Key Peele - Undercover Boss

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An office bully tries to recoup his losses after finding out that his most recent target is actually the subject of an "Undercover Boss" episode.Keegan-Michael Key and Jordan Peele stop by The Daily Show with Trevor Noah to chat about their film "Keanu."

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101 Percent Kyle
10,000 dollars in college funds could maybe buy you a English 101 book, that's about it
I got a weird condition that make me unlikable?
Now get off my stage
Aaron P
The best part about this skit is the music. They got soundtrack and se for those reality tv shows perfect for the different moods.
Adeena Adam
Another episode with a big laugh, on my rough day! 👍🏻👍🏻👍🏻🤣
Alena Miranda
Oh yeah yeah
Alfredo Speaks
Imagine undercover dad:\nYou thought he was uncle Tyrone but he's really daddy ty ty
2:34, peele predicted his own movie
This is hilarious
Anthony Ramble
The acting is incredible
Antoine Toney
Wow that is funny
Bethany O'Neal
My whole family died in one day 😂
Brad Redford
When he walks up the stairs in the background.😆😆😆 I just can't.
Bruce Wayne
How he acts like an old rich white dude is epic
Callum Berriman
Haha I've been a prostitute since I was 15, 10, ..7...3? Yeah, been prostitute since I was 3 .. Lmao
Cee Loks 213
0:41 when it's April 2nd and she's still pregnant
Chemuu Chemuu
Joseph's excuses made me cry with joy😂😂😂😂😂
Chin Chin
Christopher Yu
theyre both such good comedic actors
Comedy Central
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I work \
Cristian Martinez
Were they in Houston??
1:17 *my whole family died in one day* looool
DakAttack 42188
lmfao I was a prostitute in the womb
Dan Nájera
The Betty Burns part, where he’s sneaking in the background. Lmao every time 😆
Daniel Ibañez
Houston overview
Darian Azari
0:56 When the teacher says that they gonna call your parents for talking too much in the classroom lmao
“I got a rare condition that make me unlikeable” RELATABLE
Elma Star
The accuracy of this 😂😂😂☺️
Francis Malate
Francis Uy
its very funny and i love every joke they make.. sorry for my grammar im not very good in english.. but i love americans movies.
Gaurav Harsule
Was that Jennifer Aniston at 2:14?
Gilang Trisna
Maybe the boss will change his mind when joseph bring his blind granddaughter with him. Haha
Hank Hill
Hussein Rizk
I work intimately with him.
One of my favorite skits
Itz Fitz
This is so funny
Jacob Joyce
They need to do a chris Hansen skit
Jed Solano
Never gets old
Jessica D
Omg is this the Joseph from the Think You Can Dance skit?! Amazing.
Joan Crawford
John Le
Jonathan Roman
Key and peele can be any race lol
Joseph Flucus
Juan Rodriguez
I was a prostitute in the womb
Kristi Zhang
Literally like this show lol
Kyle Amoroso
This Joseph character is the same one who auditioned in their \
Latisha Mitchell
03:04 \
Lesedi Matshedisho
keys laugh in the beginning..lmfaoo
Lil Griff
2:34 when your at your friends house and the roasting gets to far
Luc Vergnes
These are way too good for this earth
Luciano Cara
Maks Kuskovski
Marty Masters
A dude put his pee pee inside my mom & it went in me
Mo 2k
Keegans face is so young looking that he looks 23 when he puts on a wig
he's got a rare condition that makes him unlikeable
Nate W
2:37 I can’t tell if that’s a question or a statement
Negro Padre
so he serious his actually got cut off lmao
Pine Drop Pye AJ
All undercover boss the same exact thing...this is so realistic...
Prasadini S
Puff vlogs
SEE YOU NEXT ON undercover *BOSS*
0:09 Brazil 🇧🇷🇧🇷
Rah Rah
Randy Wrath
if this was real undercover boss this would be the best episode ever hahaha
Ray Bey The Asshole
How did they do this sketch with such straight faces? Emotional and funny. Wow!
Rel Bkz
Salt Shaker
1:13 that's gotta be the most grateful tone in the voice ever lmao
Saumitra Kumar
2:09 \
Shrek Shit
Plot twist: It's all true
Silent Royale
Life lesson: When a somebody is new on the job and asks about your life, talk about every problem you've ever had / do have
Lmao Norman the foreman lol
Tengku Daniel
Thomas Conway
3:30 hysterical !
TimRT Howard
tbh I'd rather have mean and fast people than slow nice people if I was going for max profit
Tobirama Senju
A huge truck came and mowed down my family members on a picnic \n\n\nCONSEQUENCES..
Vishwadeep Sonawane
I was prostitute in the womb😂😂😂😂
Zt Weve
Those guys are freaking genius!
carson thomas
dma mak
My whole family died in one day 😂
hot nation kmd
Get out of here!!!
A mistake, the first dude called him Mark instead of don
jessica brown
Out the door with ya haaaahaa
kawika dav
I like how Joseph started to kiss ass I think there're really people like that haha.
luca opia
I just realized that this Joseph is the same Joseph in the 'who thinks they can dance' sketch, that makes this 10x times funnier 😂
mars here I come
miya gisele
“A dude put his pee pee in my mama, and it got inside of me” lmfaooooooo
sakitha senarathne
i gotta rare condition that make me unlikable 😂😂
theepicr rotmg
HAHA his face when he reveals himself tho 😂
theshipissinking no
Obviously key and peeled did their thing, funny as always but can we give a shot out to the white homie @ 1:11 and his breathy, \
two number 9
But my Dik got chopd up 😂😂😂😂😂😂