 Interscope Records


When people ask if this is america, I tell them yes.
Adam Burr
R.I.P Stefan Karl Stefansson.
Adam Cheng
Everything I need to know about Texas I learned in this video.
bass playing like sex for ears
Ayyyngel C.
what episode of Lazytown is this?
Beekeeper Simes
This is addictive
Bill D.
The gunfighter looks like Little Joe Cartwright from Bonanza, if he were only left handed 🤣, I love this group and the video is awesome thanks !
Primus sucks
Bob Ross
Buckshot Jones
Me and the squad when Red Dead comes out.
Christopher Oehrli
This is probably what the inside of Ted Cruz's head looks like.
Colin Anderson
I've never tripped this hard in my life, and I'm not even high.
Random facts:\nThe guitar player used to play in a death metal band (Possessed)\nThe bass player auditioned for Metallica once
Red Dead Redemption 2 looks good.
Daryl Schoneberg
Primus was the only rock band my dad liked. He hated every other band I listened to back in my teen years, but he was really impressed with Primus. RIP (1929-2002)
Dave Smith
I swear that Les Claypool makes up basslines/thumping rhythms and they just write songs around them. 😃
Depraved Diptera
This is the most horrifying music video I've ever seen.
Donald Trump's Space Force
Primus sucks.
Evolve Project
I've watched this music video numerous times and I still can't put into words how I feel about it.
Eyes Open
I wonder how far gone they were when they made this
Flagilament Brand
Les Claypool is Bass God
Guillermo Calvillo
I'm guessing this is what Texans look like in Lazy Town.
Hector Heathcote
Imagine being on acid and seeing this for the first time......
I wish I could play bass like that!
Red Dead Redemption is just a yeehaw skyrim kek
Ian Hales
Indy Debauchery
Eighteen years later and I still love this jam like it first came out.
Install a Friend
0:27 when you and your squad hears it's 3 jagerbombs for £5 at the club
Iron Jayden
0:24 imagine walking through the woods completely alone and seeing this
Isaac Garcia
Those costumes are what nightmares are made out of
JNJ Comedy
I dated a girl named Wynona once and she was not happy when I played this song for her
When Lou walks in with the old baboon, you know the shttt is about to hit the fan.
Jacob Wells
the beaver went down to taco bell
James C
This is absolutely terrifying
James Sullivan
Were these the cowboys from Hell that Pantera was singing
Joe Chipman
48, and I still dig this. 😊👍
Joe Mama
I like how triggered some people get by \
Joey Frontz
This guy is pretty good on bass.
John Katsav
Lyrics:\n\nWynona's got herself a big brown beaver and she shows it off to all her friends.\nOne day, you know, that beaver tried to leave her, so she caged him up with cyclone fence.\nAlong came Lou with the old baboon and said \
John Rosin
Primus sucks
John Smythe
i guess there's just something about a furry beaver that makes you want to pet it, even if you get bit :@
Jordan Cressley
Primus sucks
Joseph Ancion
How to make a Primus song :\n- Make a weird bassline\n- Add to that an uncoventional guitar part.\n- The weirdest lyrics you can imagine\n- A very weird music video\n\nLet's go !
Just a PLANK
0:27 when you and your squad find out you have Pizza roles
Kernow Forester
This video has given me nightmares, it is truly disturbing...………...
primus sucks
Ląţïñã Băŕbïə
MTV used to play this video really late at night..summer of 95 I used to stay up all night watching MTV and HBO and I remember this coming on at around 3am and it scared the fuck out of 10 year old me. Similar thing happened with the video for NIN closer. Either way I grew to love this song and video \nNow it's nostalgic as hell
M.G Comics Animations
Are these people real?
Magnus Modai
What kind of make-up effects are those called??
Mason K98
Michael Benedict
Michael Bradshaw
Now that’s what you call nightmare fuel
More Bad Ideas
I want taco bell now
Mr. Airflakes
Imagine robbing a bank in those outfits
MsDee C-B
Wynona's got herself a big brown beaver and she shows it off to all her friends.\nOne day, you know, that beaver tried to leave her, so she caged him up with cyclone fence.\nAlong came Lou with the old baboon and said \
Can you even imagine this dude in Metallica? Holy shit, that's would be really funny.
Odor 66
the kings of slap bass
🤷\u200d♀️ *WHO'S LISTENING IN 2019?* 💜
People say Les' character looks like Owen Wilson, but I think it looks more like Rob Dyrdek as Bobby Light
Phaser Gim
I don’t know what this is... but I like it
Quentin Kern
Owen Wilson called and wants his face back😂
Random Stuff In Oregon
I just saw Primus live right in my home town! And Mastodon opened for them! That was the best concert I've ever seen in my life! And it was so cool to hear this song live especially.
Raymond Holt
0:16 when you stop your toe on the coffee table leg
Rich Delgado
Right up there with the Beatle's \
Richie Arizona
Save a tree....Eat a Hairy Beaver
SR Brant
Red Dead Redemption II: Nyquil Overdose Edition.
Samuel Hardy
I was having a bad acid trip one night and watching mtv. This video came didn't help.
Savage Squirrel
They made a Duracell commercial and they looked all plastic just like this. LMFAO
Senior Bacon
This is that time when you had a nightmare about Matthew McConaughey, Sir Ben Kingsley, and former president George W. Bush rocked out in front of you- made real, lol!
I just don't get why there's no bands trying top copy primus or build upon their sound these days. It's like in the 90's humanity went \
0:27 \
Teresa Lane
It's like watching what Owen Wilson, George W. Bush, and Jesse Ventura really do for fun.
Les Claypool does drugs so you don't have to.
Travis Utkin
THIS was one of the Benchmarks of guitar playing to me when it came out,all naughty lyrics aside,love this
Vlad Drakul
Watching this reminded me of the time *a few years ago when Mel Gibson told everyone at the Academy awards that he was ''privileged to be the first to have seen, Jodie Foster's 'Beaver' ''.* It was a beauty he said and well worth every dollar and should be seen by everybody. It was no doubt the start of his rehabilitation and a very funny moment!
Wade k 21
The combination of the bouncy bassline and the wailing guitar is musical estacy 1:38
I remember liking this song as a kid because it was silly and fun but now I recognize musically and technically how awesome this song actually is.
i found this song very uncomfortable until i realized its literally about a girl named Wynona and her Big Brown Beaver.
My mom thought this song was about an actual beaver and played it for us as kids
angie bee
RIP \nbuck naked and the bare bottom boys ...4eva!!! ❤️
The new Red Dead Redemption 2 DLC looks good.
For those who don't know, when someone says \
“Red dead redemption 2 gameplay 2018 “
felix gonzalez
Going through a divorce, dealing with clinical depression, still Impossible to be sad listening to this. Works every time!!
gail baco
every time i'm watching it, discovering something new! heeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee! heheheheeeeeeeeeee...
jerry the racecar driver
Mmmm shrooms
kennyi avendano
kingedwin poop
Is this what Texans look like in Lazy Town?
23 years and still looks cool. Genius video!
paul adler
God help me. I just can not stop watching this video. I wake up in the morning singing this song and laughing hysterically. Hysterically I tell you! Hysterically!!! I need beaver therapy.
pizzamon 79
Wynonna Ryder? I'd still hit it.
shooting smoke
Primus sucks
Wynona had a big brown beaver until imbecilic peer pressure convinced her to shave it. Now she looks like a Girl Scout.
the one and only rusty shakleford
Red dead redemption two looks great.
ww kk
Better than 99% of today's pop songs