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Today, my white husband weston tries mexican snacks for the first time...everything from tostilocos, mangonadas, sandiloca, gansitos, barritas, bimbunuelos! This guerito is just too hilarious!LET ME KNOW WHAT YOU GUYS THOUGHT OF THIS AND DON'T FORGET TO SUBSCRIBE!WATCH OUR Q&A TO GET TO KNOW US:

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Adriana Hernandez
“Ándale guerito con ganas! Con ganas se come!” 😂 me with my ex lmao
Alejandra Molina
Im at the part where youre eating arroz con leche and im over here like “hayyyy those tostitos are gonna be really soggy” lol
Ali Flo
Comment what part of Mexico you are
Ana Garcia
El guerito és muy dramático y que lê pasa
Anelis Guape Anaya
He doesn’t know what the good food is
Arianna Saucedo
Ashly Mendoza
You guys live in Santa Ana you guys were star bucks Walmart and el super I live by there😘😘😘😘😘😀😀😃😃
Banana King
Personally i think arroz con leche and the gelatinas from the Mercado taste like shit. (I think thats how shit would taste like)\n\nThey taste better homemade. 😄
Blaster Blahsamost
Guerito es muy dramatico.
Bubba Chunk Funk
She's White to WTF you people gotta know the difference between a nationality and race
He looks kinda mexican lol
Cecilia Avila
Arroz Con Leche Is BOMB!!!
Chabelita GO
Ese arroz con leche no tiene nada que ver con un hecho en casa!!
Arroz con leche is the best! Después del dinner on Christmas! Oooooo so good! Everything on that table is childhood,
Claudia Castellanos
Cristina Sandoval
OMG! You guys are from Santa Ana!! Yay!
D. A131618
I'm glad i got with a Mexican lol I was never Into white fools anyways
Dea Estrada
From México with love; werito you're so dramatic, that's not spicy and FYI that's delicious😋\n De México con amor; guerito qué dramático, eso no pica y para tu información eso es delicioso 😋\n\nPd: se me hizo agua la boca
2:03 holy cow!! I do my grocery shopping there!! What a small world
Enrique Juarez
dramtico el mango con chamoy esta delicioso
Evelyn E
He’s not dramatic because I don’t like that, lol I feel so bad for him 😂😂😂😂
Extra alexaa
I hate the guy
Fella CC
Divorce Him!!!!! He can’t do Mexican!!! Lol 😂
Fernando Sicairos
Hahaha!! That’s my bario.. you know this was done on the weekend cuz that’s when the frutero is there.
Ginette Parada
both of you are so adorable! hugs and kisses from Argentina ❤💙💛💜💚 😊 #Dramatico 😂😂😂😂😂
Rice pudding is my favorite dessert... you need homemade not store bought. Do over! lol
Grecia Garcia-Quintana
So funny that I know this plaza is in Santa Ana on Harbor and McFadden lol
Guillermo Perez
tostilocos son los mejores
Hazel Sánchez
QUE TE PASA !!! la comida mexicana es la mejor VIVA 🇲🇽
Hello People
Mexican snacks are the best
Its Brandon
What is the bean thing 😂
Itza Mee
I have a non Mexican husband too, at a birthday buffet he ate the tamale with the leaf. I was in the kitchen helping out. My family members were embarrassed to tell him and let him eat the whole thing. He then completed my aunt who made the tamales
It’s yo girl Bibi
El guerito es muy dramatico \nQue te pasa \nSolo mejicanos a ci 😂😂😂🇲🇽🇲🇽🇲🇽
Jailene Pontifes
When you’re three months pregnant and suddenly want all the stuff i see here 😩 lol
Janet Delgadillo
Hahaha. My husband (black) and I (mexican) have been together 17 years and last month was the 1st time ever he had a mangolada and he said I've been holding out on him. Every couple days we have to go get mangoladas and pan dulce cause \
Jasmine Rodas
Que te pasa wuerito 😂😂ay dios mío
Jhonny V
El güerito es muy dramatico\n\n#QueTePasa
Jimena Ares
why do u write white husband?? youre latina and also white
KC Lopez
You should've got him the paleta de payaso
Karen Flores
Freezing the gansitos in the summer is the best snack 😋
Karina Lizeth
Quiero 🤤
Kelanie Mateo
Kevin 777
Que te pasa.
Kiim Kayy
Este guerrito se muere con unos aguaschiles🤣
Kim Lip
I’m Japanese but never heard of Japanese peanut and I wish we had more Mexican food here in Japan. The only thing we have is tacos lol
Kn23 Vlogs
Todos aqui somos Mexicanos verda ?
Yeah, so that 'Japanese peanut' only exists in Mexico! It was invented in Mexico by a Japanese immigrant, they don't even in Japan 😂
Lola Zen
Love love your personality & how your a strong Latina & your man is not afraid of you. You guys make such a cute couple.
Mari Fer
Omg I swear u guys made my night with this video.... órale guerito!!!and yes arroz con leche it’s the best Weston!
Maria Beza
Dramático 😂😂
Mariana’s Trench
I’m realizing I want a lot of these things and it’s 2:00 and can’t go buy anything . Haha
Marisol Soto
Omg my mouth was watery the whole video now I want all of that, loving these videos guys 👌😜👏😂😍
María Elena Urías
#ElWeritoEsMuyDramatico 😂😂🤷🏼\u200d♀️ saludos desde Mexico!!
Miss Nikkii
Stop talking when he's talking i know he thinks its annoying cuz it definitely was annoying me lol
Misti Fonseca
I am living in Mexico right now and sometimes I eat Penguinos for breakfast with a bottle of coke after sending my kids off to school 😋 yum!
Mrs Crowley
Lmao my husband is white and im mex italian and he looove mexican food n snacks
Nancy Gonzalez
omg you guys are local... thats Walmart shopping center on McFadden & Harbor
Naomi Gc
Que te pasa? 😂😂
Nayda V
Made me crave some snacks from la michoacana 😋 but you no what most guys hate sweets regardless 🤫🤭
Oscar Chavez
That looks like Santa Ana!!!!! I’m from there too!!!
Paris Orellana
que te pasa?
Pedro Vazquez
Ayyyee you guys are at the walmart where the tamale lady sells, s harbor and w mcfadden, randomly clicked on this video didn’t expect that 😂😂🤙🏽
Raquel Hernandez
All those snacks are so good!
Raymundo GM
Rhonda Corona
Que Te Pasa
Rigoberto Reyes
Tan grandote y chillon jaja
Rosa Lopez
My boyfriend doesn't like tostilocos😂I made him try some and he threw it up🤣
Samira elif Al elahmadi
u know how happy he made me when he said he has test anxiety, I thought I was the only one
Sasha Cisne
“Andale guerito comale con ganas” 💀
Silvia Tunnell
I refuse to get married until I get into a relationship like this one!!!
Smol Bean
The way he says horchata I’m sorry😂😂😂😂
Vale Darlin
He likes horchata but not aroz con leche 🤣🤣
William Be Wildinn Life
Whoever dislikes this video is hella wack, why y’all disliking it tho
William Portillo
El werito es dramatico ke te pasa werito
Que te pasa
Yahir Chavarria
Yerik Gordillo
pinche guerito nada le gusto, que va a saber de cosas buenas. buuuuuuuu
el twenki mexicano son los submarinos Marinela
chata503 2525
Americans eat arroz con leche its rice pudding!!! Lol I love it I'm craving everything on the table now
elizabeth skramstad
El güerito es muy dramático 😂
emily_joy62 flores
Que te pasa está bueno
fan girl
He is so dramatic 😛
*Mexican heaven. SII!! QUEIRO LA COMETHA(spelled that wrong..whoopsie)
it . is . Micaela
None of that is spicy, he probably thinks salt is spicy lmaooo. But I'm Mexican sooo 🤷🏻😂
My dads from sinaloa he always brought gansitas when we visits his home town and i really never liked them alot but my 2 yr old loves it after my dad bought him one and now i do lol
Les faltó el Elote desgranado en vaso, con mayo, crema, queso fresco, mantequilla, limón y chilito 🤤
polinesio García
Viva México🇲🇽🇲🇽🇲🇽🇲🇽🇲🇽🇲🇽🇲🇽🇲🇽🇲🇽🇲🇽🇲🇽🇲🇽🇲🇽🇲🇽🇲🇽🇲🇽🇲🇽🇲🇽
reyna xo
Arroz con leche is the best 😍
Next time make him try the TostiLocos with the pickled pig skin.
slayer 1
Any type of fruit and Tapatio
wizkhalifa 080103
I got hungry after watching this video
ästhëtïcs Love
Que te pasa!? 😂