Talking Heads - Burning Down the House (Official Video)

Talking Heads' "Burning Down the House," from the 1983 album Speaking in Tongues.

burning down the house david byrne speaking in tongues talking heads

This is a classic! Talking Heads had real talent. Something that most bands of today lack. Thanks for great memories!
killer intro that explodes into a genius song
Even the guitar is percussive.
Antonette Johnson
Time to burn down gilliad
Byrne-ing Down the House. Sorry.
Ben W
David and the rest of the Talking Heads -- We need more awesome stuff again. The Talking Heads are still amazing and quirky and so original. The songs don't get old. You guys could reach a whole new audience now, and fans like me from the 80's would love new stuff from y'all. I have no idea if y'all are thinking about it or if it would work, but please know, fans still love your music.
Benjie Fields
One of the best songs if the 80s
Brent Roos
David Byrne is a musical genius.
Bryan Dion
I love the Talking Heads
Bully Billy
pyro's listen to this.....
I can't breathe, and there's some boy beating the shit out of me with my dead brother's spirit.
Celeste K
Wow, David, out of all of Talking Heads' songs this one is my favourite. I'm so glad that you guys were able to put your differences aside for one night and perform at the Rock n Roll Hall Of Fame induction ceremony.
Chris Britton
One of the most haunting songs from the 80's.
Claudia Barolo
Who got a match?
Darren Swift
In today's contexts, this track makes me think about Santa Rosa....
Deer War Veteran
And a certain manga artist wasn't happy that day
Dennis Ouellette
Stop making sense tour is still the best concert I ever attended. Have a great day David!
Der Diepes
I didn't know david was the founder of Snapchat too?!
Duane Garbutt
ITS STILL BANGIN'!!!!Classic material!!! We need more like this
Dune Mayberger
Part 5/6 hype?
Ed Lowry
That dude is a genius!!
Elinor Vlogs
13 going on 30!!
Fernando Venturini
Sempre fui fanzasso desses caras, são demais!!!
Gleam Tarrest
Ahhh back when MTV was actually a music video channel.. all videos all the time.. 24/7
Grim Song
Love this band.
jerma is short
HiiWayMuzik Production
this song is awesome
Ian Walton
them white lines sure goes up his nose 3:20
Irene Ingenue
My daughter told me she was cooking while I was at work. I sent her this song, it was hilarious.
Isaac Taylor
I'm burning down my house to this song
2019 anyone
Jedimaster Barry Campbell
Let it burn
Jerry Janes
Second Talking Heads video posted by David Byrne in as many weeks.\nNo rumors yet but I predict a reunion this summer.\nIron your big suit.
Jotaro Kujo
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Jp Palacios
Burning down my house California 😥
Julian Dodds
Thx David, we needed a Burning Down The House video with good Quality for a long time :D
Just Another Guy With A Moustache
When you're in a prison in Florida
So underrated
Kim Beard
Bad ass song back in the dayz!! Still is
Layla G
Nolite te bastardes carborundorum.
Lionel Hutz
Our house, our house, our house is on fire
Loren Patton-Forsythe
first time I heard this song - - - my jaw dropped and HAAAAD to found out who it was. INCREDIBLE.
Lucas Romero
13 going on 30
Luis Enrique Barragan
Lurcio Titters
Brilliant track. Thanks TH. Xx
Luz C
Handmaid's tale 2x13 💕
M Zach
Badass song, that acoustic guitar is cool as hell
Maria Clara
Watch out you might get what you're after\nBoom babies strange but not a stranger\nI'm an ordinary guy\nBurning down the house\n\nHold tight wait till the party's over\nHold tight We're in for nasty weather\nThere has got to be a way\nBurning down the house\n\nHere's your ticket pack your bag\nTime for jumpin' overboard\nThe transportation is here\nClose enough but not too far,\nMaybe you know where you are\nFightin' fire with fire\n\nAll wet! Hey you might need a raincoat\nShakedown! Dreams walking in broad daylight\nThree hun-dred six-ty five de-grees\nBurning down the house\n\nIt was once upon a place sometimes I listen to myself\nGonna come in first place\nPeople on their way to work and baby what did you except\nGonna burst into flame\n\nMy house! Is out of the ordinary\nThat's right! Don't wanna hurt nobody\nSome things sure can sweep me off my feet\nBurning down the house\n\nNo visible means of support and you have not seen nothin' yet\nEverything's stuck together\nAnd I don't know what you expect starring into the TV set\nFighting fire with fire
Weird, I found a ghost room with a child inside in this prison I'm in.
Matt J
I miss the 80s. Graduating class of 1984!
Matt Johnson
Good shit never gets old......
Matt Whalen
I still remember when this first came out
Max Gross
The Oompa Loompa POTUS is burning down the house. Time to call the fire brigade!
They're Soo WEIRD!!? I love it!
Miles Nathan Edgeworth
My god... This song is 100% pure oxygen... I mean... Gold...\n\n\n\n\n\n\nCompletly from another reality, you know
the main singer looks like Gman from half life
No Stop
The thumbnail though
No this is patrick
Wait why is there a midget with a baseball cap here
Noel1029 Star
Whos here in 2018? ;)
R E A S O N S T O B E C H E E R F U L P A R T 3
PsiClone 414
These guys need to be inducted into the hall of fame.  They were like the pioneers of weirdness .
Rayane Chernai
I've killed a supersonic black priest thank to this song
Rich Muscle
Good shit!
Rita Byci
Nolite te bastardes carborundorum.
Robert Hall
I was 6 yrs old bouncing around my house singing this. Wish I could of experienced it live.
Funkiest nerd ever.
Pure oxygen
Samuel Antonov
0:32 when you see a spider
Shh B
Nolite te bastardes carborundorum
Slimer44 Producciones
Super Kyle
#1 song in California right now
T Johnson
As a 30 year old I get really weird nostalgia despite this being the first time Ive ever seen this video. There's something simplistically comforting about this
i just think about the movie revenge of the nerds...when the jocks sing \
Testicular Prolapse
That final shot must have been strange to film. You can just image the film crew all bunched up in the back of a truck with one guy on the camera and one guy holding a projector up trying to align it with the road whilst not falling off.
When Fahrenheit 451 starts to kick in
Three-hun-dred-six-ty-five-deg-grees; burning down the house!
Turd Ferguson
When I was a kid it was the last few weeks of summer break. I'm riding down my road watching the fire trucks get bigger and realized my they are at my house. After everything calmed down my dad told everyone to get in the car. Like any red blooded American family we went straight to the liquor store. When we got back in the car this song was just far enough along for the burning down the house to start blaring. My dad didn't laugh with the rest of us, instead got mad and shut it off. I learned as a kid you're screwed if you can't find some humor in tragedy. My dad and I never shared that philosophy. He didn't agree to let us have it, we thought life shat on us but that song was our chance at a healthy laugh. I mean I know it's been played a lot on the radio through the 80s&90s but what are the odds. Rotten ol bastard still hates the song
Tyonna Neal
Wow!!! Lmao!! This whole time it was a little boy. My first time seeing this video since i was a child and i thought it was a midget when i was little. 😂😂😂
Zzyzx Wolfe
Holly, not Nichole. Hannah, not Agnes. June, not Offred. Emily, not Ofjoseph.\nNo matter what they take away, don't let them take away who you are; don't let the bastards get you down.
Why is David Byrne so great? I absolutely love Talking Heads and David Byrne.
casey leedham
well thats about as trippy and bizarre as i remembered
lol 80s face swap
Saw them in concert as an opening act for The Police in Montreal in 1983. When one singer started dancing away with the microphone pedestal suddenly the light where he was standing went out for at least three minutes. The lighting crew didn't like the singer moving the equipment on his own...
Fricken' leg-end, son. Thanks for this - was seriously needed.
when you get lured into a room and a kid wearing a baseball uniform hops out of the piano to kill you
man i was a little headbanger into thrash metal as a kid but we all thought this song was kinda cool. looking back on it as a adult and not caring about categories or genres anymore i realize this guys voice live is so fucking awesome and just such a great song.
isaac Heres
Revenge of the Nerds brought me here
lee pearson.
Talking heads are cool
lesser gyro
to be continued\n\nweather report
liz brunton
35 years ago today!
IF the Talking Heads came back together my head would just explode. No head, just a body.
the Brain
David you have all ways been my hero , thanks for unlocking my mind, and thank you for your creativity which has always made me feel part of the great scheme of life.
The only cue I need to remember this song is the phrase \