Real Girlfriend Vs. Online Girlfriend (The Jerry Springer Show)

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Alexis wants to get to the bottom of her boyfriend Brian and an apparent online love affair he’s having with Dominique. They’ve never met before and but both claim to be love each other would like to take things to the next level. What will Alexis have to say? Subscribe NOW to The Jerry Springer Show:

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A. Troupe
That girl needs a new hairdresser because her hairdresser didn’t even weave it in they just plopped it on her head
A4 Frank
The girl in the green “Alexis” is really cute she deserves a lot better......
Aalyssa Castaneda
wow he has do that and leave her with the kids
Abubakari Salwa suhuyini
Is like the video is not kinda complete...🤗
Alexa Don
“When I hug you there’s nothing else there, I feel like I’m floating” Damn. I felt that🤦🏽\u200d♀️
Ali Bin Juma
Why the security is so laxed and allow them to fight?! No need for security, then
Alleriah Slater
Little things matter
Allison Taylor
Ok YouTube fine, I'll watch the damn video
America Gutierrez
It hurt me seeing the girl in green cry she can get a better person
Angela Bordack
Damn, she’s heartbroken, the girl in green. I feel bad for her.
Angelica Clervil
The funny thing about it that alexis is pretty and thick and dominique is just a kid who goes out with a kid
Aqua Skies123
He left her and her kids, for someone who is not even out of college
Basketball Maniac
So we are going to ignore that she said they was highschool sweethearts but she has kids ??
Beth -
he ain’t no man 🤬
Boomnutshot 58
this episode more realistic then the other ones bro no lie 😂😂
Caam 1022
when you do not love anymore, you break up, you don't cheat
Celeste Cruz
Guys if you come on this show remember to wear comfortable clothes cuz these ppl be wearing dresses and skirts and they be fighting
Sis fight him. Dont fight FOR him.
Cica Nikolic
Instagram is all over this video
Crafty Animates
Uh oh, I made it to the weird side of YouTube again, well cya
E . Music
This show is the *TEA SIS.* ☕️😌
Eli Crost
“THE LITTLE THINGS MATTER!” Like if you can agree
FaTaL_Davi D
The both thick
Fan Wern Huee
So 6 years is rushing but 7 months aint rushin. Truly dissapointed in him. He found a lovely beutiful lady whom he knew and dated for 6 years and more and just threw away that oppertunity.
Florance Nifasha
The girl in the green is beautiful - even the little things matter
Gabee the Girl
I honestly can see her pain. Like Honestly, that guy needs a chancla
Girl Fights
*I think she should’ve beat the guys ass too*
Golden Sisters
I’m on team Alexis that pretty pink princess Dominique that brat took her man same with her boyfriend that’s just messed up well I wish u a happy life Alexis
Grace Hannah Beauty
They both should’ve left his ass but that’s none of my business 🐸☕️
Hi it's me
Omg she's heartbroken and crying but he is just standing there laughing like its all a joke
Iasia Nelson
Imani Schawsmidth
Oh this is horrible, poor Alexis. I just wanna hug her 😭♥️
Isaiah Krieg
anyone notice how at 8:51 the security dudes hits the girl in her face
It's Bella
This episode is deep...\n1 like = Alexis
Jeremy Padilla
Jr high thots felt this one on god😪
Junita Mannigtin
When the teacher gives me shutdown for no reason 9:39
Kaoru Kato
That girl with a pink shirt are oder lmao
Karessa &Averion
I don't undersrand u have been with this girl 6 years and now u wanna leave for girl that u never seen before because u texted her for 6 months
Karis In Paris
Brian broke her heart she was pretty
Kayleigh Duzan
Brian: You rush into relationships and try to get married too fast\nMe: bish wha- y'all been dating for 6 years... how that rushing it?
Keira Singh
Sees fighting scene, FIGHT FIGHT FIGHT!!!!
Kyatt YT
She deserves better and he ain’t worth the tears
Lia Malihah
feel soo soo bad for Alexis. She'll get way better company than him
Majestically Savage
The idiot just stands there. The real girlfriend deserves so much more.
Marie M
Am I the only one wanting to slap Dominique
Megan Waldrop
Ok here’s my view: (no hate just my opinion)\nGirl in blue dress: it’s hard ik, 6 yrs is a long time, but you are so much better and deserve so much better than his lying ass. Leave him and do better things. You can do this💗 \nBoy: your a cheating horrible person, hope you end up single forever \nGirl in green skirt: you know what hoe, take him and break the girlfriends heart?? That ain’t right, how could you do that when he has a girlfriend? It’s not just your fault it both the man and your fault, but get your hoe ass outta here, smh🤦\u200d♀️
Mochistic Park
Just wait, few more months later hi finna find another girl to cheat on.
Nays Be
That girl in green looks a lot like Margot Robbie 😉
Negavio Pinas
This guy is to much on Facebook
Noble Opuni
Tf wrong with this mug bro? He's low-key dumb
Obed Remy
You a cheater your girlfriend is telling truth
I honestly feel bad for her she doesn’t deserve him “you rush things” BRO 6 years is rushing????!!!!! Like boi you trash 🗑
Olivia G
Staged or not, nothing is NEW here. Guy gets the girl he has been wanting...... then sees another... cheats......And???
Onii & Natt
I wanna find the girl in the green dress Instagram so I can tell her something positive and send her love 😫 she don’t deserve this ❤️
Oreo !
I really want Brian to realise his mistakes and come back to Alexis...\n\n\n\n\nand then she says no and she gets the last laugh 🤧💀
Pandas For Life
Why Alexis trying to act cool by saying bruh all the time chill
ROS King
I HATE how Brian just stood there and watched it all go down and do nothin
Raihan Bakhshi
OMG I feel so bad for her
Ramen TheNoodless
*Anxious Girl Has Arrived SAVE YOUR DAMN APPLAUSE*
Random 0514
Is anyone else disgusted by the fact that the audience was cheering for them to fight?
Rikyiah lil baby
He should stayed with the girl in the green I was crying
Shania Jane
started to cry bro I felt her pain. How can someone do someone so dirty like that. Specially someone who shows them love unconditionally
Spicy Boi
Why are they fighting each other THEY SHOULD BE JUMPING HIM TF 😂😂
Tamy X
Welcome to Jerry Springer, the show to satisfy your need for beef and drama :)
Texting Tea
*wtf i feel so bad for the kid now*
*Ok YouTube, I’ll watch it.*
Tony j k
wow she is beautiful
I hate that he crushed that girl like she mentioned her kids! My heart goes out to her. I would hate for my kids to go through that if i had any. Like...💔 im sorry. She had a point on and off i get! but stilllll went back to em. Wow!
Two faced Meme
Alexis is soo pretty that guy is missin out...😝
Tyliana Miller
That hit hard “The little things matter”😩❤️
*“My kids mean the world to me for you to hurt them too, what am I supposed to tell them!?* Hit me hard bro, gonna leave after 6 years.. smhhh
X.Uzo.X Highlight
Yh not gonna lie I was backing dominque
Zoe Drolick
Alexis is honestly so pretty she doesn’t deserve that man
green girl lowkey reminds me of emilia clarke dont @ me
them scholarships is gone baby.
all about michelle
That dominque girl was over there laughing and running her mouth when he choose her over Alexis I would have slapped her in the face 🤦🏾\u200d♀️
angie hart
6 years? And She’s rushing?\n7 months on Facebook and he’s....not rushing????? This guys an idiot wtf
ayychtee :/
“forget yo sorry bruh!”\n\nidk why but i laughed at that for some reason
babykins honeypie
Damn I seriously feel Alexis’s pain. She deserve better than that loser!
booft ooff
It hurts even more when Tik tok users started duetting this
ensi yeitu
i feel so sorry for her. not cool really
hej hej
Just me that thinks its wrong that the two girls start to fight they would me mad at him instead of each others
iM tRaSh
bruh alexis really hurt . damn i felt all that bruh 💔 . bro the other girl stoopid ' i StIlL lOvE hIm BuT i DoNt TrUsT hIm ' bruh watch him do you wrong . watch him do the same shit he did to alexis back to you . cheaters never change bruh . deadass . omg i am actually crying over this video . shit .
iiMxlody iii
I really feel how the security’s feel... him getting hit every time they have a fight😂
im confused
im contemplating both sides in my head and its just so much to comprehend, because i totally understand giving someone your all for it to be crushed. But also i believe that if you fall in love with someone else then you didn't love the first person enough because you wouldnt have fallen in love with someone else in the first place, and though i feel really sad for the girl and saw how upset she was i feel like it showed that their were problems and breaking up was probably best
he has such a punchable face.
lgbt hoe
dominique real scary. she ain’t nothin but looks. 🙄
🙄 why men be doing this to such loyal girls but then they ain’t loyal themselves. Look at his stupid walk 🙄
madison gentz
there goes her scholarship
Rushing after 6 years???? He's trash. She's gorgeous...she will be fine.
rip X
Shiii i cant be the only one that felt that pain and started crying💔
shontae hunte
Girl in pink. You are not in love, thats infatuation!!!!
smoke j
Black vs Light skin
tanner spurlock
I was laughing until she spoke her love then I was like oh snap this is real lol
toxi c
The problem is her boyfriend not the online girlfriend