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Fourth of July is right around the corner! Make sure you check this video out so you can make the most delicious food for everyone!____________________________________________________________________Timestamps:Any questions or suggestions? Leave them in the comments below!Also check out our other channels:Craft Factory: www.youtube.com/CraftFactoryVT: www.youtube.com/JungleVT

Bacon Double Ch... Cheeseburger Corndogs Fourth Of July Jello Shots Philly Cheesesteak Triangles Sriracha Wings Tasty Fourth Of July Party Recipes Twisted

*_*شعله*_*امل*_* *_*شعله*_*امل*_*
40K Theories
14:14 is it just me or did that pastry look a bit too undercooked?
411 Shortie
Mini cheesesteak wellingtons had me feeling 🤮 all that blood 😣
Alifa Arafa Jannat Albitha
I love this nice brooooo
Andy Anderson
America vs. Canada: The War of Categories
Angie Haaksma
That’s one long ass song lol
Apip Maulana
I like MMM yummy
Asad Yezdan
Doesn't the jello shots look like the flag of France
Becky Hines
Love the ideas. Just the music gets annoying.
Binge Watcher AF
The 4th of July jello is perfect 👌 for a French celebration 🎉 it looks exactly like the French flag 🇫🇷
Brenna Moye
I like SARGENTO Cheese best Cheese Ever 💜💙💛😂😂😂😂😂!!!!!!!.
Brianna Adams
16:28 eww wtf
Bunny Smith
Thanks for putting the ingredients in English units rather than your standard metric for us Americans for 4th of July!
Call me Evelyn
Great recipes, those names tho... needs work
Cheeese Master 1
DaWeed36 _
9:47 isnt that chicken legs?
Dani Hamra Iversen
Diego Jurassico
6:04 = diabetes
Dilapidated Castillo
It all looks so good. \nI feel really fat after watching this though.
Eliora Blackson
The meat isn't cooked properly
fourth of jelly wouldve been so powerful but ur american..
Eris Vance
The steak. The steak hurts
Fassol A
1:50 I hate America
Feli Fine
Go dora the Explorer
Ilove your channel i'm from saudi arabia 🇸🇦
Gareth Ikbal
I think this is actually an ORIGINAL TAST Video because I know a few of them like the philly tortilla thing
Garotas Tumblr
Alguém aí é do Brasil?
Gayatri Athavale
4:46 samosas
Geovania França
- Nossa Tudo Bem Feito Ameei😍❤
Ghizlan Ghozlan
Giuseppe Ciaffardoni
a chi piace so yummy piacerà di sicuro twisted
Holly Sweet
The Dora the Explorer instrumental
Ida Grant
All I can say is freakin delicious - and my favorite - easy. I'd love to give my today's grammy/oscar tooooooooooooooooo..... Twisteds' July 4th recipes ;-D Luv, Luv.
J _baslaib
في اكله كانوا يقلدون السمبوسة
I like the song
i gained weight from watching this
Jeena cutiepie
You know what the best 4th of July party is Doritos hamburgers hotdog ketchup mustard Pepsi coke beer and you're friend that has tats that he got from a shady guy in the alley way but he said he will do it for 5 bucks
Jenn Tech
What's the name of that song tho...
sound like labor day music 🎶 in nyc 😂😂
4:48 سمبوووسه
Kamilla Iqbal
I just drank orange Gatorade 4 the 1st time. Great 4 parties. Better than I expected. Better than yellow and red. Blue us next best probably. My favorite party food is hotdogs with onion and mustard
Kaya Francel
Why do I watch this when I'm hungry? Lol
Kelinciku Imut
I like the fruits, but without the soda..
Kelis Threats
I know I’m not the only one who seen how pink that steak was. 14:13 or something🤮🙏🏾
Kristina Dye
Wow! I like tasty better!
Latika Dhiman
The philly cheesesteak triangles were like indian samosas
Lele Hassan
Wow WowWow
Leonie Sta
A little bit of cheeseburger overkill... I guess that sums up The USA...
MNKeeper 54
Thieves they stole my religions famous triangle thing full with meat at 4:43
Madison Alexis
Majdi Sebaibi
Tell me why does the Gilaten looks like Holland's flag or France flag sidewys like c'on America be an oj 4 once
Maë Zte
I like this😍💞
Mohamed chokre-ellah
انا حبيت الاكل الكثير هو عنجد بشهي
Muhammad Sajjad
I loved these recipes and Philly cheesesteak triangles are called Samosas
2:36 Love Chicken
Neelam gupta
Happy independence day to all Americans
I just cant get over that this is an english channel making 4th of july snacks.
Osy O
1:46 isn't that Netherlands
Phyllis Marony
,OMG each food item looked better than the last one.you made it look so easy. Can't wait to try.😘
5:52 There is some metal on the cake, ...
Plz can u make donut recipes
Ranjana Das
Too much meat...... NOT GOOD FOR HEALTH......... \n\n\n\n😞😞😞😞
Ranks Productions
Great cooking nice video
Rebecca Sawn
im sorry but why do they have to dunk like half of the entire thing in ketchup who actually does that
Richard Shuang Feng Guo
Saad Ilyas
Omg soooo yummy
Sean Purce
Song sounds spanish... on the 4th of july?
Sofia Familia
I love the jhon's food is very delicious but not healty🍔🍟🍕🌭🌮🍗🍖🌯
The Donut
What's the music in the beginning
Transfer Wiz
Tasty or Twisted \nLike for Tasty, Comment for Twisted
Poor cows
Usman Abdur
Eita kono teriangle na eita somocha Tora to sagol bolod
Will Zimmermann
U forgot the bacon in the burger
Tasty or twisted \nLike:tasty comment:twisted like and comment:both
ahmed.yousif.nasih nasih
Way the food not healthy
ayes shabi
These foods are like asian foods not westren full of oil
cherry pancake
The steak at 14:13 is not fully cooked you shouldn't be eating that if it red anywhere, there is even blood on the plate wjen you pour the suce at 14:18
davilla vitória
I love
faracha ahlam
لي عربي لايك
im řâńá السوشال مديام
اكلات روعه
kuliman Eshmuhamet
Неllo itis baursak koi
14:21 lamb sauce?
maram Adam
أكل يشهى وإلا معى يضغط لايك
matthew ike
5.54 there was tin foil in the cake
official aliyeva
perfect foods.
pablo escobar
i dont know why i am watching this while i am on diet😶😶😂😂
rogue plays mobile
👍Better than tasty 👍
samir karim
حط إليك عشان الطبخ
shahd reda
من مجرد الفرجه جعت
shameel farzana
there are some hilarious stereotypes of america in here but you know what? i'm about it.
sily sister
Think you forgot the ooo yes at the end tast- WAIT WAT
simo mh
3afakom chi aboni
I hope I can make all of these one day 😋 looks delicious
unetounsia 216
J'ai juste faim
قناة الطريق الصحيح الإسلامية للرزق The right way
realy Looks tasteful and beautiful in shape