Tubeway Army - Are Friends Electric ? ( Very Rare Unbroadcast Complete Version 1979 )

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1980’s Guy
One of my faves 👍\n\nTruly captures the 80’s 👍👍👍 ( even though it was 79 😂)\n\nThank you Gary Numan and tubeway army
Gary grew into a fine looking man.
Kylo Ren on keyboards.
I just saw him last month after wanting to for 38 years...This song had the joint rockin!!!!!
Andrew B
Apparently a fan of Gary who dreamed of being his girlfriend, contacted him years later, dated him, and they got married! That doesn't happen often, but it shows that dreams can come true!
Aphrodite' Pantheon
Anybody else finds this song extremely sexy ?
39 yrs old\nMind blown
Barend Vorster
This is an important song from Gary Newman.
This song reminds me of NFS Carbon!These were the old good days!I miss the days when I was a child and I was like I am going to hear my favourite soundtrack[Are Friends Electric] playing NFS Carbon!As I said these were the old good days!!
Brad Dunn
A Synth-Ballad... Sounds so simple, but in retrospect it's a lot better than today's rubbish...
Clinton Teach Saddler
Bought this in Durban , SouthAfrica in December 78,now I'm 54 and still listen to the lp Replicas regularly!What a sound!
Daniel Marquis
SO addicted to this style of music. Gary knew how to use synths extremely well. I even went out and bought Gary's first 4 albums. Pleasure Principle and Telekon are my favorites.
David Eadington
Awesome! (and Billy Currie of Ultravox on synths!)
David Thomas
In 2018 this sounds so crispy fresh it's unreal.
Denis lespagne
I like this fantastic Sound 👍🏻🤩👍🏻
Deplorable D
There is pop music, electronic music and trance music... then you find out there was a man called Gary Numan.
Do you mind
Better than Cars in my opinion.
Dr. Stephen Stokes DC
Started reading the comments and realized I was thumbs up-ing all of them. Such a great capture of a special time and unique music. As new today as it was then... never ever gets old, we love you Gary!
Edwin Bitsoe
............1979.......... one UNFORGETTABLE YEAR...........!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Empress Benedict
This song makes me want to purchase a bunch of Moog's so I can piss off my neighbors.
David Bowie face?
Galactic Warrior 84
just close your eyes while listening the synths..its what I've done :D
Garota Kawaii
Nfs carbon??
Garry JT
I remember first hearing this on TOTP and it was amazing, unlike anything I'd heard before. Still love it!
Gigi Bjork
The first itme I heard this song in 1979, I was 17...& I fell in love.\nMany years past and technology has re-united my friends electric...\u003c3 G2
InitialPlay x
Driving my RX-8 with this music
He is the most realistic looking robot ever created.
Jayne Parrington
Still get goosepimples when the keyboard reaches the next stage .... ah really loved this song back in the day
Jim Jiminy
Are friends electric? They sure are these days huh?
Joan Esdale
When you realise your childhood music was totally amazing!
John Maguire
Billy Currie would have to be one of the most underrated keyboardists in the history of New Wave
John Williams
This song - and this song only - is directly responsible for me spending the next 35 years (and still counting!) absolutely loving and in adulation of electronic music.\nThis song defined my future musical taste, after hearing it for the first time as a 14 year old lad... :)\nI still get as excited hearing it now as I did all those years ago... it never dates nor does it ever tire me from listening to it....\nAND if I close my eyes and concentrate really hard, it's like being 14 again - and being hypnotised by Mr Numan  It's like falling in love with this sound - all over again... 
Joseph Guida
Mr. Neumans body language is a very interesting part of this video.
K Veneris
Looks great
Kevin Walsh
Well before his time, Great sound, still sounds good in 2019,
Larz Gustafsson
One of the best artists and songs ever.
Lee Ernesto Boles
I wasn't alive when this came out, but it still sounds as fresh and new as it did in 1979
Linda Winchcole
When this song came out, it was so different from anything at the time, still sounds good 2018 😀😀
M Tv
So many stunning moments of cool. What a genius. Love the London accent. I wonder what I'm doing in a room like this...that smile!!!
Thanks for posting this. I was 15 then and so sick of disco and mellow gold. Ready and willing to be swept up in the fun and artistry of the new sound.
Martin Cruz
Thank you, YouTube, for allowing me to find these incredible, groundbreaking songs like THIS! I'm from NYC and was only 7 years old when this came out, but this is the first time I've ever heard this song! Wow!\n\nBased on reading the comments, this song from Gary Numan, more so than \
Maryanne Rapana
This gotta be one of my favourite song apart from his song “ CAR “
Matt fo
The best period in pop history was the 1980's. So glad I was 15 in 1980 and able to experience it first hand.
Matthew Koschara
As time goes by, this song becomes more and more relevant...
Mc Grogans English Services
Good stuff. Way ahead of its time. Should be included in more movies.
3:22 Gary realizes he's not anywhere close to the mic for the vocal line.. lol
Michael Paris
I was 5 when I first heard this song. I can't remember any particular song before it. I can still picture sitting in my uncles room hanging out while listening to the tunes. Looking at the album cover in awe. Listening on his awesome stereo. Eating pizza. Staying up late. That's all a long time ago now that I'm 45. But right now, listening to this song I'm a kid again. Thank you.
Michael Vronksy
Forty years old and still as fresh as a daisy...
Mike Mike
Space Age! New Wave! Clever
Mountain Months
40 years later this song still slaps
so happy to have lived when there still came music that was absolutely unheard of before. everything from 1990 until today could be from any of the decades before. hard to imagine that there will be a time when people will talk about the sound of the zeroes and tens, as you could from the 50s until the 80s. a new wave or punk or ska song from the 80s could never be confused with a 70s tune.
Nai Noswad
Is that Billy Currie from Ultravox! on keyboards?
No Soucy
Amazing live performance from dutch tv program. Top Pop
Again it's surgical perfection I'm 47 and yes,the 70s n 80s were by far the best evolution for music IMO look what we have American idol pff fk t
Paul Jürgen-Romrig
Anyone remember the Lee Cooper jeans add from the 70s?\nNuman singing the track. Check it out.
Paul Rawcliffe
Real music from a real age gone by. 70's / 80's the best decades ever. The 90's were awesome also. When I came of age dating etc. Paul Rawcliffe.
Peter Tümmers
Almost 40 years later this still is ONE OF THE FUCKING BEST SONGS EVER RECORDED!!
I was 9 years old music meant nothing to me. Then one day climbing a tree in my back garden our neighbour was working on his car with the radio on this song came on the radio I just couldn't help but listen it was unlike anything I'd ever heard before ground breaking the guy is a genius
Populier Vogel
Haha, Nice to see Gary has visit Top Pop, our Dutch TOTP, bringing back sweet memories.
good old days
Roy Wayne
2019 and still magical.
Ryley Hayes
Back when it was cool for men to wear high heels. \n\nThis is the most 80s thing ever... only it was 1979, and Gary was ahead of the times!
Spam Mouse
In the past this WAS the future ! ( The days when all instruments on TOTPs were wireless ! )
Stephen Campbell
I remember buying this record. I thought I was cool, and that the record was cool. I was half right anyway. Now I am in my 50s - shit! - and the record still sounds wonderful. My daughter is 19. I played this to her. She said it was \
Stephen Crump
Boy how I miss the 80's... This track never ages..iconic music
Stephen McManus
Amazing track. Never been a Number 1 like it. It meant a lot back then. This blew everyone away. Nice to see Billy Currie of Ultravox/Visage helping out. RIP Paul Gardiner.
Stoney Curtis
One of our favorite 'trippin' bands back in the 80's..
Surfs Up
One of new wave's best. Vocally, sounds like Bowie. I still have the live album and it's still fresh and modern sounding as any synth band these days.
Suspicious Citrus
Still awesome in 2019
this was known as new wave
Veronica Bock
Is there a way to tattoo this song on to the molecular biodome that is my brain?
Vlad Drakul
I was 18 and had been the first skinhead in my school of 600 in 1976. Sure the Pistols were fun but NOT great music like the stuff I had grown up with as a kid in the late 60's and early 70's (ie Beatles as a boy, then Bowie, Led Zeppelin, the Doors and Hendrix but hated Prog, MOR, indeed the mid 70s in the UK. The US had still some great stuff like Funkadelic, Neil Young, Grateful Dead. However I LOVED the New Wave better than punk (far better more original music and by the end of '77 was an ex punk). Loved US early punk/New wave like Television, Talking Heads, B 52's, Devo. My favorite UK New wavers were: Lene Lovich, Tubeway Army, Pil, Psychedelic Furs and later Depeche Mode (giants!), the Cure, Siouxsie and the Banshees and Japan! Great music!
Vox Veritas
I remember being utterly mesmerised by this when I was 8. I didn't understand the lyrics or anything or even tried to for that matter. However the purity and truth of the melody connected with my soul. \n\nOne of the best in history. Bowie level genius!
War Mongerel
Boston, Foreigner, Styx - White guys with afros...and then this guy shows up. It was really amazing.
Wilhelm Music
Way ahead of his time, Gary is an absolute legend!
William H. Baird
I remember when this was brand new... It was so different! \n It made made me discover Kraftwerk, Yello, Ministry, Front 242 Etc!
Love this song. I was working on British Railways in 1979 when this came out. This song always reminds me of working at Stratford MPD.
andrew castellane
brapman brap
absolutely magnificent ground-breaking music and still better than anything around today ..hats off the Gary numan a real legend ...truly awesome song
cam d
One of my long-time favorites.
ej b
The musicians look in a bit of shock at being on TV...Gary seems to be taking Bowie lessons. And the drummer is punching out lots of hi-hat notes with one wrist when most would use two. Ah but a lovely- even sad- synth song.
Saw them in 1979 at the Empire theatre in Liverpool, my first ever concert I was 16, they were supported by OMD, the light show was incredible as was the whole concert, it was mind blowing, great memories.
gary jones
Superb, always loved Gary Nyman, you don't get music like that nowadays
Anyone who thumbs down this is a cockwomble
gil wood
In 20 years ...People MIGHT get how cool this band was .
Neither of those keyboards have audio cables connected. The electric piano doesn't even have a power cord. The bass isn't plugged in. The band members certainly must be electric.
jane massey
Still listening in 2019 💖
jay grant
Complete Nerds! Wonderful!
If this was released in 2018 it would sound fresh, enough said. 1001 likes needed for that comment alone ! ;) In the unlikely event of that happening I will return with a second comment, it will probably be boring
odd human
love this song so much!
richard bills
When I was young I would believe that this was something that a superstar just stood up and did. Many years later I look at this and can see that he is just a normal person having a go. It is a fantastic song, but he is just some bloke on the street having a go. He nails it, and when you believe he is some sort of superstar. He then becomes one.
my dad has a play station 2 from like 2000 and he has a need for speed game (carbon I think?) from 2006 and I found this song on it and IM OBSESSED 😩
the faceman
I was 15 when this hit the charts, im now 52 and the song is still fucking great, i have never tired of it. great time for music the late 70's im privileged to have been there
If you are under 50 you simply cannot imagine how revolutionary this was.
Be not afraid of coolness. Some are born cool, some achieve coolness, and others have coolness thrust upon them.\nGary Numan - born cool.
Fantastic! I love how serious Gary attempts to be, then rolls his eyes and grins, knowing the whole lipsync bit is a joke.
valenius the kat
It seems like Gary was on the verge of busting out laughing at any moment 😂