T.I. - Memories Back Then ft. B.o.B., Kendrick Lamar

Buy the single here: Music video by Hustle Gang featuring T.I., B.o.B, Kendrick Lamar and Kris Stephens performing Memories Back Then. 2013 Hustle Gang Music.

B.O.B. B.o.B. BOB Back BoB Hustle Gang Mus... Kendrick Kendrick Lamar Kris Kris Stephens Lamar Memories Memories Back Then Stephens T.I. TI Then

Abigail Cardenas
this got me remenescing, used to always listen to b.o.b
Andre' Mwansa
Angel Paredes
B.O.B so slept on lmao
Anthony Mitchell
You gotta feel it, when young black rappers collaborate like this.... One-up for us, one good time....
Antionette Wright
I wonder who t.i was talking bout? Who still listening in 2018?
Antoinette E-
2018 anyone?? no.. just mee.. oh mk..still love this song
Still bumping 🙌🏾🙌🏾❤️❤️❤️🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥
Askalu Tesfay
I really just wanna who Tip is talking about ? She married now ... who.
I thought this was new for 2018!! This is Coooooold. Good GRIEF!!!
Babylakes Davis
Tried to make you mine
Be Happy
2018... anybody memories back then?
Beauty Batek
#2018 I member did song waz my favv..5yrs ago i just ran across this song on my IG cause ima dancer..andd its crazy cause iam only 14♓🔥 Kendrick Lamar always coming with the Fire lyrics.iam going to make a whole choreography dance🌈🔥🔥🔥its LIT
Ben Triplett
Holy shit I haven’t heard this in forever, talk about memories back then..
Black Jesus
TI- A girl with no self respect\nBOB- a girl with trust issues\nKendrick- a gold digger
Bridgett Gifford
Anyone here still bumpin late June 2018? Still a banger ♡
Brotha Chase
The hook tho😭😍
I know it got burn when it came out but I still feel like this song was low key slept on.
Captain Africa
Kendrick just gave a mgtow verse!! 😎
Carlo X
Chris Smith
Man I wish they still made music like this
Colondra Coleman
T.i verse and part of kendrick verse is so me💜❤!! I will never go back...i love my kids and myself enough to never be taken advantage again...i make my own path regardless who love me...i love myself more than ever now!!! I shed tears everytime i hear this song!!!
Coomaar ina Nadifo
''I won't say her name but she's married now.''
Curtis Jackson
I tried to make u mine hoe..i tried to make some time hoe..but i aint got time or the patience to wait in line hoe
D Ram
The girl singing is an Angel 😇
Da Cute Amazing Kitten
Who else wished he put the lyrics in the description so you can make a lyric video of this?
Delvin Williams
This came out when I was in 8th grade, I didn’t pay attention to the lyrics back then but now I’m in college everything Ti,BoB,Kendrick said is so true I see this happening and I also had a little experience with each situation 💯\n#2018
Domani Theking
One person Is missing 🤔🤔... j Cole man he'll made a perfect ending we need more powerful rappers to tell stories like this 💯💯
Dontavious Payne
t.i wen the hardest but i can feel all of em vibes
Whos still listening 2018?
When she started singing omg I went to heaven
East List
Eddie Martinez
Still paying this 2018
Eliana Matos
2018 who's still listening
Erica Morrell
2018 anyone ?
Evans Wilfred
June 2018 still watching from Africa kenya
F.B.I United States Government
She married now
Fareed PF
damn. where ive been? i only heard this song today? we need more songs like this and all powerful rappers in one track.
Fauzia Kenya
One night I had a few yea one night I had a few
Gabe Simonson
T.I, B.O.B, Kendrick Lamar on the same track... pure fire
Genevieve Chanda
2018 💖
God's Community
Universal good and harmony. 🎉🎉
2018 I still love this song ❤️❤️❤️
Hamoody Ibrahim
November 2018 !!
Humayun Nadeem
October 2018? 👌
this is one of the songs I will be waking up my kids to on a Sunday morning cleaning up 😂
This song is way too UNDERRATED!!
Ignite AfricaTV
2018 Biatttcccchhh!!!!!!!
Its Brandon
2019? 😂
Jane Doe
Joey B
bruh am i the only one always waiting for that baseline in this song? Jesus lord!!! damn
Johnny Nigga
They did this beat justice.
Josette Ciceron
All of the things that I did back then
Julian Rodriguez-Zaldana
Lawd Kendrick snapped on this shit...🔥
K Williams
Whew I just love everyone's verse on this song
Karen Dickerson
Still goin hard in 2018!
Karen Sullivan
I like this the lyrics are truly dope and life for real on life's term.listen good real shit
Kayyy Bby
The girls voice😍😍
Kendrick's skit was so funny, he's trying to get her attention and she just ignores. Then once he made it the tables turn. So funny how it happens in life.
King Kevious
all 3 did good but damn Kendrick snapped lol
I remember this came out when I was in the 6th grade. Everyone loved this song because it had a actual story line❤❤❤ that girl voice is so beautiful
Lil TicTac
Who else thought kendrick was on a hover board
Louis Frasier
Malienar Roar
TI's girl had serious issues...I feel sorry for her
Melanie Dones
Did T.I say she was kinda slow lol
Melvin Turner
Kendrick killed that.
Mila Brewer
Your hair did your nails did your cell phone so selfish 💃🏽
Millenium Mahlatji
On kendrick... Yea no one really gives you attention or even listen to you... Until you pop and they realize they played themselves.
Mz. Jazzy
💛 🎶 🎶 Who still listening in 2018??? 🎶 🎶 💛
When you find this song out you find your self hitting that replay button alot
Oviedo Mejia
2018 Still Listening 🏹❤
Patricia Wise
Kendrick Lamar had the best verse....the whole song real life shit..
Realm Of Madness {TEXP}{XTGx}{SANE}
Three of the best lyricists of the 2000s with a soft hook by Kris Stephens 😎 Can't get any better
Reed Jenkins
Still listening in 2018 damn time files
Richard Addison
June 2018?
Royal's mom
😩This song was beautiful but heartbreaking I had to look up at my ceiling every time for T.I verse so the tears won't fall and then when that lady starts to sing😢 my heart broke all over the place. Good God! That girl was traumatized, neglected, abused, And hurt looking for someone to care about her at any cost! T.I knew that took advantage of her and allowed his friends to do the same. Blessings to her wherever she is today🙏
Ryan Davis
T.I. verse hit me frfr
Suprxne 2003
This is totally the vibe of my mom's family & half of my dads
Sydney Ajanga
Lyrics go crazy on this throw back. Easily one of the best RAP songs
Tamnisha Carter
O oou O all of the things that I did \
Taylor Gonzalez
I looove this song!! 🔥
Tha Milkman
top 50 realist songs ever made
This the Kendrick I LOVED CAN I Get An Amen ,,, or A LIKE
Thiago Souza
Mid 2018?
Torry Hollimon
This might be in the mention of one of the best 1,2,3 collaborations (not group) ever in life.
Still love this song
Utha smith
One of the respect rap songs ever.👍✊👊
Zesizwe Biyela
Kendrick's verse gives me life! Amazing!
_Jade SiNgS_
Just now hearing this song 😩
Ti makes good music. Better than all these new kids
bere v
I used to love this song back in hs cuz I could feel like I could relate to it but now that I'm 21 I've never felt so much nostalgia \u003c\\3 good memories back then \nStill a good song 💙 it also broke my heart even though I had my first love
divine divine
2018 ?
jalen jackson
Who still watching in November 2018
jarvis thomas
*Where the fux i been* 5 years later im just hearing this track (O_o)? This track fire 3 of the best in the game on a track, you already know it's going to be good!
justin kakoma
Kendrick smashed👌 .and still here 2018.
looky khan
Bobby ray is so underrated
morgan freeman
Weird how the title is \
the truth
I think BOB killed both rappers wow
Still bang in 2018