12 Easy Weeknight Dinners To Try This Week - Dinner Ideas Recipes

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This is 12 Easy Weeknight Dinners that you want to try at home with your family.🔥 Credit:Subscribe Tasty: 👑 Have a great time. Thanks for watching!-----------------------------------------­----------------------* None of these images, music & video clips were created/owned by us. * This video is purely fan-made, if you (owners) want to remove this video, please contact me through email "[email protected]" or the YouTube private messaging system. We will respectfully remove it.

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12 dinners to try this week? guess we're having 2 dinners a few nights this week
That chicken pesto pasta looked really nasty rather tasty. One letter makes the difference.
Ademir Ahmetovic
Gordon Ramsay : Its hidious
Ajgaming Lol
Shoot one that I think can be done on the week day is the 3 rd one so far
Alex's Family
too hungry to keep watching ..
Sure is a lot of cheese in all of these... like wow. I don't think I use cheese in cooking unless its for an actual cheese dish or to make cheese sauce. Here its pretty much everywhere. Looks good though some of it.
Anders Johansson
Oh that \
Asli A
dadı weeking.
first one looked like a turd sandwich
The music at the start ruins the video
Ben Ten
Hate The music
Calorie (sugar) bomb !
Bobby Knobby
Brian Fassbender
Not a bad video. \n\nAfter I put my speakers on mute.
BłåçķŚñøw_ŚűPřəMę Böı xD
I love this song from ncs it's the best song in 2018
Cristian Ambaek
I dont really know what part of this is considered easy, ow lets me just go work 10h and than spend 3½ hours on making a sandwich. seems like a winner.
Dan Foster
David J
that steak is not med rare.
David Mann
Holy shit if you eat this at night.
David Newman
The recipes look really good, not sure why you've used such terrible music. 🤤
Davide Paleari
Povera pastaaa
Dennis Michalski
what to people mean with \
Dylan Gee
complete copy of tasty
Ed Phillips
That's NOT \
everytime someone cooks that pasta an italian grandma dies. Other stuff looks pretty good though.
easy first u need to buy ingrediants for 1000 bucks
Francesco Cossu
Some recipes are really interesting ideas... but everything here is overcooked! Cooking steaks so much is a waste of good cuts of beef... and the \
Grant Watt
Came for the cooking tips, got tinnitus as a bonus.
Yep, better try it this week because the cholesterol on those recipes will kill you before you get to the next week...
Jack Whitehouse
Easy I do not think so
Javed Tariq
1000th like\n30th comment 😂
Javish GamerYT
Music 1:00
Jose Alberto
basically 11, you can barely see the last one
Ka'pella Nuwavin
The giant rib Sammy is my 4th of July meal.
Karas Aunty
Thanks, but no thanks. Last thing I want to do after a full day's work/commuting is to spend 3 hours cooking/waiting for dinner to be ready.
American food... 😟
Kpop Tv
who is so hungry after watching this
Lakhbir Maan
Layth Rifa
4:38 - Jeeez that chicken was medium rare #salmonella
Marcello Zaccaria
Siete da ergastolo
Marielena Cruz
Muy Riko y fácil 🤑
Michael Panitch
What does the stupid club music happen to do with cooking? And thank God my money tree has sprouted & I quit my job, for now I'll have the time & money to make these.
MorQi MQ
Nice copyright. I Hope u Will Die soon
Mx Es
Mystery box
that first clip made my mouth water so much..
Nazim Azim
easy to make but I am lazy to buy the ingredients
Nerf Herder
haha makes sense. Get home from work at 6:00 and just whip up a quick rib sandwich
Paul Moreira
Why so much fat ? Bread do not need that amount of butter ! (Outside Butter, come on)
Pro Dvl
Omg please marry me 🤣
Rajeevan Yogendran
Video is not yours he has just edited some videos of tasty
Raji Reddy
02:12 - 03:03
Rama Romi
What song 1
Richard Jackson
A tutorial for how to get heart disease.\n1. Eat these dishes for dinner everyday.
Samiera Shar
Lmfu... Thats a Stervy Gatsby... only Capetpnians will get it!🤣😂😅
love the video doesnt work for me though dont like dark meat chicken and my family doesnt like red meat.
Simos Simos
Easy?? Weeknight? oh my god , also if you eat these thing late at night you gonna be 150kg
Slaine NZ
all those meals put through a mincer and made into burger patties...
Snow Falling like
Music ???
Thanx men so util
Grazie ! Mi è passata la fame grazie a questo video,sono a dieta e mi serve che lo stomaco resti chiuso.\nQuando ho fame guardo questi video,vomito in bagno e li riguardo per stare sicuro,ottimo lavoro.
Teodor Golubovic
Why tf would u ruin nice ribs with that
This video makes cry every single Italian who is watching it!
every meal about 5000 cals
Easy? I don't think that word means what you think it means. The first rib dish looks delicious but not much more so than anything I can buy pre-made at any number of places on my way home after a shift when I don't feel like waiting over 3 hours to eat.
Tuf Tuf
You gotta love YouTube man
12 recipes to try, this week. 12/7. I never knew second dinner was an option, my life is complete!
William Andrews
Just love how these 'easy' recipes are getting more and more complex... wouldn't have been surprised if the last one was something like \
Xavirea Smith
Omg all of these recipes look delicious!!!
I think it was tasty and very nice to say thank you to the idea\nlike subscrybe
Everything looked fantastic.
adenx mart
we need easier stuff
anh viet
anthony didsbury
Title says weeknight, then first dish says bake for 3 hours. So guess we're eating late then :/
anthony walker
stupid music, good recipes still thumbs up just get rid of that music and talk. \nty
c c
Music 5:28😍😍😍??
Dammit, this is making me so hungry 😂😩
clumtadeas XD
hahhahahah copirigh video
آتس يمي😍😘
fran muerte muerte
Me ases dar amvre 😍
georgia o'keeffe
3 seconds into the vid and I love the music!
marco bosch
Why is everyone complayning its easy go to your local grocery store by their whole meat section mix it 10 hours with every other ingredience you have at home and you got yourself a easy weekend dinner
philip steyn
I'm guessing you're not a vegan.
For God's sake there's a mute button
simbarallo allo
Wow daging yaenak baget
somnath chakraborty
stewart mcfarlane
Why the hell i always have this kind of vids recommended when im hungry AF?
vegaspro gambler
when is the 'easy' part?
vincent che
I really hope I get to use these recipes when I get older and know my way around the kitchen ;)
wina odrio
Aluminum ? no thanks
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8:06 1-8 hours, how is it ?
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easy rich people food
My man ain’t even wash them potatoes