2018 French Grand Prix: Race Highlights

Penalites, collisions, and a new championship leader. Watch the best bits as F1 returned to France...For more F1® videos, visit

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Lewis #1!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Mexico 2017: Vettel did the same clumsy move on Hamilton to prevent him passing after Max passed him for the lead. A small 5-second timed penalty for ruining someone else's race is an utter joke!
Stroll cant handle The tyres. Pls let someone else get that Seat. I want Real drivers
Alan Balala
Stop penalizations! Drivers cant race anymore. The re is no fight between cars. All you want then to do is take care of the care, save fuel, dont touch any other driver. \nThis is not racing. This is boring
Congratulations to Lewis win the champions 🍾️🥂🏆
And alonso at the end ??\nWith his weel
Antonius vd Klis
Ehhh, and suddenly no comments anymore over Max Verstappen? Hehehehe
Ashley the Fox
Charles Leclerc is a hero, regardless of points.
Well done to Leclerc, Sainz, K-Mag, Raikkonen, Verstappen & Hamilton
now we all need to aprove that ferrari has the fastest car cause vettel and bottas were last and they had 2 fastests cars vettel ferrari bottas mercedes and vettel does amazing things when he is down the order nobody in the grid can do that and bottas some people say mercedes is the fastest oh yeah they had a brand new engine, and that makes them littile bit faster and the tires are like in spain and it favours mercedes against ferrari and when vettel bolted into the softs he was like a flying bird
🚀 of the day: Vettel \n\nBut this is racing, this happens...
I love how VeRstaPPeN says Vettel needs to change his driverstyle.\nJust because you didn't crash 2 races in a row doesn't mean you are outta our eyes now
Not a bad week for my F1 Fantasy team xD
Damnit seb, great job on the comeback tho, same thing to bottas, good on max and Lewis, shame about Gasly and Ocon, hopefully seb can get back and get the lead of the championship again
Carlosthegreat 326
Vettel had driving lessons from Maldonado
Cloud Boss
Bravo McLaren very good job 👎👎👎
These 4 drivers are the only candidates to win the F1 World Championship this year and the coming years if they stay in the same Teams. Hamilton, Vettel, Bottas and Raikkonnen. They have 2 factors critical to winning: First- each one has exceptional driving skills and Second-They are supported by excellent Teams. If a driver only has one factor (great driving skills but has a pathetic team or vice versa) they prolly won’t stand in a podium in their career. Are there F1 fans still wondering why Hamilton and Vettel are so unexcitingly dominant forever?...
Dani Martinez
Alonso in 2015: GP2 engine\nAlonso in 2018: Formula Renault 3.5 chassis
Dario Abrador
Kimi still good even if he past his prime.
David Johnson
Vettel drove like an amateur at the start. Best car on the grid, at the front- end, dry weather and plenty of run of area, what exactly was hard to judge? Apart from getting desperate for Max not to overtake him?
Debjit Goswami
Mercedes fans screaming that penalty wasn't enough.... Lol... 😂 😂 😂 Just give them some brains man, where was your fair play when Bottas ended the races for both Kimi and Verstappen in Spain last year, still got away with it? So according to Lewis and Niki, if Vettel deserved more penalty for just losing down force and locking up, similar to Ricciardo in Baku, Bottas should have been given a 2 race ban for ending the races for two drivers...He should also have been penalised for trickling into Kimi in Baku... He got away with all of them... I mean seriously, Vettel didn't do it on purpose, and with the pace, he should have been P2... But these Mercs only want themselves to compete in F1... From the next year there should be only 2 teams... Mercedes and Sauber, so that they can beat them and be 10 time world champions....
Dirty game by Mercedes. Vettel would have overtaken both easily but they squeezed him ... to avoid that what happened at the start of Spain GP ...
DirtyEagle Carlos
Is not possible to have a change of track each year so it could bring the teams closer everytime when they race at that track?
Drug Induced Fever dream
Good job Kimi!
Duo Motovlog
2sec per lap is the minimum difference between the best team and the fourth team...not good, no competition, not spectacular...please address this prob F1 administration! ✌️
Essence of Racing
Classic Kimi!!! What a drive!!!
Rofl I've been seeing people blaming Bottas for the incident. Vettel can do no wrong in the eyes of some people.
Vettel macht sich selber die WM kaputt.
Francesco MagikFurli
Am i the only who feels like people are extremely overreacting at the first lap incident?\nClearly it was Vettel fault, he even admitted that, but people are bashing him for this crash which is his first one this year...
Futt Bucker
Vettel can't go through a season without crashing.
Kimi passed Leclerc, Magnussen, Sainz, Vettel and Ricciardo. Started 6th, finished 3rd with a clean race. He should have won driver of the day.
Gustavo Campino
Maldonado off the race : Vettel
If I get 1000 subs I will find a cure for cancer
After dat spin and going pit bottas still had damaged floor which made him slower and if he didnt have that he could've fought vettel and gained better positions, but *if*
Jack Ryeng
Charles \
Jason Moyle
Jesus christ Ricciardo!! pull your finger out and do better!!
Grosjean of the day: Sebastian Vettel
Joshua Digal
The reason why Vettel didn't got any harsh penalty, was because first lap/turn incidents are taken lightly. Going into the first corner is always messy anyway. That's why drivers don't usually get harsh penalties for running off and joining, cutting corners, hitting others or taking shortcuts like Max did.\nBut if a someone does the same in mid-race, he is bound to have a harsh penalty. Example: Max 10 sec penalty in China.\n\nWhen Hamilton cut the corner Russia 2014 and in Mexico 2016 and got away with it but when max did it in the same race in Mexico he got penalized, cuz he did in the middle of the race. And many more examples to find on, So usually first lap or turn are taken lightly with light penalties.\n\nOne can also say Vettel lost the downforce behind Hamilton and missed his braking just like Riccardo did in Baku behind Max.
\u202aBiased FIA towards ferrari, that pen was a joke! Ruined bottas’s race at turn one but “in the end Seb will have protection as usual and thats the way it goes”. \u202c
Honestly 5sec. Is a joke for Vettel. He destroys his race and finish ahead of him. It’s ridiculous seriously! FIVE sec. Only FIVE sec.\n\nThat was so a good weekend for Valtteri and Vettel just kick him out of the race. Valtteri gets unlucky this season, but cmon this is so a bad weekend but know Mercedes and especially Valtteri have to be focused on Austria. Lets go silver Arrows❗️💪💪
I feel bad for the 2 French drivers!! 😔😔😔
Kasper Mejer
Why is no one talking about how Kevin Magnussen Has all Hass points?
Knight King
I voted for Charles Leclerc to be the driver of the day, why would anyone choose Vettel? If you cause the collision then use your engine to overtake most of the smaller teams, you don't deserve DOTD
Kondje Des
Daniel Ricciardo market value: Down the drain. \nSpain 25s behind MV, \nCanada 12s behind MV, \nFrance 28s behind MV. \nOuch... Captain Slowiiardo
Alonso blaming the car once again, but let's face it... He was shit in this race, not the car.
Lights Out YouTube!
Lucho Garcia
Magnussen was the driver of the day, for me.
LunatiK At Le Mans 24H
Leclerc is a hero, what a week end for him
Manikandan Devadoss
Ham!! Austria wants your win too..🍻🚀🚀
Martin Lienesch
Again an aweful new track with 100% asphalt instead of useing gravel and grass... This is so stupid... the start...lmao...
MaxiRC - Rc Models, Racing, Simulation
Maxmilián Stoklasa
Hamilton - led every single lap and won\nKimi - made it to the podium with very solid drive\nVettel - caused a crash at the start and won the Driver of the day.\n\n👏👏👏
0:30 WTF all tne cars leaving the track and gaining an advantage and poor Alonso stayed on track and was last.
McTurkish Baba
come on give me the blue flag blue flag
Huh, this the second sixth place for Magnussen this year, very impressive stuff. Also Leclerc is a beast really looking foward to him on a competitive car.
The five seconds... What a yoke!
Mike A.
Leclerc is really becoming quite a consistent driver, really wrings the neck of that Sauber every race
5 second penalty lol any other car it’s a drive through penalty!\nWhat a complete and utter joke of a series.
Nigol T.
My god, Vettel had an incredible start. Too bad Hamilton blocked both Valtteri and Vettel by slowing down. Not cool.
I really despise the toxic community that F1 has. It's only hate. Why don't you children grow up?
Peter M
Sainz in lap 1:\n\
Philip Canete
Everyone in Italy says that Hamilton is at fault for the Lap 1 incident... To tell you in what country I live in and how Ferrari fanboys can be.
Radko Gudas
Vettel showing once again how to lose Championships. You don't win the title in one corner...
Ria adiel Asanami
Black flag for seb because he rob bottas podium potentially 1-2 podium for Mercedes
Roel van Doorn
Drivers of the day in my opinion: Hamilyon, Raikkonen and LeClerc
5 second penalty! What a YOKE!
Sachin manjrekar
Alonso back to reality 😥
Sandranil Biswas
Sebastian Vettel
F1 trophys of the race\nDriver of the day vettel\nCrashtappen of the day vettel\nThe ping pong trophy vettel\nBiggest comeback of the day vettel and bottas\nStill crashing trophy stroll\nUnbelievable slow mclaren, grosjean and williams\nSupricer of the day leclerc and sainz.\nWaiting for second comeback lastname\nOne country crashes gasly and ocon\nAND THE BEST TROPHYS.\nGreat overtaking (driver in front who didnt crash) raikkonen\nBest team radio alonso\n AND\n Best Race press conference comment.\nMax Verstappen.\nReporter: \
Great GP!
Sol Bambi
And Vettel got driver of the day??
Weirdest trophy I've seen.
T Br
0:07 'it was ericsson's fault'
Those Ferraris were so fast in a straight line Wow
Thomas Fulton
Lance has gotten so many punctures this year. Odd, but he’s had memorable ones in Monaco and then here.
Thomas Still
Great race for K-Mag, and lets hope Grosjean contributes to the points for Haas
Thomas Williams
vettel crashed into 2 cars lol. noob driver.
Have no one noticed Magnussen's great race, and his ability to hold back a Mercedes for 10 laps....
Vice Ćuška
'No brakes, no tyres, out of the points'
4:23 I bet that door opener got Vettel 'driver of the day' 😂
Leclec has now equalled Ericcsson’s whole career points of 11 in 76 less Grand Prix
agent 1207
Finally some well needed overtaking! What a race.
Can somebody please retire Niki Lauda?
French Grand Prix will be boring they said... well what was that guys?
Very interesting race. If you got bored watching this maybe the sport is not for you.
1:25 This CLEARLY shows that VETTEL braked WELL into T1, following Lewis nicely, having passed Bottas fair and square. BOTTAS braked later in a Verstappen-like attempt to regain a position already INEVITABLY lost, slowed down MUCH more (as seen from him losing ground to Lewis despite entering the corner from a theoretically more advantageous angle) and turned into Vettel who could do *nothing* about the situation. So, as usual, Vettel was innocent and got punished for someone else's fault! Valtteri should have understood that the fight for T1 was already lost the moment Vettel started braking (from then on, Valtteri's squeezing of Vettel could ONLY lock Vettel's wheels, which were already braking at the limit before Bottas turned in). So, Valtteri, having braked later than Vettel, should have gone wider to avoid the collision (since there is OBVIOUSLY less grip off the racing line where Seb was). Anyway, congratulations to Lewis, Max, and Kimi for an essentially flawless race (even if Lewis was just cruising and Max could have brought a newspaper or a portable gaming console to have something to do during the race - while waiting for his well-deserved 2nd place). It is noteworthy that Vettel had the best start and the best overall racecraft in France (deserving the DOTD fully). Magnussen, Leclerc and some others were also impressive (obviously). If Kimi quits next year (and his driving does not suggest he should), I hope Charles will be Seb's team-mate... If Vettel braked later and actually CAUSED the collision, I would criticise him to hell (because you just don't fuck up the championship like that). But he did a perfect job. Bottas screwed up. Forcing another driver into a situation that INEVITABLY leads to a collision IS causing a collision. So, STEWARDS, please understand that this was AT WORST a racing incident, DEFINITELY not Vettel's fault. You have to drive according to the ACTUAL situation. Vettel started braking precisely according to what the situation looked like at THAT point. Bottas turned in according to a situation he only WISHED would have existed (Vettel having a chance to make the corner without touching Valtteri)!!! P.S.: Vettel thinks it was his mistake and even apologised to Bottas. But that just shows how nice the guy is... He has accepted the blame for SEVERAL people's faults in his F1 career. That is ABSOLUTELY unique... I don't remember any driver who was like that. Most guys will rather blame their grandmother-in-law than themselves... :-)
jordan Jingkovilova
Vette's fault in that 1st corner carnage.
I liked the part where the rain came.
Winner of the day: Lewis Hamilton\nDriver of the day: Sebastian Vettel\nStart of the day: Carlos Sainz\nTorpedo of the day: Sebastian Vettel\nFidget spinner of the day: Valtteri Bottas, Fernando Alonso\nBest car of the day: Ferrari\nWorst car of the day: McLaren\nBest team of the day: Mercedes\nWorst team of the day: Williams\nTeam radio of the day: Fernando Alonso\nP.S: Good job done by Charles Leclerc, hope to see him next year driving for Scuderia Ferrari :)
Whoever decided that the Ricciardo_Raikkonen battle will be broadcast from onboard cameras deserves a medal. It was just a couple of shots over a couple of seconds but it was completely exhilarating and I almost fell off my chair at how it pulled me into the race. More of those please FOM.
HAAS deserves a win
qwer tz
Bottas is just so unlucky all season long
Damn, that is one ugly track.
sagi alex
Cough cough long straight overtakes galore.
sfleader alastair
We saw something from Kimi that we havent seen for a while...
suraj s subramanian
Valteri bottas is so unlucky. Vettal should be given sterner penalties,he keeps repeating such mistakes. Hamilton should actually be leading by 24 points now instead he leads by only 14 points because of Vettal's lenient penalty