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Sassiest Auditions From Got Talent, X Factor & Idols WORLDWIDE!

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#Dacrazyfamaliy life
That first one needs a gold buzzer,I loved it “my anaconda donut want nun unless you got buns hun”lo,l I loved it
3D Art Nerds
Singing souls: were the singing souls \n\nSimon: the singing trolls?!\n\nMe: omfg Simon is savage af. Now I can’t stop laughing
A N T O I N E T T E / /
*The singing trolls are singing souls 😂*
Alaybah Haroon
Have u tried watching with subtitles?\n\n\n\n\n\nJAMES CHARLES WHO?
Alyssa Parent
Oscar was my fav when I was watch this show he was the best!!!!! Yassss
Anne Studnicky
The first and third and fifth were AMAZING!!!!!!!
Arco Maynes
1:17 when the teacher says to throw away my gum
Audelia Ble
The first one \nSlayyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy\n😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂
Bella Marie
Kill’em Oscar kill’em!!!! The first guy had me shook!!! He is the most sassy and amazing talented guy I’ve ever seen! Can you tell I’m shook?! I love him!!!
Brianna Gonzalez
*first one plays*\nMe: Dies laughing 😂
Bughead Shipper
*Nicki Minaj has left the chat...*
I think he's the chubby guy from all about that bass music video ..
Chris Allen
Anaconda don't anaconda don't anaconda don't want none unless you got buns hun
Christine Petrov
0:36 don't mess with this guy...
The thrid one\n *Me and my friends on the last day of school*
Darmin Ramnarain
Damn the first man everyone was cheering good job man
Deku's Bae
The 2nd one....FIGHT ME SIMON!! LMAO
Destini Viswambharan
Second audition reminds me of horrid Henry 😂😂
Destiny A.
Elaine Mc Quaid
The fourth one I died of laughter 😂😂😂😂😂
Emeri Oliver
Some of those were great and funny
Emma Polymath
In the second one turn on captions, it says (bad singing) hahahahaha
Show of
Fall toast YT Chocolate
The singing souls look like the powderpuff girls the one in the middle is savage as heck
Fendi Gloss
Don’t make me comE DoWn ThErE
Flying Pepperonii
.. I read it as sassiest audiences???
Gacha Cats 101
The 5th girl snatched Simon’s wig XD I like the 5th girl
Hania Salamon
Its so hard to please that coward simon like if u agree
Hello Person
The First one with captions... it’s so good omg
The first guy is *I C O N I C*
I_Melody And Mia Da Weird Ones _I
Anyone else here celebrating for winter break? ;3 no? Welp. I guess i tried time to celebrate with the heel queens :3 \u003c3 \u003c3 \u003c3
Imani Schawsmidth
I know some people can’t sing, but when the crowd boo’s “OFF” and when Simon tells them how bad they were it’s kinda sad.
First guy was the definition of fabulous
Jemma Henderson
First guy is a MOOD
Jess Rules
The first guy slayyyysss I showed my dad too and I said it was better than gangnam style😂😂
8:02 when the camera man gets distracted
Jessica Macias
The way Simon sticked his tounge out at her 😂
The first one was the sassiest one
Jin Kazama_ TekkenGamer
*there were 3 handsome men dancing and wearing heels got it great performance*
Jolie Nebrija
The third one :\n\n\n\n\n\n*me and my friends after the last day of school*
Josh Roulane
Damn those guys. I nearly break my ankles walking in Clarks.
Katelyn Hu
She’s just like me I’m saying she just like me \nLol 8:50\n\nEdit: thanks for all the likes!
Katy Cat
sInInG TRollS 😂🤣
Lack of Kpop Jams
Omg the subtitle though 😂
Lamar Holmes
Simon-They sound like cats being dragged across the room...\nMe-damn Simon damn not that hard on em....
Lil Missy KD
*Looks thru comments to see who died of laughter*
Makayla Brookes
Girl: I'd like you to come up here a SING\n\nMe: alright\n*walks up there and sings baby shark*
Mango Swished
She told amanda to bite her...
Michael Brady
The last one when I get home from school
Midna Animates
6:58 Went from hating the Spice Girls, to loving them
Mona Solaka
Morgan Federle
That was one of the gayest things I've ever seen\n\n\n\nIT WAS AWESOME
Morgan Filer
The singing trolls😂
Märgärët Trëvëlïnø
The third one is me when my fsa is done I’m just dancing on the desks
NaDia live
The first guy didn’t just take the sass crown... He snatched it.\nEdit: I’m dead.
Nevaeh Nesbitt
When I saw the men dancing in heels I was like AYEEE
Not Creative
*Power Puff Girls and Alvin and the Chipmunks want to know you location*
Paul Roffey
Never knew Theordore was so sassy
Peachy Bleachy
5:24 \n\nme when I get new shoes
Piper Havener
Simon:You sounded like 3 cats being dragged down the motorway\nMe: HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA TRUE LOL XDDD
Potato Nerds
The 1st guy has Queen written all over his name
Queen Cringe
My opinion\n\n1:😁😆\n2:😑😤\n3:☺😊\n4:😂😕\n5:😅😁
Sabrein Bonilla
Sara Sanchis
4:42 VMin lmao
Savanna Lil
They did amazing in heels as when some people tried to dance like them in their heels it turns out to going to the hospital
Shaznay Massey
Sissy Fun
YASSSS QUEENS 💋💃🏻👯👯\u200d♂️👠👸🏼❤️
*wow the captions has me rolling sksksk 😂😂*
someone please give the first guy a golden buzzer lmao
Thanasis Kyriakos
Μεγαλη γλωσσα και εχει και υφος απο πανω σαν πολλα κοτσια δεν εχει η μικρη
This Girl
1:28 These \
True Stallion
The second one scares me
V.L. Camacho
*When three men can DANCE in heels better than you can stand*\n😭🤣❤️👌
Vita Love
Chic in the 2nd group was sittin on ready!
Watermelon Wolf
The 1 and 3 i Loved 😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😃😃😃
“Yeah but the spice girls couldn’t sing anyway!”\nWell the spice girls sound better then the singing trolls! lol\n\n\nAnd the funny thing is that the next dance is spice girls! XD
XxAlinaplayz xX
For the sec one is so naughty 😖
Yuki-Chan 25
The first one is me one a friday 😂
Zoe Osabutey
3:20 \nHer: “bite me” \nMe: “I kinda like this girl😂”
annastasia deloise
1- 0:14\n2- 1:58\n3- 4:20\n4- 7:43\n5- 8:52
ayaan manuel
The second group looks liek the girl in the green forced the other two to be there
*dont make me come down there*
destiny love
The first guy do stuff I can't do
dora's kids
A menina que dançou Gustavo Lima pelo menos sabe o que tá sendo tocado? 😂😂😂
hello welcome to my channel
All the dudes were clearly gay
jessica cernoglo
me: *walks with short heels* *falls* \nthem, i have no words
klia kay
Turn on the captions 😂😂😂
linn h
AYEE love the first one
mia mt_c3p0
Jesus I can barely walk in bloody heels
nelman mathieu
boy you need to wach your mouth because if it was cardi b she won't stop the fight today she will stop the fight in new year lol.
skylerr exe
turn on captions, you wont regret it
xx Txyahh msp xx
Oh danggg, they be walking in heels? I can't even take a step without falling and humiliating myself in those. Lik-\n\nThe third one
Ďèmï's Life storys
I loved the 1st and the 3rd one.❤❤😙😗👏👏
Ꮆ 乇 乇 Ҝ ㄚ
Not to be racist or anything but\n\n\n\n\n\n\n\nWeeweeweeweewee
• Moonlight •
First guy took the sass crown