T.I. - Memories Back Then ft. B.o.B., Kendrick Lamar (Official Music Video)

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B.O.B. B.o.B. BOB Back BoB Hustle Gang Mus... Kendrick Kendrick Lamar Kris Kris Stephens Lamar Memories Memories Back Then Stephens T.I. TI Then

Aaron Jones
All they parts was flames 🔥🔥🔥🔥 but Kendrick bro 🔥🔥🔥
this got me remenescing, used to always listen to b.o.b
Angel Paredes
B.O.B so slept on lmao
Anthony Mitchell
You gotta feel it, when young black rappers collaborate like this.... One-up for us, one good time....
Antionette Wright
I wonder who t.i was talking bout? Who still listening in 2018?
Antoine West
Ain't no damn way this track sould get any thumbs down. 24,770!! Nah! Those were/are the ones they're talking about in the song that gave this a thumbs down!!!
Antoinette E-
2018 anyone?? no.. just mee.. oh mk..still love this song
Ashley Johnson
King Kendrick's verse is life....,back then yeen want me now I'm hot you all on me.
Austin Perkins
Yooo this song still bangin in 2018 🤙🏻🤙🏻🔥🔥
Be Happy
2019... anybody memories back then?
Black Jesus
TI- A girl with no self respect\nBOB- a girl with trust issues\nKendrick- a gold digger
Brenda Laura M.
Tip's verse too real lmfao. They all killed it in their own way.
Brotha Chase
The hook tho😭😍
I know it got burn when it came out but I still feel like this song was low key slept on.
Celia Montano
Chris Smith
Man I wish they still made music like this
Christopher Powell
This song is classic. Shawty on the chorus has a BEAUTIFUL voice.
Who forgot about this song but then it pops back in your head for some reason?😱😱😱
Who's still here in 2019?
Cj Allen
I don't think I'll ever forget this song, I ain't leaving this comment for other's, I just wanna see if I'll still come back to this song 30 years from now.
Colondra Coleman
T.i verse and part of kendrick verse is so me💜❤!! I will never go back...i love my kids and myself enough to never be taken advantage again...i make my own path regardless who love me...i love myself more than ever now!!! I shed tears everytime i hear this song!!!
Coomaar ina Nadifo
''I won't say her name but she's married now.''
D Ram
The girl singing is an Angel 😇
DON Did it!
Talk about a perfect song! Damnnnn!!
Damon Darden
I need a girl like ti had
Dee Fam
still can vibe to dis🔥🔥🔥
Deevon Dudley
FUCC u & Mit Romney!!!
Dontavious Payne
t.i wen the hardest but i can feel all of em vibes
Whos still listening 2018?
Erica Morrell
2018 anyone ?
F.B.I United States Government
She married now
Fareed PF
damn. where ive been? i only heard this song today? we need more songs like this and all powerful rappers in one track.
Fauzia Kenya
One night I had a few yea one night I had a few
G MEN Rud3 Boy
Who's still listens? Me? Ok...Smh
Gabe Simonson
T.I, B.O.B, Kendrick Lamar on the same track... pure fire
How come no one's showing B.o.B any love? His verse was better than Kendrick's
Hakeem Canada
Never noticed that they were each talking about a different chicks
Hamoody Ibrahim
Happy new year 2019 !!!
Hayden Neal
still listening to 2k18 & 2k19 🧪😩 ?
This song is way too UNDERRATED!!
Ja'Quan Harper
This still ride, and will be lost gem in a few more years
Jalissa Parham
This song is still 🔥🔥🔥
Joey B
bruh am i the only one always waiting for that baseline in this song? Jesus lord!!! damn
They did this beat justice.
Juan Sanchez
Great song, this is what rap is made up. Pure art. There's an artist from each generation of Hip/Hop put into one song, giving their best to make good music.
Julian Rodriguez-Zaldana
Lawd Kendrick snapped on this shit...🔥
Karen Dickerson
Still goin hard in 2018!
KeepingUpWith Ivana
My friend I went to elementary middle and high school with is the girl on Kendrick Lamar part 💜💜💜
Kelvin Kalula
Khalil Lee
Who been listening sense it came out
King Kevious
all 3 did good but damn Kendrick snapped lol
LABron 23
The beat sounds so sick during the hook 🔥
LastWord Productions
Til this day I want to know the name of the girl TI was referring to
I remember this came out when I was in the 6th grade. Everyone loved this song because it had a actual story line❤❤❤ that girl voice is so beautiful
Light Lawful
Lonson Junior
Who’s driving with this song
2018 Wya😩
Malienar Roar
TI's girl had serious issues...I feel sorry for her
Marita Tjamburo
This song made me fall in love with Kendrick Lamar's flow. He is an amazing artist.
Melanie Dones
Did T.I say she was kinda slow lol
Melvin Turner
Kendrick killed that.
Millenium Mahlatji
On kendrick... Yea no one really gives you attention or even listen to you... Until you pop and they realize they played themselves.
MrMisterPS Jackie
First comment in 2019. Still love this song lol.
When you find this song out you find your self hitting that replay button alot
Oviedo Mejia
2018 Still Listening 🏹❤
Patricia Leveston
Any 2019 people
Damn Tip verse. I legit felt bad for. She was kinda “slow” and had some daddy issues and just wanted to feel loved even if they used her. I hope she put the past behind her and she’s finally happy in her marriage. She found someone that loves her.
Reed Jenkins
Still listening in 2018 damn time files
Ryan Davis
T.I. verse hit me frfr
Samantha Veale
Sydney Ajanga
Lyrics go crazy on this throw back. Easily one of the best RAP songs
Tamnisha Carter
Kris Stephens is in this bihh!!!! um you cant forget her Verse Ever OMM..the chorus was everything in the song...lmao because it SOME Real Ish THANK YOU LOVE😊😊😊
Tha Milkman
top 50 realist songs ever made
Tyree Weston
The beat go so hard
This is how music nowadays should be. Telling a story, not the shit you own, the girls you sleep with, or what you're smoking.
Young Slim
Everybody snapped
_Jade SiNgS_
Just now hearing this song 😩
Ti makes good music. Better than all these new kids
Holy shit I haven’t heard this in forever, talk about memories back then..
big man
2019 wassup
crystal santiago
T.I that dude N Kendrick you already know...
jalen jackson
Who still watching in November 2018
2019?? anyone
jayce Glenn
I grew up in houston and i remeber being a little kid and my older brother would always drive us to school and itd come on every 20 mins \nGreat memories🙏🙏
This song still goes hard in 2019❤
justin kakoma
Kendrick smashed👌 .and still here 2018.
Who's here 2019? Hit that 👍🏼
looky khan
Bobby ray is so underrated
morgan freeman
Weird how the title is \
nick peruta
She paid for my pager...
smitty gamez
im just now listening to this in 2019 :D
ssj trunks
2019 still strong
thanh le
Playing game new tpl
the truth
I think BOB killed both rappers wow
yeaadatsmimi !
2019 ?