R.E.M. - Shiny Happy People (Official Music Video)

“Shiny Happy People” from R.E.M.’s critically-acclaimed, 1991 album, "Out Of Time"To learn more, visit

Alt Rock Michael Stipe Mike Mills Peter Buck Pop R.E.M. REM Rock Shiny Happy People

Omg I finally found this song after hearing it at work for the past 5 years. (Its a large store so its hard to hear the lyrics) who else is listening in 2019??
I just cannot believe they haven't made this song ironically.
Alejandro Angel
Algum carioca aqui em dezembro de 2018 ?!
Allen Jones
One of my ten favorites, it's so great.
Annalee Bliss
Has the drummer ever heard of Bic razors thats a serious unibrow
Aulas de Farmacologia Básica
Não tem como ficar triste ou continuar triste ouvindo essa música, uma antidepressivo musical.
Bahecca Konova
💖\nShiny happy people laughing\r\nMeet me in the crowd, people, people\r\nThrow your love around, love me, love me\r\nTake it into town, happy, happy\r\nPut it in the ground where the flowers grow\r\nGold and silver shine\r\nShiny happy people holding hands\r\nShiny happy people holding hands\r\nShiny happy people laughing\r\nEveryone around, love them, love them\r\nPut it in your hands, take it, take it\r\nThere's no time to cry, happy, happy\r\nPut it in your heart where tomorrow shines\r\nGold and silver shine\r\nShiny happy people holding hands\r\nShiny happy people holding hands\r\nShiny happy people laughing\r\nWhoa, here we go\r\nShiny happy people holding hands\r\nShiny happy people holding hands\r\nShiny happy people laughing\r\nShiny happy people holding hands\r\nShiny happy people holding hands\r\nShiny happy people laughing\r\nShiny happy people holding hands\r\nShiny happy people holding hands\r\nShiny happy people laughing\r\nShiny happy people holding hands (people, happy people)\r\nShiny happy people holding hands (people, happy people)\r\nShiny happy people holding hands (people, happy people)
Beatriz Fernanda
Minha mãe ama kkk
Bob Silver
Kate is GREAT!
Brett Koeshall
The old man in the video might be Charles Bronson.
I don't speak english, but i like this song
Cigar M
A silly tune that became a well deserved classic. Just beautiful on so many levels.
Consuelo Costa
É incrível mas minha mãe diz que ouvia muito essa música quando estava grávida de mim, acho que é por isso que sinto uma paz e uma alegria imensa quando ouço essa música. Dá vontade de sair dançando kkkk
I only needed to hear the opening few seconds of this song to be taken back to 1993 in a whirlwind.
I would love to smack Kate Piersons bare arse with a wet kipper
Darcy de Joux
I love Kate Pierson ...goosebumps when she sings
David Lopes
Kurt Cobain, in the back. 2:43
Donald Trump's Space Force
this video makes me smile every time i watch it, never fails.
Enrico Gonzales
didn't know that Quentin Tarantino was such a good singer
Eric Nulph
Kate Pierson was the best part of the video
Estefania Silveira
Amoooo essa musica 😘❤\nAmo R.E.M\n#2019
Fernanda Santana
isso que é música boa de qualidade amo😻😻😻😻❤❤❤❤😍😍😍😍
Game Seppe
Wow bill gates plays the bass!!!!!
George Siriani
Isso me lembra a MTV 1990
Gunnar Jones
She's so fucking awesome!!
Heather Creed
Hellouu Google
Who else loves this song even in 2018?
Henry Mena
What a Masterpiece ! Thank you R.E.M ! Great Memories when i was a Junior at High School in 1991 !
Iain Watson
The 90's were awesome.\nMakes me happy and sad at the same time haha.
Ilza Moraes
Música boa não tem fronteira.
Kate was 43 in this video... wow
Jason Kostelecky
I think they are high wonder what they took?
Jason Reed
I have to say, as a middle aged Metal/Thrash/Punk fan and former thrash drummer in my own band..I have a secret. I love this song. Don't tell anyone..😉
Jennifer Parker
i remember this so well, airplaying on selected FM stations... 90s kids
Jim Bo
Beautiful song. Recorded back when we actually believed all the UN \
Joao Pedro
Joel Heaton
When my daughter was battling cancer this song made her so happy . Stipe, Buck, Mills and Kate from the B52's. My daughter has been gone for 9 years now. Everytime I hear SHP I get tears, She's moved on, but her favorite songs are still playing.
Joel Middaugh
Man the girl from the B52's is gorgeous.
Jonathan Staples
Am I the only one that feels like there's a dark undertone in this song?
Julieta Sosa
2019. Argentina.
Jum Hed
This song was meant as a sarcastic joke, but not many people got the joke and took it at face value.
Justin Christopher
7,000 Dull Unhappy People disliked this video.
Kid Comanche
I knows theres many including Stipe himself who hated this song and refused to play it live once it blew up.. but I think its a preety damn good tune... its no Losing My Religion or Orange Crush but its simple and catchy.. And obviously Kate Pierson's voice compliments Michael's perfectly.. makes me wonder if Michael actually hated the song or what he was wearing when they filmed this music video? Kate is beautiful in the video.. two things that trip me out is the drummer has a huge unibrow and is dancing around banging a drum with his shirt half open like he's Seal, and how the hell did they get Bill Gates to play bass?
Killshot scott
Thats one badass unibrow on that drummer.
Anyone else listening to this song with crippling depression?
Laura Padron
her voice is epic
Lauren Wallace
That was my mum* RIP mum*
I heard this song on the radio so often.
Linda Mcgonigle
Wow love this xxx
Lord McLeod Versatile Sportelli 2
Best part 1:22
Lord Nose
Is this meant to be ironic because this band is usually all depressed and shit?
2019, brazil❤
Marcos De Andrade Silva
A kate da mais brilho ainda a essa música maravilhosa!!!
Mariel Recco Burato
Um salve aos brasileiros que curtem música de verdade! ✌🇧🇷
Michael Green
Kate's t!ts are spectacular
Mimi de Oliveira
Gente gente genteeeee! eu sou Mimi de Oliveira (o último romântico) e essa música é + uma que marcou profundamente o meu namoro com a Vandilene. + que maravilha!
Mitch Rimland
I love this song. It's like Sesame Street for adults !
MouldyBolog Bolog
I used to love REM and how hot is that lady?
Mr K F
If the aliens do arrive to conquer earth, just show them this video and we should all be just fine and we will all just start dancing and singing and be HAPPY. All is good! Like something out of the Simpsons lol :)
Mr. T
We need more songs like this in our present day world.
Tom Hanks is dancing :)
I like to pretend this is a totally sarcastic song. The world is the total opposite of this shit lol Dirty Pissed Off Assholes is the new version
Nina Caetano
Música top
Kate Pierson, makes this video shiny and happy.
Pablo Martins
Kate pierson = milf
Pat G
Wow Kate Pierson is a total BABE! She was 43 when this song was released!
Rafael Teodoro
Me fez lembra do filme tropa de elite
Robert Dubs
Somehow, I do detect an underlying tone of sadness in this song.
Kate Pierson is so gorgeous in this and her voice.. 😍
Sandra Vargas
Amo esta música...Amo los 80 -90, ARRIBA LA GENERACION X...
Santiago Pérez García
Necesitamos más música como ésta!
Serena Oddo
My dad died last year, \
Sian Lamair
This song makes me so happy, even when I feel deeply depressed, it speaks something into me, that makes me love and appreciate life. I don't know if it's a vibrational thing or what it is but it puts such warmth and joy into my heart, a truely special song to me ❤
Slayers Gaming
Is it just me or did Kate Pierson make this music video AWESOME?!
Solamente a Josi Juegos
Bill gates with bass
Summer Boone
This is legitimately the most ironic song I have ever heard. it's based off a Chinese propaganda poster, that's why it's so happy
Susy Santos
Queria ter participado desse clipe só pra dançar essa coreografia 😜
Só mais um cara
I always think that this smiles are fake, this song is ironic...right?
Tamás Papp
Kate Pecon you are beatifull women forever!
Tiago Monteiro
De repente minhas sobrancelhas grossas são bonitas perto das do baterista.
You can't feal unhappy when you hear this, even in 2018.
This is what life was like before 9/11.
Turn me on Deadman
The female voice makes it extra special
Táňa Svozilová
FRIENDS' New Year’s Eve, right? \n:)
Willybobo M
The drummers eye brows are insane
Zigi Samblak
And yet nobody is holding hands in this video.
amiel t
¿ alguien habla español?
In 1980-something my mother collided with and ran over Michael Stipes with her minivan in an Athens K-Mart parking lot while buying groceries for college. It is my only connection to the band and I tell that story whenever i can.
Idk why but this music video makes me shiny and happy
fuzzy drawings
1:17 unibrow says hello
4,000 people aren't shiny and happy.
sadness hidden in this song
The base player has the best voice!
Kate Pierson has an amazing sounding voice.
this was my break up song!
This video makes me happy.