10 Moments That Defined Lewis Hamiltons 2018 Title-Winning Season

Lewis Hamilton has his 5th world title in the bag. Take a look at the biggest moments along the way...For more F1® videos, visit

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Hamilton deserves it more (I am a Ferrari and Vettel fan)
Lewis fought 1 driver for the championship. Seb fought 3(Lewis, bottas and Max). I'm not surprised Lewis won.
Sebastiaan Vettel's season summed up in 1 word: PIROUETTE
Seb basically just threw it all away by making mistakes after mistakes
A. Batsios
10 moments Vettel choked under pressure
ACuteRacingBoi 42
Reasons why Vettel lost the championship\n10% Verstappen\n20% Hamilton's Masterclass\n15% Ferrari's strategy\n15% Wingman \n40% Vettel mistakes \nBy a Ferrari fan, congratulations to Hamilton. In 2020, SHARL will get'em
Lucky Hamilton.. Joking. Congrats from Seb fan.
I have to ask... Is he banging that blonde??? She is supposed to be his physiotherapist \nbut it looks like her massages are more than therapeutical... *wink, wink*
Lewis and Mercedes you are the best
Adler Hoffenheim
congratulatins Lewis Hamilton, are the best !!! 🏆🏆🏆🏆🏆💪
Adolf Eichmann
I think Germany, Hungary and just the bad performance after Monza qualifying.
Ahmad Mamlouk
Yes hamilton he can be michael Schumacher number 2 and one
Angga Pratama
Don't let this distract you that he actually broke the HungarianGP curse!
Antonio Padrón
Hamilton did a excellent season 💜\n(Vettel did a very good season too, beside the fails) \nHope in 2019 we can see this battle again :D
Architectural Works
Hamilton 5th wdc = vettel & ferrari's mistake... I bet u if hamilton was in ferrari the title would have wrapped up back in japan
Artur Zathas
It was only Vettels faults that he is lost again
Bob Tillman
Brendan Monk
Callum Mongan
Lewis winning his 5th title was the greatest moment of my life as an F1 fan
Ciaron Smith
The gap between the first 3 constructors and the rest of the field was too large in this race. F1 needs to find a way to give the smaller teams a way to catch-up in the middle of the season, (perhaps a test).
D-Banger 77
Kind of sad that the last two races won't be interestig anymore...
As a Hamilton fan, honestly I wish it had gone to the end of the season. But Hamilton was absolutely perfect this year.
Vettel got karma in Germany from what he said in the UK.
Da Coco Nut Nut
Vettel crashing, Ferrari screwing up, Toto Bobo's team orders...
David Fernandez
I think the best moment is in 4:53 the CHILEAN FLAG!!! 🇨🇱🇨🇱🇨🇱🇨🇱🇨🇱🇨🇱
Debjit Goswami
90% of the video is Vettel's mistakes
Prediction: Vettel's errors and Bottas wingman stuff in the video
Diego J.
Alonso with this Ferrari win the championship in Singapur.
Dope Soldier
Everybody blaming Ferrari and not appreciating Lewis's talent ! Basic Ferrari fans.
Dávid Vrabec
In mexico vettel not only showed how the real world champion is supposed to drive no matter what his chances of title are but also he showed who is a bigger man after the race. If ferrari keeps up their development hamilton wont win another championship until 2020. And for all of you pathethic kids flaming on vettel, remember that he is the only one who was able to challenge hamilton. Not like your hero riccardo or bottas both are pathethic losers soon to be forgotten.
What would happened if Bottas never would let Ham pass...? Lewis deserves it , but we've to see the big job that Valteri has done.
Emmett G
4:41 good sportsmanship! That's a great shot of Hamilton and Vettel
Eye Ball
Well done Lewis .. and he had to fight for it this season .. Well deserved 🇬🇧
Fabio Marcel
Hammer Time #44🏁🇧🇷🏆🏆🏆🏆🏆💪🏻👊🏻😎
FieryWolf 39820
Soooo, is Austria not a big part of this season
Floppy Bird
1:26 - this is where the season begun
Florian van der Knaap
1:25 this was the point where it was getting worse and worse for his championship
Fábio Pontes
Vettel to Sauber and Raikonnen for Ferrari 1
I would love to see Hamilton and Räikkönen in same team
Gabriel jacinto lópez
Bottas best wingman since Barchello...
Gaming User
Take a shot everytime vettel spins
Championship battle ended after Germany. Was just another dominant Mercedes season after that
Somehow the \
Lewis. Hamilton. Champion 😍
Ivan Pozdeev
1:24 Wow, a lightning strike, like a divine intervention!\nAnd it's all downhill for Vettel from that moment on...\n1:49 While Hamilton stands on the podium like an African shaman under the summoned rain...
James Waters
This video is probably all moments of Vettel bottling it
Jesús Zarate
*Vettel mistakes*\n*Vettel spins*\n*Vettel mistakes*\r\n*Vettel spins*\n*Vettel mistakes*\r\n*Vettel spins*\n*Vettel mistakes*\r\n*Vettel spins*\n*Bottas' help*\n*xd*
next year verstappen with Honda power!!!! :D cant wait
Kebab Plays
Keisuke Takahasi
vettel crash, mistakes, spins\nferraris messed up strategy
Kimi for President
Leclerc will beat Vettel next season!
King66 Box
Congratulations LEWIS and Mercedes
Kingie 06
Vettel's crash in Germany still makes me tear up a little :(
Laurynas Petniunas
I cannot wait for LeClerc at Ferrari as much I like Vettel I think Charles will outperform him and will be fighting for the championship with Lewis.
Lewis 41
Yes Hamilton world champion :D but a strange race to win the championship :0
Please never show the Vettel crash in Hockenheim again. My heart gets broken a bit more every time l‘m seeing this
MajicGecko PMPL
People always ask where Hamilton haters are in moments like this. Im not his hater but definitely not his fan either. But here I am taking my hat of in front of master that Lewis is. Was never his fan and probably will never be however I cant deny his greatness and therefore congrats on 5th title Mr Hamilton, well deserved.
Martin Neumann
Music please?
Mate Glavni
0:54 Lol i think this is like EA game virtual
Mateusz Piatek
I love Vettel, his retro style, sense of humour, kidness, no social media etc, But his driving style is not my type.\nOn the track I am Fan of Lewis'.
Max Deffner
I'm a Vettel supporter and I was emotionally shredded this season. BUT this season deserves a f*n movie - amazing!
Mils 054
The day F1 will be 10 way equal battle and truly judged on driver's talents. That is the day it'll give out a true champion and become a exciting sport again.\nHamilton deserves this championship, But most fans don't feel satisfied the way he got it. \nFeels like an entire year got wasted, waiting for something exciting.\nSome races like US GP were exciting. Most of them were just another day in the park
Mister X-man
Championchip Changer: Germany \nAnd too many mistakes by Vettel in crutial moments
Mr.Ninetales 17
Hamilton is a GOAT 🔥
Nicolai Kystaubayev
Congratz Lewis and I really wish Seb to comeback stronger than ever next year to challenge the title again! Keep fighting Sebastian! Always a fan!
As a Max fan its hard to watch the first races of the season...
Paranoid 13
Well done lweis !!! I am with mercedes but i realy dont like to see ferrari in this situation a f1 company with so big story
Raja Ilman Daniel
People keep saying its because mistake made my Vettel and Ferrari \nbut for me why Lewis Hamilton manage to get it done its because of \nSingapore Qualifying tbh man watching and remember it back it was a spectacular pole lap by him...
Samuel Opitz
This championship would've been more close, if Vettel just didn't risk it all the time ... He didn't lose to Lewis, most of the time just against himself. Next time Seb !!!!!
You can love/hate any of the drivers but you must admit this was crazy and good F1 season
Segro Originpark
Vettel is is now experiencing 5 years of draught in a Ferrari car. He has passed poor Alonso records.
Shane Brown
Don't even like Hamilton that much but this season he's shown a lot of humility , respect to Vettel as well for not being a sore loser in Mexico. That's why we love F1
All Hamilton had to do was to go NNNEEEOOOWWWWW
Sir Scratch N Sniff
Congratulations Lewis!
Stelio Neto
Lewis Hamilton Formula 1 2019?
Stevie Wonder
most defining moment i think for lewis is when will smith taught him to drive properly
Targetshooter ps4
Deserved 5th WC. Hoping for more battles next year fighting for the championship. Would at least like to see Leclerc and Bottas compete with their teammates if RBR can't quite make it yet with the Honda engine, would be nice though. Can't wait for 2k19!!
the best was in hockenheim winning from further back with a slower car than ferrari. and in singapore when he brought pace out the bag that the car really didn't have
Thijs Goedegebuure
Is there a place where you can rewatch all 2018 races in 1080p? Doesn't matter if it's payed (rather payed than free with lags) Somehow missed 2 races. Thanks.
Tjez Mooij
Verstappen makes mistakes: hate hate hate \n\nVettel makes mistakes: bwoah
TonyUo Games - Clash Royale - Mobile Leyends
Tr Gns
#Hammer_Time 👍🏻🏆
I only hear Vettel making mistakes. Hamilton is champion because he or his team didn't made a mistake
Zelo ōkami
I may be a Ferrari Hardcore Fan, but what Mercedes and Hamilton pulled off this season was incredible, they absolutely made it just perfect. Great job by them and from Lewis. 5 Titles aren't easy, and this one was probably the Hardest of his career
__lipton__ __lipton__
Versatapen next champion or gasly 💪🏼
Still hurts seeing bottas on the podium in second place clapping for Hamilton when he let him pass :(
im tired of seeing commentaries, like hamilton only win beacause vettel makes mistakes, and hamilton is lucky, alonso will beat hamilton in a ferrari, hamilton won this year beacause he was a better driver, he kept his head down even when all the odds where against him, and everybody was talking trash saying that this year was for vettel, stop doing that, hamilton won fair and square, i think vettel is a great driver, but he is not on hamilton´s level, i like alonso to but no way is better than hamilton if f1 NO WAY.. and stop comparing shumi and fangio, diferent times diferent cars!\nP.S AYRTON WAS THE BETTER, IS THE BETTER AND ALWAYS WILL BE BETTER THAN ANYONE!
Are they just going to ignore Bottas in all of that
sairam panguluri
I could've made him champion just for that Singapore lap
Vettel will comeback in his strongest form next year! \nAnd I just wish that Max starts ruining not only Vettel's races, but also Ham's too. That guy is just a cruise missile that targets a Ferrari very single time.
He deserve it, Ferrari and Seb mades to many mistakes :( Germany 2018 was the darkest Day for him and me as a Vettel Fan :(
the jedi of racing
Hamilton will be never the same level as Fangio and Schumacher and Senna.
this user
Hamilton didn't win title, Vettel lost it.
Ömer Karaman
How many times Vettel spinned this season ?
アレキサンダー 佐藤
*_I don’t even know what to say about Ferrari anymore..._*