Key Peele - Loco Gangsters - Uncensored

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Carlito tries to show the members of his gang how wild and crazy he can be after a new initiate is labeled ""the loco one.""

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256 bradley
their accents were spot on and im not even Mexican
Thats not loco, thats financially irresponsible man! :D
88' MikeTyson
Peele is a FUKN genius!
Alex Livingston
Alim Kinte
These skits are well written should’ve gotten a Golden Globe
AlrightAlright Alright
I love how they can pull off almost any ethnicity.
Andrew Novitsky
2:02 lol he is smart. he will later do stamps by himself in all other rounds and come for 9 froyos. Whatever froyo is.
Android Market
it's like watching the british version of the office.
Askia Smith
See that WAS loco, BUT not in an entertaining Key made this sketch...
Beach Looking Guy
So NOW I'm the crazy one in the gang??\n\nYes, Carlito. By process of elimination YOU are the crazy one in the gang.\n\nYessss 💪🏽
Billy Boy
Man when I was in prison all of us would watch this shot and laugh. Thanks guys for giving us some brightness in that dark place
Brendon Tan
This gang has some great vocabulary. Cavalier with finances? Process of elimination? What the hell you guys doing in a gang.
Brennen DeLonge
Carlito that's not Loco that's just being cavalier with your finances, that's just being financially irresponsible. Lol
C.K. Holliday
Carrington Copes
Peele is hilarious
Chicken Nuggets
1:34 RIP headphones users
Chris Donovan
The ending 😂😂
ClaSsy Benjy
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I actually feel bad for carlito
Current mood :3
Love the spanish accent
DMT 〉👽
That face when the bottle broke xD
The guy on the right is the silent brother from Breaking Bad lol
“Im in too deep”
Eric Burden
That was loco but not in a entertaining way lmaooo 😂😂
Everything Anything
Ez Gang
Fix Six
Almost 4 years later and I still watch this at least once a month. I’m the real loco one.
General Grizzly
Lmao \
Gentle Singularity
Gihanovic Shrimp
How he tried to shoot him again, killed me 😂😂😂🤣
Hakim TV
Am the loco one in this comment section \nI just liked my own comment,,,that's hellaa loco
Anyone watch the new season of Narcos?\n\nMichael Pena's character does something in his second scene that makes Eduardo's character spot on. 😂😂😂
Haru Yoshida
HellBoy Rebel
There’s like children in this neighborhood ok 😂
Hemi Puru-Peri
That was Loco but not in an entertaining way
Homeboy Jay
I'm in too Deep. 😂😂😂😂😂
Jay Wright
Financially irresponsible. Lmao
John Ornelas
Dont you fear the crazy crazy one is here
Johnny Polo
Why? Who he? What he did?
Jose Burgara
Pull up your pants up there children in this neighborhood but it's ok to take out a piece in brought daylight and do all this gang shit 😂
Jurassic Lion
This is oddly specific but that backyard looks like a genuine Mexican house. I would know Im Mexican. Even the mess in the yard is so Mexican.
Justin Hawk
When he picks up the gun again😂😂
Coming from a mexican household and visiting relatives, the setting is on point, they got the backyard so accurate to a mexican family's, its like visiting my aunt Yolanda again
Kennedy Polania
The Spanish accents💀
Kiran vk
I lost it when he took the book and said \
Garrr- field
Lautaro Emanuel Galán Cid
I lose it everytime i hear Keegan say 'You're just being cavallier with your finances. That's not loco, that's just like.... financially irresponsible'
Lazyjulio 20
Damn Eduardo is a thug when he caught the bullet with his mouth 🔫(•_•🔫)
i love how they can just turn into whatever race they want to
Marie Mcclain
Marinade Buzae
Im in too deep 😂😂
4:00 \
Carlito is like your one special primo who your abuela told you to take along with you
Eduardo from Mayans MC LOL
Nawaf Atif
“I’m always loud, check it : aaah” 1:28
eduardo is dope
Nicholas Gonzalez
That's not loco, that's just financially irresponsible
Dammit I'll miss key an peel so much but TBH there is a limit to how many sketches you can make.
The level of care and dedication the gang shows towards Carlito despite him being a total idiot is quite touching ..
Rachel Arnold
the backyard is so accurate lol
Ride PNW
3:00 😂😂😂 this like watching the British version of the office😂
Carlito is \
Rob Kim
Who he? What he did?
Rudy Alcantar
Who he? What he did?
Sajkeena Cleveland
i like how the gang actually cares for him, even tho he stupid
Samuel Rawlins
Who tf disliked this video
Somewon Yuno
When your mom makes you let your special needs brother join your gang.
As a Mexican who has watched this again again with my dad who is from the hood, we both agree that this accent is spot on.
His underpants looked like Batman at first...
The Unknown
In fact, I’m always loud, check it\n\n\n\n\n*_ahhh_*
Tosin Fadahunsi
That Eduardo guy is from gab unions movie. And he was actually in gangs and was in prison at one point
3:13 “I don’t know I’m too crazy”
I'm obsessed with Key's Spanish accent
Wesley Graham
3:10 that face had me dieing 😂😂
Worst Pianoist
Carlito: I think I just proved dis bottle is inbreakble \n*yeets bottle* *breaks*
I am part Mexican and this acting is spot on. CARLITO PORQUE!
Zhimoka Zhimomi
Dont you fear the crazy one is here!
Zulfiqar Ali
Are those the twins from Breaking Bad?
baby immigrant
2:47 did he say Garfield???
corey murry
I don’t know which one is key or peele...but they’re funny
Who loves Carlito in 2018?
this is one of my new favorite sketches
dope aiman
I wonder how the crews keep their mouth from laughing during the acting.. hahahahha
6ix 9ine before the fame
Who he? What he did? Lol
kenzoda greatest
I love how Calirto's fellow gangsters use the most civil and reasonable language to try to talk senses into him XD
rezza rafee
Their skin tones allow them to blend in anywhere
roo5ter3eak the Memer
“But you know who else is loco, my friend Mr. Basura Head”\n \n\nIm dead
But thats just financially irresponsible
Who he? What he did?
Carlito, you da real MVP.